• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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Convincing Evil to Betray Itself

“Hm....yes, everything is going according to plan.” Gnarl spoke to no one in particular.

As said earlier, the castle was moving along nicely. The flooring was practically finished now. Gnarl just needed to-

Money, land, and all that you desire. Come to the forest for all that you seek.

Gnarl looked around. “Who said that?”

“What is it, boss?” One asked as he picked up a stone.

“Did you or Two say something?” Gnarl asked.

“Nuh-uh.” Two answered.

“Weird...” Gnarl hesitantly turned around, continuing his inspection.

It was getting quiet, seeing as how the time had passed rather quickly with the construction of the Overlord’s new home. Speaking of, where was he? The advisor imp decided it was about high time he check on the munitions. He walked over to the place in which any weapons were being forged from a mediocre anvil and hammer station.

“What do you want, Gnarl? I sword perhaps?” Giblet laughed as he jested at the old imp.

“Very funny, Giblet. Now, how are the weapons coming along?”

“To be honest...not good. There isn’t a Forge here, so I can’t make anything out of Arcanium or Durium. And to be honest, there isn’t any steel for the Master, either. It’s been nothing but whatever I could melt down that was useless.” The loyal blacksmith answered.

“I’ll be sure to get the Minions on that on the next raid. Anything else?”

“Well, now that you mention it...I am getting hungry!”

“Feed yourself!” Gnarl said as he walked away.

“Fine!” Giblet answered.

“Filthy blacksmith. Alright then, weapons aren’t being made. What else...that’s right, the meals for the Overlord. How could I forget?” Gnarl berated himself as he moved towards the makeshift kitchen. More over, it was a pot roast with a spinning stick above it. And so far, there was just the stick.

It was hard starting over. It took hundreds or even thousands of years for the imps to set up the Dark Tower. Scores of Overlords made sure of that. Yet, the small little undermined creatures were able to do it after endless sacrifices, work, sweat, and stone. And Gnarl was there to see it all. He was the oldest, after all. Sometimes, he questioned his mortality. Was he able to die? Was he immortal? Or was he just given a longer life span among all others? Well, that and the fact that most Minions died before having a double-didgeted birthday. And Giblet was the second oldest anyhow.

Since he was getting older, one would have to go with the latter. His train of thought was interrupted as he felt two sets of hands on his shoulders.

“Hey boss, you feeling good?” Two asked with some concern, more over with kiss-assery.

“Yeah, you’ve been acting pretty weird.” One agreed.

“Just been thinking, that’s all. Have you seen the Master, by the way?”


“No sir.”

Gnarl sighed. “Bugger, I haven’t seen him since that raid. Think he’s just taking his time?”


“No doubt about it.”

“That’s reassuring.” Gnarl said sarcastically. “Any word from the others?”


“Actually,” One began. “I heard that-”

“Quick! Monsters!” A random imp ran up, stopping One’s small snippet of information. He was clearly out of breath, sweat beaming down his forehead.

One, Two, and Gnarl all looked at each other, sharing a look of confusion. One and Two ran with haste, the old advisor going as fast as he could. There was one thing that bugged Gnarl about his old bones, he could no longer see the battlefield himself, only gazing from the Tower afar. Oh, he missed the days of old, where he would follow his masters with ease, slaying any who dared to stand in the preceding Overlord’s way. But those were just fond memories now.

As Gnarl reached the hill that the others had run off to, his jaw dropped immeasurably. “What is that?”

“More enemies?” One suggested.

“Food?” Two guessed.

Gnarl and One looked at Two, belittlement showing on their faces. “What, I’m pretty hungry.” Two said with a shrug.

There were two things before them right now. One, there was a considerable gathering of dog-like things with spears, armor, and gems. And two, there were flying bug things that resembled the ponies in a extremely small way. Deciding to take charge, Gnarl moved forward to address them.

“Who are all of you?”

One of the former creatures moved up, scratching a spot behind its ears and howling. “Is this the Overlord’s base?”

“Yes....” Gnarl responded.

The Diamond Dog dropped on one knee, bowing its head in respect. “We are Diamond Dogs from up north. Your lieutenants, Three and Four, told us that in return for joining you, we would get gems. And a certain white pony...”

“Did they now? Well, is this your entire army?”

“No, more tribes rally from father north. Will have more tribes here, more than five hundred.”

“My my, that’s a whole lot of mutts. Tell you what, we’ll give you your gems and your....white pony?”

“Yes, the pony’s name is Rarity. She has three diamonds as her Cutie Mark. Very good at finding jewels.”

“Three gems....” Gnarl started to think back, remembering that he had seen it before. “That’s right, she was here just before!”

The Diamond Dog almost whooped. “What? She was?!”

“Yes, but I’m afraid she’s gone back or something. But I can tell you this, we’ll find her for you.” Gnarl promised.

“Good, then you have help from the Diamond Dogs.”

“Splendid. We’re building a new castle, as you can see behind me. Help out anyway you can. Once the fort is finished, we can arrange for proper sleeping quarters.”

“It’s not a problem, we can dig tunnels around and under castle! We can protect it!”

These reinforcements were proving more and more reliable every minute. “Get started right away!”

The Diamond Dog leader then whistled, motioning for his kind to follow him to the castle. One of the other race flew up to Gnarl.

“And who might you be?” Gnarl inquired.

“A Changeling. And this is the Overlord’s land, I presume?”

“Yes, I am guessing one of the lieutenants called for you as well?”

“The Queen is out somewhere talking to your Master. But yes, Seven told us all about your kind’s plan. We are here to serve, but the Queen will give you our terms.”

“That’s fine. Go and do what you please, be it help or set up a home.”

The Changeling hissed for the others as they went and started to gather random things. Some of the Changelings began to construct a new hive.

“Interesting...” Gnarl said to himself.

“They look creepy.” Two commented.

“Be careful around who you say that to.” One advised.

“It’s not like it’s a bad thing!” Two replied.

Gnarl left the two lieutenants to finish up the rest of his checking.

To the forest. I’m still waiting. Go now, or else.

Again, where was that voice? Gnarl was not even near anyone now, as he was in an empty patch of land. The closest Minion, Changeling, or Diamond Dog to talk to him would be minutes away. Just who was it? Against his better judgement, Gnarl moved towards the forest. It was dense and the treetops shadowed the lands in darkness. It would be hard to spot others in here.

“You’ve made it.” A familiar voiced laughed, clapping in applaud for Gnarl.

“Who’s there? Show yourself?”

“We get to talk alone, finally. So tell me, as the Big Guy’s right hand imp, you ever get tired of doing things for him, not you? I mean, who likes being the second in command? Throw some Chaos out there!”

“You again.” Gnarl said with venom, displeased with the appearance of the thing called ‘Discord’.

“Yes, me again. Discord, like I said earlier. So, what’s the answer? You never told me.”

“I’ve served the Overlords for hundreds of years now, that isn’t going to change.”

“Oh, but why? It’s soooooo boring!” Discord whined. He snapped his claws together, causing a couch and ice cream to come out of nowhere. He sat down as he ate.

“Our race is called Minions for the sole fact that we serve Evil! Not the other way around!” Gnarl was getting furious. If the Overlord were here, he would skin Discord alive. And Gnarl berated himself again for not bringing backup.

“But think of all of the things that you could achieve without that big dummy in the way. You could have it all, money, power, fame, mistresses. No longer would you have to watch from the side, from the shadows. No, you’d be in the spotlight! Just think of it!”

“I said no.” Gnarl moved forward. He raised his cane. Perhaps a beating would do something.

“You aren’t thinking of hurting me, are you?” Discord grinned in a cocky manner. “That isn’t going to gack!” Discord’s voice became strained as he tried to speak. Gnarl looked up to see that out of the darkness, came something much more Dark.

“Perfect timing, Milord. What are you going to do with him? Make him a trophy? Eat him? Oh, I always heard that hybrid creatures taste good!” Gnarl advised.

Discord’s head did a 180 as he turned to meet his captor. Two red eyes filled his vision as he smiled nervously. “Oh hey there.” He nervously stammered out.