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Okay, kinda lost track there, but if I read it properly (and not whilst doing homework!), it'd be amazing.
It's kinda depressing also.
A couple of grammar mistakes, but it's really good.

Wow, this is incredibly tear-racking. I commend you for being able to write such a sad story like this, and yet have it still work when someone like me reads. Here, have a like:pinkiesad2:

Context; this story needs it badly.

Ya, sorry about that. I don't have an editor.

6141045 I'm always happy to help!
I'm a real grammar nazi sometimes :D

Cool, thanks! :twilightsmile:

Ugh! More "evil scary supernatural killer Pinkie!"

Why do so many bronies see the sweetest and most innocent pony that way? Why??:pinkiesad2::pinkiesick:

That's actually what makes the story more interesting in some cases. Tirek or King Sombra try to take over the country, pretty much expected. Pinkie Pie or Derpy commit mass murder, say what!? You know what I mean?

6142629 I can understand that, but is it ALWAYS Pinkie? It's never Derpy or anypony else. Furthermore the story depicts her with bizarre supernatural powers.

Pinkie has been turned into Equestria's version of Pennywise the Clown ever since "Cupcakes."

However, my opinions are nothing but my opinions. You may take other people's opinions into consideration or just allow them to vent when you've touched a raw nerve in someone, but you have--and MUST have--complete freedom to write the world you wish to. I hope my whining didn't come across as "change the way you write or else!" because I have no right to say such a thing.

Why are the ponies breaking into Applejack's house? Why did Pinkie start abusing everypony? There's so much more you could've added in in this story. May you please reply back to me with an explanation?

But, this story is still good. Have a like and a fave.

Well you see, this story is actually a remake of a story that I deleted. The original story revolved around the exact same story line, however it involved the crusaders and not Applejack. However, the reviews were so bad that I deleted that story and decided to start things out with Applejack instead of the crusaders. I'll go back to the crusaders again, but not after I make a prequel of this story first.

Without giving away too many spoiler: Pinkie Pie does something that involves killing almost everyone, and the ponies that attack Applejack seem to be under Pinkies influence. However, a lot of details seem to be missing, but that is only because the story is being told through a letter written by Applebloom. Appleblooms young and doesn't really know why any of this is happening. All she knows is Pinkies done something bad, ponies are trying to kill them, and Applejacks lost her marbles and is now abusing her to the point of death. So now the crusaders have ran away. What did Pinkie do to kill everypony? Who were the ponies that attacked Aj? What will happen to the Crusaders. These are questions that can only be answered in future stories.

Oh, okay! Makes sense! Can't wait for another story!

Heh, this one actually made me cry. And I like that in a story, you know?
Although I was wondering what Applebloom was turned into.
Anyways, great story!

Its going to be awhile until I work on this story again. You see, I was in the middle of another story when I started losing my focus. Kind of like writers block but not as bad. So I thought why not make a quick story about something else? And that's exactly why I wrote Scars. I didn't think people would like it so much though. So yes I will make a prequel and probably a sequel. But I have to finish the story I was already working on first. But I am glad so many people enjoyed it! I wasn't expecting that! Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I'm thinking of doing a dramatic reading of this. That is, if youtube let's me upload...

Im okay with it, go for it

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