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Lightning is a seemingly normal pegasus, but that all takes a turn when his father dies. Ever since his father died markings have been glowing and his legs. Everything takes a turn when someone makes a suprise vist. He quickly learns he is a part of something much bigger than he could have ever imagned. What do these marks mean, and why are they so special? Why is he the one that has to be different?

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Clive has been in his asylum for five years now. If he has good behavior he can leave by this year! But is something making him want to stay? He has to remember everything he did to get in the position he is in. He doesn't want to admit it because, what if she goes away?

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Read the story of a pony. Listen to his morals and the teachings he has for you. You may just learn something.

I basically started writing and didn't stop until I felt I needed to finish. Don't kill me for the grammar mistakes.

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