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Clive has been in his asylum for five years now. If he has good behavior he can leave by this year! But is something making him want to stay? He has to remember everything he did to get in the position he is in. He doesn't want to admit it because, what if she goes away?

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Well there we go. All finished. Took me a couple of days to finally get it done. Of course that was because of off and on writing. Seems like I can never sit down and write.

So some information: this is the background of one of the ponies in my story that isn't a one shot. I would be very happy if you would take a look at it. I enjoy all comments, so don't be scared to say what's wrong with it. I enjoy good criticism more than anything. Anyway I hope you enjoyed and see you around. :heart:

I see what you did there about the grey Pegasus with blonde hair and eyes darting in a different direction. ~Derpy

Wow...that was amazing. This was all about Clive.:fluttershysad: It is sad but, amazing.:pinkiehappy:

Poor Derp. Why is she in there? :derpyderp2:


I don't know. It seemed right.

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