• Published 12th Nov 2014
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I'm your son too - Synthetic Soul

Twilights having a baby. At first I was happy, but now I feel like she loves that foal more than me.

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

I really hope this does good. If it gets a bunch of dislikes, I'm going to blow up my computer with dynamite, and mail the pieces to Lauren Faust with a note saying; "This is all your fault!" But in all cerealness I hope you guys enjoy this. I haven't seen another story with the same idea, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. If there is, I did not intend to rip it off.

It was a normal day in the Ponyville Library for Spike. As usual, Twilight was out doing things while Spike was stuck inside the tree house doing his chores. He didn’t mind though. He WAS her assistant after all, the best assistant in the world, as she would often point out. Right now, Spike was just finishing his sweeping. He brushed the last bit of dust into the dustpan. Once all the dirty dust was in the pan, he walked over to the trashcan, and poured it in. Spike put away his cleaning materials, and observed the room. It was spotless, well except for the large pile of books on the floor that Twilight had made during last nights study session.

“Perfect,” said Spike with satisfaction. “Now to get to work on those books.” Spike walked over to the pile, and began organizing the books, by title, and by genre. About halfway through his task, his attention was brought to the front door as it opened. Spike turned to face the pony entering, and was glad to see it was the familiar Alicorn returning from her outing.

“Hey Twilight!” greeted Spike with a wave.

“Hi Spike!” said Twilight with an unusual amount of enthusiasm. “Take a break from those chores, I’ve got some great news!” Now intrigued, Spike put the book in his hand onto the shelf and turned to face his caretaker.

“What is it Twilight?” asked Spike.

“Guess!” replied Twilight.

“Uh, OK. Um, did you invent a new spell?”

“No,” replied Twilight, sporting an insanely large smile that would put Pinkie Pie to shame.

“Um, did you win an award for your experiments in-“ Spike was interrupted by Twilight pushing her hoof to his mouth.

“Spike, shush! That’s supposed to be a secret. Hush hush, remember?”

“Oh, right,” replied Spike. “Alright, I give up. What is the surprise?”

“Alright…Me and Flash…”

“WHAT, you and Flash what!” cried Spike.


“Sweet Celestia, get on with it, I’m dying with suspense over here!”

“We’re having a foal!” Spikes eyes widened in surprise.

“Whoa,” said Spike as he stumbled back with a hand to his head. After a few seconds to recover from this most unsuspected news, Spike looked up to Twilight, who was looking quite happy over the news. “Wait, but you two didn’t’ get married did you?”

“Oh, Spike! We live in a new day and age, where ponies don’t need to get married in order to have a child.” Me and Flash will tie the knot when we’re ready.”

“Well, that’s great news Twilight! Do you know if it’s going to be a filly or a colt yet?”

“Not yet, that will take at least 16 weeks for us to know.”

“That’s great Twi! I’ll help you in any way I can!” said an excited Spike.

“I know you will, that’s why you’re my number one assistant!”

Spikes Journal, May 4, 1004 A.N.M

Dear diary Dear Manly journal,

Today, Twilight told me some great news! She’s having a baby! This is great; it will be like having a little brother or sister! Somepony to play with, somepony I can teach things too, and to play pranks with! I mean, I know Twilight isn’t my mom, but in a way, she kind of is. I mean, she is the one hatched me, and she is the one who basically raised me. I mean, she had Princess Celestia, and her parents to help, but she is the one I looked up to for guidance and love. I don’t know if she feels the same way though. Well, I’ll be there for her no matter what.

Spikes Journal, May 6, 1004 A.N.M
Dear journal,
Today, me and Twilight Twilight and I went out to lunch with Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Applejack. We had a great time. It was really great, well except I could tell Twilight missed Flash. He got stationed at some outpost for who knows long. Luckily Twilight was able to send a message to him telling him about the baby. We’ll find out his response soon.

But anyway, back to the celebration. We had a great lunch. The others all kind of freaked out when they found out. Applejack offered Apple Bloom's old baby stuff, Rarity insisted on designing clothes for the little guy, or girl. Fluttershy offered to foalsit, and Pinkie Pie insisted in throwing a party. Rainbow Dash was concerned with whether or not the foal is going to have wings or not. But, what’re you going to do?

Well, it’s been a long day. I’m going to hit the sack. Goodnight journal.

Spikes Journal, June 14, 1004 A.N.M

Well, Flash is still stationed away. Twilight sent a message to her family telling them of her pregnancy. Cadence was really excited. Twi’s parents found it funny that Twilight was having a child before Shining and Cadence. Shining promised that he would use his connections to try and get Flash home in time for the birthing, but the Royal Guard is kind of spread thin. It might take some time though. The family, I mean Twilights family plan on coming into town in time for the birthing.

Well, that’s all for know. I’ll write again as soon as something happens.

Spikes Journal, September 19, 1004 A.N.M

Dear Journal,
Today was…well I’m not really sure. There’s some good news, and some bad news. No, not bad news, terrible news! We got a message from the Royal Guard. Flash…well, Flash won’t be coming home. It’s terrible. His unit went to go and investigate this disturbance, and it turned out to be a camping group of Changelings in Equestrian territory. The Changelings attacked. There were causalities on both sides. Unfortunately, Flash was one of them.

Twilights taking it pretty hard. She’s freaking out, about how she can’t raise her child without Flash. I mean, I know how the pressures of having a baby can take their toile on her. But, she seems to be forgetting that she does have some experience in childcare; I mean she raised me without a father, and I turned out all right, didn’t I?

As for Flash, well, we never really got that close. I mean he was a cool guy and all, and I regret his passing, but you know, we just never really hit it off. Still, it’s a terrible thing that he’s gone.

All this talk about sad stuff, I completely forgot about the good news. We found out the gender of the baby! It’s a boy! And what’s cooler, he’s going to be an Alicorn, just like Twilight! It’s great; it’s going to be like having a little brother! I’ll teach him guy stuff, like hoofball, and um…well…huh; I guess I need to find more guy activities. Geez, I need more guy friends.

Well, that's all for now

Spikes Journal, February 14, 1005 A.N.M

TWILIGHT JUST WENT INTO LABOR! The girls and I were all gathered around in the library! I was bringing them some drinks, because I’m the best assistant ever, and Twilight just went into labor! Oh boy, this is it! I’m waiting in the waiting room. Oh Celestia, I’m so nervous. Why am I nervous, it’s not my kid? I guess I’m just nervous for Twilight. I really hope the kid is healthy. Well, it’s about 12 o’clock at night right now. I guess I should get some rest. I’ll write back in this journal when the baby is born. Goodnight journal!