• Published 30th Dec 2015
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Journal of an Alicorn Clone - Tired Old Man

A silly clone of Princess Celestia writes about her not-so-ordinary life.

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Bonding Over a Moon Dust Mishap

Dear Journal,

This is the second day of trying to behave and learn manners. Celestia decided I shouldn’t leave the castle at all today. I knew why, of course.

Buuut I didn’t plan on staying in my room the whole day, either. So I checked to see what Luna Two was doing!

I have never seen a dusty room before I entered hers. Moon dust was everywhere--the ground, on the furniture, in the air, and even some in the hallway just outside the door! The guards outside wore these little blue masks around their mouths, too. Are they allergic? I could breathe it in just fine.

Anyway, she was busy making a bunch of moon dust castles. But I guess she put one near the door that I knocked over when I entered, because she made a huge fit over it! “It was a replica of the old castle! Augh!”

“Well, you shouldn’t have put it next to the door, silly! Why didn’t you put it somewhere else?”

“Because I ran out of room!” She said while gesturing to other dust models of other places in Equestria. Places like Canterlot, Manehatten, and even a floating Cloudsdale!
“I couldn’t find any other spots, and I wanted to save the best one for last…”

Then she started tearing up, and that made my chest hurt. I hated making her feel terrible, so I offered to help fix it, you know? “It’ll be just like it was before, except with a massive, sturdy wall in front of that door so it never touches the castle again! How does that sound?”

She looked up at me… and smiled. “Y-Yeah. Yeah! We’ll make it better!”

I nodded. “Yeah. We will.”

And so, I spent the whole day helping her with the new-and-improved old castle. I helped with the foundation and some of the basic construction, and her eye for detail was incredible as she carved out each archway and hallway with a set of tiny chisels. She even etched out a lot of the stained-glass window designs in the walls!

Meanwhile, my wall wasn’t as refined as the castle. It was thick and wide, and about half as high as the door. It wasn’t as tall or appealing as the old castle, but Luna Two said it had a “rustic charm” to it, and that put a smile on my face! I also built it so sturdy there was no way it would ever break or crumble, so this shouldn’t cause any more problems for Luna Two whatsoever!

And just so I don’t forget about the wall next time, I’ll write this reminder: The wrong door is not right, but the right door is on the right!