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After getting kicked out of his house, Night Dice rides a train to Ponyville to start a new life. Away from his family and no relatives to his destination.

His life will change for the better, and this is his story.

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Where the heck is Prologue 1?

Stories with bat ponies are always fun. It's got the potential to be something grand. I hope that you continue this story.

Sorry about the confusion about the prologue being named: "Prologue 2". The reason why there was a two was because this wasn't the official one before I changed it up. Soo..... I deleted the original one and replaced it with the new one (which is uploaded) and I forgot to edit the chapter name. XP

So again, sorry for the confusion ad the chapter name will be named: "Prologue". Just "Prologue".

Get a proofreader.

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