• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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What Is Going On Around Us, Dark Lord

“This is hard work!”

“Stop whining, you barely even did anything.”

“That’s not true, Two! I....lifted a stone or two..” One answered.

“You sat back and watched me work. You’re lucky we’re getting this done fast.”

One and Two had been tasked with the building of the new domain for the Overlord. It was tedious to say the least. Building a new tower was extremely difficult and timely. A large factor into this was the number of laborers one had. If the supply of workers was few, then it would take a long while to have any kind of task completed. If the supply was in abundance, which in this case it was, then completion would be swift. With more than an average number of Minions, the foundation was quickly repaired and the construction of walls were almost finished.

The same sounds of stone upon stone, metal upon metal, and Minions making complaints, were the only noises heard. It was quiet in a way, peaceful even. The new castle would require something though, a Tower Heart. They would have to make one, a new one. It would be something of a spectacle though. Constructing a new Tower Heart was no easy task. It requires a large source of power, a huge sacrifice, and thousands of alchemical ingredients.

For now, the idea of a Tower Heart, was unlikely and impossible. So far, there were no large sources of power......or were there?

One and Two wiped the sweat off their forehead and began working again. Because they were the leaders, they were involved in less work but still did some to keep the morale up. They began hammering away at the loose rock in order to smooth everything out. Although they were evil, an organized and neat keep was demanded. Before long, the Overlord’s new home would be complete.

Whilst they were working, a set of footsteps began to approach them.

“So, I see that you two are working hard.” Gnarl complimented.

One and Two turned to grin at their advisor.

“Yes, wise one. We might even have time to start a Tower Heart. Although...” One trailed off.

“We don’t exactly have a source of power for the core.” Two continued.

Gnarl laughed as he eased their worry. “Oh don’t worry about that. I’m sure the Master will have something just for that. I’m sure of it..”

“So, the preparations are all finished, my subject?”

“Yes, my queen. The horde is ready at your bidding.” The Changeling answered.

“Good, good. So,” Queen Chrysalis turned to the Minion leader. “Where is this leader of yours?”

Seven scratched his chin for a bit before speaking. “I think it was called...Ponyville?”

Queen Chrysalis grinned madly. “Excellent. Revenge is going to be mine.” She started to chuckle. “We go to Ponyville, tonight!”

Seven and his Minions followed Queen Chrysalis as she led them to a large balcony. “How are we going to get back, exactly? As you can see, we can’t fly.” Seven asked.

Queen Chrysalis threw her hooves out, motioning for them to look. They moved forward, leaning over the balcony and saw hundreds of Changelings flying about, fighting each other or just waiting. She began to address her children.

“Listen, my children! The time has come that we take revenge on Equestria. It is this time, that we will take over all of ponykind. We have new beings from the North that will aide us. Tonight, we go to Ponyville!”

Hundreds of shrieks, cheers, and other bug-like noises followed as the leader of the Changelings finished her speech. Queen Chrysalis turned back to the imps. “We’ll carry your people back. I want to be there when Princess Celestia falls.”

Seven gave an evil smile, ear to ear. “Oh, I have a bad feeling about this.”

The Overlord stood in the middle of the remnants of Ponyville. The place that was once a bright, cheery town, was now a dark shell of its past. Buildings were still littered with kindled flames, houses were broken and burnt, and its occupants were dead, captured, or left to escape without anything left of their lives. The ponies before him were cowering as he glanced at them. The Overlord looked to Ten and pointed him back towards the Everfree Forest.

“Ah, you want us to take them back or work? Right away, Master. Nine, stay here and keep others. The rest of you, come with me!”

Ten took half of the skirmish force with him. The chained up ponies, Lyra and the others, followed suit. Nine looked up to his Lord and kicked at the ground. “What do you wish of us to do?”

The Overlord scanned his surroundings, considering his next options. He could follow those who have escaped, or he could take the resources of this town and wait for his entire force to be mobilized. Being the wise human that he was, which was hard to recognize under his Evil disposition, he went with the second option. The Overlord brought his hand and pointed to every building that was still left standing, and seemed unscathed.


As always, his voice had an immediate effect. The Minions began to search the houses, stores, and stalls of Ponyville and gathered any kinds of materials that could be used. It was from here, that they would find furniture, linen, and many other furbishing items that be used for the interior of the Overlord’s new home. Most of the things were not noteworthy, save for a few carpets and such. The most successful prospect was from a white fancy building that read “Carousel Boutique”. This building yielded the finest things found in the town’s entirety.

Finally, after tearing apart Ponyville for anything useful, the Minions left to go back to their camp. Nine walked up to the Overlord and looked at him expectantly. The Overlord look back at his appointed leader and motioned for him to leave the Destroyer of Dwarves alone. Nine reluctantly complied and skulked back to the Everfree. The Overlord now stood alone in the dark place. It certainly wasn’t the way he wished for things to happen, but there was nothing to change that now. He wanted to keep the town for economic reasons but seeing as how the leaders of their kind reacted, this place was of little importance to him.

Some buildings collapsed behind him as he looked at the sky. He took a deep breathe before he heard a distinct buzzing sound. As he listened closer, it went along with more of a flapping. He turned his attention to the noise to be met with two green eyes.

“Well, hello.”

Nine walked but a medium distance from the others. As he moved along, he felt like someone was watching him. He spun in all directions, trying to find the unseen follower.

“Who’s there?! I know you’re here!” He took his small curved axe in hand as he tried to find a set of eyes.

This forest was much like the Evernight Forest in the way that it was tricky, dark, and deceitful. Many a Minion were killed from the treacherous body of green when they would wander off all by their lonesome. It was basically a form of suicide to travel by oneself in that place. It seemed to Nine, that this place was exactly that. He heard some twigs snapping to his right as he turned. And there, shadowed by the leaves of the trees, was a light blue aura flowing through the air.

He thought it to be just some insect but he was proved wrong when it spoke.

“What are you creature? The Great and Powerful Trixie demands you to answer!”

Princess Celestia and Luna were tiredly trotting with their subjects from Ponyville. Never, had they ever been exerted this much. After what happened, Princess Celestia rushed to her sister’s side and together, they made way for the Elements of Harmony.

“I don’t understand, Lulu. Our power surely should have done something. And....why were we so tired after flying and using magic? That never happens.” Princess Celestia was scared, and confused.

“We do not know either, sister. We have been through many encounters and not once have we been....drained..like that before.” Princess Luna replied.

The two Alicorns were at the head of the pack, leading them back to Canterlot for a safe haven. The Elements of Harmony were lagging back just a bit. They were tired from this whole ordeal as well. The celestial royalty looked to each other for comfort.

“It feels as if something is working against us.”

“Yes, it appears so.” Luna replied.

They heard hoofsteps moving towards them.

“Ah, Twilight Sparkle. Pray tell, what do you know of that...thing..?”

Twilight, with her horn absent, looked to the ground. “I don’t know, Princess. It’s...I..I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of horrible thing that is. I can barely think at all. It’s just...this horn...well, lack of a horn, hurts. Can you fix it?” Twilight asked with two big, pleading eyes.

“But of course!” Princess Luna stopped and closed her eyes. She began to focus with all of her power on Twilight’s head. She could feel the magic beginning to take its toll as she shut her eyes even harder. When she opened her eyes, there was a half horn in place of the previous stump. “Sister, can you help Us?”

Princess Celestia nodded as she closed her eyes and followed suit. After using her magic, Twilight’s horn was anew. But both regal Alicorns were exhausted from the minor magic.

“What is this? This can’t be right. The spell should have worked with just one of us, not both. And why are we so worn out?” Princess Celestia wondered.

“I’m sorry, Princesses. I could’ve waited..” Twilight picked at the dirt floor with her hooves.

“Do not worry, Twilight Sparkle. It was our pleasure to help thou. But We ask that you help us find the meaning of this...fatigue.” Luna assured.

Twilight solemnly nodded her head and began to move backwards, going towards her friends. Fluttershy was scared, but had not seen the things that the others had. She was lucky in a sense, as she did not have to witness the evil the Overlord had. So far, she only caught sights of others being affected, the destruction of Ponyville, and other atrocities. But not once, had she seen the Minions of the six-foot tall gargantuan.

“So....is he that bad...if you don’t mind me asking..” The timid yellow Pegasus asked.

“Ya saw what he did to out home, Fluttershy. That thing ain’t any darn good. Him and his varmints destroyed our homes. Wait a sec...my apples! My Apples! He’s gonna take ‘em!” Applejack began to panic.

“It’s too late now, sweetie. There’s no point in trying to go back.” Rarity warned with a caring look.

“Ah know it ain’t safe...but sugarcube, those monsters are roamin’ about free to do as they please. Ah don’t like the thought of that.”

“Listen, AJ, relax. I wanna take them on as much as the next pony but the Princesses asked us to stay with them. I’m not gonna go and not do what they asked, get me?” Rainbow Dash added.


“But nothing, missy! That big old meanie is gonna eat you up in a big tasty stew! In fact, I think he could eat all of us in one bite!” Pinkie Pie chirped. This situation was much like another one. except that this time it was serious.

“I don’t think he would ea-” Fluttershy was stopped.

“Fluttershy!” Everypony else screamed.

Twilight moved up to the awestruck cream Pegasus. “I know you mean well, Fluttershy. But they aren’t like any of the wild animals that you’ve met. They’re way worse than anything you’ve seen.” Twilight informed gently. “Just stop worrying about them. They probably don’t care about us, either.”

Fluttershy sighed and shook her head. “I just can’t believe that some small little creatures could do this much harm.”

“Remember the ParaSprites?”


Discord laid on his back lazily as he floated through the air. He took a piece of a cotton candy cloud and threw it into his mouth and began to chew. “Hm...this is pretty fun, eh Star Swirl?” Discord turned to the cloud on his right. “Well, it’s not like you have anything to say, anyway. This is the best game that I’ve ever seen!” Discord waved his paw and claw in the air madly.

“I mean I've not only helped the ponies, but I helped the big evil guy too! I have to admit, even I’m crazy. So,” Discord turned his view back to the land below him. “I helped the Elements meet their precious Princesses, and I help that guy there with the Princesses by weakening them. I am the best referee you’ll find in all of Equestria.” He bragged.

He turned from his back to his stomach as he kicked his legs about. “Huh..I don’t even know who’s going to win now. I could help the ponies....but that wouldn’t be fun. Also, I could help the...Overlord was it? So many choices, so little time. And I haven’t even thought about the other races! Zebras, Minotaurs, Diamond Dogs, Changelings, Dragons, there are just so many to choose from!” Discord brought his hands to his face and laughed.

“Oh well. I guess I can mix things up a bit. Let’s see what happens if I turn the Overlord’s most loyal subjects into enemies..” Discord looked to the construction site at the Princesses’ old castle. He teleported a telescope out of nowhere and zoomed into a somewhat hunched over old Minion. “He’ll do nicely.”