• Published 30th Dec 2015
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Journal of an Alicorn Clone - Tired Old Man

A silly clone of Princess Celestia writes about her not-so-ordinary life.

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A Safe is Never Safe From Prying Eyes

Dear Journal,

‘Tis the third day of learning manners, and today I decided to spend a bit more time with Luna Two. However, we did not mess around with her dust castles this time. She said she wanted them to dry after spraying them with a bit of water, so we couldn’t alter them while they were setting.

But that was okay, because I had a plan! We had yet to fully explore this big castle we call home!

Did I truly know how huge this castle was before today? Not really, not even when I had to look for the library! Celestia restricted me to just looking through one wing of the castle for that, which meant I had a whole other wing to explore! In addition, Luna Two hadn’t gone out of her room too much, so this new wing was as foreign to her as it was for me. That means we got to learn about this new place at the same time!

And we learned lots of things. They had a big dining hall that looked like the best place to host a party, a lounge place with a big sofa I could stretch my whole body over--I’m not sure why that is here, but posing in that chair felt oddly natural--and a kitchen that we will absolutely visit… later. When the chef isn’t around--she was absolutely livid when we took some grapes from the fruit salad bowl!

“Noooooo! Now the ratio is ruined! How am I supposed to fix this?!”

I shrugged and said, “Just add more apples!” before I popped one of those tasty little grapes in my mouth.


“If you’re short on fruit, add a different fruit! Easy-peasy! I don’t think this is supposed to be hard!”

While she was busy stumbling through some kind of response, we scurried out of the kitchen. We couldn’t spend our whole day discussing the composition of fruit salad when there was basically eighty percent of a whole castle wing left unexplored!

Or as we discovered, a huge hallway with a huger door at the end of it. It was ornate, thick, and locked up tighter than Celestia’s nightstand stuffed with super secret sweets! Neither of us had any idea of how to open it other than an odd little hole in the middle of the door.

Now, I know Celestia said that I shouldn’t use my head horn willy-nilly. Just because it’s a pointy thing I can put in any nook, hole or cranny doesn’t mean I should. And I did have a tiny voice in my head say I shouldn’t open that door.

Buuut that tiny head voice was also curious to know what was in there, so they allowed it! And to my complete surprise, the door opened!

What lied beyond was a treasure trove of all sorts of interesting and/or confusing items. Golden bits, ancient relics that could really use a dusting, little toys that looked very, very old but still functional (Note to self: ask Celestia if I can have one of them. Luna Two wants one too), and even half an eggshell in a box… for some reason!

But despite all the things in there we could have touched or taken, we left the vault with nothing. Why? Because it was all Celestia’s, and I am not her. If she put all of this behind such a big door, she really wanted to keep it safe. Taking any of it out without her permission is something only a terrible person would do.

I didn’t know how to close the door though, so as soon as I write this entry, I need to find her. She said she would be busy talking with Luna about something, but as soon as I see her, I’ll tell her everything that happened today.

...OH! There she is! Hi Celestia--Hey, that looks like a piece of Luna’s door and my dust wall! Why are they hanging from your horn?

Wait, you use that door too?! Wow, I… actually should have seen that coming.

Yes, and I should have told you about the wall. I’m sorry.

Um… so is this a bad time to tell you that I messed with another door today?