• Published 12th Jul 2012
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A Stupid Idea - Sliverfish

A story about three colts during a family reunion.

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A Stupid Idea

A stallion in a white coat had just finished adjusting a cast on an amber colt's right foreleg. He turned to two other colts, one with a crimson coat and the other a golden colour. All three were moderately coated with dust and had scratches on their bodies.

"This was a pretty severe break. This'll take at least a few months to heal enough to walk on it."

At that moment, an elderly mare burst through the door.

"Oh, Big Macintosh, thank goodness you're OK!" The mare rushed up to her grandson.

"Are you Granny Smith?" The doctor asked.

"Yes I am." The green mare replied.

"Caramel's break may take a while to fully heal. I suggest he doesn't do any vigorous exercise for at least a few months."

She turned to the other two colts. "Big Macintosh, Braeburn, now how in the hay did THIS happen?"

Big Macintosh stepped forward as he explained the events of the day to his grandmother.


"Man, family reunions are so boring." Big Macintosh said, taking another sip of his water.

It was a hot summer day and the day of the Apple Family Reunion. Big Macintosh was sitting on the couch in the family room. Braeburn was sitting right next to him. Caramel was slumped in an armchair opposite from the two.

"I know, right? Why do we even have them?" Braeburn replied, getting up from his seat to get something to drink. Even with all the windows open to let the hot air out the house felt like a massive oven.

"Not sure. We basically drop everything for a day just to see everypony again. Our relatives don't seem to mind for some reason. Come to think, why is Caramel here? He ain't family." The red colt said.

"He said it's like 105 degrees in his house." Braeburn said to his cousin.


"Hey, can I put some music on?" Caramel asked.

"Why not? At least we don't have to be bored in silence." Braeburn said.

The amber colt got up and searched the cabinet for something to play. He found a disc and showed the two the cover.

"This alright with you?"

"Ah yes! This is my favorite Marevana album." Braeburn said.

"Nothin' like listening to Kurt Coltbain on guitar." Big Macintosh said, picking his glass up.

"I heard their drummer is making a new band." Caramel said, walking to the stereo. When suddenly, everything went dark.

Braeburn screamed, leaping about 3 feet in the air.

"It's a blackout, Braeburn. Everypony is using their air conditioners full blast which is using up a ton of power. They happen in houses that actually HAVE electricity." Big Macintosh said.

After a few seconds the power came back. Caramel continued walking to the stereo and pressed the ON button. But nothing happened.

"What the?" Caramel said as he pressed the ON button again. And again. But still, it didn't turn on.

"Oh come on. It must've been a power surge. The powerboard must've overloaded or something." Big Macintosh said, checking other appliances to see if they were affected.

"Is anything else screwed up?" Braeburn asked, getting up from his seat.

"Nnope." The red colt replied.

"Oh. Well NOW what are we gonna do?"

As the two cousins were talking, Caramel looked out the window. He saw a apple cart, and farther away, a massive road going downhill into town. His eyes widened.

"Hey guys! I know EXACTLY what we can do!" The amber colt shouted.

The two simultaneously turned around to face Caramel.

"What? What is it?" Braeburn asked.


"Down there? Are you nuts?!" Braeburn shouted, his eyes wide with fear that his friend is serious about this.

The three were atop the hill, staring down the path, ending in the town.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" Caramel replied.

"How in the hay is dying any fun?" Big Macintosh shouted.

"We'll be fine." Caramel said, attaching a makeshift seat belt to the cart.

"Do you get dropped on your head on a regular basis?" Braeburn asked, part jokingly, part serious.

Caramel seemed to ignore him as he slipped under the seat belt. "Come on! If we're going too fast, I can undo the seat belt and we can bail out. In that case, we should tuck and roll. Now, are you ready?"

The two cousins looked at each other before agreeing. They both sat either side of Caramel.

"Okay...." Big Macintosh said quietly out of fear, "Lets do this." Caramel then pushed against the ground, sending the cart flying downhill. At first, Braeburn and Big Macintosh were screaming out of fear while Caramel laughed, somewhat manically. But about halfway during the ride, they started enjoying it.

"Wow, this is AWESOME!" Braeburn shouted out.

"Eeyup!" Big Macintosh agreed.

Then, Caramel saw the road was cracked and the cracked area was lifted up some way down the hill. They'd be sent flying.

"Guys, look!" Caramel screamed, pointing at what would be essentially a launching ramp for the three.

"Unhook the belt!" Big Macintosh shouted.

"I can't! It won't budge!" The amber colt cried out.

"Guys, if one of you survive and I don't, give this message to Granny Smith. CARAMEL KILLED ME." Big Macintosh said.

They were rapidly approaching the cracked area and most likely their deaths, when they heard the two words they were hoping to hear.


"Thank Celestia! Tuck and roll everypony!" Braeburn shouted. The three colts leaped out a second too late. The cart had hit the ramp and without much weight pushing it down, it flipped and hit Caramel, sending him tumbling down the remainder of the hill.

"CARAMEL!" Big Macintosh yelled.


"And that's pretty much the whole story." Big Macintosh said, looking at the ground, trying to avoid his grandmother's stare. Braeburn was looking at Caramel's cast while he wiped dust off his coat. "So, what's our punishment?"

"You don't wanna know."


Author's notes: This is my second story, so feel free to notify me of any mistakes/spelling errors/plot holes in the story and I'll do what I can. Thanks for reading "A Stupid Idea".

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Just the title and description were enough for me to give this a thumbs up. Yay for stupid teenagers!!

That was a nice short story.:ajsmug:

Would've given you a thumps up but i don't have fingers. :twilightblush:

too bad we don't know what caramel sounds like...

Hooray for stupid, bored, teenage colts!:facehoof:

Thanks for the feedback! I just came up with this while listening to "Summer Paradise" by Simple Plan :P I just wanted to squeeze in the Nirvana reference. :pinkiehappy:

"First Regidar, and now you! What's gotten into you guys, with all this I can't get to sleep!"
Great story, I loved this! :rainbowkiss:

901224>>901388 Thank you! You guys are too sweet. :ajsmug:

You forgot their accents, and your narration could be little smoother, it's good other than that though.

Somehow this reminds me of a scene from the Veggie Tales Christmas Special The Toy Who Saved Christmas.

1853309 Really? I better watch it then :rainbowlaugh: What did you think of the story?

1854354 Random and weird. I lol'd:rainbowlaugh:

1854513 "Random and weird" Just like me :yay:

1854519 It felt like a Wes Anderson movie. The visual of those three going down a hill at break neck speed screaming like girls is just too perfect.

1854519 This story is FUNNY!!! Will you make more funny stories?

4256032 I'm not sure, I'm having trouble coming up with writing and I really need to focus on my schoolwork. Maybe someday I will post new stories.

4256536 Oh ok. Hey want to check out my story Ace Combat: Divided Feelings?

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