• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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Master? Master! Master?!

This power, it was different. It was strong, that was for sure. But what was it capable of? What were its side effects? Could it be trouble, seeing as how it came from Discord, the god of chaos? The Overlord wasn’t sure. As he drained the energy and life force from the creature, Discord wailed as his feet began to solidify into stone and went upwards until his shrieks were no more. And just as the Overlord was about to smash said statue so that nothing may ever come of it again, Discord crumbled into dust and was swept into the breeze. Truly, the draconequus was slain.

The Overlord felt surges all over his body. His entire self was covered in a red aura that just beamed with venom. It felt good, pleasurable even. Should he try to drain others of their powers as well? He had yet to find out, his new powers still were ripe for trial and he had plenty of test subjects. The Overlord stepped down from the huge pedestal and moved towards the door, hearing the recognizable sounds of battle throughout his newly established domain. Who dared to attack him? He kicked the door open and lumbered back towards the main dining hall. He could hear voices, somewhat muffled, from under the small opening in the bottom.

“You! This is all over!”

“Yes, it is.” The Overlord recognized that voice, it belonged to that she-devil, Chrysalis.

He kicked the door open and quickly accessed his predicament. There were ponies, everywhere. They were fighting, a good few injured, against his newly established guards. Not only that, but there were flying Pegasi carrying the prisoners away, Trixie included. And lo and behold, their assumed leader was standing near Gnarl and Chrysalis.

He raised his arm, warning the intruders and casting his spell.


Shining Armor looked at the large entity in the dark archway. He braced himself for battle, ready to engage this would be leader of evil, when he found that his body was not willing to obey. He felt himself....kneeling! He bowed his head down in respect and said, “What do you wish for me to do?” What is this? Why did I say that?!

The Overlord looked to the other ponies, his eyes squinting in joy.


Shining Armor turned towards his fellow guards, and fired blasts of shock spells at them, stunning some and completely electrocuting another. The one smoking stallion spasmed for a second, but then fell stiff onto the ground. With all of his might, Shining Armor screamed. “What’s going on?!”

“This is a strong one, Master. You have to give him credit for that at least.” Gnarl was impressed. When the Overlord used the Submission spell, no one had ever been able to resist. So it was an amazing feat to see a unicorn do it.

Shining Armor jolted upright all of a sudden and reclaimed his previous blank expression, firing upon his allies and serving Evil. The soldiers just stood there, confused as to just what was going on. Not even an hour ago was the stallion who led the charge had now come to be coerced. They let more and more guards fall before they regained their senses.

“Stop that one! He’s controlling the Captain!” A guard shouted as a large group charged towards the Overlord.

Ten and the other lieutenants slid in front of them. “Oh no you don’t, no one touches the Master.” The two groups fought as Shining Armor’s body was covered in a black aura. It enveloped his entire being until he was no longer visible.

The Overlord felt drained, not much so but enough for him to notice. He focused all of his will on the leader and used as much hate as he could to corrupt the righteous colt. He felt his entire mind being clouded with images of a wife, a Princess, caring for the guardpony as darkness enveloped his target. More and more, it showed images of his life, with that one mare and then with another, a sister. It was the one the Overlord had removed the horn from. What was happening? Were they linked?

Suddenly, an image appeared with flames, swords, and guards all sneering at somepony. Chrysalis. It showed Chrysalis at some sort of wedding, ruining it and having the battle in her favor. But then, it also showed her losing. But those weren’t what captured his attention, oh no. There was a final look into this mind, it was of Chrysalis turning into the Princess, but with green glowing eyes. The Overlord’s eyes snapped open as he recalled them.

Chrysalis was playing as Rose and was thinking to take advantage of him. And this would not forgo. The Overlord looked at his work, along with Gnarl and Chrysalis. And they all laughed. Shining Armor stepped out of the black, but this time, his normally red with gold sashed attire turned to a black with white sashes, and his eyes were a red. He bowed down and looked up at his new master. “What do you wish me to do?”

The Overlord looked at the horrified injured and disabled guards in the back, pointing to them. And his new minion followed suit.

The Overlord turned his back and went for his private chambers, letting the others bask in the glory of the fight. He heard hoofsteps behind him and spun around, being met with two green eyes floating in the dark.

“That was good work,” Chrysalis commended. “I never thought you were this powerful.” Chrysalis grinned at him, batting her eyes in an attempt to persuade him some.

The Overlord just turned back around, went to his door where two Minions were lounging around, and slammed the door shut on his way in. He sat down on his high chair and looked out of the window, admiring the beauty of the night accompanied with the sounds of death and battle....

“Pretty good sight, eh?”

The Overlord turned to the sound and almost jumped back from what he saw.

“Cat got your tongue?”

In all of his ventures and expeditions, this one included, he had never ever seen in his life what laid on his bed relaxing. It was frightening and almost mind-blowing. There, before him, was the child version of the Overlord. “Big place, I like it.” He said.

The Overlord drew his sword and pointed it at the apparition that was toying with the bed linens.

"Whoa, big guy, we’re the same person. It’s me, well you, but you get what I mean.”

The Overlord was undeterred, still ready to strike at the stunning resemblance of his young self.

“I’m going to have to explain this to you, huh?”

The Overlord nodded in response.

“Aww, you’re no fun. Big me is sooo boring. I think the neighbor’s chicken talked more than you.”

The Overlord lunged forward, his arm grabbing for the child’s neck, but suddenly he found himself grabbing for air.

“Over here,” Young Overlord said as he waved from the balcony. “Let me explain, when you absorbed that weird thing’s power, you not only took the energy but the chaos itself. And that made me,” He jumped in the air as if he won a medal. “You, I mean, I really changed, huh?”

The Overlord threw his sword at the specter, ending up phasing right through him and jutting into the stone wall.

“I told you,” Young Overlord said as he stepped into a bookshelf and out the other end. “I’m you! And you’re me! So...that means we get to go on big adventures together!”

The Overlord shook his head, slamming his head into the wall a few times. Perhaps he had a headache? Or maybe he was going crazy from those long years of desolation and isolation?

“What are you doing? Trying to make your face appear in the wall? We tried that already, remember? Pig slop isn’t the place to stick your head in, mother really knew what she was talking about when we dived face-first.”

The Overlord was clearly daydreaming, this wan’t possible. He went over to his bed and pulled the velvet cover to the side as he jumped down onto the furniture and slept. Maybe he could sleep this off.

The battle ended quickly, mainly because the leadership had been abandoned. Most of the guards were killed, some very lucky few were able to leave harmed or unscathed, but the less lucky were kept alive as prisoners, slaves.

Shining Armor had changed. The loyal captain of Canterlot was no more. Now, he was the Captain of the Everfree. Well, behind Ten, that is. And what was so great about this? The Minions finally had some good meat to eat! The Diamond Dogs and Changelings gagged at their actions, mainly because the Diamond Dogs ate unintelligible creatures, not ones that were coherent.

And Queen Chrysalis went to her private chambers as well, her seductive attempt failed miserably. And what of Gnarl? He lingered in the dining hall, waiting patiently for his leader to return. But not seeing him for hours raised some suspicion. One that would be enough to motivate a trip to the chambers of the Overlord.

The Overlord woke up, feeling much less weary and more refreshed than the night before. He went up to the large glass mirror on the left wall and looked, noticing something behind him.

On his left, though, was the Young Overlord, patiently watching. "I forgot to mention, Discord didn’t just bring me. He also brought him,” He pointed at the figure that the Overlord had noticed during his glance into the reflective surface.

Two blue eyes met his red ones, a similar blue aura clashing with his own crimson red. The Overlord turned around and was met with a split image of himself, except this one was the same age and height as him. The only differences were in the colors. Where anything the Overlord had in red, this opposite had in blue, including a blue cape.

“What happened to me? After I fell, I was sure the others would save me. Now look,” The copy of the Overlord said. “You’d think I’d be good. Do you know how long you’ve had me locked up in that mind of yours? How far back I was? How empty it was?”

“Oh yeah, I call him the Good Overlord.” Young Overlord called out while toying with the Overlord’s bookshelf. “He’s pretty fun, but he can get serious a lot. Not as much as you, though.”

"Yes, and Evil has corrupted me long enough. Assuming direct control,” Good Overlord moved forward into the Overlord’s body. His whole body twitched, jerked, spasmed, and cracked in every way possible as if he were being possessed. Then, he quickly stopped and stood still, breathing in a raspy manner as the door opened, Gnarl stepping in.

“Are you okay, Master?”

The Overlord, now with a blue aura and blue eyes, looked over at his Minion and nodded.

“It’s time to do some Good.”


Author's New Note: Okay, apparently you guys didn't understand a single word I wrote....suddenly losing interest because he's good? Who said he was? It's just a part of the story. You really think I came all this way to make him a good guy? Come on, readers, have faith in the guy who's been driving this ride of a story. It is DISCORD's MAGIC. Jeez, if I can't do a sudden plot twist, it won't be fun writing anymore. I did foreshadow this in the "Glimpse into the past" chapter, and again, I'm not going to make a Gary Stu (Guy who's invincible and can't lose to jack diddily.) I need to make this a favorable story, not just "Oh, Overlord beats everyone, he is best master." And another comment just made me lose more hope in my viewership. Really? The Overlord talks in complete sentences? Dude...I...I..Can anyone help here? Any other readers or authors who understand what I'm trying to do; Make an interesting and wild story? *Sigh* Whatever, lose interest, I had huge interesting events in store but leave at first sight of a good guy, I guess. And it was just getting good too (Not in that way).