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Well, I write...Sometimes, and I do youtube videos, lets plays and readings and stuff https://www.youtube.com/user/DarkLinkWP

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How did this get approved with a description like that?!

So this story is about taking commissions? I don't get it.

Ok, you both have a point. I fixed up the description a bit, I apologize greatly as this is my first story on the site and story descriptions have never been my strong suit. I have a bad habit of not saying enough in an attempt to avoid spoiling any of the story, I shall try to make sure my descriptions from here on out are a little more concise and actually story relevant.

This is a pretty good story for it being your first. I look forward to reading more. :twilightsmile:

the formatting makes it difficult to read.

7870743 Mind expanding on this statement a bit? If there is something wrong with the formatting that makes the story more difficult to read, then I would be more then happy to change it. But I'm not exactly sure what part of the formatting you are finding difficult.

7871337 the way it starts jumping lines. a bit like this http://prnt.sc/dwa2zk

An interesting set up.

I'll watch this for now, though I'm concerned it seems a little abusive.

7871675 Strange, that doesn't happen when I read it...I know formatting on this site in general took a bit of work, the way editing works here can be a bit...Not perfect. Still, I wish I could tell you exactly why it is happening to you.

7871743 Thanks~ I will leave it up to you to decide, I will say I try to make it very...Fun, I didn't really want the story to come off as uncomfortable and abusive, but it is pretty heavy on the pet play stuff~

This is not "pet play," this is coercion, slavery, abuse, and human(oid) trafficking. Please mark it as such. The Dark tag would help too.

Excellent chapter, my friend. Bravo! :raritywink:

Alright. I finally got around to reading this. Let's dive right in, shall we?

... Okay, aaaand First thing off the bat is the main character getting drugged and kidnapped. We're already off to a great start for what is supposed to be a fun clopfic.

Second thing is main character being basically told 'hey, I want you to obey me and be my pet, even though I kind of just met you yesterday and kidnapped you. Oh, and even though you might not even like stallions, even though you conveniently end up doing so. You have an out, of course. But we all know you're going to go along with what I say anyway and like it, because seeing as you're submissive, you'd naturally just want to obey this random stallion who you have no reason to trust or like." Because porn logic.


I read this story when it first came out and lost it shortly after. I'm glad to have finally found it again, although it's a shame it hasn't gotten much updates. Regardless though I just wanted to say that you did a great job with this one, especially for your first story.

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