• Published 30th Dec 2015
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Journal of an Alicorn Clone - Tired Old Man

A silly clone of Princess Celestia writes about her not-so-ordinary life.

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Second Opinions Are a Good First Step for Perspective

Dear Journal,

I’m writing this entry in the current absence of your owner and my sister, Tia Two. She would be here to write this, if she wasn’t busy pulling every curtain off the rods and tipping every potted plant in sight.

Simply put, whatever she had yesterday gave her energy. A lot of energy. ‘Bashed a hole in my door and cracked her dust wall screaming, “Here’s sister!”’ levels of energy. I didn’t know how loud and strong my screaming could be until I blew the door off its hinges and sent her and the door flying. The dust wall was still mostly intact though. I give credit to my sis--she knows how to build a wall.

Anyway, Celestia and Luna have spent every minute since last evening trying to contain her. Twenty eight attempts later, and they’re still no closer to getting her quarantined.

Their last attempt came close with some special Moon Cookies though! At least, I think they were special since they mentioned putting sleepy stuff in them, and I know Luna normally doesn’t do that. I haven’t gotten tired from eating them, at least.

Neither had my sister. She had maybe four cookies from the plate those two placed in the hallway, and I guess Celestia doubted Luna actually put the sleepy stuff in them because they didn’t slow down Tia Two at all.
So she tried them herself.

She promptly faceplanted into the carpet one minute later.

With her out of commission, Luna and I had to take up the reins. And together, we came up with a plan. A simple, crazy plan that involved rope, some cream puffs, and a large cardboard box.

First, we hid in the box in the throne room. Then we ate a few cream puffs, joking and giggling and making a commotion inside a very unusual location! Soon enough, Tia Two showed up and demanded entry into our box!

We refused at first. This was our snacking box, and not just anypony could gain entry for such delicious cream puffs! If she wanted in, she had to calm down, say pretty please with sugar plums, and maybe we’d let her in.

Which we did eventually, and then when she was about to take a bite out of the first cream puff, we tackled and hogtied her! She didn’t see it coming, nor did she see us still sharing the cream puffs with her once we got her under control.

A few hours after her capture, she finally weaned off her sugar high. Her face was as bittersweet as her words, but at the same time, she realized how out of control she became. Unfortunately, Celestia was still sleeping, so her lecture on my sister’s behavior would have to wait.

Until then, we still had some cream puffs left to eat. Tia Two only got two more--getting her wound up again would wind up causing further disaster.

I hope she's learned something important from this. I doubt it, but hope all the same.

Huh? Yes, I did break the door off its hinges, Luna. Was that a bad thing?

Shouting lessons? Really?! YES!

Oh, uh, sorry Luna. Should I do something about your indent in the wall?