• Published 17th Jun 2012
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For the Overlord! - PonyManne215

After escaping the Abyss without their master, the imps of the Overlord seek to bring him back.

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An Ending For People Who Didn't Understand the Thing I Was Doing in the Last Chapter (Not True Ending, Just for People Who Think It Sucks Now)

This chapter is so bad, I want to cry. This is obviously a troll on the readers who lost faith in me, so note that it won't degrade my writing, nor the story, but just something for the people who want to quit the story because my context was a bit too subtle...Oh, and this is just a joke, I don't hate you guys. I'm just a little steamed at myself for not putting my intentions in bold/underline/italics/ and size 69 font. Sorry boyos. Oh, and any errors will have been left alone intentionally. This is just the ending I made out of pure rage, nothing to do with the real story. And sorry if I seem childish because of this, but anger makes you do dumb things.

So the Overlord was Good and everything he did was good. He looked at Gnarl and said, “Let’s put a smile on that face.” And then he proceeded to punch the old imp’s face off until bone showed. Then he herped to the derp down the hallway, cause he was all good and stuff, and punched everything in his way. He punched flowers, plants, vases, shields, everything. Nothing screwed with this badas- wait no, good-reared mother-sexual intercourse participator.

Then Ten went up to him and grinned, “Didn’t get any sleep? You mad?”

The Good Overlord then punched his face off. Basically, then a giant baby seal came out of the sky and together, the Good Overlord and the Giant Baby Seal, which was quickly named ‘Mr. Khil’, destroyed all of Evil. Then, the Reapers showed up and the Catalyst was all like, “I have a new friend now. And you must choose to be Synthesized or to be Annihilated.”

So the Young Overlord suddenly pulled out some Old Spice and said, “Where’s Billy Mays?”

At that precise moment, Saxton Hale jumped out of the sky and informed them of very grave news, “He died while fighting a polar bear.” The Australian removed his hat. “He was a good Oxy-Clean salesman, unlike that new one.”

So then, Evil was beaten, Chrysalis got turned into a cheese grater, and harmony was back in Equestria. And then, the Good Overlord was made into a cliche and was immediately shipped with every single female pony in the world for no reason whatsoever. He was just that cool.

One day, when the sun was high in the sky, smoking a Ganja and wearing shades, the Good Overlord decided to skip along a meadow. And that’s when it happened.


A whole army of giant crabs and crab people were like, “We want your lands and stuffs because the water is no good. Sea creatures rule! Oh, and uh, lobsters suck.”

The Good Overlord was soo touched by these things’ plight that his Good died and he turned Evil again. Without a Minion Army, he used the crabs as a way to beat Celestia. That is, until they were all thrown into a boiler and became fish food, literally. But he was the Overlord, the biggest and baddest mofo who could never die or get hurt, no he was soooo powerful nothing could stop him, not even for plot development or a literary technique. No, fanfiction writers feared him at every stop. So, after beating the pulp out of PonyManne215 for making him a good guy, albeit for a small time just for plot’s sake, he went to fight Celestia.

The crab people were dead, and only their females remained. And yet again, the Big Ol’ Overlord was shipped with every single one because of no reason other that he is cool. With his abundance of babes, ponies and crabs, he attacked Celestia who was busy playing a coat hanger in chess. She lost, of course.

And then Celestia turned to Overlord and shouted, “Why you no be good?”

Overlord sneered at her and kicked her into a puddle of conveniently placed piranhas and crocodiles and she was made their janitorial slave. Luna got turned into a fully so Overlord could raise her to be, “My Little Evil Filly Luna”, and everything got set on fire as jazz came on and a similar song called, “I Don’t Want to Set the World On Fire” started to play from out of nowhere.

So there he was, the Overlord in his dark and spiky chamber with guns, weapons, babes, more spikes, potato salad, and a gardening rake. These were the most evil and badass things of all time. But then the phone rang.

And the Overlord picked up, listening for the caller.


There was no phone...

Then who let phone?

And how phone come?

Then there were......


And then a giant bowl of cereal saved the day and ate the Overlord for irony’s sake.


Again, this is just me venting, but hey, it has some creativity in it, so you can't say I wasted your time. It wasn't what one would expect. huh? And no, this isn't the real ending either. That is a ways to come.