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So far so good, the beginning grabs my attention and sets the mood and I like the variation of the whole "dog ate my homework" trope.

5658526 Thanks. It gets better.

5658531 It seems like an interesting concept.

… This is really, really short. It certainly could be improved upon. I'll keep it in my 'read later' list, because I'm not sure if it's worth fully following… Maybe it'll expand more… I wish you the best of luck. By the way, what in the HELL is this crossed over with? Because frankly, I don't know.


We discussed this, it's crossed over with Spawn. And yes it'll expand as future chapters come out not everyone has 7,000 word beginnings.

5663585 Eventually

Neither can I.

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5687487 Yeah it's bit of headcannon of mine that Celestia secretly likes Metal bands like Dethklok and others.


5707311 You're right, and I tried that but unfortunately I just couldn't come up with the words. Everything I tried came out horribly in the end I just said "screw it, I'll let them use their imaginations until I can come up with something that sounds good."

I guess it does huh.

Maybe, it could be just because of the head-shot but then again in the original novel Dracula got younger as he grew stronger.

5708999 Yes, but like I said nothing came out right. I don't intend for it to stay that way but until I come up with something or stumble across something it'll just have to do. But then again there is an old French Superstition that was the inspiration for this I do wonder if I should have posted that as it sort of describes the scene but not in great detail like you mentioned.

We're not the only ones who think this way.

Indeed, originally I intended to put a pic of her "true form" up but I decided against it.

5709360 I guess I could post that and see how it goes.

Yeah I've met at least two other people who shared similar ideas.

I don't know. It just seem unnecessary after you brought up that whole "over saturation" deal.

5710616 Mmm, I don't know I like the pictures, besides it's not like I'll be putting them in every chapter. I just wanted to try something new.

5710779 I would have mentioned it in the note but it would have made the legend awkward.

No. It was an accident. These stupid popups keep appearing and I must have accidentally pushed the delete and confirm deletion in my rush to be rid of these infernal popups.

5785726 He's not freaking out over Black Alice being in his world. He's freaking out over the fact that Black Alice is in the Displaced Multiverse.

Unfortunately in order to properly answer this question I'd have to spoil an upcoming chapter. Sorry.


Yeah but this chapter serves a purpose. It's a small preview into Spawn's character. It serves to give a little taste of him because later on I will reveal more of his true self. This chapter serves as filler before the true story begins.

As for the stuff he mentions there is a reason why he didn't go into depth, basically it can be summed up in two words: Flashback and Reminiscing.

Hmm... okay I have a few questions in mind and I want to be certain...

First off, I saw the rating and it having gore yet if I assume to be correct, the gore only appeared at Chapter Five. Correct me if I'm wrong but I want to be certain, will the gore festivities get higher up with each passing chapter?

Second, I see that Sunset Shimmer is part of this story but I haven't seen her yet, you planning on putting her up soon?

And third, being on hiatus, are you still planning on continuing it?

Answer 1: Yes. As the story progresses I hope to get more violent but that tag isn't there for just the violence and gore, it's also there as a warning because there will be many other mature topics throughout the story. Ex. There will be references to various religions scattered through out the story.

Answer 2: Yes. How soon I can't say without spoiling anything.

Answer 3: Yes. Being the most complex/difficult of the two stories I have so far this story requires a lot more planning out, so unlike "Black Fury, Red Logic" it can't have quick spur of the moment updates during it's hiatus. But rest assured I do intend to take it off of hiatus eventually.

P.S. I'm also working on another story that I intend to publish soon.

6838743 Huh, guess this pretty much answers my questions now on to the real deal, did you know that I'm one of the new moderators of SFW? I came here due to the admin asking to check up on your story at hand :pinkiehappy:

6839047 Yes actually, I looked at the list and saw your name. Though I expected to conduct the interview via PM and didn't know that you would be the one to do it. So what do you say, do I pass?

6839066 As much as I like the story in terms of how it went, I'm going to have to politely deny this mostly because of how its set up. Since this is a Spawn displaced fic and knowing the history of Spawn, I know things will only get messier and as you said in the question, it will with time.

I like the book, not denying that! But as it stands, while as it starts, it's not so gory. By the time we get to the later chapters, then it starts to go down the messiness and SFW doesn't really want gory stories even if they are good. So, with every way I can try to be respectful, I'm going to have to deny this book entry.

6839371 Fine. Though just out of curiosity would it pass if I dialed it down to Resident Evil levels?

6839453 Ok thanks. I hope you continue to enjoy it. It's nice to find a fellow Spawn fan.

6839522 Yeah I think it's because IMAGE isn't as big as DC or MARVEL or hell even Dark Horse for that matter.

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