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Octavia will do almost anything for an old friend...even go on a date with the most garish pony she's ever met. Crude, more than a little scary, and with a fashion sense that can charitably be called "extreme", she's certainly not the kind of mare the cellist would ever find herself attracted to....right?

Will the two be able to stand one another? Will their differences drive them apart? Or will they find strength in a relationship that surprises the both of them?

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I am shocked this dose not have some comments already, I am really liking the start to this! I love seeing a story where Octavia is not just stuck on high class with only high class friends! I cam really looking foreword to reading more!! Good work!

This sounds good so far. I can't wait to read more.

What in Equestrian could go wrong at a pizza place while on a date with Vinyl Scratch ?


You see? This is why you don't fuck a lot then brush it off..... eventually Tavi will ruin the relationship by being bitchy

makeup sex is awesome.

Very nice intro, good work. :twilightsmile:

Yeah I can see that happening, Strings should know better how Octavia would react to that since apparently they knew each other for years...

D'aaawww. :raritystarry:
That's probably why this is my favorite ship, their contrasting personalities and the back and forth makes for an awesome couple.

“And mare, you get wiiiiild!

:eeyup: Canon agrees, just look at Tavi eyes at 1:52 :rainbowkiss:

The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club

She brought her head down, and there was a resounding crack as it impacted into his forehead, just below the horn. His eyes rolled back, and he fell over, limp.

Octavia SMASH! :pinkiecrazy:

“I am not discussing this, and I am not revealing where I am going tomorrow. I am sorry, really I am if that hurts you, but it’s not something I am comfortable or able to speak of. Now, thank you for lunch, but I think I’ll be heading home for now. We both need to cool off.

Oh mysterious! :pinkiehappy:
Very good story so far, nice work.

“I am not discussing this, and I am not revealing where I am going tomorrow. I am sorry, really I am if that hurts you, but it’s not something I am comfortable or able to speak of. Now, thank you for lunch, but I think I’ll be heading home for now. We both need to cool off.”

Now if I were feeling particularly malicious, I'd say she's going to attend the Grand Galloping Gala, and the fiasco that's going to thus erupt means Vinyl's going to learn about it in the most embarrassing possible.

Probably better Octavia gets this out and in the open. Vinyl can then show she's not judgmental and they can both admit they made a mistake and move on.

I have the feeling things will get worse before getting better for Vinyl after this faux-pas. :applecry:
Nice chapter, good work.


I am not nearly that creative. XD I was halfway through chapter 6 when I read your post, and was like, "...damn, thats a good idea."

very nice chapter, good work. :twilightsmile:

Awww, intimate little confessions and make up sessions are always the best!

Love how most Authors make Scratch be the daughter of highly sophisticated ponies (It's practically Canon by this point.) :derpytongue2:
Nice chapter, good work. :twilightsmile:

Always makes it interesting when Vinyl is cast as a daughter of fame in hiding. Where could this lead I wonder?:pinkiehappy:

“Well, now that you’re quite done ensuring I’ve seen as much as you as your coltfriend,”


“Much as I don’t want to insult you, this date really was a bad idea, wasn’t it?” She said.


Very softly the gray mare murmured, “…Oh deer.”

6619240 Two deer for me!!:rainbowwild:

“Vinyl…please don’t be insulted when I as, as I swear I'm not trying to start another fight so soon,

'ask' I'm guessing?
Best description I think fits them. (just without the valentine bit)

She felt it crunch into the unicorns jaw, sending him spinning.

him & spinning aren't friendly enough, need less space between them.
Time for some spy work Vinyl.

Wonder if they allow a support friend to attend these meetings. Tavi needs one I think.

There honestly not a whole lot more to it anyway.”


, and when I inevitable broke down and binged on all my favorite foods…well.

Most apt pic I could find for this chapter.

I’m just a bit nervous about the idea, not that you aren’t lovely but my parents would expect me to date someone of, of, oh deer theres no way to end that sentence that isn’t insulting is there, I—“ She was cut off by magic clamping her jaw shut, much to her relief.

dear there's
That's what she(Vinyl) said!


I am gonna have to step my pre-reading game up with you around. ^_^ Thanks for pointing everything out, they will all be addressed.

The "deer" thing is just a running gag I enjoy. =P

Just sitting here.... waiting for next chapter..... having to read other TaviScratch fics to hold back the begging..... but those aren't complete either.... "why do you do this to me?"

Anyway, on all seriousness I hope you're still working on this, it's great.



I am, and I hope to have the next chapter up this week, potentially tomorrow if I can figure out a couple of fiddly bits. Tavi's dad is hard to write oops did I spoil something?:scootangel:


Well I'm glad to know you're still working on this, and yea, the right kind of attitude for Tavi's dad would be hard to pull off


I hit some writers block and moved on to other stories for awhile. Finally got over it, just need to finagle a bit with some of the fiddly bits of the upcoming scene

Yah it lives now we can get to vinyls parents


I completely understand, the next chapter will be great, I hope


With any luck! After this one came out, I did the math, and it should only take 3.2 years for the next chapter to come out, and 9.746 years for the one after that!

I will wait for the chapters to finish and read them as soon as I can!

Awesome chapter, great work.
But since meeting Octavia's parents went so well now I'm kinda dreading how meeting Vinyl's mom will go... :rainbowhuh:




Nothing will go wrong!

No horrible revelations!

There is no war in ba sing se!

It will end with hugs and family photo's!

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