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Two ponies face off in what could be the single greatest match of ping pong in all of Equestria. When the Equestria World Ping Pong Championship Tournament reaches the finals, all of Equestria will witness showdown of epic proportions between Pinkie "The Paddle" Pie, an up and coming rookie prodigy, and the reigning champion Rainbow "The Smash Queen" Dash. When these two legends meet, what will happen, who will win, and the question that haunts us all, how the hay are they holding the paddles with no hands?!

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I admit, I just couldn't resist putting Derpy in at the end like that. It seemed too good a chance to miss, and it might even actually be the catalyst for the EWPPCT :rainbowlaugh:

So whadda ya think? Should Derpy take on Dash at the next EWPPCT?

Oh please yes I have visions of a ping pong paddle perfectly punctured permanently by a delighted Derpy

So you want Miss Hooves to win? :derpytongue2:

I can't be sure wether or not that's a good or bad thing... :rainbowhuh:

:raritydespair: Please don't hurt me, I'm juggling like three stories!


Any special requests? :duck:

Author Interviewer

Heard this on Reading Rainboom.

I have to say, this is neither the funniest nor the best-written story (in-text time changes, all the show quotes), but I feel as though I and the fandom are enriched for its having been written. That's good enough for a thumbs-up!

1572200 I... Have no idea how to take that comment. :applejackunsure:

Author Interviewer

It's kinda wishy-washy, yeah. Take your thumbs-up? :D

I will, but I'm still thoroughly confused.

Huh....ummmm....ok.....hmmm.......eh, buck it. Thumbs up:yay:

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