• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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Intruders! Kill Them! Kill Them All!

Author's Note: We are pleased to see the number of Minions who have sold their peasants to Us. We have chosen in order from the first five Minions. Thank you for your submission Neon Fracture, Lone Wolf, Bigwig6666, jaysontaylorblogs, and Garino. We are pleased with your enthusiasm. As for the others who have praised the Overlord with their gifts, do not fret, We shall use them in the future. And for those of you who continue to read this and not hail the Great One; Shame on you all. You should model yourselves after them. If not, we'll let's just say that there'll be more than pigs flying.


“We’re sorry Princess, but when the guards were patrolling the area, they just found it empty..”


“Luna, I’m just as upset about this as you are. But there’s no need to be shouting at the bearer of bad news.”

“BUT WE- I mean..but we can’t let this go unanswered, can we?” Princess Luna asked.

“No, we won’t. I’ll send a detachment of guards to investigate the matter, and should the need arise, the Elements.”

“Woe sister. I fear for Equestria’s sake that this is worse than the last time Discord had escaped. The Elements put him inside the stone personally. If he broke through it…”

“I know. But please, we have to actually check the entire matter. No need to go barging in without a reason.” Princess Celestia replied.

“Umm…Your Highness?” Captain Shining Armor started. “If you don’t mind, I can send my five best guards on the job.

Princess Celestia gave him a warm smile accompanied by a nodding gesture. “Tell them to be careful, Captain.”

“Yes ma’am.” And with that, Shining Armor left the royal throne room and to the Guard Barracks.

Celestia turned to her downtrodden younger sister. “What’s wrong, Lulu?”

“It’s just that..We..I don’t understand how this is possible. The Elements were there, and we had Discord put into a well-secured room at all times. How did he just escape without any hindrance?”

Celestia pulled her sister in for an embrace. “Magic works in mysterious ways, Luna. The Elements are a testament to that. We will stop him again, though. I know we will.”

Not long after Discord’s escape with the help from a mysterious otherworldly source, the patrolling guards and the maintenance staff found the remnants of rubble strewn about the hall. The once solid rock containment was shattered all too easily. Immediately, the guards notified their Captain, to which he reported the findings to his sworn protectees.

Obviously, Princess Luna did not take the ill news well. She clearly displayed her abhorrence with the situation to all of the guards present in the room and the Captain himself. She was basically fuming at the snout and ears. In fact, upon closer inspection, some could see the little pouts of steam leaving her. Her face’s normally dark blue complexion was over-looked by her more noticeable blood-red face. Her wings were waving erratically. And last of all, she was stamping her feet on the white marble floors, which was amplified by the large, arched, and resonant chamber that was the throne room.

Her very polar opposite kin, however, was more withdrawn. She had displayed her usual calm and gentle look that regal ponies always did. She had to after all, unless she wanted all of Equestria to know that she was fearful and angry as well. How would the news bode with the citizens if they knew that their Princess was fearful of the new strength of the God of Chaos? She knew she had to be calm, for Equestria’s sake.

Underneath her fake mood, she was on par with her younger sister. She too, was angry that he would dare try to spread havoc among her peoples’ homes. That he would dare destroy the peace that Luna and she had worked so hard to create. She was absolutely appalled at his mischievous nature. There was still something though. Somewhere, in the far reaches of her mind, her very subconscious, she knew that this was overwhelming.

It wasn't without doubt that Discord could break through the stone imprisonment befallen upon him by the two Alicorns. It was more than a thousand years old, was it not? Discord was no weakling, no fool. He knew that he would break free eventually, to which he did. His arrogant nature had led to his second downfall. When he had broken free, he was cocky and had underestimated the powers of the new Elements of Harmony. He simply just de-harmonized them and let them run about. After a self-discovery and remembrance of their fond memories, they managed to band together once again.

Unknowingly, he had let them just fix themselves. This time, with a newer a stronger friendship, Discord was imprisoned once again. Since then, it has passed more than two years. But all of a sudden, he manages to break free again? This was not simple. Not for the Princess of the Sun. No, she knew that the magic of Harmony was strong. If it was able to hold Discord for more than a millennium, then a stronger bond of it should have contained him for what would be eternity.

But he escaped. What was this that caused him to escape? That was what scared Princess Celestia. The magic of Harmony had never faltered, even in the eyes of evil and defeat. Something was amiss and the Rulers had to know just what.

Captain Shining Armor’s hooves resounded through the empty hallway. Usually, the entire palace was guarded at all times. But this was a different instance. Shining Armor had ordered a general meeting between all of the Royal Guards in order for him to choose the best colts or mares for the task at hand. The hallway itself, was graceful and beautiful in nature. The tapestries were magnificent. They were done by none other than Leonardo Da Hoofci himself. They were top-quality works by all eyes.

There were marble statues of great idols from the past. Star Swirl the Bearded was left in a pose that was heroic. His statue consisted of him standing on top of a vantage point, horn ready to fire at an Ursa Major. There were also paintings of Charlemane, a great noble who had managed to defend Equestria from the invading griffons. There was also a painting of Richard the Ponyhearted. He had managed to reclaim some lands taken over by the hyenas of the bordering land.

Finally, as Shining Armor reached the end of the hallway, of which was laden with a royal red velvet carpet down the middle, he turned his attention to the greatest heroes of all time.

“My old friend..the founder of the royal guard..” Shining Armor spoke to himself. He moved his hooves along the lines of the statue that he held in the highest regard. He looked upon the statue of the colt who wore a green hat with a feather tucked underneath upon his head. He wore green garbs and carried his most symbolic and well know weapon; his bow.

“Robin Hoof, leader of the Merrystallions and founder of the order. If only you were still here during these dark times..” Shining Armor had grown up reading all about Robin Hoof. He, albeit a pickpocket and thief, stole from the rich and gave it all to the poor. After being caught by Princess Luna himself, he was proved to be quite chivalrous, earning him the place of training a new type of Royal Guard. The type that has been around to this very day.

Shining Armor always wanted to be just like him when he was a young child. After all, kids need heroes, do they not? With a final respecting nod, he moved away from the marble figure and towards the large golden doors. With his magic enveloping the entrance in a light blue aura, he stepped inside to find the entire room filled. The entire room was dead silent, save for a few of the occasional witty guards.

Most of the guards were trained well to look after the Princesses with their lives. They found that being silent and stoic were the best ways of performing their duties. Being talkative and chatty was neither part of the job requirements nor helpful at all. A distracted guard would not be able to see danger approaching or serious matters that needed reporting. So that was why most of the golden-armored stallions and mares were deathly silent.

They eyed the slowly approaching Captain who trotted over to a stand in the middle of the room. Shining Armor stood atop of it and finally began to pace back and forth, his every movement within all of the guards’ vision. “We all know why I called you here today. Some of the guards found that Discord’s stone layer was broken. This can only mean two things. One, somepony stole the statue and put some rocks in its place, which is highly unlikely. Two, he has broken free. We hope that it is the first option, although it is most likely the second one. So I need a group of five guards to go out and check the skies for him. I don’t need all Pegasi, I need a full group of all three. It helps to have a mix.”

Immediately, a group of five ponies in the back began to converse, which was noticed by the speaking leader. “You five, back there! Come here.”

Very quietly, one of the guards of the group muttered under his breath. “Celestia darn it.”

They hastily approached the stand, much from the fact that the sea of guards parted for them to travel down the middle. It was awkward for the five, as they felt hundreds of eyes boring into the back of their skulls. They came to a halt at the stand, which was met with Shining Armor eyeing them up and down and addressing them one by one.

“You, what’s your name?” Shining Armor asked.

“Neon Fracture..sir..” The black-maned dark blue Pegasus mare whispered, much like a certain Element of Harmony.

“And you?”

“Lone Wolf, sir.” A very tall camouflage-coated unicorn stallion answered with a strong voice. He was actually slightly taller than Big Macintosh.

“Is that your normal coat color?” the Captain inquired.

“As far as I can tell, sir.”

“Fair enough. How about you there?”

“Mist Falls, sir!” She was a silver coated unicorn with a light blue mane, which greatly resembled the same fabric atop her helmet.

“Pretty enthusiastic, aren’t ya?”

“Just new on the job, sir!”

“Mr. Number Four..”

“It’s actually, Mr. Brain Storm, chief.”

“So you’re a wise pony eh?”

“As wise as I can be." The witty brown coated Earth stallion replied. He had his helmet on his back and his dark brown mane was combed back to meet his neck.

“And the last one. I hope you aren’t like the donkey here.”

“Hey!” Brain Storm called from the side.

“It’s Garino, sir.” The orange coated Earth pony answered. His blue mane was dangling just a few inches from his eyes.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to operate fully with your mane in your face?”

“I hope so, sir.”

Shining Armor had finished taking down all of the names. This was something that was purely coincidental and convenient. Who would know that five ponies would make themselves know right when they were needed? Shining Armor went back to Lone Wolf.

“You seem like the best candidate for the leader here. I put all of my trust on you. It’s your job to make sure nothing happens to your team, got it? And none of that lone wolf stuff, even if it is your name.”
“Yes sir.” The newly appointed squad leader answered.

“Okay, do you know why you’re all here today?” Shining Armor asked rhetorically.

“Because you love us?” Brain Storm wittily answered.

“No. Because it’s you five were causing a commotion in the back. Now that I have you all here, I need you five to go and check Ponyville. Since Discord was there the last time, who’s to say he isn’t now?” Captain Armor reasoned.

“He’s probably not, seeing as how he’s the God of, you know, Chaos?” Brain Storm interrupted again.

“Anyway, go out and find him. Don’t try to fight or confront him, we can’t take him o ourselves. I doubt even the finest guards can stop whatever he’s up to.”

“Right away, sir.” All five answered in unison. They made their way for the door and quickly galloped down the hallway to the balconies in which carriages and Pegasi lifted off from.

“Good luck, colts and mares. You’re going to need it..” Shining Armor said to himself.

“Okay, I can understand Neon here flying off, but how the hay are we going to?” Brain Storm asked.

“We have unicorns, rookie. Using the walk on clouds spell is as easy as baking cake.” Lone Wolf answered.

“Yeah, and I can just move the clouds around for you guys.” Neon Fracture added.

“Alright then, team. Let’s get moving.” Lone Wolf commanded.

‘Celestia protect my flank.’ Brain Storm thought to himself.

“So, Fluttershy, I need you to stay here with Zecora, okay? Pinkie and I are going to follow Rainbow, Applejack, and Rarity.”

“Okay….” Fluttershy whispered.

“Aww don’t worry, Fluttershy! I’ll make sure to say hi to them for you and I’ll try to bring one of them back so you can take care of them, okay?!” Pinkie bounced around the yellow timid Pegasus.

“Okay….” She replied even lower.

“Right then, Pinkie, let’s go!” Twilight and Pinkie galloped towards the Everfree Forest.

After the three seeing tons of school fillies run amok around the town kicking and screaming, they immediately rushed off to the school without even letting Twilight explain the best method of going about this. For all she knew, it could’ve been something like a cockatrice. Not even ten minutes later though, the three friends left the school building and ran for the forest.

If Twilight knew something, it was that this was definitely something extraordinary. She was just a bit puckish though because it was on this day that she decided to not bring Spike along with her. Without her little dragon assistant, she did not have anyone to record this event. Let alone draw them or interview them.

Pinkie, just like earlier was still shaking, bobbing, and all other sorts of weird signs that meant that a doozy was encroaching. Twilight still had to find out just what exactly was the cause of it. The last time Pinkie had a doozy, it was of Twilight believing in her. Perhaps it was something that was as silly as that? No, if it were, then Twilight knew that it wouldn’t have caused children to run away, proceeded by her three friends running at the tricky forest in an angry manner.

“I just hope to Celestia everything turns out okay.” Twilight said through gritted teeth.

“It’s probably nothing, Twilight. I mean, come on, we always get through it, don’t we?”

Twilight thought back on the bad situations that they endured and did agree with Pinkie. No matter how dim things appeared, or how slim chances were, the power of Friendship always won. Right?

Applejack was trying to breathe as much as she could while pushing Rarity. While they navigated their way through the Everfree Forest, Rarity missed a small step and she accidentally slipped into a pile of mud. Needless to say, she fainted from the sight of her beautifully taken care of coat and her mane being littered with the degrading substance.

Usually, it wasn’t hard for the Earth pony to carry heavy workloads as she had always carried more than two buckets at a time whilst harvesting apples. Being raised on a farm, one would expect the children to be well built and have a good amount of strength. But carrying an alabaster unicorn that had magically teleported her couch to lie on was pretty hard.

Applejack usually didn’t sweat too much or in some cases at all while working the farm. But this was something completely different. Millions of beads of sweat poured down from her mane and soaked into her traditional Stetson hat. Thankfully, she would be able to go home later on and wash it out. The forest seemed to be getting sparser. They could see sunlight on just the other side.

Rainbow Dash, being the pony that she is, wanted to bolt right into the open meadow ahead. But Applejack stopped her right as the rainbow streak started to appear.

“Hold on there, Rainbow. We don’t know just what’s up ahead. Ah say that we sneak up and see what’s waitin’ for us.”

“Come on, Applejack! They got your sister. And they have Rarity’s sister. And they have Scootaloo! Why the hay are we waiting?” Rainbow Dash was baffled at Applejack’s hesitance.

“Because we don’t know what’s up there. It could be a griffon, like Gilda. Or it could be something else entirely.” Applejack explained.

“Fine, but don’t expect me to wait if I see any of them hurt.” Rainbow Dash huffed.

“Okay, Ten, you are going to be in charge of the Overlord’s personal guard.” Gnarl decided.

“Yes, yes! Guard the sire. He shall be safe at all times!” Ten reassured.

The Minions of the Overlord are what you can call very complex. Many races often regard them as a pack of mindless and ravenous imps that ransack towns in search of gold. This is true in most cases. But, there is something about them that makes them so unique. Many of the Minions serving the Overlord are still quite young. Their age accounts for their speech, explaining why they speak in fragments and such. But as an imp ages, so does his intelligence.

Many of the Overlord’s original imps that he had first obtained when he was awakened were killed. Many of them were simply rolled over by the fat hobbit king or were used as materials to forge the Overlord’s enchanted weapons. But there was always a group of original Minions that somehow managed to stay alive during the course of his conquest. These ten had been there since their Master’s revival.

They were the most heavily armored. The most well versed in their field of combat. They were the most intelligent of their brothers, Gnarl and a few others excluded. That was why they had the capability of full speech. The Overlord had taken notice that they had not been killed off yet and ordered Gnarl to educate them in speech. Thus, their intelligence and survival has caused them to be marked as heroes and leaders of the Minions. They represent the Minions as a whole and lead their own groups.

“Okay, here’s the assignments you ten. Ten shall guard the Overlord himself. One and Two, you shall oversee the retrieval of materials for building the new castle at the ruins. Three and Four, you shall head west in search of villages or nations that will serve as resources for the Great One. Five and Six, you shall go east and do the same. Seven and Eight, you shall go south of here and follow the other two groups. Each of you will take a thousand soldiers each, giving each group a total of two thousand soldiers. Be careful, be swift, and be ruthless. We must establish a proper sense of order here, you know.”

“Yes wise one!” They all barked. They rushed off and began to round up their requested numbers and headed off in their respective directions. The only two of the group remained were Ten and Nine.

“What about me?” Nine inquired.

“You will act as the emissary for the Overlord. If any of the races here want to speak to the Master, you will go first and ensure that all is safe.”

“So that means I don’t get my own army?”

“Well..no. But you will be serving the Master in a great way, so stop your whining.”

Nine waved a hand dismissively and disappeared into the large group of Minions that were stacking piles of lumber onto a stack for a big bonfire.

The three fillies that were brought before the Overlord were left in front of him. If they didn’t have their gags on, they would wish that they did. What stood before them was a towering six–almost seven-foot metal monster. The dark red cape fluttered in the wind and his two red piercing eyes stared into their very souls. His thumping footsteps shook the ground as he took each step.

If the fillies hadn’t gone to the little mare’s room earlier, they would be right now. Earlier, when he was emitting flames from his free hand, he was distracted by something again. A certain presence that was now making itself known caused it. He looked up to the sky and unsheathed his sword. He held each of his weapons tightly as his metal gauntlets wrapped themselves around the tools of destruction, a giant cold-steeled mace, and a steel one-handed sword.

“Get out of here! Warn the Princess!” Lone Wolf commanded.

“No way Wolf-ay, I’m not leaving your flank here by yourself!” Brain Storm defied his appointed leader.

“We have to, Brain! He already changed Mist Falls and Garino, we can’t lose you too!” Neon Facture was almost crying.

“…Grr..Fine! But I’ll be back Lone Wolf!” Brain Storm rebutted.

“Fine, just leave! Go on, get!” Lone Wolf shouted to the leaving companions as he turned to his target.

“Oh my, you’ve left me all alone! What will I do?” Discord mocked with a cocky grin. “I already changed two of your compadres into cotton candy clouds. Star Swirl isn’t so alone now, is he? Nope, he has two new friends for me to use as furniture and food. How about you join them?”

“Never!” Lone Wolf charged at the God of Chaos with all of his remaining willpower and might. He witnessed his two friends get turned into pillow clouds as they tried to attack Discord when he magically found them.

Earlier, while they were checking the skyline above Ponyville, they spotted a pink cloud. Sure enough, they investigated and found Discord. Against his better judgment, Lone Wolf decided to try and tangle and capture the wanted deity. It proved fatal when Garino and Mist Falls acted as bait, only to be turned into the pink wisps of air.

As he charged, he felt like everything weighed in this moment. It felt to him, like the entire fate of Equestria lay on his shoulders. And he was not going to let her down. So with everything he had, he charged forth. He could not help but yell a battle cry as he did so. But alas, it was to no avail. Just as his companions before him, he felt his hooves give way, slowly transforming from the fleshy limbs to cotton candy swabs.

Lone Wolf was no more. “Well, he didn’t put up much of a fight now did he? Ah well, it’s time to get his little friends who ran away.” And with the snap of a finger, Discord vanished, travelling in the direction of the two retreating guards.

The Overlord knew there was something there. And the blood-curling scream proved it. There was something going on in the sky, and he was a part of it. For now, he would leave whatever creature lay watching him from above be. But he would find a way to go and seek out the thing and confront it. Should his suspicions of being in a game come true, he would slay it. Should it be out of pure enjoyment, he would still slay it. Nothing could get whatever was watching him out of harm’s way.

He turned his attention back to the captives that cowered before him. Again, he swept over each of their little bodies with his evil aura. He took one step forward, making the ground shake. The fillies shivered even more. The yellow one with the bowtie in her mane started to cry.

Wait a minute..

A bowtie? The Overlord had not noticed this little detail earlier. If it had indeed dressed itself, then maybe it would be willing to submit to the Ruler if asked to. He signaled some Minions over to untie the children. Some Browns came over and began to untie them, and then they brought out forks and such and began to come closer with the sharp utensils.

The Overlord shook his head in disappointment and let out a low growl. No matter how quietly he would speak or growl, though, the Minions would hear it, despite its volume. They quickly heard this and backed off. The Overlord moved them aside and crouched down to pick up the crying one after he re-sheathed his sword. He stood back up to his towering height, the little yellow pony in hand.

It stared at him with giant teary eyes. They seemed so expressive for a horse. That was what confused him since when he met horses themselves, they had slim beady eyes. He couldn’t say much for unicorns seeing as how he never got the chance to look at their facial features when they would charge at him, horn first, to impale and kill him.

It almost looked....cute to him. He wasn’t much for admiring looks from anyone but his mistress Rose, let alone use descriptive words such as cute. But for some reason, this thing just was. Maybe he could let the race of these creatures live in peace. Maybe, after having conquered so villages and regions with an iron-more precisely steel-fist, he wanted to have a change of heart and befriend the horses, Pegasi, and…the unicorns. Maybe he-


The sound of hooves hitting his helmet had literally caused the Overlord to take that whole train of thought, light it on fire, and throw it down the Abyss for it to never be considered or even seen again. Something had just hit him in the head, and it sure as hell didn’t sound like a weapon or club. He turned his attention from the where he was looking, previously the little filly until he dropped it from the sound and impact of hooves on steel, and turned it to the source of the noise.

The hit had literally not even made him stagger. Not many opponents could really. In fact, only the giant bull-dozing machine made by the Dwarf lord Goldo Golderson, Rollie, had made him stagger. And the giant Dwarven metal contraption was three times his size! So, after ignoring the ringing in his ears, which was the only thing that had plagued him from the hit, he looked at a pair of light red eyes. The appearance of cyan fur and a rainbow mane followed shortly after.

“Take that you….big… *GULP* dumb….ugly…meanie…”

At first, the one who had assaulted the Dark Being had a look of pride, fearlessness, zeal, and anger. That quickly faded when it (she?) met the Overlord’s eyes. Any being that stared directly into the two blood-crimson red eyes would feel a sense of fear and submission follow. That was what happened with the attacker. Her eyes started to change as they went from furrowed and angry to widened and nervous. He could see her starting to fear him as he saw multiple strands of sweat travel down her face.

“Uh…I’m not afraid of you! Yeah! I can kick your fl-” Rainbow Dash’s little attempt at establishing a small sense of bravery was cut short by a giant steel hand grabbing her by her throat and wrapping around it tightly. She was now struggling to breathe, a darker blue hue starting to show on her face.

All around the struggling flyer, she could make out what seemed like cheers and laughing. She could not focus on any of it, mainly due to the hand that was choking the life out of her. The cold metal could possibly be the only thing that she would feel for a last time if this was her ending point. She closed her eyes and began to tear up.

She could barely hold it anymore. She wanted to gasp so badly but nothing could come in or out. She was not struggling as much as she was before. No, now she was just limp after almost all of the air was expelled from her body. She could only hope that the others would be able to get away from this thing.

She could hear the voice of Twilight Sparkle calling to her. “Wake up, Rainbow! Wake up!”

After some water hit her face, she bolted upright and looked all around her surrounding area frantically. “Huh?! Who?! What?! When?! How!?” She asked out of pure stupidity.

“We have to move! I don’t think HE’s to happy!” Twilight pointed her hoof at a giant burning ball of flame that enveloped where the Dark Lord was standing.

The small little imps were running around frantically, the entire camp being in chaos, as their leader was burning into a pile of ash. Gnarl spoke loudly to gain their attention. He said the first thing that came to mind as calmly and intelligently as possible.


Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Cutie Mark Crusaders, and Applejack ran towards the tree line where Rarity and Pinkie Pie were hiding. None of the imps had apparently paid any mind to the fleeing captives. They even seemed to have paved a straight path to the forest.

After catching her breath for a few minutes, completely oblivious to the chaos just but a half a field away, Rainbow Dash turned her attention to Twilight. “What HAPPENED?!”

Twilight started to ruffled her hoof through her mane being clearing her throat. “Well..”

The little Pegasus in his left hand was slowly being drained of her life force. If he could find a spawning hole, he could use her soul to give way for a new Minion. He found it fitting, as any who dare strike him should end up serving him at his very feet. His eyes started to squint as he tried to focus on her eyes, which were barely open. He could feel like laughing now if he wasn’t so focused on doing it.

His concentration was broken though as he felt three pairs of hooves smacking against his feet. The three little children from before looked at him with terrified and pleading eyes, their looks begging him to let this newcomer go. He thought about it. He did decide to eliminate any possibility of establishing an alliance between this race…although he couldn’t help but feel a little remorseful after seeing those looks.

Slowly and reluctantly, he lessened his handle on her neck. He could see her desperately, yet instinctively, gasp for air. He had to admit, it looked like a child in this state. He lowered himself to the ground and lost his entire grip on the thing, setting her gently down. Had he been paying some mind to the commotion just behind him, we would’ve saw Twilight using a Banish Spell on him. The spell came swiftly and silently as he felt large heat conduction around his entire body.

In moments, he was surrounded in flames. Normally, any other being would scream in terror as the pain and charred remains that it would bring, but he was a master of the fire. So he huffed in and out, and brought his left hand forth, touching the burning wall around him. The wall slowly formed a vortex that was being sucked into his hand. Within minutes, the entire envelopment was gone and he felt reinvigorated.

He turned his attention to the mass hysteria that was his Horde. He raised his arm, once again, and called them to be still. The loud hum was mesmerizing as always. The imps quickly calmed themselves and turned their attention to their master. Before Gnarl was about to speak to address his Lordship, the Overlord raised a finger to silence him. Everything was silent.

Everything except talking coming from the nearby tree line. The Overlord called forth Ten and Nine and they walked over to the source of the noise, a group of Reds and Greens following close behind. The Overlord, seeing as how he was tall, could see some figures covered by shadow amongst the flora. He focused his attention, malice, and hatred on the purple one with a horn.

“-And that’s when I used the Banish Spell. Then, when all of the small thingies started to go wild, I used a teleportation spell to throw a bucket of water on you. We have to warn Princess Celestia. These creatures are definitely hostile, seeing as how that big one picked you up and almost killed you!”

“Ya got that right!” Applejack added.

“So what now?” Pinkie Pie inquired.

Twilight began. “Right now we-”

“Found them, Master! What do we do to them?” A voice from behind Twilight asked.

Twilight felt a huge chill travel up her body. It was even worse than the feeling from before. She looked to all of her friends who sat across from her. All of them had their eyes wide open, too scared and shocked to even speak, staring right at something tall that was behind her. The fillies were cowering and whimpering yet again.

With every single part of her, Twilight tried to fight the temptation to turn around and look at the things, closely inspecting them for future research. Yet again her will was overcome, as Twilight couldn’t defeat her bookish and studious ways and she turned around hastily and found one giant metal finger pointed at her, two red glowing eyes right behind. No noise but the single word that followed filled the air. It was deathly silent.