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Most, if not all of my fanfics are somewhat good to somewhat bad one-shot stories. The editing is limited to none. I'm open for any constructive criticism, so don't be shy if you find a flaw.


There is a gang that lives in the middle of nowhere on the east, in a little town where everypony knows everypony. One of them can bake, the other can fly, another can make celebration tools, and another can ski. They're all tight friends, inspired by the bond of six ponies that came and saved the villiage.

Though some of those friends are not satisfied.

(No yaoi hentai (since I can't succeed at writing it for my life :'D) but it's going to be mainly shounen ai.)

Art cover by me.

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Wooohoo, first comment :P also interteresting plot btw

Note: I'm not 'that' advanced in English grammar, so sorry if I got these wrong.:twilightsheepish:

then they got chased by a deer Double thought was almost sure was a manticore,

I think it would fit better like this: "then they got chased by a deer Double thought was a manticore."

She said, 'You're cutie mark has really ruined your life, hasn't it?



I didn't know you could use this? I thought more of: "You know?"

Edit: Sorry, but I think it would fit better without "A.T.M." I know it stands for 'At The Moment' but some readers who are not as progressed in English, might have difficult with finding the meaning of it.:twilightsmile:

Good chapter though. Cheers!:twilightsmile:

Cute artwork, good story, best pairing!

6429982 Ohh, that makes sense, I wasn't quite sure how to word it. Thank you!

(It's funny how secondary-English speakers have better English than me haha xP)

6430249 I don't know English better than you.:twilightsmile: I'm just someone who is afraid to make mistakes, and likes to improve himself on it, especially on grammar in English. I've a friend help me here on FIMfiction with the basics of writing. And if I help others out with it, only better.:twilightsmile:

Because I'm kind of afraid to make mistakes, small things can get my attention.:twilightsheepish:

Impatience.... Must try to wait.... For next chapter...

6459019 Don't worry, I plan to upload at the very least a chapter per month :raritywink:

I just realized that this was a flashback, wow my stupid head didn't realize that the weird disconnect inbetween the two chapters was because of a flashback. HOW COME MY STORY COULDN'T BE AS GREAT AS THIS ONE?!

6472179 They added character tags for Double Diamond and Party Favor.

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