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Princess Celestia loves those mornings she can slip away, and walk her dearest student, Twilight, to their lessons.

This morning, though, holds a tragic twist.

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My mum passed away 9 years ago, still hurts so I understand your feelings. If you need to talk PM me, a problem shared.


Thank you, I appreciate it. It happened some time ago though. While I'm not fully over it--I doubt I ever will be--I have a plethora of amazing friends who were there for me at the time, and I'm about as ok with it now as I think I'll ever be.

My mothers passing is still painful to me, though I was 18, I still feel the same way little twilight did. Scared, and inconsolable. You did a good job capturing those feelings.

Thank you. I put a lot of what I was feeling at the time into it.

I'm sorry.

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