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What happens to us after death? Where does one go, and do thier sins follow them? One person was told there is neither "Heaven" nor "Hell," but now he will learn the truth...

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"Death Note" x "MLP:FIM" crossover? Hmm...for now it is looking interesting. Too early to gave opinion about story, give like or dislike. I'm going to stalk this story to look at this progress :trixieshiftright:

I am intrigued. I would be glad to see more. If its as good as this it will definitely become one of my favorite fics. :yay:

861645>>861678 Oh wow, this was just supposed to be a one chap fic, but if it gets more comments like you guys, I'll see what I can do!


861695 Oooh...my bad xD I haven't see "complete" tag. My bad, my bad. But if you feel strong enought to do something more from this... i would be happy to see in what direction this can go :rainbowkiss:

861695 Yeah I didn't notice either, but I'd be glad to read more. You could do quite a bit with this idea.

862135 I've got the story worked out, editing chapter 2! This story is a go!

when will this story get another chapter?

Never, this story hasn't been updated in six years.

Great well some might as well take over,

I’m a death note fan

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