• Published 9th Mar 2016
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No spell for that - Jeweled Pen

Twilight meets a young stalli... mare at her old school, with a problem that even her great magic can't fix. Despite her desire to give aid, there are some things even a princess can't fix. After all, when born in the wrong body, how can you fix it?

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Chapter 2: He? She? It?

Twilight appeared in the local hayburger and walked to the counter, a dazed look on her face. She had no idea how to process what just happened. She tried to think of some point of reference, anything, but she came up blank.

He said he was a mare, but he wasn't a mare, was he? Ugh, this whole thing was just confusing. She looked to the pony behind the counter. “Three hayburgers, medium, please,” she mumbled before walking to one of the many tables and taking a seat.

She was midway through her second one when the door swung open and Starlight stepped inside. “There you are! You know, I was looking all over for you?”

“Huh? Oh. Right. Sorry. I kinda... ran into some trouble.”

Starlight sighed and sat down across from her, pulling out a book. “Thought you'd left me here. I was about to take the train back, you know.”

“Hmm? How'd you know I was here?”

The unicorn didn't look up as she flipped open the book and started going through it. “How else? I spent... who knows how many months after you took apart my town stalking you. By the way, you eat at hayburger too much. You're a princess now, aren't you? You should really get a professional cook. Those'll go right to your thighs.”

Twilight's cheeks turned redder than the ketchup on them. She quickly tried to redirect the conversation. “So... you'll never guess what I just went through. What... I just met.”

“Hmmm?” Starlight asked, flipping a page. “A sphinx?”

“What? No. She was... he...” She struggled to think of the right word, before smiling. Of course! “It was a stallion, but it kept saying it was a mare and got really upset when I realized it was a stallion.”

Starlight blinked a few times and looked up. “Err... it?”

“Well... she... he... it's just easier to say it.”

The unicorn stared for a few long seconds. Then took a soft breath. “Wow. Just... so... cross dresser?”

Twilight blinked and then nodded rapidly. “R-right! Kinda like that except... well, it got really upset when I called it a stallion.”

Starlight gave another sigh. “Please stop calling it... her... an it. I... think I know what you're talking about.”

“But he got really upset--”

“Then you should probably call her a her if it upsets you so much upsetting her.”

Twilight blinked a few times. She then lowered her eyes. “Sorry. She was just...”

“You've never met someone like that?”

“No. Have you?”

“Oh, a ton. Remember my little village? We had a bunch come there.”


“Oh yeah, nice ponies for the most part. Turns out the whole everypony being equal thing is a big draw for ponies like them. So long as they got to be the treated and called the gender they wanted, they were more than happy to give up their cutie marks. At least, the ones that came.”

“And... you just did that?”

Starlight glanced down at her book again. “Sure, why not? If a stallion wants to be called a mare and a mare wants to be called a stallion, who cares? Isn't like they're hurting anypony. They tended to hide away a lot, though. Worked all the same.”

“But it's not... normal...”

“Says the mare with a pet dragon.”

“Assistant dragon!”

“Why do you care so much? She's not hurting you any, so just call her what she wants.”

Twilight sighed and looked down. “I... I guess. She... did seem pretty upset.”

“How'd you even meet a pony like that?” Starlight asked as she flipped a page.

“W-well, he-- she-- asked me a question. When I asked the principal about it-- her, he said she didn't have any friends.”

“Not surprising. Pony like that probably hides away a lot.”

“Do... you think if we got him some friends, it would help fix her?”

“Are they really good friends if they make you change who you are?”

“Good... point.” Twilight sighed. “But... I... kinda feel really bad for her. You should have seen her face, she was heart broken. I... wish there was something I could do. Do you think I could help her make friends?”

“Maybe? Making friends isn't always easy, though. Especially if you hide away a lot.”

“I never had any problems and I was a bit... secluded.”

“Hmm. The princess' personal protege had ponies trying to be her friend. Imagine that. A wonder you didn't have more trouble.”

Twilight cringed. “O... kay. Point taken. But... I need to make it up to him somehow.”


“Right, her. You've dealt with these kinds of ponies before, right? What do you do to apologize to them?”

“Well, start calling her a her, for one. It's kind of a big deal to them. Two... I don't know? Get them a dress or something? I'll be honest, I didn't study them, I just met a bunch of them. All they really wanted was to be treated like and called whatever gender they chose. I just went along with that and there wasn't much trouble aside from when someponies decide to cause problems. I had a lot more to worry about that some ponies identity issues.”

Twilight tapped her chin, before nodding. “She did have one of Rarity's dresses. Maybe I could get something like that.” She got to her hooves. “I'm going to go visit the Canterlot Boutique. You can head home if you like, I'll head back once I'm done here.”

Starlight nodded. “Okay, have fun.” The moment the princess was out the door, she quickly reached over and took the last hayburger. “So many stake outs you have made possible my little caloric fiend...”


Twilight walked into the boutique, looking around nervously.

“Princess Twilight! Could it be true?” a voice called out. Before the princess could react, a light blue unicorn with a striped orange mane nearly tackled her. “It is, it is! Could it be? Is Miss Rarity with you?”

Twilight blushed and shook her head. “N-no, I'm afraid not, Sassy. I ummm... I actually need to talk with you. About making an order. A... special order.”

Sassy blinked, then smiled. “Ah. One of THOSE garments? Well, no matter. Here at the Canterlot Boutique, we offer all our clients a privacy guarantee. So, something in pleather, yes?”

Twilight blinked, then blushed. “N-no! It's not for me and it's not like that! Just a dress, a simple dress. Kind of an... apology.”

“Oh? Then just a simple dress? Well, no matter.”

“Well, errr, t-that's just it. It's... special. Ummm... you see... it... I mean...” She sighed. “It's for a stallion who thinks he's a mare.”

Sassy blinked and then snickered. “Truly, that's all? Just have her come down and I can take her measurements.”

Twilight paused and then stared. “That's... all?”

“Of course. Why?”

“You've made dresses for... stallions before?”

“Well, I thought you said she was a mare? But yes, Miss Rarity has made them for mares of the more... masculine variety.”

“Wait, so you've dealt with ponies like this before?” She grinned. “Is there a cure?”

Sassy paused. “Ex... cuse me?”

“Is there a cure? A way to make him... want to be a him, I guess?”

The unicorn stared at the alicorn. “Oh. Oh dear. Darling, please tell me this is not for a friend of yours.”

“Well... no, I just met him. Her. Him?”

“Ah. I see. Well, in that case, dear, do her a favor. Never talk about such things. It is extremely hurtful. Possibly leave her alone if you talk to her like that, yes?”

“Hurtful? But--”

“Dear, if the pony is willing to dress up as a mare and deal with whatever dangers or humiliations that may arise from it, who are you to judge? If it makes her happy, let her be a mare.”

“But... it's weird... there's just no reason for it.”

Sassy sighed. “You've never met a pony like that before, have you?”

Twilight shook her head. “I... haven't met a lot of ponies until recently, to be honest.”

“Well, trust me. There are plenty of ponies like that. I've met hundreds. And... while personally, I couldn't begin to tell you why they go through what they do, I can tell you I wouldn't wish it on anypony. I've heard every excuse and explanation under the sun, but the only thing I know for certain is their pain is real.”

Twilight blinked and then cringed as she thought back to that look on the stall-- mare's face. That pain, the sadness. “Really?”

“Oh, indeed. I've met dozens of ponies, both mares and stallions, who come here looking for some outfit to express their real selves. Some are confident and just ask, some are shy and will try desperately to explain away why what they are doing is natural. All the medical reasons for why they're like this. My favorite, though, is the 'my marefriend just happens to be the exact same size, weight, height and shape as me. So, ummm, make the dress as if it was on me, please.' My, you should see the way their eyes light up when they try it on.” She then frowned. “And the way they die again the moment they take it off and put on whatever they were wearing before.”

The alicorn sighed. “So... oh.” She thought back to the crying mare. “You'd... best make it three dresses.”

Sassy cringed. “Just... what did you do?”

“I think I might have broken her heart and dashed her hopes. So... three dresses should at least get me enough time to apologize.”

The unicorn trotted away and soon came back with three small pieces of paper, she held them out to the alicorn. “Here. Vouchers. Just sign them and when the mare comes to redeem them, they'll be charged to you. As a personal friend of Rarity, I'm sure she'll give you a special discount. And I know you wouldn't not pay.”

“O-of course,” Twilight said as she took them, turning to walk away.

“It might behoove the mare to come this weekend. I do believe Miss Rarity intends to run the boutique for a few days to take care of some orders. It would be the best chance to make sure a gown was chosen especially for her.”

“I'll make sure he... she knows.”

“Oh, and one more piece of advice, dear?”


“If it upsets her so, don't call her a he.”

“... Right.”

Author's Note:

I don't know why, but I really can imagine Rarity and Starlight having had a lot of experience with ponies like this. I wonder if that's weird?