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Princess Luna eats an herb Twilight found on a trip to the Everfree.
She gets a sudden urge to eat all of Celestia's cakes.

Chapters (1)
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Ah Twilight..
I too a have a well practiced face... Appendage...

5017275 *chuckle*

Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

Here, have a Twihoof: :facehoof:

So is that just the Equestrian version of the Green Queen or are you alluding to some other recreational herb?

Basically I just wanted Luna to get stoned, exhibit the stereotypical "stoner gets the munchies", and piss off Celestia (the fanon eater of much cake). Though of course, Luna eating an unknown herb is kinda dumb, but...

...or is it unknown? :trollestia:

I know next to nothing about recreational drugs; I just wanted to go for a quick laugh. You are correct about the allusion to marijuana's effects; I added an author's note to that effect.

Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

OK, I confess! I laughed. :twilightsheepish:

Stoned Luna is adorable! :twilightsmile:

5025519 Excellent!

Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

When Tia wasn't looking, Princess Luna confiscated the cakes! She confiscated all the cakes. And that's terrible.

Confounded stoned lunar princess, stealing all the cakes...

Nice story, though personally I wished it was a bit longer. Would"ve been hilarious if a guard was directly outside the door and warned her of Luna's "condition" like a scared little filly because of the Canterlot Voice. Still, nice job.

5691383 Thanks for reading.

I don't think I could have made it longer if I tried; it wouldn't have been funny. Please see my previous comment if you want an explanation:

Oh trust me, cannabis buds are plenty pretty too

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