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What have I wrought?


CONTENT DISCLAIMER: implied Rarijack, bantering, bickering, implied submissiveness (zzz), feet (*vomit*), tickling (kill me now), pretty much no nudity. Anthro, and, as such, not hydrocephalic highschool humans!

More than once Rarity has lured in a friend under the pretense of a free massage and tickled them to bits instead. However, Applejack and Rainbow Dash decide to get vengeance. They have a fair few things to get back on her for, and she won't be going anywhere, anyway.

The Ponyville spa puts up with a lot of stuff.

Chapters (2)
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Comment posted by bjorn2345 deleted Mar 4th, 2017

7996543 Says someone with a crackship EQG avatar, lol.

FimFic is a shithole though, and I'm glad to make it look even more pathetic than it already is. Most of the reason I bother to post these on here and go through the trouble of coming up with chapter breaks and new descriptions. It should stop pretending it's better than Deviantart or Furaffinity.

I... actually didn't mind this! This is a good story so far!

This was good

Pathetic? Really Extor?

Name me one other site other than Fanfiction.com, dA, Equestria Daily, and FA that has pone stories. Scratch that, name me one stie that has QUALITY FimFic stories. Thats right, FimFiction has the classics and the epics that have in some cases defined the fandom. Austraeoh, The Immortal Game, Past Sins, My Little Dashie.... I could go on for hours if I wanted to.

I wouldn't call this site pathetic. Not in the least

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