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The Beauty of the Blizzard - RemixHero

Spike finds a small filly in one of the worst blizzards in Equestria and learns that some ponys are worth fighting for.

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Prologue: Hearth's Warming Eve Party Disaster

"D-d-don't w-w-worry w-w-we w-will -b-b-be t-t-there s-s-s-soo---------" Spike said before he froze.

"Spike? Spike?! SPIKE WAKE UP!! Please! You can't die! Spike? It's all my fault....." The little filly cried. She cried on top of him hoping by some miracle he would wake up. How he got there? Well that's a story he will never forget.

It all started at Twilight's Hearth's Warming Eve party at Golden Oaks Library in town. Everypony she knew was there. Celestia, Luna, Cadence, That guard Twilight likes, her mother, Everyone! Only her brother and her father couldn't make it because Shining Armor had to protect the empire and his father wanted to see it for the first time.

"Great party Twilight! Unforchantly Me and Luna must leave now."Celestia told her student.

"Ohh ok Thank you for coming Princesses and be careful in the storm! The pegasi really outdone themselves this time with the blizzard!" Twilight said to the princeses as they were leaving.

"We will be fine."Celestia said as she walked out the door with Luna and two Unicorn guards.

"Sorry Twilight but we have to get going too. Shining Armor wants to spend Hearths Warming Eve in the castle but we will see you in the Morning!" Cadence said.

"Ok Cadence I will see you tomorrow, Mom please be safe out there."

" I will be fine Twilight, besides I have a Very good looking guard taking care of me" Twilights mother said. She mouthed 'Talk To Him!'.

"Mom!" Twilight said in a hushed voice so he won't hear. They started to bicker until Twilight realised she can't win the fight and gives up. She walked towards the guard...She bumped into him. "Oh! Sorry umm..." Twilight said forgetting his name.

"Flash Sentry."

"Right soo umm..."

"Princess Twilight? Are you busy next week?"

"No. I don't really have plans"

"Maybe you can visit the Empire next week? I mean well the Crystal fair is next week and-"

"I would love to go with you Flash"

"REALLY?! I-I-I mean!!"Flash started to stutter while Twilight chuckled and slightly blushed. Cadence gave her a look while her friends laughed."I will see you soon then, Happy Hearth's Warming Eve Princess Twilight."

"Twilight is just fine Flash"

"Ok Twilight I will see you soon then." Flash said he walked out the door along with Cadence and her mother. Everyone started to leave the only ones left were The CMC,Spike and the Mane six. Spike was holding something with a bright red bow.

"Ok It's time to give rarity her gift! I hope she likes it!" Spike thought. He slowly walked up to Rarity talking to Applejack.

"-And I was like..Oh Spike what's that?" Rarity said. She fluttered her eyes.

"I-I-I Got you a gift Rarity I hope you like it" Spike said holding the small box with the bow.

"Oh Spike thank you." Rarity said. She used her magic and opened the little box. She didn't know what to say. It was a heart shaped frame with spike and her. It was like a gift for Hearts and Hooves day. It was all lovey dovey. Rarity had a sheepish blush. "Umm...It's a very...nice gift Spike." Rarity said with a very strange voice.

Spike was torn. He now saw that Rarity didn't like the gift, She didn't like him. Spike had loved her since he first laid eyes on her and she didn't love him back.

" I-I-I..." Spike kept scampering.

"Spike is everything ok?" Twilight asked him.

"Nothing I do is right..."


"NOTHING!" Spike yelled he ran out of the tree into the Blizzard.

"SPIKE!"Twilight yelled. He was lost in the Blizzard.

"Twilight what's wrong?" Rarity asked her. Twilight turned her eyes tearing up.

"It's Spike for the past few day's he's been freaking out about a gift for somepony but he never showed me what." Twilight said in a worried voice.Rarity's eyes blinked and then she started to question the gift.

"Twilight was this gift small?"


"Heart shaped?"


"Purple and Blue colored wrapping paper?"


"Topped with a bright red bow?"

"Yes. How did you know exactly how it looked?"

"Because it was for me!" Rarity said in a worried and upset tone.

"I should have known! Rarity what did you do when he gave it to you?"

"I didn't know what to say it was so lovey dovey I didn't really know what to say!"

"He must of thought you hated it!"

"Oh no...It's my fault he-OH MY CELESTIA SPIKE!!" Rarity said. She and Twilight ran outside for a few minutes screaming his name. He never replied. Applejack and Fluttershy rushed the two mares back inside. Fluttershy took Sweetie Belle home while AJ and Rainbow Dash took the other CMC home. Pinkie and Fluttershy told Rarity they would look after Sweetie Belle for a few hours until Rarity and Twilight's problem was solved. The two started to cry thinking of what happened to Spike.

Spike had run far away from where Golden Oaks was he ran somewhere into the everfree forest. He Was freezing but being a dragon he would have to be out in the blizzard for more than an hour before he can truly start being affected. Spike just kept running slightly crying. For the first time in a long time...

He didn't know what to do.

Author's Note:

Merry Christmas! I worked long and hard on the story so I can't wait to see how it goes. Before I forget this is actually a lot like an episode of a show called "Static Shock". The episode is called "Frozen Out" Watch it, it's such a heartwarming episode!

I Don't know when the next chapter will be out but it will be the only one or do you want it to be a multi chapter thing to make it longer? Comment below on what you think.
Now if you'll excuse me I will be ducking behind my desk avoid the riot of people for me shipping Flash and Twi!

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5457210 Don't worry the next chapter will be out soon. :scootangel:

You just want MOAR so you can be shipped with Twilight. Am I right or am I right; Brad?
Ps: stop hacking the bronies's accounts, they don't like it very much.

5570584 Flash isn't in the rest of the story just Spike and the other main charatet who will be introduced in the coming chapter.

5570584 wel, excuse me! I dont hacK. I even don't know how to. and your not right. you're wrong.

Sorry, its just your name. I couldn't resist

Friendship forming brohoof?

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