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Interesting start, I don't mind the anthro thing, a bit odd for FoE, but as long as its a good story.

I uh, thought you were going to continue and not just post what you had. In that case, the very last sentence should have a period and not a comma at the end. Also, that's a really awkward place to leave it. Another line or two of Deciduous inner monologue would probably feel better if you were just going to end it like that.

7378651 that probably would've been a good idea, yeah. i reckon I'll add that in later, for now, i'm just glad it got accepted. X3

Thanks again for the help, btw.



I love this fic a lot already.

I salute you:rainbowdetermined2:

7499939 i don't see why not? Go ahead :3

7500502 leans through screen and gives a big hug:scootangel:

Very nice chapter, always interesting to see a fanfic with the Changelings as the main characters, liking this one so far.

I've had this in my 'read later' list for so long and only now decided to read it. I probably should have waited longer, I like it but theres only two chapters and I need my fix :3

7526503 I'm sorreh! Writing these is a little difficult for me... Mostly because I don't want every chapter to be like 2000 words :3

Yay! New chapter:scootangel:

I love this story:heart:

Also one nitpick:

A feeling of individuality flows over you, adding +1 to the Skills you excel in most.

Might want to do something about that:twilightblush:

7689969 Ah, crap, you're right XD Importing the doc file put a lot of the Bold HTML stuff in backwards, so I had to add it all in manually. It was a total pain, I must've missed that one when cleaning stuff up.

Thanks again, btw :3

I reviewed this for my weekly review, and I'd love to see more of this story:


8147256 oooh~ thank you. I am working on more, but I've hit a bit of a block in places that I feel absolutely need to be in the story, so I'm slowly working through that... also I want to get a minimum of 6k words, so it's not super short, but it doesn't feel like it'd take an hour to read.

8147515 Its, fine.

Hey on the bright side you technically have the first multi-chapter Fallout: Equestria fanfic that I've gotten caught up to the current chapter on in my reviews.

Holy shit, it's alive!:pinkiegasp:
I had forgotten about this fic due to other fics taking my interest while i waited this to update:twilightsheepish:

Indeed it is! I kept either putting it off, had writer’s block, or was massively intimidated by the wall of corrections my pre-reader had listed. But I finally did it... eventually. X3

*glomps Latrios with a bone shattering hug*

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