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Yh this is me I'm not a great writer but I'm a beginner don't judge. I mostly write Twidash cause yah know... Twidash is life...


When Rainbow Dash starts feeling lonely, a certain purple mare rushes to her house in the middle of the night, as a major emergency has happened and Rainbow is needed. An orange-coated filly, wounded, and both mentally and physically abused, turns up at Twilights doorstep, getting Spike, Rainbow, and herself caught up in madness. As Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash try to find out the full story behind everything, Scootaloo's past comes back to haunt her...

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So you published a story that you've already decided to cancel? It looks up my alley (Scootadopt), but I don't want to read a story that's never going to get finished.

Why was this cancelled?

Ive read this now. You're clearly taking way much from I'll always be here for you, since the author of that fic is the only person you follow. Its okay to write similar fics and take inspjration from stories you like but you can't just plaugrize them

The sotry being cancelled... I lost inspiration for this, even after help from my friends. The reason its so alike to The Aybss' stiry.. I got the whole idea from my friends. I asked them about something to write about including TwiDash, and they told be a base for the story. I expanded it from there. But I was searching for Twidash stories, and I came across the story, I'll always be there, and fepp in love with it. And many othe stories by her, in fact. Im sirry for any misunderstanding. A new story which has beeb written and finished in pen and paper will be coming soon, i just need to type it up. Thanks.

6540448 So... If your not going to use this story anymore... Can I use it? I'll give you credit for everything you did...

It's a great story so far and since you cancelled it... I might come up with something for the rest, please? *puppy dog eyes*

6543750 I will think about it, and give you my answer soon :3

Comment posted by thatonetwidashfangirl deleted Mar 30th, 2016

scootsy needs some proper parents, too bad this got cancelled, I wanted to read more of this story

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