• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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What Action Do We Take Next, Milord?

Author's Note: Gnarl here. This author, this...PonyManne fellow, is weak and cowardly. He has a knack and love for scribbling and writing his putrid filth that he calls stories down and showcasing it. This chapter was meant to have tons and tons of killing, but he has faltered from his girlish behaviour. He had...refused to kill off the ponies you call the Mane 6. But do not fret, as we made sure to have a torturi- I mean "convincing" session to have someone killed. Sadly, there is no mass killing in this chapter..But do not worry, Minions, for we have accomplished in having some in the next, although it is a small amount. We'll be sure to do some more "convincing" with PonyManne the next chance we get.

“Hey! Let me go!” Rainbow Dash screamed.

“Get offa me, ya varmints!” Applejack followed.

“Ahh! You’re all so dirty! And you’re touching my stunningly clean coat!” Rarity whined

“Shut up!” Ten commanded.

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and finally Twilight Sparkle walked closely against each other, each step making their coats rub up against each other. Rarity found it all the while disgusting as she was not only being pelted with the sweat of her friends, but the touch of the imps surrounding them. They did, however, remain silent as a mouse whenever the Overlord turned his head back towards them, staring at them with the two malicious red eyes. They remembered what had happened earlier.

“-And that’s when I used the Banish Spell. Then, when all of the small thingies started to go wild, I used a teleportation spell to throw a bucket of water on you. We have to warn Princess Celestia. These creatures are definitely hostile, seeing as how that big one picked you up and almost killed you!”

“Ya got that right!” Applejack added.

“So what now?” Pinkie Pie inquired.

Twilight began. “Right now we-”

“Found them, Master! What do we do to them?” A voice from behind Twilight asked.

Twilight felt a huge chill travel up her body. It was even worse than the feeling from before. She looked to all of her friends who sat across from her. All of them had their eyes wide open, too scared and shocked to even speak, staring right at something tall that was behind her. The fillies were cowering and whimpering yet again.

With every single part of her, Twilight tried to fight the temptation to turn around and look at the things, closely inspecting them for future research. Yet again her will was overcome, as Twilight couldn’t defeat her bookish and studious ways and she turned around hastily and found one giant metal finger pointed at her, two red glowing eyes right behind. No noise but the single word that followed filled the air. It was deathly silent.


The girls behind Twilight were just as scared as the former was. Who wouldn’t be terrified of a gigantic metal beast that had two piercing red eyes? Not to mention the fact that it’s attire was giving off a rather evil aura. Being the leader of the smaller monsters were no help either. His voice itself was something. It wasn’t shrilly or annoying, but it was attention grabbing. The Overlord’s voice, although only heard from that one word, was deep, resounding, and downright horrifying. Just hearing him speak seemed to put more fear in the fillies, shake the land itself, and darken the clouds.

That was another peculiar thing too. Right at that particular moment in time, while the events were unfolding, the Everfree Forest decided to have a dark downpour occur. The tiny drops of water blended with the already present drops that were being emitted from the nervous ponies themselves. The water just oozed off of their bodies, also amplifying the tears that were dwelling in their corneas.

The rain had an impacting effect on the other beings as well. For the smaller things, the water made their armor seem to shine and gave their weapons a frightening clang or clonk every time a drop hit against them. The creatures stood there, their small barely audible breaths causing a bust of steam to brew from the mouths. Their little yellow eyeballs stared right at the targets in front of them, examining each and every single movement from the peaceful equines.

Then, there was the Overlord. The water seemed to make a shield of some sorts around him. It did touch his armor, but it didn’t shine it, or dampen it. No, it was as if the water enhanced his strength or presence. When the rain poured onto his steel armor, each little tap sounded like a thunderbolt crashing through. His hand that was wrapped around tightly around his mace kept its luster, holding the weapon ever so tightly. The other free hand was lazily slung to his side. It hanged about, still brewing a spell.

Accounting all of these factors into the equation, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the befuddled mares could do the only thing that they could possibly think of. Let it be known, that this particular moment in history would go down in Equestrian knowledge. The actions of these girls would forever decide the fate that would ensure their actions. Their actions would be so life-changing, that calling it a simple mix-up would be controversial. What they were about to do was perhaps the most irrational thing one could do.

“AAAAAAHHHHH!” Every single mare and filly present screamed their heads off.

Twilight, panicking from the sudden break of silence, tried to teleport themselves away from the horrid atrocities. She closed her eyes with as much power as she could muster, having the image of Ponyville burned into her mind. She just needed to focus a little more and she could get there in no time. Just a little more…


Some small bursts of purple magic came out from her horn. Her magical aura was building up. She just needed a few more seconds. Just a little more….

*Spark* *Spark*

Even more magic bursts this time. She could feel her soul tapping into the back-up reserve well of magic that she would save up for dire situations. Almost there…

*Spark* *Spark* *Spark* *Spark*

One more second!....


It took Twilight a few minutes to fully register what had just happened. She could smell it; the carrots from Carrot Top’s stall, the apples that Big Macintosh was selling, the fruit juices that Berry Punch was giving away at half price, everything. She could smell the flowers that were planted all around Ponyville. She could hear the idle chatter of its citizens as they walked by. She could feel the sweet warm rays of Celestia’s sun shining down on her. And she opened her eyes to see it all.

And there in front of her was the Overlord with her horn in his free hand.

Real Author's Note: Sorry for the short chapter guys but whilst writing the final part, I just got lazy. For some reason in my mind, I decided that ending it here was the best thing I have ever accomplished in my sad life. No just kidding, but I did think it was a great line to end with. Don't get mad or annoyed though, because a longer chapter is coming tommorow. :D