• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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A Glimpse Into the Past

Author's Note: I know you're all getting antsy over an action filled chapter already, but I want to give more insight into the story. With how the game was made, the Overlord's past self was left entirely up to our imagination. So, from using every single movie, game, and book I've read, I have made an awesome backstory for our mischievous ruler. After this chapter or the next, I promise to go back to the ol' pillaging/ruling routine.

The Overlord had been to many places in his life, many adventures. And during said quests, he would run into foreign creatures and races. He had encountered Elves, Dwarves, Assassins, Elemental Bugs, Giant Sand Worms, Unicorns, the list is long in its entirety. But anyhow, he had been accustomed to meeting strange things in his wake. He would usually meet them with a hint of surprise or astonishment, but mostly a dark and hazy kind of look. But never in his life had he met anything so.......repulsive yet enticing.

A creature that was almost as big as he was flying just a small distance away. She, from what he could tell, was female. Also, she had a peculiar looking crown that adorned her cranium. It was the same color as her coat(?), a hue of jet black, and had multiple greenish blue beads. Her body itself was jet black, along with a light green chest piece that she wore, which looked like it could be used for a saddle of some sorts. Her hooves were hole-y. Some holes that showed right through were near the lower end. It was fascinating to say the least. It looked like something made the holes, like an arrow or something, yet it didn’t seem to burden her with any pain.

Apparently, it was a part of her body, like she was born that way. Her tail was no different as her mane, being an aqua blue along with holes in it. To the Overlord, she seemed like a living piece of blue cheese. Her wings, now he was unsure of what to think of those. They were...bug-like in comparison to any of the other pairs of wings he had seen so far. They were frail, see through, and were making the distinct buzzing sound that a bee would make as it flew around, pollinating flowers. Her teeth, by Evil, were sharp. They were very much unlike that of the ponies, in that they looked like for use of chewing meat. Her eyes were widely different in contrast to her other parts. Her pupils were green and large, just like the ponies. They were expressive, fear-inducing, yet...welcoming, for Evil that is. From what he saw inside of her eyes, he could tell she was...concerned, cautious, and even a bit scared.

If the Overlord was like any other man, he would probably take a bit of precaution or fear with dealing with such a thing. But seeing as how fear had become irrational for an evil being, he felt the need to move closer to it. If there was one thing that he had come to learn, it was that imposing fear on others was the best course of action in all scenarios. Being a peaceful, loving tyrant wasn’t what an Overlord was about. No, an Overlord was meant to dominate, pillage, and destroy. They weren’t meant to pick flowers and go frolicking in the fields. There was the one time however.....

A strong willed warrior stood in the midst of seven others. He was silent, but gentle. At first glance, some would think him to be a menace, a mercenary. His tall and fierce disposition caused many to think him evil. That was the contrary, as he was the Eighth Hero, the most noble of all. He wasn’t like Sir William, who was groomed and polished. But he wasn’t brought up like Jewel either. No, the Eighth Hero was something that none of the others could comprehend. He was Justice, itself.

He stood for country, for freedom. He wanted all to be safe and not under the tyranny of the Overlord. He was a mystery to the others. While they had been traveling to find the others, he simply showed up and heard them speaking of rooting out the Evil. Due to his good nature, he volunteered to go along with them. They reluctantly allowed him to aid them but were still weary of his presence, mostly due to his sudden enticement. So, he, along with the other Seven Heroes, stood in the farm fields outside of Spree. They were all conversing, deciding what course of action to take.

“I say we take him head on. He’ll never see it coming.” Sir William suggested.

“That’s foolish, young one. We must take the necessary precautions.” The Wizard advised.

“We must kill them.” Kahn added.

“I say we split up into groups.”

Everyone there turned to the speaker.


“What you just said, it’s brilliant!” The Wizard praised. “I didn’t think you to be such a strategist, Jewel.”

“Well...you learn a few things after gathering treasures from everywhere. Speaking of which, what say we share the earnings from this quest with the people? We certainly don’t need it.”

“I second that motion. The people of Spree and my people as well have been living meagerly these past years. The wealth would certainly help to feed the poor.” Melvin said, folding his arms across his chest and nodding.

“Right then,” Sir William reached into his backpack and drew out a map. “So we take this road to the next fork, then we curve left. The Tower should be just that way.” The blonde knight began to follow the etchings on the newly drawn map.

“What makes you so sure that he won’t expect us?” Oberon Greenhaze inquired, arching his eyebrows to a questioning glance.

“Relax, laddie, you Elven folk worry too much. I have yet to see anything outsmart me.” Goldo Golderson taunted.

“That’s because you flatten them before they have the chance to raise their sword.” Jewel commented in a patronizing manner.

“She is right. You don’t have that contraption here, all you have is an axe.” Kahn supported curtly.

“Enough with the arguing, young ones! This is just what he wants us to do. Evil feeds on this infighting, this chaos. So please, put these petty squabbles aside so we can focus on the greater task at hand. After this, you can yell at each other from the top of the mountains for all I worry.” The Wizard spoke condescendingly.

Jewel and Goldo glared at the Wizard, looking as if they were to say something. Just as they opened their mouths to speak, Sir William interrupted.

“He’s right, you two. All of you. We have to rid the land of this pestilence. We go for the Dark Tower.”

“But what about our new friend here?” Oberon asked, discreetly pointing at the stranger who had offered his help not long ago.

“Hey, friend.” Sir William began. “Are you with us on this?”

The Eighth Hero was on his posterior, gazing up at the warm sun. Said celestial body seemed to radiate all of its heat on his as his armor shined in every aspect. The life of the field, butterflies and squirrels, flocked to him like he were their mother. He spoke no words, but just hazed in awe at the natural beauty of the world.

“Pal, you listening?” Melvin began to step towards the silent man. The distance between them grew less and less as the halfling’s bare feet moved across the grass. He came to an abrupt halt when a large shadow was cast over him.

The Eighth Hero stood to his whopping six foot tall height. His armor clicked with his movement. He continued staring at the sky. Sir William moved to him, about to nudge him for his answer. But the Eighth Hero turned around and put his steel gauntlet on Sir William’s shoulder. The large shadow he casted, along with the intensity of the sun, blocked Sir William’s view of the Eighth Hero’s face.

“I am with you.”

The Overlord groaned quietly as a part of his head began to flare up. He had just faded into a memory of a past life and quickly returned. He wasn’t sure what to think of the recall as his headache overtook any other thought. It felt like someone was hammering his head with a mace. The pain was head-splitting. If Chrysalis had been able, she would’ve saw that his eyes changed from its fierce red to a gentle blue for a split second. He endured the pain as he addressed the being before him. She still flew there, giving him a very bone-chilling grin. Her sharp teeth still curved in his direction.

The Overlord continued to stare at her, wishing her to speak first. She took in his full form as he watched her eyes travel from his feet up to his head. After scanning a few more times, she seemed to nod gently and whispered “Interesting” to herself.

She gave him a questioning glance, most likely confused as to his silent appearance. Seeing as how she wouldn’t receive an answer, she sighed audibly and spoke to him.

“Well, your soldiers were right. You certainly like to maintain a dark and silent presence, don’t you? So quiet and mysterious. Yet so....evil.” She smiled at him in a way that would make others' stomachs churn. “I love it.”

Unfaltering, the Overlord continued to follow her movements as she flew, pacing back and forth. “I am Queen Chrysalis, Ruler of the Changelings. But you can call me...Chrysalis. So, you are the Overlord, I presume?”

The Overlord nodded.

“I see that you really like to be mute. Fine. However,” She flew to his face suddenly. She breathed in his face, her large green eyes looking into his red beady ones. “I demand you speak with me. You can be as vague as you want, but with me, we are equals. If we are to ally with each other, then we must treat each other as such.”

Still, he had no answer.

“You wish to defy my request?......Good. Although I wish you were more...cooperative, it is nice to see that someone has a backbone around here.” She turned her back towards him. “But you will learn to be mine.” She whispered. She heard a loud step behind her, causing her to spin around quickly.

The Overlord had moved closer, mainly because he heard her snide remark. “I suppose you wonder why I ally myself with you? Well, your subjects seemed to take a good liking to you, as well as a reassurance that you were nothing but pure Evil. And every King needs a Queen, does he not?” Chrysalis shot a seductive grin and look his direction. Usually, ponies would fall prey to her charm, but it seemed that he remained unscathed.

“Hmm...what is this? It seems I can’t work my charms on you. This shall be interesting to say the least. Now, shall we proceed to your domain? Seven insisted that we retire back there to discuss plans.” Chrysalis pointed towards the Everfree with her left hoof.

The Overlord began to move towards the Everfree Forest, back to his new home. Queen Chrysalis followed, flying awfully close to the Dark Knight. She talked to him in an affectionate tone, trying to soothe and persuade him. His mind, however, began to drift off once again.

They were approaching the desolate waste that surrounded the Dark Tower. All of the other Heroes had grown still as the clouds above greyed, lighting up with the occasional flash of thunder and lightning. As they looked to the clouds above the Tower, however, they saw that the billowy forms turned red and black. In fact, the whole sky around it was red and black. Everyone gulped audibly save for Kahn, the Wizard, and the Eighth Hero.

“Fret not, children. Our bravery will keep us safe from their plight.” The Wizard tried to calm the others.

“They will die under my sword.” Kahn spoke.

The others looked to the Eighth Hero who had equipped his helmet a short time before. It obscured any vision from others seeing his face. It was actually a subject of interest actually. When they had first met the stranger, he had his face hidden behind his helmet. In fact, he almost always wore his helmet. His face was the matter of bets and gambling as to whether he was ugly, beautiful, or plain.

Very rarely would he allow others to see him. He wasn’t ashamed, he just felt the need to hide himself away from the world. He wasn’t disfigured or ugly. He was actually considered fair in his hometown. Well, what was left of it. He never revealed his intention as to why he wanted to fight the Overlord. Many of the others actually wanted to know. Sir William, more than anyone, tried to bond with the Eighth Hero. Out of all of the others, they were the closest friends. Though they didn’t know each other for long, it felt easy for the blonde knight to express his concerns and troubles to his silent confidant.

The Eighth Hero was like that for the group. He would listen to their troubles, concerns, problems, and just absorb it. He had become a friend to them though he barely spoke. To be truthful, he was someone who spoke on many occasions. But everything changed when the Overlord attacked.

The Eighth Hero’s home, his village, was raided without warning. It was a peaceful farming town that was never touched by outside forces for centuries. It received little to no visitors and mainly functioned from its own stores of crops. The Hero had headed off that day. He was just over the age of eighteen, finally being a man. His father, once a knight but now a family man, had tasked him with the hunting of a nearby wolf pack.

This was the Hero’s chance to prove himself worthy. As a child, he had always wanted to be a knight, just as his father had been. So he went off to the mountains to kill the ravenous creatures with his father’s old sword. Not long after his departure, visitors arrived. By the time the Hero came back with the pack leader on his shoulder, he was too late. He dropped the wolf to the ground as he ran to his home. On his way, he saw all of his friends, acquaintances, and family slaughtered in the streets. They were cut, burned, ripped apart, clubbed, and almost everything in between. The homes were all burning, and some were destroyed. It was as if a large storm had passed through and killed everything. That is, until the Hero spotted it.

A Red was alone, setting fire to nearby thatch roofs. Being the last survivor of the town, the Hero slew the creature. With its dying breath, it laughed at him and told him that the Overlord would make short work of him. And since that day, the day that the Hero lost his home and parents, he had vowed to cleanse the land of Evil.

“For Justice.”

The Eighth Hero charged at the Dark Tower, his allies in tow as they prepared to engage the awaiting Minions just further ahead.

The Overlord snapped back to reality once again. He blinked multiple times to focus his vision. Yet again, his eyes changed to a blue for a second as he regained his evil composure. Queen Chrysalis had grown silent for some time now. She flew some steps behind him, staring intently at his head.

I see. So he does have love, just deeply concealed. Oh, and what is this thing? Is this his loved one? Queen Chrysalis had used a spell to locate any form of love in the Overlord. Surely, such an enormous and overwhelming being had some kind of heart, right? So she wanted to use his love as a source of sustenance. If she could find out his love, she could take that form and he would love her forever. And the Overlord was not a bad choice either. It wasn’t your everyday convenience that something big, fierce, magic, strong, and able to defeat Celestia and Luna with an huge army came knocking on her hive.

Deep within his mind, Chrysalis felt chills. She could tell that he was once something like the ponies, something akin to them. But that had long died out and been replaced with a darker soul. But she could find love, in a sense. It was a hairless ape, most likely what the Overlord looked like himself should he take off his armor. It appeared to be..female. And she had a dress, a red mane, and a necklace that resembled a rose. If this was what the Overlord loved, then Chrysalis would take this form.

Using her horn, she clenched her eyes tightly, imagining the image of the female in the Overlord’s mind. Her body was surrounded by a white flash as she stepped forward clumsily. She would need to get used to walking on her back hooves. She spoke out to the distant Lord.


The Overlord stopped dead in his tracks. It couldn’t be..but he heard her voice and no one else had it. He turned slowly to meet the sound when he loosened his grip on his mace upon seeing someone very familiar. It was Rose. Instinctively, he moved closer to her and felt along her cheek, looking into her eyes. They were the same shade of green that he remembered, and her red hair was as lush as it was upon their first meeting. She smelled just like her namesake, roses.

“I’ve missed you so much, Milord. This spell...I found it in the study! It allows me to see you for a certain amount of time. I can’t believe I’m seeing you again.” Rose’s cheeks flushed as she opened her arms wide, moving closer to her lover.

The Overlord closed the distance as Rose’s arms wrapped around his back. He didn’t feel emotions of happy or joy, but he felt relief to see that she was okay.

“This day is going to be perfect,” Rose began singing. The Overlord just kept still. His mind was relaxed, slowly going back to that place..that life. “The kind of day of which I’ve dreamed since I was small...”

“Good work, men. We’re alm- Jewel, watch out!” Sir William charged towards Jewel.

“What?” Jewel turned to see the Overlord behind her, swinging down with his claymore. She stepped out of the way just in time as the sword cut through the air and smashed the tiled ground. Shards of ceramic flew upwards as she moved back for the others to move in.

“He’s still not dead? I put me axe in his side!” Goldo complained as he moved forward with his Elven counterpart.

“Perhaps if you waited until my magical arrows were fully charged, this might’ve been over some time ago.” Oberon reminded.

“Uhh, a little help guys?” Melvin asked as he was climbing on the Overlord’s back and hitting his head with a metal pole.

“Bad choice. Should’ve brought sword, halfling.” Kahn spoke blankly as he moved to aid his friend.

“Just hold him off for a few more seconds. The spell is almost complete.” The Wizard was reading out of an old tome, speaking in a forgotten tongue that was once very powerful.

“We don’t have time! How are you holding up?” Sir William asked the Eighth Hero.

Since they charged, they were put through many waves of Minions, conjured monsters, and pets to get to the top of the Tower. They were tired, sweaty, and injured. None of them could go out and say that this was easy as many of them had at least five cuts and ten bruises. The Eighth Hero had led them into battle, and had cleared out many of the dungeons. Now, he was holding off the impending wave of Minion bodyguards as the others would try to quell the Monster once and for all.

The Eighth Hero kicked a Brown in the face as he turned to his Paladin ally. He nodded and turned back to meet a newly emerged group of Reds.

“Can we hurry this up, Wizard? Our friend back there can’t wait any longer.” Sir William pleaded.

“Just a few more..He-” The Wizard was stopped as Melvin came crashing into the old man.

“Sorry.” Melvin apologized.

“No matter. Where’s the bo- Oh dear.” The Wizard gulped loudly as he saw the book that he was reading out of teetering on the edge of the balcony.

“I have to restart the spell.” He grimaced.

“Restart?! We have no time left!” Sir William turned to his allies as he saw Kahn and Jewel being cornered by the Overlord. Goldo and Oberon were tossed into the wall. Behind them were two visible trails of blood and shatters in the stone. “We lost. This is over..” Sir William looked to the ground.

Kahn and Jewel tried to fight the Overlord but it proved useless as he hit them both with one fell swoop of his mace. They were knocked back towards a corner of a room where Minions began to converge on their position. Feeling extremely cocky and boisterous, he moved to the balcony and picked up the book.

“You fools think you could’ve defeated me?! How thoughtless. Insolent children! This is my domain. And you, Wizard, you thought to stop me?! How noble. But realize, that none of you can stop me. None of you.” His scanned the room and saw the ill-willed Seven Heroes. “Wait...Seven?! Where is-”

The Overlord’s question was answered as the Eighth Hero came into sight. It was too late for him to react though, as the Hero had already made contact with the Malevolent Being and they both began to fall to their deaths.

“NOOOO!” Sir William shouted and ran to the balcony. Below, he saw the two small specks, their bodies, lifeless and still. “It wasn’t supposed to end like this..” He felt a hand wrap around his shoulder. He turned to see the Wizard, along with the others stumbling over to their position.

The Overlord heaved softly as he came back to reality. The memories...why were they flooding him? His eyes did it again. They turned blue for a second, almost as if a part of him was trying to come out, to change him. But he closed his eyes when his Mistress soothed him with her gentle voice.

“Shhh...it’s alright, darling. I’m here.....I’m here.” She smiled evilly as her green eyes lit up and turned even lighter. “I love you.”

Something changed between the Heroes. Something was off...

“Is he dead?! Surely no one could survive that fall!” Sir William reasoned.

“We must help him! He fought beside us. There may still be a chance!” Oberon added.

“No! We gotta go, take what we can and get outta here!” Kahn ordered.

“He’s right...” Sir William began reluctantly. “We’ve vanquished the Evil. He has earned his rest. Leave him..”