The Chance Of The Dice

by Night_Dice

First published

Night Dice, a bat pony stallion, who's going to start a fresh life in Ponyville after being kicked out of his home.

After getting kicked out of his house, Night Dice rides a train to Ponyville to start a new life. Away from his family and no relatives to his destination.

His life will change for the better, and this is his story.


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He opened the door and threw me outside the streets. “GET OUT AND STAY OUT!” My father shouted from the doorway. My own father!

I scratched the back head, after being hit hard I need to sleep. Or at least drink something to forget. But first I turned around and shouted, “WELL I HOPE I WON’T SEE YOU AGAIN TOO YOU STUBBORN OLD MULE!” He then closed the door as my body collapsed on the ground with tears running down from my eyes, the pain inside me stung my core. Family, eh?

With all my rage I punched the dirt road with my hoof again and again. I may be a different pony but it doesn’t mean I can be teased and be treated like a slave! I was nothing but a maid to them! Every words they said was drilled in my brain and will stay there until the end of time!

I’ve had enough and I’m fine with letting them kicking me out! And it’s a good thing ‘cause I’m sick of their stupid beliefs!

I punch the floor harder and harder venting every hate on them on every pound. I continued my outburst until I felt the rain stopped pouring onto me, but it was still continuing, why did it stop on top of me? I looked up and saw a cream colored coat in front, holding the umbrella with her magical aura. The only pony in this family that legitimately care for me, my own mother.

She placed her hoof on my cheek as I lay down on the wet ground with tears running down my cheek with my hoof hurting bad. “There there, Night Dice.” She pulled me up and hugged me. I then felt saddle bags float onto my back. “You just have to give him time for now.” She looked back at the house where we can hear an angry buck inside. “He just hasn’t realize your life goals and cutie mark yet.”

My eyes wander down onto my flank, a pair of dice with question marks in them.

I turned away and patted the bag. “I can’t stay here anymore.” I looked up and faced the train station, not even for her. I needed to get away. “Thank you mom.” I wrapped my hooves around her and hugged her tightly knowing that this may be the last time I’m going to see her.

“Maybe you should take the train to Manehattan to go to your uncle and aunt’s place?” It might be a good idea but I don’t want any communications with my family for now, even if they have good hearts.

I just shook my head and looked away, I love them all but I need some time for myself. “No, I’m going somewhere else.” I said as I raised my hoof and wiped away my tears.

My mom tapped the side of my bag which emanated a familiar jingling noise. “I placed some bits inside it, I hope this can at least give you a decent place to stay for a while somewhere.”

I wrapped her with my forelegs tightly as one more tear came down to my cheek. And the only thing I can say was, “Thanks mom.” I smiled as I stood up on all fours. I looked back at her one last time and trotted away in the rain.

That’s just the start of my new life. Like my mom said, my name’s Night Dice. I’m a bat pony, a very uncommon race in this town. We’re a bit small and a bit independent from the laws of the royal sisters.

My family being.......... Maybe a story for another day. I don’t know if it’s destiny or just my luck. That’s what my cutie mark represent anyway, I think. All I know is I receive good luck but and bad luck randomly, a gamble in life.

I stopped my tracks at the train station, bought a ticket and sat down by the bench as I waited for the train.

A new life for me, eh?

I checked the bag of bits my mom gave me and it looked like it was enough to last me a month, which might be good enough for now. I should just refrain myself from buying unimportant stuff………………. Maybe some cider on my first day cause I felt like a wrecked pony during this time.

Back then I always went to them for answers and guidance, but such things are limited. My two brothers did helped me but there was always a price to everything, being bribed, blackmailed, and teased. My dad and I are always clashing about our ideas and such so he’s really not an option. And there was my mom, but what can I say? She’s kind, helpful, loving, and generous. But she’s never always at home because of her work.

I wouldn’t actually be missed except for my mom, that’s why leaving town would still be a clever option for me.

I just bought my ticket to a town called “Ponyville”. One of the things I’ve heard about the town was being prone to monster attacks and stuff. But what can I say? It’s a thing that I could live with. And I did heard that Princess Twilight’s castle was there, so that’s actually nice. Oh, and some nice folks which would be nice for once but I’m not gonna be sure unless I get there.

I do want to meet new ponies but I’ve always hesitated on making friends. Ever since I was a little colt I was teased by my so called “friends”. They used me and made fun of me when my back was turned and then some.

Well no more, I moved on from them and distanced myself. Though I would like it if I meet some new friends and maybe somepony that could like me and just accept who I am.

I sighed as the train came in with its ear splitting brakes. The doors opened and a couple of ponies exit the train. Not really a surprise considering it was late. “Next stop, Ponyville! Next stop, Ponyville!” The conductor shouted.

I gathered my belongings and went inside. My eyes set down onto a vacant sit, I set aside my bags and sat down as couple more ponies enter the car.

Ponyville’s still a couple of hours away, I should at least get some rest.