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Heya reader. Boy oh boy, these ponies just reeled me in. So I'll be working on a little story I've been working on in fanfiction.net here too.


Twilight discovers three new elements of harmony. Respect, Caring, and Tolerance. But on the cursed island of Phobos, an imprisoned alicorn has been planning his revenge for thousands of years. And now he's ready for his plans to start, with the help of his "frogpony" minion Blubayou.

Comments and criticism are always welcomed.

To anybody who is tracking this story, thank you.

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Nice, I wouldn't mind being an element OC :trollestia:

you got the name from DooM did you?


Actually, i've never played doom. Phobos is just Latin for fear. I should play doom though. Looks awesome.

132560 Your already an OC in two of kickass's stories. I'm not being greedy here! (I am the same as Rendan here. He play's as Rendan(Seth) the Pegasus and I play as Fearanger(Zorrow) the earth pony. I'm still waiting to get everyone good after what they did to me.)

150048 Cool. Both of your OCs look very well done. Kudos.

137921 nice use of latin words! I like it.:raritywink:


270301 I was initially not going to do a song, but then I remembered a ton of villain songs from disney and such. I just couldn't resist making a song. Much more fun than Screameater just saying his goals then dismissing them normally. Thanks.

The food throwing part really reminds me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

GET YOUR FILTHY PAWS OFF FLUTTERSHY!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

439076 Thanks. That part was slightly inspired by Disney's Hunchback. In fact, a lot of Blu is based on Quasimodo.

And Anvillain cannot get its paws off Flutters, it has hooves.

Next chapter coming up.

oh shi-... Trixie is doomed.


"I keep them safe next to the matches. What could possibly go wrong?"

Keep up the good work!

This might sound stupid, but the Blueblood scene made me think of Skyrim.


I love Scones. I love the entire concept of Mara and hope that something similar is introduced in season three.

The Griffons in the whole Blueblood scene was mostly based on the barbarians of Roman times, such as the Visigoths. But since Skyrim is at least partially based on Barbarian times, it's not stupid to think of that. But no, Blueblood didn't retire because of an arrow to the knee.

:pinkiehappy:Thanks a bunch.

Don't worry. It's still alive. And I updated it on fanfiction.net not too long ago. For every two chapter I write on fanfiction.net, I combine the two here to make one larger chapter. Though honestly, I prefer the fanfiction.net one better. I'll get to this site soon though to update.

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