• Published 9th Mar 2016
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No spell for that - Jeweled Pen

Twilight meets a young stalli... mare at her old school, with a problem that even her great magic can't fix. Despite her desire to give aid, there are some things even a princess can't fix. After all, when born in the wrong body, how can you fix it?

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Chapter 1: Drifting

Twilight grinned and pointed towards the chalkboard, snapping the ruler against the drawing of the scroll. “And, in closing, if this adventure taught me anything, it's that the magic of friendship can solve any problem life throws at you.” She looked out over the class of unicorns who stared at her. Some with expressions of boredom, others with wide eyed attention. And, more than a few, with the glimmering eyes of those who loved their 'princess'. She wondered how long until that would start to feel old? “So, when you go through your senior year, always remember. The friendships you make now are always important. They may not determine the future of Equestria in quite the way mine has, but that doesn't make them any less important. The magic of friendship is powerful and it lives in us all, so treasure those bonds you make and all those who you are close to. Thank you,” she said before turning and trotting back to her seat. The purple alicorn took a seat, greeted by applause as a unicorn in a suit and tie stepped forward.

“Thank you, Princess Twilight, for this rousing speech. Now, everypony, as I'm sure you're all excited to finish your first day of school, please be careful as you make your way out of the auditorium. Watch out for--”

Twilight toned the principal out as she glanced down at the seat besides her. A purple unicorn sat in it. “So, Starlight, how did I do? I hope you didn't feel too upset with me... talking about the events of--”

“Not at all,” Starlight said quickly, shaking her head. “I uhhh... I've learned my lesson. Besides, if it teaches ponies about... friendship, that's good, right?”

Twilight nodded. “You didn't have to come, though. If you didn't want to. I--”

“Nonsense!” the mare said quickly. “Last time I was here... well... I still owe you for everything. I think assisting you on one of these... events is the least I can do.” She then paused. “Did... you really have to mention the crystal thing, though? I wouldn't have let you fall to your death. Probably. I mean... you are an alicorn.”

Twilight blanched. “I-I'm sorry, I just thought the action would help keep the ponies interested. I think I was losing a few. I-I didn't mean to--”

“It's fine, really, it's fine,” Starlight said before lowering her eyes. “So, what's next?”

“Oh, I wanted to do a tour of the grounds.” Twilight said with a slightly far-too-innocent look.

“Weren't you raised here?”

“W-well, sorta. Just... errr...” She poked her hooves together.

“... What is it?”

“They added a second wing to the library and I heard they have over four hundred new books and I really really want to see if there's any I haven't gotten my hooves on yet!”

Starlight gave a soft little chuckle, before nodding. “I don't see any problem with that.”

“Sqwee!” Twilight said, happily clapping her hooves together.

The unicorn cocked an eye. “Did... you really think I'd say no?”


“I almost destroyed Equestria. I think spending a few hours in a library are the least of my problems.”

“Thanks, I--” She blinked a few times. “Hours?”

“Spike warned me about the other wing. Why did you think he was gracious enough to let me take his place?”

The alicorn scowled. Clever little dragon. She then perked up. “I'll make it as quick as I can, honest!”

“It's fine, princess. Really, I don't mind. I could do some studying, too.”


Twilight raced as fast as she dared(at a quick trot. After all, it was still a library). Her excitement could barely be contained. A whole other wing of the library and, best of all, in advanced magics! Advanced transformations, advanced medical spells, advanced teleportation, advanced transdimensional summoning. She frowned and wondered if maybe one day she should write her own advanced friendship magic book. She started looking over the rows of books, before gasping. “Yes!” She pulled out 'Transdimensional teleportation and you, an explorer's guide to the chaos realm'. “Ohhhh, this will infuriate Discord soooo much. I'll visit him and--” She blinked, looking around. Starlight was gone. She frowned. “I'm not that bad.”

She shrugged and flipped the book open. She was on chapter twelve when she felt a tap on her flank. She paused and looked back. “Starlight?”

Instead there was a small white unicorn mare there, with a red mane. She was wearing a small, flowing blue dress with white cloud designs on the bottom and a star over the chest. It took her a moment to realize it was one of RARITY'S designs. Well, she didn't know much about this child yet, but she knew she liked her tastes, at least. She wasn't that old, in that awkward phase where almost a mare and no longer quite a filly.

“N-no. I... I'm... ummm... I-I'm...” the mare chewed on her lower lip a little bit. “I'm uhhh... Petal. Drifting Petal. I... err... I just... are you Princess... Princess T-Twilight?”

The princess blinked a few times before looking up. She couldn't see it, but she could definitely feel the crown on her head, as well as her horn. She then looked to the side. Yup, wings still there. “Yes, I am.”

“I... I just... I ummm... I'm sorry to bother you.” Her voice sounded very soft and oddly breathy, difficult to hear. Poor dear must have been terrified.

Twilight shook her head. “Nonsense,” she said before turning around and smiling at the mare. “There's no need to be scared of me, and you don't need to talk in that funny voice. Come on, no need to be shy.”

The mare cringed. “T-this is my voice. My... normal voice.”

“Err... right. What can I help you with?”

“I... I ummm...” Her horn glowed and she pulled out a small book. It was titled 'My adventures and victory* in Ponyville, by the Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoon'. Under that it said '*and minor defeat' in tiny letters. “I... I wanted to know if this was true...”

Twilight sighed and face hoofed. She'd have to read that one later as well, though she wasn't expecting she'd enjoy it. “I'm afraid I haven't read it. Of which part?”

“The... final duel with Trixie. It says here you ummm...” She flipped open the book to the only marked page. “You performed a lot of very powerful, high end magic. Aging spells, duplication magic, high level... transformation magic?”

“Ohhhh, that. I'm afraid that was just a ruse to catch Trixie off guard. The spells themselves weren't done at all. In fact, the aging spells are so rare and powerful that I'm not sure if any pony can cast them any more. At least not without some powerful artifact. The duplication spell and gender changing spells are absolutely impossible. Even with the alicorn amulet Trixie was so amazed by them I doubt even its great power could make them possible. I...” She trailed off as she stared at the little mare. The thing looked absolutely crushed, almost broken. Her eyes had gotten all watery and downcast, her head lowered. Even her horn looked like it had lost its gleam. “Are you okay?”

“Huh? Oh... I ummm... y-yes. I'm fine, s-sorry,” the mare said quickly, instantly forming a forced smile on her lips. “I just... n-needed to know for a research paper. T-thank you princess,” she said, her voice cracking. She turned and quickly galloped out of the room, leaving a very confused Twilight behind.

“That... was strange,” she said with a shrug. She then grinned none the less. “Oh, researching forbidden, impossible magic. I remember when I used to do that. My, it seems like only yesterday I summoned a full grown dragon onto the gym.” She then paused. “W-wait. Duplication spells.” Her mind suddenly filled with images of thousands of dragons falling all over the school. Or worse, the return of a thousand Pinkies. She took a slow, deep breath before glancing back to her book, then sliding it back into the shelf. “Later, my sweet,” she said softly, before trotting out of the room towards the principal's office.


Twilight gently knocked on the door, grinning softly to herself. There was probably nothing to be worried about. Probably. But then, that was what she thought before the jelly belly march madness surprise incident, and half the faculty knew how THAT ended. Well, the ones who hadn't quit.

The door opened and the suited up stallion smiled back at her. “Ah! Princess, I trust everything is well? The students haven't been giving you any problems, have they?”

“Oh no, not at all, principal Higher. They've all been exceptionally friendly and polite. I just...” She frowned and tapped her hoof against her chin. “I'm... not sure how to say this. I'm just a little concerned for one of your students.”

“Concerned? Whatever for?” the stallion asked before he turned back and trotted towards his desk. “I assure you, we have maintained the standard of excellence that we had when you attended our fine school.”

“Oh, I can see that. Well... I'd hate to get a pony in trouble, but they asked me some questions and I'm a little worried that she might be tampering with... dangerous magic.”

“Oh dear, oh dear. Well, worry not, I'm sure we can discreetly handle the situation and stop the dear from hurting herself. It would hardly be the first time some new student here got a little over their head, though I'm sure you know that more than anypony. Tell me, did you catch her name?”

“Drifting Petal.”

The principal froze for a second there, before the smile slowly faded. “You... ahhh... princess, you've met with Drifting Petal?” She couldn't be sure, but there seemed to be a little hint of sweat on his brow.

“Err, yes? Is something wrong with her?”

“With her? Oh, no no. Well... a little. She is a tiny bit of a trouble maker, but I assure you she is no threat. She's just... special.”

“Special?” Twilight asked, cocking her head to the side.

“Yes, special. Not in the manner you were, of course your highness. She is... talented, I'll grant her. But nowhere near the extent you were. She's just a sophomore. Nothing you need to concern yourself with.”

“Really? She seemed pretty upset.”

“Oh, she's always upset about something or another, trust me,” Higher said with just a hint of annoyance. “But please, don't worry about her. She's completely under control. I'll have one of the faculty talk with her about this... incident. So please, put it out of your mind.”

“Well... I... suppose. Thank you. As long as you're sure she's okay.” She frowned and eyed the stallion for a moment. “Maybe I could talk with some of her friends?”

“She doesn't have any friends. Trust me,” he muttered a bit more darkly than he likely intended.

“Wait, she doesn't?” Her eyes lit up with glee. Yes, friendship problem! A new letter to send to the princess!

“No, she moved here recently and--”

“Is too shy to make friends, of course. Well, worry not, Principal Higher Learning! As the Princess of Friendship, I will deal with this manner personally!”

“Wait, what? No! No no, there's no need for--”

“Don't worry, it's no problem. This is my job, my duty!”

“Princess, please, there's no need to--”

“Nonsense. So, where can I find this mare?”

“Oh heavens,” he said before face hoofing. “Really, please. Princess, don't. There's... no need to worry yourself about that pony. She'll be fine.”

“It's my duty,” she said again, proudly.

He sighed. “She's... in the Starswirl wing, floor three, room J.”

“Okay!” she said, turning to walk away.

“Princess!” he called after her.


“Just... I... did warn you. Remember that.”

She nodded. “Of course,” she said before walking away. She frowned about halfway down the hall. Starswirl Wing? She didn't remember ever going there. She lived in the Clover wing, with--

Ohhhh! The Starswirl wing was the colt's dorms. Funny, she didn't remember them mentioning they were going co-ed. Wow, the school really had changed since she'd been here last.


Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. Twilight just couldn't figure out what. The moment she stepped into the Starswirl Wing, most the ponies stared at her. That was normal, in fact she was used to it. However, the problem was they were all colts and young stallions. The only mares she saw were about her age or older, likely parents. She did hope the principal had given her the right location. None the less, she made her way up the stairs and soon found the door. J.

She slowly reached out and knocked on it a few times. There was no answer. She frowned and knocked a few more times. “Hello?”

“Go away! I'm not... I'm not in the mood!” a voice called from inside. It sounded like Drifting, but kind of foggy and odd.

She took a deep breath. “Please open up. I'm here to talk with you, Miss Petal.” She blinked as she heard laughter from down the hall. After a few moments the door opened and a tear covered Drifting peeped through.

Twilight waved gently.

The mare shrieked and slammed the door. “It's not a crime I don't wanna go to jail am I getting expelled I'm sorry I'm sorry!” Okay, now her voice sound a lot deeper. And filled with panic.

The princess stared. “Err... no, you're not. The principal told me about your situation and I came to help,” she said proudly. Okay, now there was even more laughter from down the hall. Just what was so funny? She had the distinct impression they were laughing at her, but she couldn't imagine why. “Could you please open up.”

Slowly the door opened. “Y-you're going to... help me?” Drifting asked softly.

“Of course. May I come in?”

The mare nodded and slowly stepped back, widening the door for Twilight. The princess stepped in and took a look around. It... didn't look like how she'd have imagined it. In fact, it looked almost completely bare. There was a small bed, a couple boxes, and she could see a mirror, dozens of makeup containers lined out in front of it. There were even three dresses hung up on a little rack, but that was it. “Haven't finished moving in?”

“Moved in a few months ago,” Drifting said softly. “Y-you're going to help me? But... you said the spell was impossible...”

“Nonsense!” she said with a nod. “You don't need magic for this.” She walked to the center of the room and grinned at her. “You just need the right mindset and--”

“GET OUT!” Drifting screamed, the tears forming in her eyes again.

“E-excuse me?”

“Y-you c-can't just fix me!” she screamed, covering her face with her hooves. “I-I've tried and I've tried a-and it just doesn't work t-there isn't... there isn't fixing this!”

Twilight stared, her mouth falling open. She didn't know what to do, something was definitely wrong here. She had no idea what to do. The child was horribly upset and, somehow, she'd poured fire on the wound. What would Celestia do?

She blinked and slowly stepped forward, pulling the child into a hug and wrapping her wings around her. “There there, child. It's okay. I... I never meant to hurt you. I just wanted to help you make friends. That's all. There's nothing wrong with you that needs to be fixed.”

Drifting sniffled. “R-really?”

“Of course not. I'm sure you're a delightful young mare who... are you okay?” Now the child was smiling as she cried. Twilight really felt she was missing something.

“You... you called me a mare...”

“Err... you are, aren't you?”

“Y-yes, yes I am...” the young mare said softly, closing her eyes.

Twilight frowned as she looked around the room. Something here was missing. Something important. Why in Equestria was the child so upset? 'Fix' her? What needed to be fixed? Not to mention she was in such a strange place, last time she was here the Starswirl Wing was for the colts and stallions, not--

A light went off in her head and she looked down at the sobbing mare. The rather... odd voice. The crying fits. The laughing children. The principal's reaction. Buck, the questions about the transformation magic she'd used. “You're a stallion!” she blurted out. Instantly she regretted it as the child looked as if she'd just been stabbed, recoiling from the alicorn.

She stared up at her with tear stained eyes, her entire body shaking. “GET OUT!” she screamed.

“W-wait, Drifting, I didn't mean--”

“GET OUT! GET OUT!! GET OUT!!!” Drifting screamed as loud as she could, stomping her hooves with each and every word.

“I was just--”

“OUT!” she screamed, opening the door and tried to force the alicorn out. Drifting was only a young mare, barely beyond the state of being called a filly. Twilight was a slightly older mare, but also an alicorn. She wasn't going anywhere unless she wanted.

She slowly got to her hooves and let the other pony shove her out, the door slamming closed behind her. She could hear the sobs coming from inside the room and the laughter from down the hall. A feeling of guilt penetrated down to her core as she closed her eyes and disappeared in a flash of light.

Author's Note:

I was honestly not going to publish this at first, but my friend convinced me to. This has kinda been a... side project I've been writing in my free time to help me sort out my feelings for the next few months. It's really helped keep me focused and brave, so I hope you like it. It's probably the closest I've ever come to writing a power fantasy, writing a character I really wish I could be as strong and brave as.

For those worrying about my other stories, don't worry. I'm working on this on the side. The second book of my Avatar series is still coming along just fine and should be up soon. This has just been therapeutic.