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Read the story of a pony. Listen to his morals and the teachings he has for you. You may just learn something.

I basically started writing and didn't stop until I felt I needed to finish. Don't kill me for the grammar mistakes.

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Actually, that was pretty normal.

My. My god! This is a brilliant story ^^. I don't think that I could point out any mistakes. Good plot. Nice characterisation. Overall. Brilliant!

333735 :pinkiegasp: how is it normal? This story is abnormal in the good way :pinkiehappy:

Thank you. I really appreciate the comment. This little story won't continue (obviously), but I will probably be making short stories to distract me from the other one I'm writing. Feel free to check that one out too.

I was listening to moonlight by mono while reading and wow music can bring in a heavy atmosphere when your reading.

This is really well done dude. reallly well.:fluttercry:

333932 unfortunately . My safari pages on my iPod are full :/

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