• Published 12th Nov 2014
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I'm your son too - Synthetic Soul

Twilights having a baby. At first I was happy, but now I feel like she loves that foal more than me.

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Chapter 2

Spike sat on his chair in the hospital waiting room, twirling his thumbs, with nervousness. He worried that something might go wrong. The baby might not get enough oxygen during birth. He could have some sort of defect, or worse be still born!

Spike tried to redirect his thoughts toward the positive. These were skilled doctors, and they knew what they were doing. The chances were in the favor of the baby being born perfectly healthy. He then started thinking about all the fun stuff he would do with Twilight's son. They would pull pranks, play hoof ball, and he would finally have somepony to do guy stuff with!

Spike looked around the waiting room. Twilight’s parents were present, as well as Shining and Cadence. Twilight’s friends, and even Princess Celestia were there. Spike also noticed a few other ponies from around town were present, most likely for different reasons.

As the hours rolled by, Spike continued to stare at his hands. As much as he tried to redirect his mind, he still felt worry. He just wanted everything to work out ok.

After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, a doctor clad in scrubs walked out of the double doors. He removed his facemask, and then cleared his throat.

“Friends and family of Twilight Sparkle?” The entire group redirected their attention to the doctor.

“There’s somepony who wants to meet you.” He opened the door, and held it open for the group, who filed through the doors. The doctor then led the group down the hall, into Twilight's room. It was rather cramped, but they were able to fit. All eyes directed toward Twilight, holding a blue green bundle close to her breast. Twilight looked exhausted, yet relieved. She had a warm smile on her face. She looked up from the bundle, to look at the group.

“Hi everypony. Care to meet my new little bundle of joy?” She turned the bundle to reveal the Alicorn foal. His fur was lavender, just like Twilight's. His mane was royal blue like flash’s, but it was styled more like Rainbow Dash’s. He was sleeping soundly, his chest rising and falling steadily. The entire group (Minus Rainbow Dash) awed at the sight.

Pinkie Pie began hopping up and down in excitement. “Ooo, this is so super duper exciting! I have to throw the most fantastic party ever! We’ll have cake, and streamers, and punch, and party games, and music and everything! And we’ll invite the entire town!”

“I think just a small party for those in the room would be enough, if you don’t mind Pinkie,” said Twilight in a soft tone of voice.

“Oh, ok. BUT it will be a fantastic party nonetheless!” replied Pinkie.

Spike made his way through the group to Twilight's bedside, and stood on his tiptoes in order to see the baby better. “Can I hold him Twilight?” The new mother looked hesitant. Being a new mother, she was nervous about letting somepony else touch him. But she’d read up on this, and knew that this was merely a hormonal thing, causing her to be a bit over protected. She knew she could trust Spike.

“Well, ok Spike, but I need you to wash your claws first.” Spike nodded, and went over to the sink and scrubbed his claws clean. Once he did that, he returned to Twilight's bedside. Twilight then carefully handed the infant over, not using her magic do to the exhaustion of childbirth.

Spike took the foal in his arms, and cradled him carefully. Spike was majorly relieved that the child was healthy, and that nothing had gone wrong. He looked down at the baby, and smiled. There was a new member to his family! He finally had a younger sibling to hang out with! He was so excited!

“So Twilight, what have you decided to name him?” asked Princess Celestia.

“Well, as soon as I saw his mane, I new what his name was going to be. I decided to call him Skylight Sentinel,” said Twilight.

“That’s a cool name!” said Rainbow Dash.

“Thanks,” replied Twilight. The group talked for a bit, passing the baby around, so everypony had a chance to see him. Once everypony had a chance to hold him, they returned Skylight to his mother. Twilight cradled her child, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I love you more than anypony Skylight. You’re my whole world.”

When that was heard by Spike, he felt a twinge in his heart, though he barely let it show. ‘She doesn’t mean that she loves him more than me does she?...No, no, it’s probably just hormones. I’m sure all moms say that, even if they already have another child.’ Spike did his best not to take it personally.

Once Twilight and Skylight were released from the hospital, the entire group returned to the library for a celebration. Twilight sat on her couch, next to her parents, while the group conversed, ate confections, and played a few games.

“I can’t believe I’m finally a grandparent,” said Twilight's mother. “Makes me feel old actually, but still I’m glad for you Twilight.”

“Me too,” replied Twilight. While the ponies conversed, the only dragon in the room was serving drinks and such. ‘Huh…you’d think I’d get to join in the party, instead of just serving drinks…then again, I am the only one to do this, Twilight is exhausted, and everypony else is a guest. I guess I don’t mind.’ Once the drinks had been served, Spike put the tray he was carrying down, and joined the party.

All throughout the party, Spike heard everypony talking about how much of a blessing the baby was, and how lucky Twilight was to have him. It got Spike thinking. He wondered if anypony made this big a deal when he was hatched. Did they throw a party for him too? He never saw any pictures of such a thing. Was his hatching not as important?

That thought hurt Spike, it made him feel sad. But this was no time to feel sorry for himself. This was a happy day. So, Spike decided not to let it show. He didn’t want to ruin the party, so he put on a mask, and pretended nothing was bothering him. He then decided that this was a happy day, and he was going to be happy! After all, he was sure that by tomorrow morning, after a good sleep, he’d feel all-better.