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work on the pacing a little but other then that I LOVE IT keep up the good work

I made one slight edit involving Pinkie's Cutie Mark.

i like where this is going

I want you to tell me where you think this is going.

one of 3 ways
1 pinkie and luna get reveled at the wedding
2 chrysalis gets stopped before she kidnaps cadenza
3 pinkie and luna gets reveld but Celestia already know about Luna but Pinkie faces some jail time for a little bit

Well I have different plans than that for this story but you'll have to wait a week.

well I cant wait to see them and try and slow the pace down some just a tip okay

aww was really looking forward to a battle oh well nice job at any rate

It would be pretty one sided let's just Pinkie's hive numbers and size of the average changeling easily make it an easy victory. Not to mention Pinkie's changelings don't suffer from love starvation.

i was thinking that chysalis had the number's while pinkie had the power so it would kinda be like ants fighting wasp kinda like this

Also the Changeling's council would not be happy at an all out war between 2 hives and Chysalis is in the wrong for being in her daughter's territory. Chrysalis made the best of bad situation and left before she could give the council any more reason to cause her grief.

fair enoungh I suppose but I can still hope for a massive battle

huh intresting changlings in this vers are more bug then pony with how high the hive numbers are

It's going to be a little more complicated then that.

i would think so but its just a general observation

this story is good pls write more...I'm begging you...

I hae another story going so it will be a couple of weeks.

so discord is next neat

Yes I enjoyed... Now to wait...

the twi fainting by realizing that there is a entire pinkie hive was hilarious

im confuzzled? can flutterhsy summon lighting?

She is a Pegasus. They have weather manipulation power. While it may have fallen out of practice, what with machines to fill the role, they do possess simple control over weather based elements such as cold (Condensing clouds to make rain) and Electricity (Ionizing clouds to make lightning).

the way i read it was she clapped her hooves together and boom lighting


She stood on her hind legs and one of her hooves crackled with lightning and the other stared to glow with ice’s power. From outside all that was heard was a several loud bumps and thumps. Fluttershy walked out and said “It will be fine now.”

She was on her in a stance similar to a boxer. One hoof was electrically charged, the other, Ice charged.

her speacail talent is with animals not weather training or not im calling bull on it

Special talent, sure. RACIAL talent is different. Earth Ponies have a racial talent for Farming, and ALL Pegasus have the ability to use weather manipulation. Fluttershy may not excel as others do, but she had the abilities being a Pegasus. Here is the wiki detailing it..

still calling bull on the ice tho i can let the lighting slide in light of this new evidence

I hope this next chapter can ease your offense. Also hail is technically ice so yeah.

hail maybe natral ice but im not buying that fluttershy knows ice punch

What if I was to say it is a martial art style involving magic.

oh that last line makes me think some fun is gonna happen in the next chapter

Well I have an Interlude with Rairty and an Interlude with Dash before the next chapter plus I have other stories going.

understandable tho I would count the lucky stars that Changelings don't have predators that smell taken love to hunt them down

It's dangerous to hunt a pack of creatures that can shapeshift into almost anything.

there is always something thats higher up in the food chain

What if Queen tranformed into an Ursa Major, that would scare off anything, heck even just a large dragon would scare away anything.

but thats a queen not a run of the mill drone which would be easier to get

Remeberr that bug thing Thorax transformed into, that would scare off a lot of things.

pharix not thorax but remember evolution what if a speacies found a way to smell out changlings while there where disguesed

Thanks for the correction but I didn't mean disguise I meant attack, the shift obviously would give an increase in both strength and speed,it's no mere illusion.

but that is if the changling knows its in danger to begin with and reacts in time

Changeling would rarely if evet leave the hive alone, they are a swarm species.

lets take this to pm so we dont fill the comments section with how a changling preditor would behave

this was a cute chapter

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