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Heya reader. Boy oh boy, these ponies just reeled me in. So I'll be working on a little story I've been working on in fanfiction.net here too.


When Blueblood gets a letter asking what his purpose as a royal is, our "favorite" prince chooses to become the prince...of friendship. Now his mission is to make "Gala 2.0" for the Elements of Harmony. How well is this going to end? Enter Bluebud, the Prince of all that is Friendship. But can he just force himself to be somepony else?

Would love to have a picture, but hate getting sued.

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Nice start keep it up.:twilightsmile:

I know the answer to the riddle it's a refrigerator! :twilightsmile:

How is Blueblood so OP?

You mean overpowered right? Well, nobody in the show ever did say that Blueblood was a weakling. For all we know, he is secretly Buck Norris. And besides, since mares find him as being attractive, I have a feeling he must at least have some well toned muscles or sorts. He is a pretty big dude.

As for how, as Prince and all, he's got a lot of time on his hands and possibly quite stressed out due to public image pressure and such. And what better way to let out some anger than to beat something up with martial arts? And besides, I bet nopony ever wrote him as a capable fighter before. Poor guy always gets disproportionate crud happening to him just over one episode.

So anyways, yeah. Rare ain't gonna be beating him up in this story unless she wants her spine broken in five places.

So yeah. BB isn't going to be very wimpy in this one. I made that to defy him being wimpy in most of the other ones.

Great work. I hope to see more. :pinkiesmile:

Nice story so far. Keep it up.:heart:

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