• Published 23rd Sep 2017
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Repercussions - shallow15

After Sunset Shimmer is attacked and put into a coma, her friends try to figure out who did it and why. (Not an Anon-A-Miss story)

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Saturday Morning IV

Pinkie Pie poured the milk over her oversized bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, then put the jug back in the fridge. She rummaged through the silverware drawer, selected a spoon, and took the bowl out to the living room. She sat down on the couch and clicked the TV on, flipping through several channels until she found one playing cartoons. She grabbed the bowl of cereal and sat back on the couch, munching happily.

Her Granny Pie had once told her that when her dad was a kid, you could find all sorts of cartoons on the regular TV networks on Saturday mornings. But that stopped a while ago, what with so many cable stations able to play cartoons at any time of day. Now, the regular networks played news, or sports, or other boring stuff on Saturday.

Pinkie could see why things changed, but since the stations that played cartoons all day just played the same ones they aired the rest of the week, she also kind of wished she could have experienced those kind of Saturday mornings too. Something different from the every day. Something magical.

Magic. Pinkie's shoulders slumped. Magic had been the problem of late. Not that she hated the magic or anything. Things had become way more fun ever since Princess Twilight had first come through the portal and the fact that her and her best friends were now more or less magical superheroes was one of the best things ever.

But Pinkie had also seen the other side of the magic. Juniper, Gloriosa, the Dazzlings, even Twilight and Sunset themselves. The magic was wonderful and exciting, but it was also dangerous. And now, that danger had hit close to home.

“What's bothering you, Pinkie?” came a monotone voice.

Pinkie blinked and looked to her left. Her older sister, Maud, had sat down on the couch next to her. Maud didn't look at her sister, instead choosing to focus on the TV, where a cartoon penguin was being chased by a hunter in a ski parka. The penguin came to a halt, then turned and faced the hunter with a smug grin. The hunter looked down to see large cracks in the ice around him. The ice broke and the hunter disappeared in a splash, emerging a few seconds later encased in a block of ice. The penguin laughed and dashed off screen.

“I like this one. It's funny,” Maud said, her expression remaining neutral as ever. The cartoon ended and a commercial began. Maud turned her head to face her sister. “What's wrong?”

“Huh? Nothing's wrong, Maud,” Pinkie replied before taking another mouthful of cereal.

“One of your best friends is in the hospital. You saw someone get seriously hurt the other night. And I've heard you crying in your sleep.” Maud's voice was still steady and emotionless. “What's wrong?”

Pinkie shoveled more cereal into her mouth. She tried to focus on the TV, occasionally glancing at her sister out of the corner of her eye. Maud's head didn't move so much as a millimeter. Finally, after about three minutes, Pinkie cracked.

“I don't know what to do!” she wailed, throwing the cereal bowl into the air. Quicker than anyone who didn't know her would think possible, Maud shot up from the sofa, caught the bowl in midair, and somehow managed to not spill a single drop of milk in the process. She put the bowl back on the coffee table, and sat back down. Pinkie threw her arms around her sister and began wailing.

“Everyone's doing all this important stuff trying to figure out who did all this, and I don't feel like I'm helping at all! Twilight's doing all the researchy stuff. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are the muscle. Fluttershy's looking after Sunset's pet and checking on her, and Rarity's keeping all of us together and focused on finding that nasty old witch. What can I do? I know I was able to find out who sent all those emails, but I think I should be doing more. Sunset would want me to do more!”

“Would she?”

Pinkie pulled back from her sister, letting out a long gasp of shock. “How can you say that? You've met Sunset! Of course she'd want me to do more!”

“I don't know about that. From what I've seen, I think she'd just want you to be you. Helping all the others when they get discouraged or worried that they aren't doing enough. You're their rock. A constant they can rely on when things seem to be getting more grim. Importance isn't about how much you can help, but how much your help is needed. Right now, I would say that all your friends, including Sunset, just need you to be Pinkie Pie. No more, no less,” Maud got up from the couch. “Make sure you rinse out your bowl before you leave it in the sink. I have to go up to the university this afternoon. We're getting a new collection of quartz for the freshman labs. They need to be sorted and catalogued. I'll be home by dinner.”

Maud walked out of the living room and up the stairs. Pinkie watched her go, then smiled, her eyes watering.

“I have the best sister ever.”

I walk into the bedroom where I left her. She's still asleep, but doing okay. I sit on the bed next to her. I pile up the pillows and prop her up into a sitting position. I lean her head back and open her mouth. I take the bottle of water I brought with me and trickle some of it into her mouth. Reflex takes over and she swallows automatically when her mouth fills. I repeat the procedure a few more times. I've been doing this three times a day since I had to do this to her.

Food is trickier. I've had to make do with instant breakfast vitamin shakes. It's more or less the same thing I do with the water. I give her two shakes a day. I hope that's enough.

It'll have to be enough. Because this has to end. The bitch's friends are getting closer. They'll figure it out soon.

I shouldn't have attacked Beachberry. I know that now. Not that soon, anyway. It eliminated one of their suspects. And if Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie hadn't been snooping around at the gas station, I wouldn't have had to take care of Pepperdance either. I could have just scared the hell out of her and convinced her to keep her mouth shut.

I wipe her mouth and ease her back down onto the bed. Now comes the part I really don't like, but it has to be done.

Changing the diaper I put on her is messy, but I get it done without ruining the sheets. She'd hate me seeing her like this, or anyone else for that matter. She hates seeming weak. It's part of what fueled her temper back then. She got better once the shitstorm was finally over. She learned to calm down. And, yeah, I think the fact she didn't have any reason to hide who she was anymore was part of that.

Still doesn't change the fact that she came out before she was ready. If that bitch hadn't put out that stupid rumor in the first place, everything would have been fine and none of this would have happened. The bitch knew about her temper. Knew she would get angry. So even if the bitch didn't know she was gay, she was expecting some kind of outburst. Because that's who Sunset Shimmer really is.

And if I want her gone for good, I'm going to have to deal with her friends. I really hoped they'd be too concerned about the bitch to stay out of my way, but that's not happening. They're going to figure it out eventually, and then it'll all come out. And then, the bitch is back, and sooner or later someone else is going to suffer at her hands.

Well, I'm not letting the bitch come back.

I lean over and kiss her forehead. I know we're done as soon as she wakes up, but I still love her. I just want her to be able to wake up in a world where the person who ruined her life has finally paid for what she did.

And if that means the bitch's friends have to go as well, then so be it.

Saturday morning. Seven young women began their day. A day of work, play, and planning.

All of them unaware that by the time the sun rose Sunday morning, two of them would be injured, and one would be dead.