• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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A Spilt Difference, a Mutual Look

And so, like, the Overlord was Good but turned Evil, shipped with every female, and was eaten by a giant bowl of cereal, but the cereal was Lucky Charms, so.....

No, just kidding. No more of that, unless you guys doubt me and this story again, which will result in more troll chapters and less actual story chapters....not really, I won't make the story shorter, but it'll take forever if you cause me to do more troll ones. Oh, and hopefully, I can keep doing chapters from the Overlord's side, more so than the ponies because I find it much more freeing to write about destroying things than the typical "Hurr durr friendship beats pineapples, my hair is a bird so you are invalid." Oh, and sorry for the late chapter, but.....Mann vs Machine, guys. Played with my pre-reader Boolyboo, and writers Ragemoar and Darrtaa. It was great. Playing MvM, I've been out of rhythm for story writing so forgive me for this short chapter. And chapters might take a little longer to be released, I have a summer assignment that I haven't even started yet, but that should be cleared up soon.

Something wasn't right here, the Overlord was not normally filled with blue colors, but the loved crimson red hue. Why was he like this now? Something wasn't right.

"Who are you? What have you done to the Master?" Gnarl asked as he backed out of the doorway.

"But I am your Master, can't you see that? Come in, Gnarl, we have work to do." The Good Overlord said.

"No, you aren't him! He never speaks this much, gives him a more eerie tone and look. You, You're more like a trickster, like the Jester."

"But Gnarl," Good Overlord moved closer, an undertone of excitement in his voice. "You are sworn to serve me. Now then, let's go, shall we?"

Gnarl whistled for the guards. "Guards! Guards! Intruder! There's an intru-"

The Good Overlord picked Gnarl up, choking the life out of the old advisor, and then threw him into a wall, rendering him unconscious.

"Can't have you stopping my plans, any of you. Let's see if this still works..." He raised his hand, expecting fire as his Evil self had. But instead of emblems, came shards of ice. "Interesting...."

He heard some footsteps behind him, not even bothering to try to defend himself, and jumped out of a large window, causing large juts of glass to spray in every direction as he slammed into the ground. "I need to find refuge before helping these....Equestrians."

Just as he moved, a head-splitting pain caused him to stagger as his eyes flickered from their now-blue shade to the previous of red, albeit for a millisecond. Uh-uh-uh, I haven't even been able to do anything yet, so don't think you're getting out. What I'm going to do will ensure it stays that way, meaning I get my body back. With that, he ran towards the treelike and disappeared, hanging on the intent thought of a nearby farm that he had seen from a vantage point.

"Kill him!"

"He's a monster!"

"Starve him! Throw away the key!"


Dozens, no thousands of tomatoes were being throw at the Overlord. After seeing the Good apparition of his self, his vision become blinded until he found himself in the place he did now; Spree. But, it didn't look like the Spree he knew, it was a rich one, where all of the peasants looked like nobles, as if the town had prospered enormously. And another thing was he found himself tied up in a stockade, along with shackles and a few other constraints. And these villagers were relentless. He had tried to escape, but it was as if the world was working against him.

"People, people," A familiar voice called out. "Calm down. Please, I beg of you."

That voice, the Overlord could recognize it anywhere, he could never mistake it for another. It was.....

"Silence, peasant!" A wealthy villager ordered as he slapped the woman across the face.

The Overlord's blood boiled, every nerve in his body shot up like an electric shock spell, and his mind was filled with nothing but bad, ill intentions on these villagers. For the woman the man slapped, was Rose.

And with an ignited fire, the Overlord broke through his shackles to charge at these people and protect his love from further harm.

The wooden stockades broke as the Overlord moved his arms apart widely until the metal chains attached broke or at least loosened. Then, he ran straight for the people gathering around Rose, his fists ready to choke the life out of those they met. Rose was within arm length, and the Overlord jumped for her. But, just as he touched her, he vanished and found himself in a deep void of nothingness.

“Hahahaha! Welcome to your subconscious, or should I say, our subconscious?”

The Overlord looked everywhere, not seeing anything but still able to hear the booming voice that belonged to his former self.

“Do you know how long I’ve been here? How long I’ve had to be alone with these.......fake apparitions? These......illusions? It’s been quite some time. Why, I’ve even become more talkative, more than you- we have been. And in this hold, this cell, I’ve changed a few things in your mind. Like how you saw Spree. It used to be a terrible place when I was still fighting the Overlord. But now....you saw how beautiful it was. And that’s what I plan on doing now that I have my body back. You, on the other hand, will be staying here for some time. At least until I found out how to get rid of my bad side, or you.”

The Overlord suddenly got blinded by a ray of white light as he attempted to shield his lids from the tireless spectrum onslaught. He opened them again after a few heart-pounding moments of silence, finding himself in a cramped prison cell. Using all of his power, he charged at the weakly supported and built door, gaining him entry out. The door flew off the hinges and the Overlord looked to see where he was now. And he only got angrier upon finding out that his cell was inside of a cell. And beyond this current cell’s bars, he could see he was in another. He was in a game, a trap.

The Good Overlord broke through some trees, charging head on to get to hiding. Bringing an entire army upon his soon-to-be allies would not bode well for the future. This time, the forest was not against him, because his intentions were pure, they were just. And time was also on his side, as he quickly reached the farm he had wanted to take refuge in. The place was homey and had a calming feel to it, despite the old and battered look it displayed. The wood creaked under his feet, partly in due to his large size and cumbersome attire. But he braved on, needing to escape the gaze of the ever watchful Gnarl and the Minions.

He went up to the thing that one usually stores pictures and other mementos above the fireplace, you know, that thing. Which was later found out to be a mantle. (I honestly can’t remember the word for it, can someone please say it in the comment section? I’ve been going crazy over it ever since I thought of this scene.) Upon the...thing, were pictures of ponies, ponies that had a love of apples. One that was most notable was the mare with a farmer's hat, wrangling a herd of cows.

The family looked tranquil, calming the Good Overlord’s nerves. But something stopped his momentary peace, a head splitting pain that erupted his temples.


The Overlord was in a world full of mirrors. He had broken through the endless torture of prisons with all of his power and strength. Upon breaking through the final one, he saw a blinding light in which Rose’s voice called out to him. Instinctively, he ran to it, reaching this reflective new test in conclusion. And everything was a mirror, above him, below, to his sides. It was mind-numbing.

He moved on, not stopping for anything. But around him, the mirrors began to shift and turn into something else, memories from the past. Memories of his life as a child, as a baby. Memories as a lone drifted when his entire village was slaughtered. Visions of battling the Overlord, then later becoming one, himself. Then there was Rose....

“Looks like you got out of the first maze. You won’t this time. At least, not in time to stop me from ridding this world of you, forever.”

The Overlord continued, despite the barrage of jeers and bad life glimpses that surrounded him. There had to be a way out, there just had to.

“Do you want to live? Is your life not that important to you?”

That voice....

“You can do this, I believe in you. As does your followers. Go, darling, and become whole again.”

Far up ahead, there was a white light, not blinding, but bright enough to give the Overlord some recoil. But out of its epicenter, there was a hand reaching out, beckoning for him. There was a ring on a finger, and the hand looked soft and fair. It could only belong to one person, Rose.

The Overlord charged without end towards the hand, reaching out his own for his love. And his hand latched onto her’s when they just grazed over each other....

The Good Overlord examined his hand again, ice and cold streams of air still coming out. He clenched his fist and a frost layer enshrouded it, giving him some joy that his body was returned to him. But...... water started to drip from his hand...and the shield disappeared with each passing moment. Within a short amount of time, his power had been melted and in its place was a burning flame. He ran over to the cupboard and peered into the mirror, seeing his normally blue eyes were flickering to a blood red. And unable to control himself, the embers in his hands spread and lit the entire building in inferno. The entire farm caught fire with the Overlord inside.

“No....No! This isn’t happening, it couldn’t be this soon. I must-”