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The Crazy One

I am a very crazy person who has very many fandoms. I think my name is pretty self-explanatory.


Derpy can't meet other ponies' eyes, or she'll start feeling- strange emotions. Strange thoughts enter her head. So she stays away from ponies. But there is something that made her life a bit easier, up until now. Her eyes. They've been crossed since before she can remember. But now they aren't, and now she knows that you have to be careful what you wish for, before it's too late.

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Interesting… I like where this is going.

By the way, whoever put this in "Sad Stories," there's going to be a lot more "Sad" later on.

How did you know I had a 'Sad Stories' Bookshelf?!


Wait... That was you? And, uh... It gives us a notification when you add one of our stories to a bookshelf. That's why you'll see people with comments saying stuff like "Thanks for faving my story." No matter what you thought, we're not all stalkers.

5282985 No that wasn't me... at least I don't think so. I only made that Bookshelf about a week ago.
Alright I'll be sure to remember to notify them when I do, this one probably will go there after you add a few more chapters if what you said in the AN is true, right now it's just in 'Tracking'
EDIT: Sorry read that comment wrong ignore the second part pf this comment
EDIT2:I really need to pay more attention when I read comments


Okay. Someone added that to a bookshelf called "Sad Stories" and I don't remember who, and because it was more than two days ago I can't check.

But that's actually pretty creepy.

5283018 Ya that wan't me I just found this story today. I put 2 EDIT's on that comment I made if you didn't see them.
Why can't you check it? Shouldn't you just be able to scroll down your notifications until you find it? Or are you one of those people who get 100 Notifications a day?


After 2 days, notifications disappear if they've been clicked on. If they haven't, it takes a week. I get up to 10 notifications a day, I'm actually new to the site.

EDIT: Some days I only get 1 or even 0 notifications.

More! I like your style of writing!


Thanks! Unfortunately, I've been experiencing a bit of writer's block, and I also have other projects. Girl Scout Cookies, for example, will be taking huge chunk of my time, and I'm helping a friend raise money for something, so that's another chunk. I will try to write more as soon as possible.

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