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When I was a pup a pack of timberwolfs found me and raised me as their own. After a few years I found a zebra in the middle of the everfree woods and decided to study her for a bit. Probably not a good idea.....

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i love this story, the first chapter i found it a little boring but this one is realy cool, just please dont do the error to put the wolf into a vegetarian wolf pls :rainbowkiss:

Okay first question. How did you find this story? And secondly do you think I should continue? It has a lllloooooottttt of errors In the grammar and low vocabular skilled wording. And thanks for the positive feedback I stopped because people said all the stuff listed above.:twilightoops:


for your first question i just add the word WOLF in the filter and i found this (awsome) story.

YEA!!!!! you need to continue

Probably because im a french canadian, but i did not found so much gramatical error so please continue your story :yay:

1382701 Thanks ill get started on it than and it's spelled "awesome". I looked at your profile and I would like to welcome you to the amazing world of fimfiction.net while your here you should check out some of the stories in my faves list you might find something you really like:twilightsmile: like " Griffon the griffon" an all time classic enjoy:pinkiehappy:


hahaha thank you i wish the next chapter will be awEsome :twilightsmile:

yea thanks for continue your story bro.:twilightsmile:

So Zecora and Twilight attack and capture him, force him into pony society, force magic on him, force a enchanted muzzle onto him, force him to never be able to hunt and eat meat which wolves and all carnivors need for the nesccessary energies to survive, take him from his pack and yet Wolfy is like "yeah ok Im fine with being forced into captivity and stolen away from my instincts and life"
Also Vegetarian Wolf?? Im pretty sure wolves don't eat fruits but can eat certain vegetation if they absolutely need to or to serve as a occasional snack.
This story could do better, Twilight and Zecora are being cruel animal abusers even if they think their do the right thing.

Fluttershy would be absolutly livid/enraged at what the two have forced onto Wolfy, and do all in her power to undo what theyve done and free Wolfy from their evil spells, Celestia would be extremely disappointed in Twilight and the others would be confused and very disappointed at Twilight's rash and overall stupid actions just because Wolfy is a wolf and carnivore.
Also not entirely sure if Wolfy is male or female

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