• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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New Allies and Enemies Have Arrived, Your Evilness

“Okay, here’s the assignments you ten. Ten shall guard the Overlord himself. One and Two, you shall oversee the retrieval of materials for building the new castle at the ruins. Three and Four, you shall head west in search of villages or nations that will serve as resources for the Great One. Five and Six, you shall go east and do the same. Seven and Eight, you shall go south of here and follow the other two groups. Each of you will take a thousand soldiers each, giving each group a total of two thousand soldiers. Be careful, be swift, and be ruthless. We must establish a proper sense of order here, you know.”

Some time ago, Gnarl had given all of the Minions specific tasks to be done. One and Two were to help with the construction of the castle. As for Three through Eight, they had been instructed with the exploration of the surrounding land, the raiding of villages, and the forming of alliances in their respective directions. So far, nothing has been heard of from them. One can only wonder if they have been successful in their orders.

“So we’re in agreement, then?”

“Yes, yes! As long as we get the gems and the white pony, we will serve your master.” A Diamond Dog answered.

“Do you think they’d be useful, Four?”

“Maybe. They have weapons and armor, Three, so they might be good for raids. Tell them to have their forces meet the Big Guy back at base.” Four commanded.

“You there,” Three pointed to one of the three Diamond Dog leaders at their underground outpost. “Make sure you have enough. Once we start the attack, we need to have full strength. Don’t betray us.”

“Like we said, we want jewels and the pony. That’s it.”

“Fine then. Start to get to the Boss quick. We’re heading west.” Three concluded.

The entire vanguard of Diamond Dogs there whimpered at the sound of their intended direction.

“Did you say west?” A Diamond Dog asked.

“What of it?” Four asked.

“Hehe, be careful there. That’s Griffin territory.” The dog warned.

“Thanks for the tip, mutt. But I doubt some birds can stop us.” Four replied. The experienced Brown turned to his invasion force. “Minions, we head west towards Griffin Kingdom!”

All of the Minions there shouted, kicked, and screamed. There were some hostilities between the Diamond Dogs and the Minions when they first met. After a few dozen dogs and Minions were killed, they came to realize that the onslaught would continue. So they decided to see if they could have a mutual alliance. And so, the Diamond Dogs were now a part of the Overlord’s expeditionary force as long as they had their precious gems and Rarity. A good amount of Minions had been lost prior to the encounter with the canines.

At first heading due west, the forces of Three and Four ran into Dragonridge Mountains, a place where many dragons would stay and rest. One of the most flourishing times for the range was when it was the Great Dragon Migration. Thankfully, there were but a few dragons, but they were still very formidable. They’re scorching fire blasts had incinerated many of the imps who were not Reds. In all, at least a good five hundred were lost killing the dragons.

Somehow, more dragons started to arrive, thus proving the Minions’ attempts at emerging victorious futile. The two leaders retreated, following the opposite mountain range which led them to the Diamond Dog encampment. Four swore that the next time that the Overlord was with them, the dragons would be made slaves.

Three and Four could see a large city in the distance. Most likely Canterlot from what the Diamond Dog scouts had told them. Since the place was the largest city of the ponies, the imps decided that postponing an attack was the best plan. So the army stuck to the shadows, traveling passed the castle and trekking through the forest. Eventually, the forest started to thin out as the temperature began to drop. Snow was starting to become the common sight instead of grass.

Not long after arriving into the wintery kingdom, the Minions spotted large groups of griffins. They had arrived in Griffin territory. Four turned to his co-leader Three.

“Attack or talk?” Four questioned.

“......I don’t know...we always attack..we should try talking for once.” Three thought.

“Well, it’s settled then.” Four turned to his remaining force of just a few more than a thousand.

“Brothers, ATTACK!”

Five began to sweat as skulked along the half-desert half-savanna floor. He shook his head in an attempt to fling it all off.

“When do you think we’ll find any of them?” Five inquired.

“Be patient. We only got off the boat from Hoofington a short time ago.” Six reminded.

“We still could’ve stayed for an extra brew. Or at least we could have taken some of that delicious sweet cold milk. What was it called again? Ice cream?”

“Stop whining. I think all of it was gone after the REDS,” Six turned his attention to a large group of Reds behind him. He gave them all a chastising glare. “Burned the whole place to the ground before we could even tell them anything.”

A Red gave Six the middle finger.

“Can’t blame ‘em. One of those horses looked at me funny.” Five defended.

“Whatever. At least we were able to take their boats. And I can’t believe it was that easy. Almost no one tried to stop us. Oh, and the little piece of information that one griffin gave us was good. Now that we know these ‘zebras’ are good fighters, we have more things for use in an army.” Six explained.

The place that they had arrived in was heavily contradictory to the cool air of Equestria. In Equestria, it was mild to temperate climates. The weather wasn’t too one-sided and the travel was fairly quick. For such a large land, travel was fairly easy. In fact, one could travel from one part of the Pony land to the other in a fair amount of time.

Five and Six had experienced little to no resistance in their travel east. They only kinds of species that they had encountered in abundance were small little orbs with wings called Parasprites, to which many Greens ate, and as usual, ponies. Five and Six had hoped for a fight. They hoped that the others had better luck in terms of finding mighty foes.

The sun at this new land was beaming down on the Minions as they hastily moved. Half of the force was left with the task of guarding the ships while the others went in search of allies. Six had managed to keep his cool while Five was whining like a whelp.

“Would you shut up already?” Six remarked.

“But it’s really hot! Really really hot! I bet those damn Reds are enjoying this.”

The two veterans stopped when they heard commotion ahead of them. Instinctively, they prepared themselves for a fight. A large group of tribal beings stood a good distance away. Further back, the imps saw huts, campfires, and giant voodoo masks. One of the forms in the middle moved forward to greet Five and Six.

“Stop! Who are you creatures of metal, grey? What brings you to our fair lands of Zebrican, today?” A zebra with a staff gave them a questioning look.

Six and Five turned to each other, giving the other an evil grin.

Five turned to the zebra. “Submit or Die.”

Seven and Eight had been through a lot in their lives. They had been with the Overlord since the very start, before he even met Rose. They had helped him conquer many of his enemies, Goldo, Oberon, Sir William, and even their Old Master. But never, had they feasted quite like this.

After Gnarl had given them their orders, and after they had traveled south for a good while, they stumbled into a giant desert inhabited by ponies and bulls. As for the ponies, they put up some fight with futile physical confrontation and some meager ranged weapons that had always corresponded with apple pie. This proved futile as their beloved town of Appaloosa was taken by the Minions. After leaving a detachment force to watch the town as they went to deal with the other natives.

The bison were extremely strong. They were almost on par with Rollie, Melvin Underbelly the giant fat blimp hobbit king, and unicorns.These brown furred creatures had managed to trample hundreds of Minions to their deaths. After some wise assessment and thinking, Seven and Eight developed a new method of fighting these creatures. The fast and agile Greens would distract them as the accurate archer Reds fired from a safe distance.

It wasn’t long before most of the bison were burned and singed alive. After flaying their fur, the Minions ate for what seemed like an eternity. The only thing missing was a good brew. They had managed to keep a small group of bison alive though. These remaining survivors were made prisoners. Only two had revealed their names; Chief Thunderhoof and Little Strongheart.

After stationing more soldiers at Appaloosa, Seven and Eight decided to continue on south. There were more species to be dealt with. It was a long journey, in fact, it was the most grueling out of all of the other exploring groups. They had managed to reach their final destinations rather quickly while Seven and Eight had yet to finally meet an ally. The climates changed so quickly it was hard for the imps to comprehend.

They had traveled from a hot desert to an arid mountain range. Beyond the mountains were giant chasms that seemed to reach the planet’s core itself. It took them days to finally navigate through the black holes. Again, more desert followed and Minions started to fall from the heat. Luckily, many of them were brought back by the reviving Blues but there were still some who were lost completely.

The group managed to stumble into a city and ransack it for supplies. This city seemed to be inhabited by dogs that could speak and ponies alike. The city itself was called Quebark City. It was troublesome to take the metropolitan city over, as the dogs of the place were not willing to give up their homes. But eventually, good leadership caused the Minions to gain a foothold in the place.

From here, Eight decided that he would head a medium force to take the city while Seven would press onward. That way, when Seven came back there would be supplies waiting for him. The two leaders parted ways temporarily was Seven continued south. It was then that the Minions faced their hardest challenge. They had travelled into the Boarean Tundra. There was little to no food and warmth was almost nonexistent.

Many of the occupants there also didn’t take a liking to an invasion force on their territory. Polar bears and seals fought the Minions day and night, which was hard to distinguish from the lack of a sun. After managing to slip passed the persecution, Seven and a force of six hundred imps crossed the ice bridge that connected it to a dreary and dark place. They knew that if there was an ally to be found anywhere, this was the place.

The place was littered with fiery volcanoes, ash, and darkness. The sun was nowhere to be seen and the place itself was just evil. Finally, the Minions had found somewhere that they would be able to call sanctuary. There were hundreds of large towering hives that surrounded the land. Deciding to find some type of leadership, Seven led the others to the largest and centermost hive. They could hear buzzing and the flapping of wings enclosing on their position.

They hesitantly entered a large chamber that was dimly lit, albeit it was decorated in things fit for a queen. Seven didn’t feel safe exactly, as he felt hundreds or even thousands of eyes boring into the back of his head.

“Who dares enter my domain?” A female voice called.

“Seven, wench. I come bearing tidings from the Master.” He replied.

“Wench?! You dare call me a petty name?! Who is this master of yours?”

“Why, the Overlord, of course. Seeing as how you live in a place unlike my Leader’s, might you be interested in joining him?”

“Join him in what exactly?” The female asked.

Seven grinned in a mischievous manner. “We’re taking over the ponies. We’re taking Equestria.”

“Really? I’ve tried with my people once but we were....defeated by their magic. What makes you so sure that you’ll succeed?”

Seven laughed maniacally at the thought of those peace-loving workhorses beating the Dark One. “The Overlord is the most powerful being there is. He is Evil.”

The shadowed figure that sat atop the throne high up was silent. “Hmm...and what stops me from just trying to fight your ‘Overlord’, huh? If I was able to best their Princess by using their love, how will taking your leader’s love and using it against him be any different?”

All of the other Minions followed Seven as he led a chorus of laughter and mockery.

“Love?! The Master has no love! He has no soul. Now answer, will you help or die, and what is your name?” Seven ordered, now fed up with the tedious questions.

“If it means causing the fall of Equestria, I’ll help.” The shadow flew forward, revealing a crooked horn, black skin, and two menacing green eyes. She smiled at Seven who returned the gesture.

“Consider Queen Chrysalis your ally.”