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Heya reader. Boy oh boy, these ponies just reeled me in. So I'll be working on a little story I've been working on in fanfiction.net here too.

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When Blueblood gets a letter asking what his purpose as a royal is, our "favorite" prince chooses to become the prince...of friendship. Now his mission is to make "Gala 2.0" for the Elements of Harmony. How well is this going to end? Enter Bluebud, the Prince of all that is Friendship. But can he just force himself to be somepony else?

Would love to have a picture, but hate getting sued.

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Twilight discovers three new elements of harmony. Respect, Caring, and Tolerance. But on the cursed island of Phobos, an imprisoned alicorn has been planning his revenge for thousands of years. And now he's ready for his plans to start, with the help of his "frogpony" minion Blubayou.

Comments and criticism are always welcomed.

To anybody who is tracking this story, thank you.

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