• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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Diplomacy Is Dead, Great One

Unicorns are a mysterious race of creatures. Some say that they had descended from gods themselves. Others say that they are an abomination created by the Elves to act as guardians. They could be the fusing of normal horses with magic. No one knows for sure of the origin of unicorns. All who do know of the beings, however, know to stay away from said creatures.

Their horn, as magical and sharp as it looks, can impale almost any who are not quick enough to act. The Overlord can account for this. In his ventures, he has encountered hundreds or even thousands of unicorns. In every single instance, they have always tried to charge him or trample him. They all proved fruitless of course, as he quickly slew the beasts.

They had killed many of his Minions though. If he could recount how many were trampled, impaled, bled out from cuts from the horn, or eaten by unicorns, and be paid for each one, he would have a pile of gold as large as his Dark Tower. He had never in his experience, however, snapped off a unicorn’s horn.

There is little to no knowledge on the subject of snapping off a unicorn’s horn. Almost no one alive had dared to do such a feat on the Overlord’s world. In fact, it was most likely impossible to even attempt. But for some reason, he was able to do it with ease in this new world full of talking horses, Pegasi, and unicorns. When he reached for the purple unicorn, who the others called ‘Twilight’, he grabbed for her horn and attempted to break it off.

With quick success, he stopped the little mare from doing what he thought was another spell that would envelop him in flames. Thank Evil he had stopped her, for if she was successful, she would’ve teleported herself and her friends away from them, making the domination of this new land more difficult. It was actually a little surprising for the steel-clad ruler, himself. The thought of actually doing the action was foreign to him.

There was something that he felt in the air as he did it, though. It felt like an electrical storm or shock, almost like a lightning bolt. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt like he gained a power of some kind. He felt re-ignited, revived. It felt like a thousand souls had been lifted off of his shoulders and he was able to move more quickly and efficiently. He embraced this newfound energy as he brought up his bracer and called for the Minions to gather them and bring them back to his temporary camp.

And the entire walk was silent, save for some occasional grumbling or complaining. The Overlord was surprised though. One would think that something like a horn was like a leg or an arm, and breaking it off would result in pain, wailing, and crying. In this case, the first and third possibility happened. He took it in stride though, as he would do the same if he were put in that situation……not really. But anyway, Twilight Sparkle was crying to herself and wincing in pain from the absence of her magical appendage.

This experience for her was something that only Celestia could bear. The pain itself was unbearable. It felt like someone had taken an entire herd of cows, and ordered them to trample her horn stub. She could feel little bursts of magic coming from the uncontrolled stub. It was as if the magic was being drained from her. She had read about this. It was called “Magical Withdrawal”. The removal of horns was a very unlikely event, but had happened on occasion. The repair was quite easy, for one just had to see a magical expert such as Celestia, Luna, or Star Swirl the Bearded and they would be able to use a spell that would cause the stub to grow a horn anew.

Unluckily for the mare in question, Twilight had no access to Princess Celestia or Luna, let alone Star Swirl the Bearded who had been gone for a long time now. She knew one thing from all of this; Equestria was in trouble if Princess Celestia and Princess Luna didn’t get here to defeat the monster. If things came to the worst possibility, then the Elements would be needed. So for now, she remained quiet while keeping her pain to herself. She had to let out some pain, however, as she cried her eyes out the entire way.

The Overlord, along with Ten, Nine, and a group of guards that came with them earlier, walked in a straight line while the Minions cleared a path for their Master with prisoners in tow. They were marveled at the sight; a unicorn with its horn snapped off and in the hand of the Great One. Some couldn’t help but laugh and jeer at the captives, all of whom bowed their heads in fear and shame.

“Ahh, Master, you have found them, have you?” Gnarl asked.

“Yes, we have! Now what does Master want to do to them?!” Ten asked ecstatically.

The Overlord looked at the little things before him. Upon mention of what choice was he going with, the mares and fillies quivered. After the brutish display of strength and evil with Twilight, they concluded that he was the leader of these rag-tag imps.

The Overlord, realizing the possibility of the entire land being covered and occupied with these sentient beings, let out a whole hearty laugh. It was menacing, to say the least. It was deep, much like his voice, and it seemed to make the sun shine darker. If the girls thought that Nightmare Moon was evil, then they had yet to see the full potential of the Overlord.

Amongst his laughter, he saw the white unicorn giving him an angry stare. He stopped midway and stared right back. In this battle of stares, one would fear the death looks they were giving each other. If looks could kill, then Rarity’s look would kill the entire city of Fillydelphia. But her look was a worm compared to the magnitude of the Overlord’s. His look, like always, was amplified by his appearance and red eyes. His stare would be able to wipe off the entire population of this planet, his planet, and just all life in general….and then some.

Rarity blinked in response and her entire effort collapsed on itself. She smiled at him nervously while looking around for any support from her friends. In return, she received a good glassful of silence. The Overlord bent down and reached his free hand for Rarity, after putting Twilight’s horn on his belt. She tried to back away but the Minions behind her pointed their swords and spears, making it impossible for her to escape. Rarity gulped as the Dark Lord grabbed her by the back and picked her up.

He looked to her horn for a good while before returning to her two giant blue eyes, widened in anxiety. “Oh you wouldn’t want my horn, would you? No, it’s absolutely drab and out of your style. I think a black horn would fit you better. Now if you would be so kind as to let my friends and I go, unharmed? Pretty please?” Rarity pleaded with two big glittering eyes. She batted her eyelashes at him in an attempt to maybe tap on a lonely and romantic side.

“NO.” The voice, resonant and booming, declined her requisition without a single thought.

He put Rarity back down and turned his back towards them, waving his hand dismissively, ordering the Minions to put them somewhere that would secure them. He heard a bouncing noise coming from behind him.

“Now wait just there, you big meanie! You think you can go around and break Twilight’s horn and take it?! And then you have the nerve to take us here and be all meanie grumpy pants to my best friend Rarity?! I don’t think so! You should be ashamed of yourself! You just lost the right to have streamers and confetti at your party, Mister!” Pinkie scolded.

Throughout her entire lash out session, she was somehow managing to pick herself up on her tail alone. This new use of her tail allowed her to be almost face-to-face with the Overlord, staring into his red eyes with her blue ones. She furrowed her brows in a attempt to gain some reaction from the Overlord who was looking right back at her. Her puffy and huffy breathing was the only noise at that moment.

The Overlord, just realizing that these ponies might make his domination a bit more difficult because of their rebellious and brave nature did the only thing he could think of to inspire fear and quell any further attempts at hindering his rule. He raised his mace and swung down at Pinkie Pie, causing her to go flying a good twenty feet away and face first into a tree. He didn’t put too much effort into the strike, so it shouldn’t leave any permanent damage or any broken bones hopefully.

Why would the Overlord, Master of Good and Evil, Destroyer of the Dwarves, Ruler of Spree, and Ruler of the Land be using steel weapons, you ask? The Overlord, being the high supreme being on his world, should have magical weapons or some of higher quality, right? Well, this can be explained. Last he knew, the adventure to the Abyss would be just that, an adventure. He left his Arcanium and Durium weapons in his armory, bringing with him his standard weapons, he ventured off to find treasure and power from the Abyss and planned to return to his home. Since his way home was shut, he was not able to return and remained in the Abyss for a long time. With only those simple weapons, he entered the portal that brought him here instinctively.

The Minions nearby ran over, pulled from her back, and struggled to worm her head out of the tree. Her head had punctured a straight hole through the timber. With all of their might, the six Browns present pulled her out of the tree, causing her to go flying into the Overlord’s chest plate. She slammed against his armor with a loud thump and slid down towards the floor. On her side, where he had hit her, was a large blue mark. So she was bruised on her side for sure.

Her head was not as bad. She had a few cuts and bruises here and there, but overall she was fine. A little droplet of blood ran down her face, almost blending in with the pink coat. She coughed a little and some small spatters of blood followed. She would definitely need a doctor if they got out of this alive. Pinkie had definitely learned her lesson this time, as she remained silent for the rest of the time. There was something odd about the usually happy party mare. Her mane had gone from its curly state to one of deflation. So everyone was back to being qui-

“Take this! Nopony hits mah friends like that! Ya hear me?!” Applejack shouted while bucking the Overlord’s legs.

The Overlord was a patient man; there was no doubt about that. After all, he had been kept in stasis under the Tower for who knows how long. He had waited for right opportunities to strike, he waited for people to respond to his decrees of submission, and he waited for many things. But his patience had run out when the little peasant pony kicked him on the shin guard. He had enough of the kicking and hitting that they gave him and just decided to end it right there. No more Mister Nice Overlord.

The towering six feet tall conqueror brought his foot up high, and quickly stomped down on the orange mare’s head. He heard an audible crunch follow. He looked down to admire his new painting that he had created. And there, under his feet, was the giant sea of color that he was always used to; the very color that had decorated his own land since his rule.

Under his foot that had just struck down, was grass.

“My my, a bit violent aren’t we? I mean, I like myself a bit of chaos and all, but that was a little harsh, don’t you think?” A new voice asked from behind him.

The Overlord turned to meet this new foe and was baffled at his appearance. There, before his person, was a creature almost as tall as him. It had a lion’s paw and eagle’s claw. Its legs were that of a lizard and a goat. It had a bat wing and a Pegasus wing. Overall, the entire thing was a mash-up of different animals thrown into one.

The Overlord tightened his grip around his mace, his hand ready to call the Minion horde upon this hideous thing in seconds.

“Now before you even try to attack me, let me tell you how much I like your appearance. Oooh! Just looking at you gives me shivers. The dark armor, the red eyes, the whole unseeable face and the cape, you know how to dress sharp, my good sir! And don’t get me started on your little friends here. They are absolutely funny. They’re so stupid; most of them can barely speak. But don’t get me wrong, they’re brute force makes up for it. Also, if you’re wondering where Applejack and the rest had gone, I teleported them back to Ponyville. As much as I like seeing them lose to you, I like to be fair and put a bit of chaos on both sides. So I brought them back so that they can warn the Princess. Oh, this is going to be such a better game than earlier!” Discord waved his arms around like a little school filly.

The Overlord, Gnarl, Ten, Nine, and every Minion there paid no attention to most of what he said. The only things they paid attention to were the parts about the ponies disappearing, the insults about the imps, and the compliments it paid to their Master.

“Oh, where are my manners! My name is Discord, a draconequus, pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Mister Evil.” Discord introduced himself while extending the eagle’s claw.

The Overlord stared at his weird hand and then back to the eyes of the creature named Discord himself. The Overlord heard only one part of the entire monologue this draconequss had said.

“As much as I like seeing them lose to you, I like to be fair and put a bit of chaos on both sides. So I brought them back so that they can warn the Princess. Oh, this is going to be such a better game than earlier!”

Here’s a more concentrated version of what was important in this line.

“So I brought them back so that they can warn the Princess. Oh, this is going to be such a better game than earlier!”

And another….

“Oh, this is going to be such a better game than earlier!”

And the possibly best word to describe what the Overlord was thinking about.

“Better game.”

So by now, many know that the Overlord hates games, especially if he is a pawn in one, himself. So, doing the only thing that would not end in Discord being tied to four unicorns and being pulled apart, or being thrown into a volcano whilst being eaten by a polar bear, the Overlord brought his hand forth, and the rain of Inferno followed.

Luckily, all of the Minions backed away from the Overlord. The moment they saw his hand go up, they knew that the entire area was a dead zone. And their conclusion was proven correct when a giant barrage of melting flames spewed forth from his hand and unto Discord. In fact, the very grass and dirt underneath Discord was burned as well. After the fire was quelled, the only thing that remained were a pile of ash, heat, and the smell of burnt meat.

“Well done, if I do say so myself, Master.” Gnarl complimented.

“Yeah! That was great!” Nine added.

“Of course it was great, it was His power.” Ten corrected.

“Yes quite. It was a pretty good fireworks display, wasn’t it?” Called from above them.

Everyone looked up and saw Discord lazily lying on a pink cloud that was raining chocolate. “I must say, that was a pretty close one. You certainly gave me a run for my money. Well, it was nice chatting, gotta go. Ta ta!” Discord flew off with five other pink clouds.

“Don’t mind him, Master. We will get him soon enough. What do we do about the ones who got away?” Gnarl asked.

The Overlord looked to Ten and Nine and pointed at north. They understood what he wanted exactly. Their Master wanted them to bring him to the place where they had found the ponies in the first place. With that, Ten and Nine both took a squad of five imps. The Overlord took one of ten, so in all, there were five Reds, five Blues, and ten Browns. The newly assembled skirmish party charged for Ponyville.

“Well, I guess that leaves us here…”Gnarl spoke silently. He perked up, remembering the old castle ruins. “Quickly, while we have the time, let’s move to the new castle site. Begin excavations and repairs immediately!” And with that, Gnarl and the Minion Horde travelled to the Princesses’ old home, ready to turn the once glorious sight into something that was worthy of being called evil.

“Watch your head, Master, there are things lurking that we might not want to fight now.” Ten advised.

The march of the skirmishers was loud and attention grabbing. The sounds of their armor, once again, echoed throughout the entire forest. They were travelling at a fast pace, wanting to take the citizens by surprise instead of having an ambush waiting for them. The lesser Minions were a bit edgy, as roars throughout the forest were scattered all around them.

The Overlord, albeit being undeterred by sights of monsters and giant creatures, was a little cautious as well. Just earlier, he saw two things that had the heads of lions, along with the tails of scorpions. He was surely not enthusiastic on getting stung anytime soon. He decided on his better judgment to stay away from those beings. That wasn’t the worst of it, either.

The Overlord saw a sea serpent with what appeared to be a comb and mustache flailing about in the river. Again, he wasn’t sure if a hindrance was the best course of action in their ongoing raid at the moment. He would be sure to take Minions with him when he would finish pillaging to wipe out the dangerous things of the forest.

They were almost arriving in Ponyville, as the Minions and Ten and Nine could smell the ponies once again. Just a few more minutes and they would arrive at their destination. They stopped in their tacks when the sound of a gut-wrenching shriek came from above them. The Overlord was the first to react and turned around and shot a fireball instinctively. It was the best choice he could have made as the fireball stuck a giant head right in the eye.

The eye was burned beyond recognition and the head recoiled back to its high towering distance in the sky. It turned to its other heads as the creatures conversed in what the Minions could only guess was their language. The heads then all turned back to the Overlord and slung themselves forward, mouths wide with giant sharp teeth ready to chew his flesh. The Overlord wished that slaughtering this hydra wouldn't consume too much time.

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders found themselves in the middle of Ponyville once again. They were completely dumbfounded on what exactly happened. The last thing that they had remembered was the Overlord bringing his steel foot down on Applejack’s head. They all closed their eyes at that moment, too scared of what was to follow. Instead of a loud cheering and the noise of their friend in pain, however, they heard the chattering of Ditzy Doo nearby.

“But I bought two muffins! You gave me a half-eaten one!” Ditzy was furious.

“Are you sure you didn’t just eat it?” Bon-Bon asked.

“Well….no..but still!” Ditzy forgot she instinctively bit one of her muffins as she bought it.

“Well then, goodbye!” Bon-Bon closed up her stall of sweets and baked goods and left the befuddled mailmare alone.

“But..Ah…Ah saw it! Ah saw that thing bring it’s back hoof on my head! What happened?!” Applejack was confused, the mutual feeling being shared throughout the entire group.

Rarity looked like she wanted to say something but simply kept her mouth shut. Pinkie, however, didn’t. She had suddenly regained her joyous attitude, although she didn’t bounce on account of her bruised body. “Look! Lookie here! It’s a letter!” Pinkie pulled out a giant paper letter ‘D’. She literally meant a letter, not one that one writes as a message to another. “And look, it’s a note!” Pinkie exclaimed as she pulled out another piece of paper that was a musical note.

“Pinkie, we don’t have time fo-” Rainbow Dash was shut off by the party pony again.

“I found a message. Here, take a look.” Pinkie passed it to everypony around.

“Dear girls,

If you’re wondering what happened, I Discord, just want you to know that I saved you.”

“Saved us? I don’t believe it.” Rarity commented.

“Yes, I said saved you. And I don’t need you to believe it or not. What I do need you girls to do is warn Princess Celestia of our new guest. He is the finest evil I have ever come into contact with. To be honest, he makes Nightmare Moon look like Fluttershy. But anyway, I don’t care if you think this is a trick or not, because I really want the Princess in this game. I wanted to mix things up a bit so instead of letting our friend have his fun attacking you; I wanted you to make things harder for him. You won’t be able to save yourselves, because he is one persistent little thing. He’ll get you all, I know it. Just give him a run for his money, eh? Oh, and be sure to evacuate Ponyville because he’s probably on his way there right now. Have fun and good luck!

Your great pal,


As Twilight finished reading his name off, the message suddenly grew a mouth and ate itself, making the message disappear entirely. The girls, unsure of what Discord’s intentions were, ran off to the library to do what Discord had advised them to. Warning the Princess was of the upmost importance right now. As they galloped, Fluttershy flew from inside of Sugar Cube Corner and towards them.

“Oh my, why is everypony running?” Fluttershy asked, unaware of the dire situation at hoof.

“There’s an evil dude in the forest with evil thingies and he’s attacking Equestria. Other than that, Pinkie got slammed against a tree, I got choked, and Twilight got her horn ripped off. No biggie.” Rainbow Dash hid her fear successfully.

“Oh…that sounds horrible! Where is he..if you don’t mind me asking…” The timid Pegasus mare whispered.

“What’dya gonna do? Talk to him? Ah don’t think he’s one fer talkin’.” Applejack interrupted.

“Oh, nothing is that bad. I mean, he’s not like Nightmare Moon, right?”

“Fluttershy, he’s so evil, Discord himself said that he made Nightmare Moon look like you.” Rainbow Dash recalled.


Twilight all the while was still crying. Her precious horn that she had since she was born was gone, hanging on the belt of the Overlord like a trophy of some kind. Her head wasn’t faring too well either. The bolting shocks were getting more sparse, but more intense. She could barely stand on four hooves anymore. She had to reach her library and warn her teacher.

The homes of the residents of Ponyville passed by like a blur. The warm wind and sun splashed their cheeks as they galloped at the speed of sound. As if on cue, Spike came waltzing out of the library with a quill and parchment. “Another letter to the Prin….cess?….” Spike saw the stump on Twilight’s head.

“No time to explain, Spike! Write this down!” Twilight screamed.

“Got it!” Spike brought the quill to the paper.

“Dear Princess Celestia….”

The Overlord was covered in sweat, adrenalin, and blood. It wasn’t his blood for sure though. It was the Hydra’s. Its lifeless body was lazily slung onto a giant pile of rocks nearby. The Minions could barely hold the entire thing up after such an exhausting battle. It was short-lived, but time consuming nonetheless. And saying that it was messy was an understatement.

When the creature’s heads lunged for the Overlord, he had cast a spell called Infernal Shield. From its name, one could tell that it was a shield that not only guarded the Overlord but set anything that came into contact ablaze as well. That was what happened with the creature; its heads were set on fire, each flailing and trying to cling onto their lives. The Reds began to lob fireballs at the Hydra, causing it to run madly. The Browns jumped onto its back and began to stab and jab and club whatever was there. The Overlord, Ten, and Nine drew most of its rage as they tried to attack the three, only ending up smashing their own heads into the ground.

Whilst their heads were trapped, the Overlord and his two captains cut down on the Hydra’s necks. With giant spurts of blood covering their bodies, the heads were undone and fell to the grass with a loud thump. Even though it had no heads remaining, its body still ran for a few consecutive seconds crazily before dropping in place, cold slowly embracing it. The stench of the Hydra’s blood was barely tolerable.

The Overlord was used to bad smells, having an army full of imps who barely bathed. But the Hydra’s blood made him want to gag. He held his tongue and ordered the Blues, who had been just sleeping since they had no part in the matter, to carry the thing to the nearby rock quarry and dispose of it. They did that, with a lot of grumbling, and came back. Now, after washing off, the Minions included, the Overlord stepped out of the Everfree Forest and onto a large hill that overlooked Ponyville.

The Overlord stood there, marveling at the great landscape that seemed almost artistic to him. His Minions were full of energy and awaited his next command. He stood there, thinking if he should relent and give some mercy to the harmless and weak ponies. Maybe he was overreacting. Maybe he needed to take things in stride and band together with the ponies against Discord. Maybe he needed to stop questioning himself and just attack already.

He recalled everything, the little cute fillies that stared at him, the one with a bowtie in its hair giving him a caring look, the seemingly peaceful nature that they had.

Then at that moment, conveniently placed by an unknown force who wanted to damn Equestria for his/her own enjoyment, came the rushing of images that showed him being set ablaze by Twilight Sparkle, hit in the head by Rainbow Dash, and kicked in the shin by Applejack. Screw it, it’s attack time.

The Overlord used his bracer, making the humming call and focusing the attention of all of his Minions. He gave an evil chuckle which they accompanied with their own. Then with his right hand, which had the steel sword tightly gripped, he pointed towards Ponyville.


The Minions scampered away at the feast that was coming. They could taste it now, mead to last them a good while, women for their Master, and money for his upgrades. Life was good. They all cheered and screamed little funny battle cries.

“For the Master!” Ten shouted.

“For the Overlord!” A Red continued.

“Booze!” A Blue ensued.

The previously silent Nine spoke up.

“Where are we going again?”