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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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Rebel Spirit/ A new Adventure


Hebrews 2:1 ~

So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it.


Rebel Spirit/A New Adventure

The horn blared in the darkness as the boat made its way across the cold waters of the south pole. It was night and the moon shone high above as a young sailor looked over the water from the top of the boat. He was pretty young with jet black hair and a few whiskers on his chin.

"This your first watch?" the old sailor asked as he approached the youth, who nodded in response. "Well then, keep your eyes peeled, laddie. Ya never know what creatures lurk in the musky depths."

The young sailor gasped at the older sailor's words. He had heard stories about strange and ferocious creatures that lived in the depths of the sea. He prayed to the spirits he did not encounter them. He looked overboard while the elder chuckled as he walked off, smiling eerily. For a moment, all was peaceful…until the young sailor caught a glimpse of something in the water. It was too dark to make out the shape completely, all he could make out were two glowing crystal clear orbs.

"Uh, Sir!" the lad cried out fearfully.


Before the boy could say another word, a large black tentacle rose from the waters and snatched up the older sailor from the boat. He screamed as he tried to break free from the creature's grip, only to have the tentacle squeeze him tighter. The old man was dragged into the ocean and the younger sailor was petrified with fear. His first and only reaction was to call for help.

"Man overboard! Man overboard!" the young man screamed in terror as several more tentacles rose from the water and started entrapping the boat in its powerful hold. It did not take long for the boat to be dragged down into the water.


Korra's eyes snapped open and she jolted upwards, now sitting upright on her bed. It was strange, she wasn't having any nightmares, no dreams at all. It was a perfect sleep, and yet she was suddenly woken up by….something.

"That's weird." she slowly got off of her bed and walked to the window. The moon shined bright as the city lights shimmered like fireflies in the night, reflecting her stunning heart shaped cyan gem necklace, which was gift given to her by her best friends. It was a treasure to her and she never once took it off. Everything seemed perfectly normal. The young Avatar simply shrugged her shoulders and went back to bed, closing the windows as she did.

Unbeknownst to her, one of the plants on the window cill, mysteriously froze in ice.


MaggiesHeartLove presents…..

The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage

Not too long ago, In the magical land of Equestria, six ponies discovered magical artifacts called the Elements of Harmony. Each Pony represented one of theses elements: Generosity, Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty, Honesty, and Magic. They used these elements to protect their world from evil…but one day, for the sake of their home, the pony friends had to return their elements to their place of origin…The Tree Of Harmony.

But, once the Elements returned, the tree gave the ponies a magical book and a mysterious box, which origins would eventually be discovered soon enough. The leader of the six, Twilight Sparkle, read a spell that was on the very first page of the book. When she did, a vortex opened up and sucked the ponies in. They woke up in a place called Republic City; where two legged creatures called humans lived. Some of these humans had the ability to control the four elements of nature: water, air, earth and fire. These people were called benders. But there was one bender in particular who could bend all four of the elements at once…her name, was Avatar Korra.

When the ponies first met Korra, they felt an instant connection and the seven of them became best friends in an instant. Every time Korra did a deed that matched the six Elements of Harmony, their physical form would appear on her and she passed it down to it's respected pony. As time passed, Korra showed the ponies the wonders of her world, but much like in Equestria it had it's share of evil. A masked man named Amon possessed the power to take people's bending away. Korra and the ponies, along with some new friends, banded together and defeated Amon…but with a price.

Amon was able to take Korra's bending away and he had damaged Twilight's wings beyond repair. But something wonderful happened, Korra was able to connect with her spiritual past life, Avatar Aang, who used his energybending to restore Korra's powers. At the same time, the ponies Elements glowed and Twilight's wings were healed.

It was at that moment that they all realized that Korra was the Legendary seventh Element of Harmony. The Element of Unity. And ever since, Korra and the ponies have been as close as friends could be and showed everyone around them the True Magic of Friendship…

"And that is how Avatar Korra was revealed as the Element of Unity and she and the other ponies helped bring peace to Republic City."

In Canterlot's castle, Spike was leading a group of young ponies and showing them glass stained windows with Images of Korra's adventures with the ponies. The very last one was Korra in the center of a blue heart with the Mane Six around her. Ponies looked in aware and started taking pictures.

"Any questions?"

One pony raised her hoof, "Yes, what ever happened to Avatar Korra after they all stopped Amon?"

"And what about Asami Sato?" another asked.

"Is Korra still with her boyfriend?" another asked.

"Slow down, I'm getting to that." Spike said, "Well, after the Council disbanded Republic City elected its very first President."

"My pal Bolin, well he took over as captain of the Fire Ferrets once pro-bending season started."


"Iiiiit's bro-bending night in Republic City, and have we got a doozy for you!" the announcer, Shiro Shinobi shouted happily through his microphone.

"Fan favorites, the Fire Ferrets, are about to take on hot newcomers, The Rhino Lions!"

Before the match would begin, Bolin stood in front of his teammates with a stern-looking face with his hands on his hips. Pabu was perched atop the railing as his master spoke with a serious tone.

"Now we all know that our last match was garbage. Terrible! Even Pabu could've done a better job." he gestured to Pabu who walked up to Bolin and placed his paws on his master's side while squeaking. Bolin took on a more confident and proud posture and spoke in a much more cheerful and optimistic tone of voice, "But that's in the past, because when you back a Fire Ferret in the corner, well mister, he comes out fighting!" he said while throwing a strong downward punch and pointed toward the arena behind him, "So, let's get out there and bend like there's no tomorrow!"

While Bolin was confident and proud, his teammates were…well, let's just say they were not his brother and the Avatar. The male waterbender just sat on the bench dejectedly while rubbing his nose as he sniffled. The firebending female stood awkwardly next to him, shyly rubbing her left arm. Just the sight of them made Bolin's hopes of winning the tournament fade away.

The Fire Ferrets and Rhino Lions lined up before each other as the bell sounded off to begin the match. Both teams readied their respective elements. A loud crash was heard right before Bolin and his pathetic excuse for a team were all knocked out over the ring and into the water, each being shot by their respected element.

"Ooh, the Fire Ferrets go down in the water, and right into the recedes books for the fastest knockout in Pro-bending history!"

Bolin pulled himself onto the platform and sighed in disappointment, "Where's Mako when I need him?"


"And as for his big brother Mako, a.k.a, Korra's boyfriend for six months straight, joined the police force. One of the youngest firebenders to ever become a cop. And by far, the first firebender to boot! So far, he's pretty good at his job."

Mako shifted the gear of his motorcycle, the wailing of a police siren was heard as he rode the night streets of Republic City. The young cop was chasing a truck and was hot on its tail. The rear door of the vehicle rose to reveal two men inside. One of them did circular motions with his hands to bend water from inside the truck. As the liquid flowed to him, the second man clapped his hands together, turning the water into mist to hide the speeding truck from the firebender's view.

Mist filled the entire length of the street and the motorcyclist entered the fog, smiling confidently, a habit he got from his girlfriend. No doubt she would be so proud of him once he caught these criminals. 'Hello Lips-city!', he thought to himself.

The water continued flowing out of the truck and one of the men forced his hand down. The water froze solid onto the road upon his touch as the truck traveled along the street. Mako emerged from the mist and gasped as his vehicle began to slip on the ice, but he spun his ride and melted the ice with his fire. He swerved out of the path of the rest of the ice and resumed pursuit.

The truck ran down a blockade and narrowly missed an incoming police truck. Mako saw his road blocked and swerved to his left, where a truck with wooden beams that formed a stamp stood in his way. Now this might seem like the end of the line, but this man was persistent. Without even a second thought, he stirred his motor onto the ramp, using his firebending to launch himself and his bike into the air, where he flipped over, and aimed a powerful fire stream at the truck's engine as he came down. His stirs screeched as he landed. Heavy smoke came from underneath the truck's hood and its engine exploded, causing it to spin uncontrollably. The truck then raced the motorcyclist by, hit a fire hydrant, flipped on its roof, slide along over the road, and flipped to its side. The vehicle came to a stop as it partly exploded. The three mean inside the truck were already lying in front of their destroyed vehicle and the driver allowed himself to fall out from the broken windshield, landing in tip of his comrades, who all grunted in pain. The young cop walked towards them as he removed his helmet and pushed up his goggles.

"Looks like you had some car trouble." Mako said smugly with a smile, "Good thing the police are here."


"Yep! That guy loves his job."

"What about Asami Sato?" Asked an excited young unicorn filly.

"Well, with her dad in prison, Asami took over Future Industries."


"And while she did put all of her dad's inventions to good use, there are still a few bugs to work out. But if I know Asami, that girl always has a plan."

The plane landed perfectly as the pilot jumped out the cockpit and removed her helmet, allowing her long raven hair to flow in the wind. She was meted by a man in a blue overall who walked up to meet her halfway.

"I think these planes are finally ready to ship." The heiress said cheerfully. But the man did not share her enthusiasm and spoke in a direct, serious tone.

"I hate to mention the elephant-rhino in the room, but since your father was thrown in prison, no company will work with us. We're nearly bankrupt."

Asami, however, maintained her sunny attitude, "Don't worry. I'm going to the South Pole to meet with someone who can help us put Future Industries back on top." she said as he confidently patted the man on his shoulder. With that, Asami walked away with a smile on her face…but once she was sure he could no longer see her, her confident expression changed to one of sadness and worry.


"I'm sure things will work out. Asami's one tough cookie. And speaking of tough cookies, Avatar Korra's airbending training has improved a whole lot!" Spike began imitation some of Korra's karate moves to the group of ponies, "She can create a tornado, and an air scooter like a real pro!"

"What's an air scooter?" asked a male pegasus pony.

"Well, it's kind of hard to explain. Basically, she makes this air ball and rides on it with her legs crossed."


"Man, you should have seen the races she and Rainbow Dash had once she mastered that. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she were in one right now."

"Get moving slow pokes!"

"You're gonna eat my dust, Rainbow Dash!"

The Avatar and pegasus pony laughed as they both rode like the wind. Korra and Tenzin's kids were having a race while riding on air scooters. Well, Rainbow Dash was simply flying in her case. So far, Rainbow Dash was ahead with Ikki behind her, followed closely by Korra, Jinora and Meelo.

They took a turn as they head toward the buildings. Pema was walking down the open corridor while holding Rohan and some groceries. The four airbenders and pony zoomed past her, nearly knocking her over. Startled, she threw the vegetables in the air as she spun in between the racers. Once they were gone, she managed to catch the food again and stared at them in surprise.

The racers swiftly turned around the airbending training gates, some of the panels started to spin as they passed by, and the four youths jumped off the platform, the pony pegasus still a few inches ahead of them. Ikki and Korra were now neck in neck, the young airbender girl smiled in challenge toward the Avatar. Korra and Rainbow Dash were also side by side, the two girls smirked and winked at one another before turning their gazes ahead. Then, Korra's eyes glowed bright and before Rainbow knew it, the Avatar rushed ahead, using the Avatar State as an extra power boost. Rainbow narrowed her eyes and flew at top speed, leaving a surprised Ikki behind. Korra and Rainbow Dash speeded underneath a paifan gate, and were flagged the duo winners. Korra leaped off her air scooter and landed on the ground on her haunches and Rainbow Dash landed beside her. Tenzin's brother, Bumi, along with the rest of the Mane Six all coughed due to the dust that came from Korra and Rainbow Dash's speed. Ikki and her siblings zoomed past them, Ikki wore a very angry look on her face.

Bumi enthusiastically waved the flag, "The Avatar and Rainbow Dash are the winners!" Bumi was a middle-aged man with a bushy beard and hair, a somewhat similar complexion to his brother but was a bit more tanned and had blue eyes. He was still wearing his United Forces uniform, despite now being retired, and he had a pretty large stomach. He had gained a bit of weight after retiring, not that he was ever ashamed of it. Both Korra's eyes stopped glowing as Korra erected herself and Rainbow Dash flew up towards her.

"Hey, nobody said you could use your fancy glowing powers!"

"You won too, didn't you? Besides, even my powers can't take away your awesomeness." Korra's hand were propped on her hips as she smiled smugly.

"Yeah, good point." said Rainbow Dash, agreeing with her best friend.

"No fair!" said an annoyed Ikki, "She can't use the Avatar State to win!"

"Tough break kid." Rainbow said just as smugly and Korra stuck out her tongue out at Ikki, blowing a raspberry.

"You did what?!"

Korra, the kids and the ponies all slightly jumped in surprise. "Oh, boy. Here comes the angry nomad." said Applejack, lowering her ears in worry as Tenzin walked passed them and Bumi, speaking sternly at Korra.

"The Avatar State is not to be used as a booster rocket!" Tenzin said sternly. Korra simply crossed her arms while Rainbow Dash hovered behind her in slight fear of Tenzin, "You are toying with a dangerous power that you obviously do not appreciate."

"It's the Avatar State and I'm the Avatar. Who appreciates it more than me?" Korra responded in a somewhat proud and annoyed tone.

"You gotta admit, she's got incredible control over it." said Twilight Sparkle before giving the Avatar a sly brow, "Thought using it to win a race was pretty unnecessary."

The Avatar blushed as she rubbed the back of her neck nervously. Tenzin sighed, "Clearly, you need more training to grasp the depths of your spiritual connections. Not to mention that you're still a long way from mastering airbending."

Korra laughed at this, "I have mastered airbending!" to emphasize her statement, Korra sent several air blasts from her fists at the nearby trees on her opposite sides. "Punch punch punch!" she said as she blasted at the leafs, causing half of them to get blow right off. "See? Mastered. And I'm not the only one who's mastered her skills." she said proudly and gestured to the Mane Six.

Rarity stepped forward first, as always with her head held high and strut with elegance and style. She stood on two legs as her horn glowed, with swift movements of her hooves, the unicorns bended a stream of water from the ocean and twirled it around herself and her friends before gracefully placing it back with an 'over the head' flair.

Applejack stood forward and stomped her hooves hard on the ground, a rock rose up and Applejack jump kicked it far off into the ocean, which skipped twenty times before sinking into the water.

Rainbow Dash unleashed her firebending by punching her hooves upwards, creating two brightly orange flames.

Fluttershy flew near a few bushes and flapped her wings, creating a gentle breeze, which awoke many beautiful butterflies that flew all around everyone, amazing the young airbender girls who marveled at their beauty.

Bumi was standing perfectly still, proudly observing the ponies' bending powers. When suddenly, he felt his feet leave the ground, his entire body being lifted up by a mini tornado, curtesy of Pinkie Pie.

"Whoa!" Bumi cried out in shock only for Pinkie Pie to rise him up a bit more before lowering him down. "Not bad."

"Thanks!" Pinkie beamed, "Korra also taught me this!" The pink pony jumped up high and did some fierce karate moves while crying out bravely and spun around, creating a wind tornado, before landing perfectly on her hooves and gave them all a wide happy smile.

Finally, Twilight Sparkle's horn glowed and flew up high unleashing a powerful magenta colored fire blast up into the sky, which exploded into sparkly pink specks. The alicorn proudly landed beside her friends.

"See? They're just as powerful as I am." Korra said proudly, but Tenzin remained unfazed.

"Looks pretty good to me." Bumi said as he got back to his feet, rubbing his neck.

Tenzin sighed, putting his hand to his face, "Is it too late for you to unretire from the United Forces?"

"The paperworks gone through, little brother. From now on, it's twenty-four-seven Bumi time!" said the oldest son while grabbing Tenzin's cheeks, pinching them in a similar fashion their mother once did when they were young.

"While I will admit, you ponies have mastered your respected elements." the ponies smiled with glee and Tenzin turned his glance to the young teenager in front of him, "You, on the other hand, have mastered Korra style airbending, now you need to master real airbending." the air nomad pulled out a scroll to reveal a map, in which all the locations of the air temples were marks with airbending symbols….and a small chibi image of Tenzin's face smiling with a thumbs up pose. "Hopefully our visit to all the air temples will give you the inspiration you need to look more deeply into your studies."

Korra turned away, both appalled and irritated. For the first couple of weeks, airbending was fun, but now it only seemed like this was all she had to do. She herself couldn't believe how many times she had to sneak her way out of training to be with her friends. She would rather be in Equestria, sipping tea with Rarity in Ponyville, playing with Fluttershy and her animals, enjoying Pinkie Pie's signature cupcakes, hanging out with Applejack and her family around Sweet Apple Acres, having races with Rainbow Dash, and learning more about magic and its properties from Twilight Sparkle. She would also rather be with the royal sisters, listening to their stories and learning what made Equestria tick. There had been times when Korra felt that she belonged more with ponies than with people.

"Can we see where Grandpa Aang was born?" Jinora asked her father excitedly.

"How many lemurs can I have?" Meelo asked.

"I wanna get tattoos!" Ikki exclaimed excitedly, "But instead of arrows, I want lightning bolts!"

"You can't get lightning bolts." said her older sister, "That doesn't make any sense."

"You don't make any sense!"

The two sisters pressed their foreheads against each other as they growled and glared while Meelo chanted, "Fight, fight, fight!"

Tenzin stepped forward and separated his two daughters, "No one's fighting! We're going to have a wonderful time!" he sighed as he released the girls, "Besides, Korra needs to focus on her training."

"Isn't that what we've been doing for the past six months?" Korra asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Well, you would have perfectly mastered airbending and your spiritual connections by now if you hadn't been sneaking off to play in Equestria. Now that the president is in office and I'm not needed on the council, I can finally relax with my family and give Korra the attention she needs."

Korra turned her head to her left as she and Rainbow Dash both shared irritated expressions, "Great, more attention."

"Can we come too?" Pinkie Pie asked excitedly.

"I'm sorry, but no."

The Mane Six all lowered their heads in disappointment after Tenzin said these words, "Korra needs all the concentration she can get." The Mane Six and Avatar all simultaneously groaned in annoyance. As much as they loved Tenzin, the man could be a bit of a control freak sometimes.

"Ha! Relax….I'd pay money to see that." Bumi said humorously, "Maybe I'll tag along just to see "Vacation Tenzin".

"You're not invited."

Korra's serious expression changed to a more cheerful one as she bend down and placed her hands on her knees to speak with the airbender children, "Before we go on your dad's study trip, we're gonna have some real fun in my home at the Glacier Spirits Festival. They've got rides, games, and all kinds of fried food on sticks."

The three children happily cheered while Pinkie Pie hopped happily behind them, also cheering. Tenzin clenched his eyes shut in frustration and frowned, while Bumi placed an arm around his shoulder, "Yep. There's Vacation Tenzin. And you can't stop me from going to the festival, Mom already invited me."

"I can't wait to go to the Festival!" Twilight exclaimed, "And I'm so happy that my brother and Cadance are going too! Thank you so much for inviting them Korra."

"Of course. I'm going to visit my family, it wouldn't be fair if you didn't celebrate with yours."

"I already designed these fabulous parkas for each of us!" Rarity said.

"Will we see penguins there?" Fluttershy asked.

"Will there be a Ferris wheel?" Rainbow asked excitedly.

"Will there be a bobbin for apple's game there too?" Applejack asked.

"Will there be cookies and stuffed animals as prizes? And cotton candy?" Pinkie Pie asked happily. The Avatar answered all of their questions in order;

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Not quite sure, but we do have a dunking booth. Definitely and definitely!"

As they happily chatted, The Avatar and ponies walked pass Tenzin and Bumi. "Korra, girls, where are you going?" her mentor asked.

The girls stopped and turned around to face the man, "To Canterlot. I want to give Celestia and Luna their invitations in person."

"You're inviting them as well?" Tenzin asked, somewhat shocked by this news.

"Well, yeah. See ya!"

With that, the girls ran off, leaving Tenzin behind with his annoying older brother. He sighed in dismay, "What am I going to do with her?"

"Come on, little brother. She's young and active, let her enjoy it."

"You don't understand Bumi. She's the Avatar, she has responsibilities."

"But she's also a kid. There's nothing wrong with staying true to your inner child. Look at me, I turned out just fine."

Tenzin arched an eyebrow as his brother gestured to himself. He suddenly felt even more concern about Korra.


Once Korra and the ponies were far enough away, Twilight Sparkle magically levitated the prophecy book and placed it on the ground. The book opened up and a beam of light shot from it's pages, creating a portal with shimmering rainbow colors. All seven girls stepped into it and jumped out once they reached the other side. The portal disappeared and the book closed shut.

The girls were no longer in Air Temple Island. In fact, they weren't even in Korra's world anymore. They were in the magical land of Equestria in front of Canterlot Castle.

Unlike Korra's world, the land of the ponies was different from her home. In this land, there were no humans and magic flowed through the very core of this dimension. Ponies of all kinds; pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies all lived together in harmony and friendship. There were other creatures as well, chimeras, hydras, minotaurs, griffins, dragons, even cute little pony/fairy-like creatures known as Breezies, for which Korra had met once before. She still remembered Seabreeze's hot-tempered nature. For a tiny guy he had one BIG attitude.

But the land also looked physically different as well. It pretty much looked like something that came out of a child's storybook. While Korra's world was extremely detailed with earthy colors, Equestria was bright and colorful with a happy and carefree atmosphere. The ponies themselves looked different in their homeland as well, even Korra's physical appearance changed. While she still remained lean and fit, her head was slightly bigger compared to her torso and her eyes were much more detailed and bright compared to the ponies'. It took her a while to get used to her new look whenever she came to this land with her friends. Korra took in a deep breath and placed her hands on her hips.

"Ah, Canterlot. I never get tired of this place."

"We know," Twilight said while playfully rolling her eyes, "You say that every time you come here."

"What can I say? I love it!"

The main doors of the castle entrance opened and they spotted a familiar little dragon walking backwards with a large group of ponies following him as he gestured them to keep on walking, "And that concludes our tour, everypony. Please step this way and---"

"AH! It's them!"

Before they knew it, Korra and the Mane Six were all instantly surrounded by a large group of excitable ponies. The Mane Six were completely submerged within the adoring group of fans, but Korra, being the tallest one of all, stood out as little fillies jumped around her.

"You're Avatar Korra!"

"I'm so excited to met you!"

"Did you really defeat Amon? Was he scary in person?"

"Can you shows us some bending?"

For Korra, this wasn't the first time she was surrounded by pony fans. In fact, being the first human to ever cross into Equestria, Korra had become a local celebrity. But even so, all of this kind of attention was still a bit new to her.

"Oh, well, I uh."

"Okay, okay everypony, move aside, move along, nothing to see here." Spike said as she shoved a large portion of the group away from the human. Rainbow Dash and Rarity were happily signing autographs and taking pictures, but their moment in the spotlight was interrupted when Spike shoved the other group away. The two ponies lowered their ears in disappointment.

Pretty soon, all the ponies dispersed and left, "Hope you enjoyed the tour, no refunds!"

"Spike!" The dragon lowered his ears and smiled nervously when he turned to face a stern looking Twilight Sparkle.

"What?" The girls simply rolled their eyes, "So what brings you here Korra?" Spike asked.

"I came to invite Celestia and Luna to the Glacier Spirits Festival at the south pole."

"Oh, yeah! I almost forgot about that. I still can't believe Tenzin is allowing you to go."

The young Avatar scoffed and turned her head, "Don't remind me. All we've ever done these past few weeks was train, train and train."

"Come on now, sugarcube. Tenzin's only trying to help you be the best Avatar you can be." said Applejack in an effort to reassure her friend.

"If that's the case then why I feel like I'm not getting anywhere? I can't shake this feeling that…"

"That what?" Fluttershy asked.

"That there's something, I don't know. I've been feeling kind of uneasy lately."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with your spontaneous wake ups in the middle of the night, would it?" Rarity asked.

"Maybe. Or maybe I just need a change of scenery or something. That's why I love coming to Equestria." Korra stepped forward to admire the beauty of the magical land she practically called her second home. With the Mane Six behind her, Korra danced and happily explored the Canterlot kingdom.

(Parody of "When will my life begin.")


Here in this land there's always something new

Weather it's big or small or in-between

As she sang this, she spotted a large statue of Princess Celestia, then a group of happy little fillies, and a group of mares happily chatting.

Sure there's no water, earth, or fire-benders.

But I don't care

My smile is bare

In this world hardly seen!

I can feel the magic, flowing all around

I feel it high above, even down in the ground

She happily watched as the Wonder Bolts flew up high above their head doing acrobatic fly byes. Korra squatted down and spotted a butterfly on a leaf and flying free.

Every time I step my foot into this land

I feel like a whole new me!

The girls continued walking across the kingdom. Korra spotted a lonely looking stallion sipping his tea before winking at the girls. The stallion was taken by surprise when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned his head to see Korra and a lovely female unicorn happily smiling at him. The Stallion and the unicorn smiled and sat together, leaving a very satisfied Korra to wink to the girls.

In this land I've learned so many great lessons

"Hey, there!"

The Magic of Friendship, always for the win

The pony life might not always be so breezy

Right on cue, a cute little Breezy flew on her finger. (don't' ask how he got there, just enjoy the song)

But even so

How I wish

That my world

Was more like this!

Korra sat near a fountain and looked into the water, seeing the reflection of herself airbending and Tenzin boring her with lessons.

Airbending was fun, but now it's just plain dull

Tenzin's nagging voice, keeps ringing in my skull

How can I ever grow

If home is where I go

Back to the same place I've been in the past?

This world of wonder

And mystery

And beauty

And freedom,

Why can't it ever last?

As Korra sat on the fountain, her head on her hand, Twilight sat beside her and sang in ballad.


When the times is right

Your star will appear

Just like it did one for me

My dear

The alicorn lead the avatar away from the fountain as they both gazed up at Canterlot Castle.

You have the strength and you have the heart

I have no doubt, that you will play your part

Twilight nuzzled Korra's face, as the rest of there friends hugged Korra's legs. "I'm sure you'll be the kind of avatar you always dreamed you would be. You just have to give it time."

Korra lowered her shoulders, "Of course. Be patient."

Twilight playfully slapped her wing on Korra's back and the girls laughed.


As the group of friends walked down the corridor, Korra marveled at all of the stain glassed windows that decorated the halls. Each one depicted an important moment in history. The Royal Sisters ruling the land, them using The Elements of Harmony to defeat Discord. Korra's heart sank when she saw the image of Celestia imprisoning NightMare Moon with the Elements. Her frown changed into a smile when she saw the image of the Mane Six using the Elements to revert NightMare Moon back into Princess Luna. The following windows haf images of when they defeated Discord, when Twilight became a princess, and the final one, which as a brand new one, was what made Korra stop to look at. It was an image of her and the Mane Six, all with glowing white eyes and the Elements of Harmony on their chests. The rest stopped to look at it as well.

"You look smashing, darling." said Rarity, admiring how she and her friends all looked in the window…more specifically herself. While the image was lovely to look at, Korra couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy with it.

"I guess."

"Oh, please, it's only a matter of time before we see another one of these in your world."

"I'd still say she's got a long way to go before that happens." said Rainbow Dash, "But it will at some point."

"I appreciate the encouragement, you guys. I just really hope the sisters will be able to make it."

"Why wouldn't they?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yeah, the princesses love you!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed happily as she hopped along, "Especially Princess Luna."

"She does seem pretty fascinated with my water tribe culture." said Korra.

"That's not surprising. After all, the your culture is linked to the moon spirit, and Luna is the princess of the night." said Twilight…right before she bumped into something and fell to the ground. "Hey!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry! Are you alright?"

Twilight Sparkle immediately blushed and her ears slightly lowered down. Once again, she was face to face with a young, tall and handsome orange colored pegasus stallion with blue eyes. Twilight had seen those eyes before once when she traveled through the mirror into Canterlot High, and now she got to see them once again in her word.

"Hey, um, Flash Sentry."

"My apologies, Princess Twilight Sparkle!" the young pegasus helped the princess to her hooves. He was wearing the traditional Canterlot royal guard uniform, for which Twilight thought he looked very handsome in.

"Yeah. I--I mean, no! No, I'm okay."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I wasn't really looking where I was going but I'm great. Actually."

"Oh, thank goodness."

Both Twilight and Flash smiled at one another, both blushing, when the stallion realized that he and Twilight were still holding hooves. The two awkwardly separated and blushed while laughing nervously.


Korra caught their attention, in hopes of pulling them out of their awkwardness. At seeing the Avatar, Flash Sentry immediately bowed, "Oh, Welcome back to Canterlot, Avatar Korra."

"Thank you, Flash Sentry." Korra bowed to him as well, "I came here to see the royal sisters. Are they available?"

"Why yes, yes of course. Right this way."

Flash led the way down the corridor, Korra walked beside Twilight, flashing her a sly brow and grin, making the alicorn lower her brows and ears in annoyance before turning her glance< Blush evident on her face. Korra was very well aware of Twilight's infatuation for the young guard, but Twilight, being the bashful one that she was, would never talk about it unless someone brought it up. And by someone, she meant Korra, who always needed to know what was up.

As they walked down the halls, Korra noticed something from the corner of her eye. There was a second hallway which was lit up by candles on both sides of the wall. Curiosity got the better of her and Korra walked in. Noticing this, the rest of the ponies stopped on their tracks. Korra walked down the second hall, but it really wasn't all that long at all, it soon stopped at a dead end. Right on the wall at the end of the hallway was a large portrait of what appeared to be two alicorns surrounded by an aura of magic. One was white while the other was dark blue. Korra examined the image, she knew the alicorns were not Celestia and Luna.

The white one looked surprisingly male and had a long dark colored mane, splashed with only a tint of blue. The second was dark blue and clearly female, with a mane almost identical to Celestia's minus for a single stunning silver-gray streak that ran across her flowing mane, which was not seen again on her tail. Both looked as regal and powerful as the sisters, and there appeared to be something standing between them. As Korra stepped a bit closer, she realized that the image was very blurry. Visible but very blurry. It didn't look like a pony by her depiction, but she couldn't tell what it was at all. It was the only thing that looked damaged and worn compared to the rest of the painting, which looked relatively clean, like it had only been painted recently. As Korra continued looking at the blur, it slowly began to take shape. Her eyes glued to the image, as though she were in a trance.

"Avatar Korra!"

The Avatar was awoken from her thoughts and she shook her head when she heard the sound of Flash Sentry, "You really shouldn't be in here. This is a very sacred area, the Princesses don't let just anypony in here."

"Oh, sorry. I guess I got a bit distracted." she said before returning to gaze at the image, "Who is that alicorn, anyway? The white one."

Flash gazed at the male alicorn, "I'm not sure. I've never seen images of him around here. Come on, the princesses are waiting."

As Korra followed the stallion back into the hallway, the blurry image slowly took more shape. She was right, this was not a pony at all.


The doors opened and Flash entered first, allowing the girls to enter next as he announced their arrival, "Presenting, her royal Highness, Princess Twilight Sparkle, Mistress Avatar Korra and the Elements of Harmony."

"Thank you for that very sweet introduction, Flash Sentry." Korra said politely.

In the very center of the run, sitting on two regal thrones, were non other than Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. The two sisters happily smiled when they spotted the Avatar. Korra had gotten very acquainted with them over the past six months, the two were like second and third mentors to her. They were always so kind and understanding, but also firm when needed. Korra always loved listening to them. There were times in which she wished they were her mentors instead of Tenzin.

"Korra, so wonderful to see you again." Celestia greeted her in her kind and loving voice. The young Avatar, ponies and dragon all bowed down before her.

"It's wonderful to see you again, your highnesses."

"Is there anything you need, my dear?" Luna asked kindly. She had grown very found of the spunky young Avatar.

"Actually, there is something I wanted to ask you both. You see, there is a festival in my home land, the Southern Water Tribe, and I was hoping if you would be interested in attending and spend time with my friends and family. If you're not already too busy, that is."

"That sounds marvelous!" said the sun princess.

"How kind of you to invite us." said the moon princess.

"Well, it's a special occasion for my family and I like to consider you all my family." said Korra.

Celestia smiled at this, "And we consider you family as well. We would love to attend the festival. We'll keep the portal open once we all get there."

Korra smiled widely, "Thank you Celestia! AH! This is so exciting!" the Mane Six Spike and Korra all jumped up and down excitedly.

"Okay, sorry to cut this trip short girls but I really should go get ready." Korra said.

"No sweat, sugarcube we'll all have plenty of time to hang out at the festival." said Applejack. Rarity suddenly gasped, "Oh, and I should get home right away, I've got some winter coats to make for all of us. When do we leave?"

"In three days." Korra replied

"Perfect! It was wonderful to see you again, darling. Now I must be off! Inspiration waits for nopony!" the unicorn exclaimed as she ran out the doors.

Korra laughed, some things never change, "Oh, Rarity."


I'll meet you girls at the train station." Korra shouted to the ponies and Spike, who prepared to leave for Ponyville.

"Where are you going?" Rainbow asked.

"I forgot to say something back there." Korra replied as she pointed her thumb towards the entrance of the palace.

"Okay. Don't stay long." said Twilight as she and the others walked on ahead. Once they were gone, Korra sighed in relief. She knew that the ponies could always tell when she was keeping something, but what she told them was the truth…just not the whole truth. With a sneaky grin, Korra walked ahead inside and it didn't take long for her to bump into somepony.

"Oh! My apologies, Avatar."

"That's okay, Flash."

"I see you and Twilight Sparkle share the same characteristics of bumping into me." the pegasus said jokingly.

"She bumps into you a lot, huh?" Korra asked with arching an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Well, not all the time but, ever since I was transferred to Canterlot, it's been known to happen on occasion."

Korra knew plenty about Flash Sentry, having heard nothing but good things from Twilight. She could easily tell that the alicorn princess had a bit of a crush on the royal guard. She only wished the two weren't so shy around each other. She knew if they took the time to get to know one another they would hit it off.

"Hey, Flash. How would you like to come to this festival my tribe is having?"

The pony was quite surprised by her invitation, "Me? Really?"

"Of course."

"But surely the Avatar doesn't need a guard to keep an eye on things."

"You don't have to come as a guard, just as yourself. At the festival you are officially off duty."

Flash rubbed his neck bashfully, "Well, I don't know."

"I invited everyone, my bonded ponies, their families, even the princesses. That includes Twilight Sparkle." she said the last part in a slight singing voice, added with a sly smile.

Flash instantly blushed at the thought of him and princess Twilight actually spending time together. For a while now, the pegasus had been developing somewhat of a crush on the alicorn princess. There was something about her that really fascinated him. He could only learn so much about her from afar but he really did want to get to know her better. After all, a true gentleman always treats a lady with respect and he didn’t want to overstep her boundaries incase she wasn’t interested. Maybe this festival would serve as the perfect opportunity to get to know her better and see if they clicked or not. "Well….I suppose, and it would be rude to deny such a generous invitation from someone as legendary as the Avatar."

Korra clapped her hands together, "Great! I'll let Celestia and Luna know I invited you. See ya there!"

"See you, Avatar Korra."

"Just call me Korra!" she said before turning away.


Korra always loved visiting Ponyville. The ponies were always so welcoming and joyful. It was her favorite place to be. But after she and the ponies left the train station, she made her way to a certain place where very few ponies dared to venture into often…the Everfree Forest.

The Avatar stood before the entrance, even in the daytime the place gave out a mysterious vibe. Even though she knew there really wasn't much to fear. The forest was always fun for her, a great way to have new thrills and explore. She took something from her pocket and placed it near the entrance. She placed a rock over it, in hopes her friend would find it. Once the deed was done, she turned away to find Twilight and have her open the portal to send her home.

Once the Avatar was gone, a cloaked figure hid behind a tree and magically removed the rock that was over the letter. The mare smiled.


For the next three days, the Mane Six prepared for their trip. Rarity designed each of them the very own parkas and placed one human parka into a box, It was a gift for Korra. Twilight got in touch with her brother and sister-in-law and told them about the festival. Of course they agreed to come. Applejack asked her family to come as well and Apple Bloom tolled Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, who were equally excited.

Finally, the day to leave arrived. Korra and Team Avatar were waiting for their friends at Air Temple island courtyard. "Everybody ready to go" Korra asked.

"Yep." Mako replied.

"All set!" said Bolin, giving a thumbs up.

"Ready." Asami said.

Korra then walked over to the heiress and smiled, "Hey Asami, I just wanted to say good luck with your business deal."

Asami smiled, "Thanks Korra."

Even though the two girls had become acquainted and genuinely enjoyed each other's company, Korra was not a hundred percent sure if she and Asami were as close friends as she hoped they could be. She really wanted to have a real friendship with the heiress, but she couldn't help but feel that something was keeping them from doing so.

Just then, a colorful portal opened and the ponies, all wearing parkas of different colors, arrived with bags, which Spike was carrying…and struggling with. Mako happily greeted them, "Guys, you made it."

"We wouldn't miss it." Rainbow said.

"Aren't the princesses were coming?" asked the firebender.

"They are, we're going to meet them there." Twilight explained.

"But we wanted to be the first to go with you guys." Fluttershy added.

"Besides, who could pass up the opportunity to ride with our best friends on a ship?" said Rarity. "It was so kind for you to invite us all to the festival"

"Of course. It wouldn't be a party without you guys." Korra said. Her eyes sparkled when she took a good look at what Rarity was wearing, "I love that parka, Rarity!"

"Well you should, darling. After all, you were the one who inspired this line."

The unicorn modeled her creation; a navy blue parka with light violet fur lining and a diamond broach and matching boots similar to Korra's on each hoof. She also wore a up the neck full body jumpsuit underneath the parka. All the ponies were wearing similar ones but with their respected colors.

"And of course, I designed the four of you some fabulous new winter coats. First for the two bending brothers."

Rarity levitated two winter coats almost similar to their usual cloths to the two brothers.

Bolin happily accepted his new coat, "Wow! Awesome."

"Thanks Rarity." Mako said to the unicorn, smiling kindly.

"And for Asami." Rarity gave the heiress a lovely winter dress coat, "I thought you would look marvelous in a pinkish ensemble." the unicorn said proudly.

Asami marveled at the beauty of the gift, "Cute, I love it. Thanks."

Rarity then turned to the Avatar, "And Korra, I saved yours for last."

"Aww, Rare. You really didn't have to…" once Korra saw what Rarity was levitating, her jaw dropped. "…design me the most gorgeous parka I have ever seen in my life!!"

The parka was a light blue in the front while a darker blue from the back, adorned with a small light blue gem clip on the center shaped like an a octagon, fur lining with a hood, long sleeves also with fur lining and simplistic looking tribal patterns across it, and two small strings of tiny peals hung from the center piece. It was simple, yet the one gem addition and the tiny string of pearls made its beauty truly stand out. The tribal patterns also had a subtle shimmering effect to them, but not to excessively so. Korra was speechless, she took the parka and smiled.

"It's amazing! You're amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Nothing but the best for my favorite Avatar. Oh and it comes with a brand new top! And matching gloves!"

Rarity showed Korra her new top, it was deep aqua blue, sleeveless with an asymmetrically necked top with white lining and two long dark gloves that show her fingers.

Korra was speechless, only Rarity would know her style. "Have I ever told you I love you?"

"Only all the time." Rarity said while rolling her eyes but still smiling.

"And with good reason! It's perfect! Give me one sec.", Korra quickly ran inside to try on her new shirt and gloves. In a few moments, she walks out shiny off her new outfit.

Mako was quite taken by his girls' new look, "Wow, looking good." he said flirtatiously.

Bolin gave her a thumbs up, "Nice."

Asami clapped her hands happily, "It's perfect."

Fluttershy hugged the avatar from behind, "Oh, Korra this is going to be so much fun."

"Yeah, fun." Spike said as he struggled with the bags. As they headed towards the ship that would take them to the south, the ponies all started to tap their hooves in rhythm and sing,

(Song of a parody of the Cafeteria song from Equestria girls)


Hey, hey everybody


We're here to shout

That the magic of friendship is what it's all about

Everyday's an adventure when we spend it with you

So let's get on board cause we can't wait to see what's new!

Ponies and Team Avatar,

So get up!

Get down!

Let's all sing it loud!

Cause when we work together, everyday's a new thrill

So get up!

Get down!

Cause it's gonna make a sound!

Now that we're together we are setting sail for new thrills!

They all got on the ship, and continued to sing as the ships started to sail toward the south.


Hey, hey hands up now!

We're sending a message to the crowd

Hands wave up, then come down

Party together all around


Generous, Honesty


Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty.


A friendship that will never die


That truth we can't deny

Ponies and Team Avatar,

So get up

Get down

Let's all sing it loud

Cause when we work together

Everyday's a new thrill

So get up!

Get down!

Cause it's gonna make a sound.

Now that we're together we are setting sail for new thrills!


A Glacier Festival, waiting just for us


We're gonna celebrate from morning to dusk.

Just the thought of it fills up my heart with so much glee

Mako takes Korra's hands and looks lovingly into her eyes.


So long as I'm with you the cold will never bother me!

Ponies and Team Avatar,

Get up!

Make a sound!


Stomp your hooves, turn around.

Team Avatar, Equestria girls

Spread the love around.

Get up!

Get down!

Let's all sing it loud

Cause when we work together, everyday's a new thrill

So get up!

Get down!

Cause it's gonna make a sound.

Now that we're together we are setting sail for new thrills!


The humans and ponies, plus dragon all huddled together and laughed. A new adventure awaited them and they couldn't' wait to see what was in store. However as the ship sailed, something underneath the ocean swam underneath them.

With sinister glowing eyes.


Latter that night, Korra and Mako were talking while sitting beside Naga in the ship's lower deck. Twilight was sitting on Korra's lap as they both listened to Mako's latest "cop story". The firebender retold the story with much enthusiasm.

"So I walk up and say: "Looks like you had some car trouble. Good thing the police were here."

Korra giggled, "Did you write that beforehand?"

"Yeah! I had a few others."

Twilight arched an eyebrow when she saw the usually serious firebender take out a list from his jacket, "You actually made a list of comebacks? Really?"

"I think it's cute." said Korra.

"A.K., You think giving someone a bloody nose is cute." Twilight said.

"Hey! In all defense that guy was getting too close for comfort." Mako said defensively, "And I was just trying to help."

Twilight simply rolled her eyes, "Whatever." Korra playfully flicked the alicorn's ears as a sign to leave her boyfriend alone.

"Show us what you got so far." she encouraged.

Mako began reading from the paper, "Okay, let's see, uh…"Looks like you guys should put more 'try' in triad", huh?"

Twilight crinkled her nose, "Eh…next!"

"Or, how about this one: "When you get to jail, tell em Mako sent ya."

"Ooh, I like that one." Korra said, rather flirtatiously.

"Okay, I'll use that next time." he placed the list back into his jacket.

Twilight shrugged her shoulders, "It's not so bad."

Mako arched an eyebrow, "What does it take to impress this kid?" he asked while gesturing to Twilight with his thumb.

"What? I said; not bad." Korra and Mako laughed as they both playfully messed up Twilight's mane, "Hey, quit it! Ha, ha, ha!"

Korra turned to Mako, "You know, should show read them to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I'm sure they can come up with some good ones for you."

"You did invite them to the festival too, right?" he asked hopefully. In time he grew very fond of the spirited little fillies.

"Yeah. I invited them, the apple family, Princess Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Shining Armor and Flash Sentry."

At the sound of that name, Twilight's eyes popped open and she jumped from Korra's lap, "HU!? Y-You, you, YOU INVITED WHO NOW?!"

Mako arched an eyebrow in curiosity, "Flash Sentry? Isn't he that human guy Twilight met in that mirror world?"

Korra smirked, "Yeah, but in the pony world he's a royal guard, and a dashing pegasus"

The alicorn was blushing from embarrassment, "KORRA!"


"Stop. Talking." Twilight warned through her teeth.

Mako then smiled mischievously as he put two and two together, "Oh, I get it. Our little Twily-Wiley's has got a crush!" he said while batting his eyes teasingly at the alicorn princess.

"I DO NOT! And I told you never to call me that!"

"Twilight and Flash, sitting in a tree, K-i-s-s-i-n…" Mako stopped singing once Twilight used her magic to cover up his mouth with his own scarf. "Oh, real mature, Twi." he said sarcastically, his voice muffled underneath the scarf.

Korra tried to explain the situation to her friend, "Twilight, I--"

"Korra, why would you invite him? Without telling me?!"

"Twilight relax, first for all; it's not like I arranged it to be a date or anything, and second I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for you guys to get to know each other better."

"Haven't you ever talked to him before? Besides in that other world?" Mako asked after he removed the scarf from his mouth.

"Of course I have." Twilight said, "Ever since he got transferred to Canterlot, I see him all the time at the castle."

"And have you ever had a conversation with him?" Mako asked.

"Yes!" Both Korra and Mako both arch their eyebrows at the alicorn. "Kind of….a few….Okay nothing too major but we've gotten to know each other a bit. And sure, it was while he was on guard duty. And he usually calls me "your highness", or "princess". But it's still considered talking."

"Yeah as a guard and a princess, not as yourselves." Korra pointed out.

Mako looked at Twilight with sympathy, "Twilight, you really like this guy don't you?"

Twilight was blushing like mad, "W-What? No, of course I-…….absolutely do!" she said the last part as she kneeled to the floor and covered her eyes in embarrassment, "But every time I get near him I get all nervous and tongue tied. And I'm not even sure if he likes me, I mean I know his human self from the mirror world kind of liked me but, I'm not sure about him as a pony. Just thinking about it makes me want to faint, or throw up. Or both!"

Mako smiled, "Girlfriend, you've got it bad."

"Which is why this festival is the perfect excuse for you guys to ditch the formalities." Korra explained, "You won't have to treat each other like a boss and employe, just two ponies having fun."

"But, what if he doesn't like me that way and I make a complete fool of myself?" Twilight asked.

"You never know if you don't try. Just go for it." Mako encouraged.

Twilight looked at him surprised, "Wow, Korra's really had an impact on you hasn't she?" Mako and Korra chuckled as they held each other's hands. Twilight looked at their happy faces and deep down she knew she did want something like that to happen to her and Flash. Maybe they were right and this was a good chance for them to get to know each other a lot better. The princess smiled confidently, "Alright, I'll do it!"

Korra spread her arms wide, welcoming the alicorn into a warm hug, "That's my girl." she said proudly.

"But if anything happens I'm blaming you guys." the pony said threateningly.

Mako waved his arms in defeat, "Hey, why me?"

"Because you agreed with her on this."

The teen chuckled at Twilight's humor. Then Mako remembered, "Oh, and guess what?"

"What?" both girls asked at once.

"Beifong says that if I keep up the good work she'll promote me to detective soon."

Twilight smiled proudly, "That's wonderful, Mako. Congratulations"

"Yeah, that sounds so fun." said Korra before her voice began to sound disappointed, "All I do is train all day. It's like Tenzin's totally forgot how me I beat Amon."

Twilight cleared her throat, "Ahem!"



The Avatar laughed as she ruffled Twilight's mane, "I'm teasing! You know I never could have stopped him without you guys." Twilight smiled and fixed her messed up mane. "But seriously, I just can't seem to catch a break with Tenzin. I feel like I'm in a rut sometimes."

Mako placed his hand over Korra's for reassurance, "Tenzin's just trying to help you become the best Avatar you can be."

"He's got a point." Twilight agreed, "Thanks to Tenzin you really have been improving a lot. You've become such an amazing airbender, and you kill at the air scooter races. When you're not using the Avatar state of course."

"There ya see, even Twilight agrees." said Mako.

But, regardless of their words, which even she would admit they made some valid point, she still couldn’t help but feel stuck. Her training had become so repetitive as of late that the idea of going back again made her feel pretty bitter. She softly placed Twilight to her side and started getting up.

"Yeah, sure. I'm gonna go take a walk." Korra, looking surprisingly dejected said as she got up and left, leaving Twilight and Mako looking at her with concern.

"Korra!" Twilight called her name but the Avatar was already gone, leaving just the cop and the princess with Naga.

Mako slumped against Naga, sighing. Then out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie popped from inside his jacket, "Don't worry! Korra's just needs to blow off some steam. She'll be back to her upbeat self in no time." she got back in the jacket and Mako sees she wasn't there anymore.

"I'll never understand how she does that."

"Do what?" Pinkie asked as she popped from behind him. She then zipped away and disappeared, Mako arched an eyebrow and he and Twilight shared confused looks.

"She's right, you know." said Twilight, "We both know Korra's not the most patient person on the planet but she'll come around. She always does in the end."

Mako sighted, "I know. It's, she's been… fussy, lately."

"You mean fussier than usual." Twilight clarified.

"Yeah. I take it you noticed already?"

"Sort of. We're bonded, remember? I may not be able to read her mind but I can understand how she's really feeling."

"Right, that whole empathy thing."

"Exactly. Also, since me and the girls can always see exactly how she's feeling, we've become very familiar with her most frequent emotions and situations. And with close attention, and careful observation, we can often pinpoint the very reason for Korra's specific emotional states and the way she is most likely going to respond to them."

Mako blinked a few times before answering, "You just love to clarify stuff don't you?

Twilight smiled, "Just one of my many quirks. Don't worry, I think this vacation is exactly what we need." Then to Twilight's surprise, Mako started fixing her hair, "What are you doing?"

"What, you want to look nice for Flash don't you?"

Twilight glared at him, "Mako, stop it."

"Come on, let me help."

"I mean it."

"Is that a speck of dandruff?"

Twilight growled and used her magic to move him across the room and he hit the wall. Sometimes her outburst surprise even her, "Okay, I'll back off." said Mako from the other side of the room.

"Sorry! You okay?"

"Yeah. I've been hurt worse."


Latter that night, Korra couldn't get herself to sleep. She kept tossing and turning in her bed, unable to get a decent sleep. Finally fessed up, she got up and headed to the docks in hopes some fresh air would help her relax. Once outside, the Avatar inhaled the sweet salty sea air, which was already working its magic on her. She was no longer feeling tense, but far more relaxed and calm. She gazed up at the stars above her head, admiring their beauty and wonder. Just for the heck of it, she spun around a bit on the docks, taking in the fresh air and relaxing her soul.

She opened her mouth to harmonize softly, her beautiful voice echoed against the waves of the ocean, her haunting melody soothing her all the more. But, unbeknownst to her, something was creeping up from underneath the boat. Its glowing yellow eyes piercing wickedly at the floating contraption. The creature was just about ready to attack when it heard Korra's singing. Her voice was like that of a siren, enchanting the creature and placing it under a trance. All wicked thoughts it carried began to fade, slowly becoming more and more entranced by the beautiful singing, its body even began to slowly turn from dark purple to a soft light blue. Once the creature knew what was happening, it let out a shriek.

Korra stopped her harmonizing once she heard the sound. Quickly, she rushed to the railing, leaning just a bit to get a glimpse of what it was she had heard. She suspected maybe a wale, but that sounded nothing like one. She could barely see anything because of the darkness, but she did manage to catch a glimpse of what appeared to be glowing yellow eyes.

Her first instincts was to call on the others, but the moment she moved, the creature swam away, almost as if it were afraid of her. With a soft shriek it swam away in terror, almost as if it was afraid of her. Korra looked on in confusion. Maybe it was just some harmless water creature that she couldn't make out due to the darkness of night.


"We're here! We're here! We're here! We're here! We're here!" Pinkie Pie jumped excitedly on Korra's bed, shaking it and forcing the sleepy Avatar awake. Korra groaned in frustration.

"Pinkie Pie!"

The pony leaped from the bed and then began jumping onto the rest of the ponies on their backs, giving them all an incredibly rude awakening.

"We're at the south pole! We're at the south pole!" she ran to the door of their room and ran out with speedy legs to wake up the others, "Mako! Bolin! Asami! Wake up! We're here!"

Korra and the Ponies all groaned in annoyance, "One of these days we have got to find an outlet for all that energy." said Rarity as she tried to brush her messed up mane.


"Mako! Wake up! It's morning! We're here!"

Pinkie Pie jumped on Mako's bed so many times, that he literally was shaken awake and right off the bed. He landed face first into the floor, entangled with his blanket. Pinkie Pie landed beside him.

"Good you're up!" the pony spontaneously kissed his cheek before galloping away and shouting, "ASAMI! TENZIN!! Wake up!"

Mako groaned as he sat up and rubbed his head, "She's your friend, and you love her. She's your friend and you love her, just keep telling yourself that."


Once they were all fully dressed, Korra and the Mane Six all rushed to the outside of the boat and their eyes shimmered with glee. There in the horizon was the Southern Water Tribe, just as stunning as ever. The snow all around sparkled in the sunlight and a large carnival could be seen in the distance. Bright colored tends surrounded the place and up ahead they spotted a large wheel, a ferris wheel. Twilight's eyes sparkled at the beauty of the place, "Wow. They really go all out for the festival"

"Wait till you see it up close." Korra said excitedly.

"This place looks fabulous!" said Rarity.

Pinkie Pie could barely contain herself, "Oh, I am so nervexcited!"

Mako arched an eyebrow, "You do realize that's not a real word, right?"

"It's Pinkie Pie." Korra reminded him.

"Right, silly question."

Korra's smile faded and she looked at her boyfriend with sincere regret, "Hey, Mako. Um, I wanted to say that I'm sorry for last night, and--" but before she could continue, Mako wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer, making her blush as he smiled at her lovingly.

"It's okay. Don't worry about it."

The two teens smiled as they snuggled close. Twilight smiled at them and Spike nudged at her with his elbow, "That could be you and Flash Sentry, someday." he said slyly. Twilight pouted in annoyance and used her magic to cover Spike's head with the hood of his winter coat.


They finally arrived at the docks and the friends all walked down the platform. The airbending children quickly spotted their grandmother, Katara and another woman with grey hair and blue eyes with a resemblance to the elderly waterbender. The children rushed to greet them.

"Gran Gran!"

The children all gathered around Katara and hugged her waist. She was so happy to see them. "Oh…you've all gotten so big."

Jinora turned to the other slightly younger woman and hugged her tightly around her waist, "We missed you, Aunt Kya."

Kya was Tenzin and Bumi's sister, the middle child of Avatar Aang and his only daughter. Kya was around a similar age as her brothers, she had silvery-grey hair styled into a half bun as the rest of her hair flowed down behind her. She had two long bangs framing both sides of her face. Her eyes were identical to her mother's and she wore a lovely cocker around her neck with an always lunar-shaped pendant and blue earrings. Despite her lode appearance, Kya still looked beautiful and athletic. Her very presence gave the impression of a strong and even feisty spirit.

"I missed you too. Your father doesn't bring you to visit nearly enough." speaking of which, Kya spotted her younger brother and walked towards him wearing a confident smile, "He's probably scared I'll beat him up like when we were kids", she playfully punched Tenzin's shoulder.

"I'm not scared of you!…anymore." he said the last part while rubbing his arm. Even after all these years, his big sister can still pack a punch. Both Applejack and Rarity were quite surprised to meet Kya.

"Wow, that's Tenzin's sister?" asked Applejack.

"She and Korra are going to get along swimmingly." said Rarity, "Get it, "swimmingly"? Because they're waterbenders?" she laughed at her little joke but Applejack rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, leave the jokes to Pinkie Pie." she said, earning a pout from the unicorn.

Korra happily greeted her parents, who were both so happy to have their baby girl home. Korra's father Tonraq was a very strong looking man with dark brown hair and beard and piercing blue eyes. His wife Senna was almost the spitting image of their daughter, right down to her warm smile and stunning blue eyes. She wore her hair down separated by two unusually styled braids over her shoulder. Once Korra and Tonraq released from their hug she reintroduced her boyfriend, "You remember Mako."

Mako offered the grown man his hand, "Sir."

But Tonraq crossed his arms and looked down at the boy with a stern looking face that could even make the most ferocious of polar bear dogs whimper in fear, "I hope you're not getting my daughter into anymore trouble in the city."

Mako quickly became a bit nervous, he could clearly see where Korra got her slight intimidating nature from. "Uh…No…uh…I…no."

"Knock it off, Dad." Korra said playfully.

Tonraq laughed as he shook Mako's hand, reverting back to his friendly demeanor. Pinkie Pie began jumping in front of them while speaking rapidly, "This is sooooooo great! Look at all the people, are you excited, because I'm excited I've never been so excited well except for when I first met you in Republic city and I was all--” she inhaled deeply, “And then there was the time I saw you and Mako kiss for the first time and I went all--” she inhaled deeply again, “And of course there was the time you lost your bending but then got it back and I was all like--” she deeply inhaled once more, “But I mean, really who can top that?"

Korra grabbed the hopping Pinkie in mid air and held her in her arms, "And of course you remember Pinkie Pie."

Tonraq ruffled the pony's mane, "How can I forget?….Seriously, I'm still trying to find ways to forget and I can't."

Korra rolled her eyes, "Dad!"

"Just kidding." he said playfully.

Twilight approached and bowed before the older man, "It's very nice to see you again Tonraq, sir."

Tonraq bowed in return, "Like-wise, Princess Twilight, and please, just call me Tonraq. Here you are treated like family."


"No need to apologies."


Bolin marveled at all the people around them, "Wow! Look at these people that came out to greet us."

"Uh, no. They came to greet them." Korra pointed her thumb towards a large and stunningly beautiful ship that just arrived at the docks. It was white with the northern water tribe symbol on the sides. The edges of the ship were decorated to look like waves and it appeared to have somewhat of a lion-shaped head on the front. Flags of the water tribe waved on the flag poles. It was larger than most of the ships around it and stood out like a white rose in a garden full of pansies.

"Now that's riding in style." said Rarity, marveling at the ship's extravagant design.

Tonraq however, was not impressed, "The great Chief of the Northern Water Tribe comes to grace us with his presence. Hooray." he said the last part with obvious sarcasm.

His wife Senna tried to ease him, "Just relax Tonraq, he'll be gone soon enough."

Rainbow Dash flew to Korra, "I'm guessing your dad has issues with the chief." she said.

"What makes you say that?" Pinkie asked.

A plank was lowered and a man walked down. He looked near Tonraq's age with long dark hair styled back with only two strains of hair on both sides near his ears styled with water tribe sties. He wore a long dark purple robe underneath a similar colored high-neck outfit. His expression was serious, calm and intelligent. His very presence was regal in every aspect. The ponies could only guess that this was the infamous Chief of the Northern Water Tribe. The Chief was followed by two teenagers who appeared to be identical twins, both wearing long and somewhat boring looking robes. They both had the same long hair, straight bands over their foreheads and emotionless expressions. One however, had what appeared to be some kind of eye makeup on the sides of her eyes. Bolin was immediately infatuated with pair.

"Woah! Who are the lovely ladies?" he said flirtatiously.

Applejack rolled her eyes at this, "Here we go."

Korra smiled mischievously at the earthbender, this was going to be fun. "That's Eska and Desna, the chief's children…Desna is a guy."

Bolin's eyes widened at this and Rainbow, Spike and Pinkie burst out laughing, "AH HA HA HA HA! "

"Oh, no, sure, I knew that. Uhhh…which one is Desna?"

Rarity scoffed at Bolin's interest in the new girl, "Darling, why would you even bother? She seems so…"

"Creepy?" Applejack asked.

"Disturbing?" Fluttershy asked.

"I was going to Bland." Rarity answered, then her eyes widened as they saw the chief approach them, "Oh my! He's coming! Quick, everypony, back straight, look presentable. He is royalty."

The chief and his children approached the group of friends and the regal man bowed before Korra, "Good to see you again, Avatar Korra."

She bowed to him in return, "Good to see you too."

He then noticed the little ponies beside her. The chief was rather surprised to see such creatures. "And these must be the famous ponies." he said with a polite smile.

"You know about them?" Korra asked curiously.

"Yes, I have heard much about your adventures in Republic City and how you defeated Amon. Is it true they can only be heard by the ones who are truly open-hearted? Especially towards you?"

"Well, yeah pretty much."

The chief smiled warmly at the ponies and they all bowed in respect, "Hello Chief, my name is Princess Twilight Sparkle" said the alicorn princess.

The chief bowed to her as well, "It is an honor to meet you, Princess."

The alicorn gleamed as did the other ponies at the fact that he could understand them! An obvious sign that he was a good man at heart. The chief's polite exterior shifted as he turned to face Tonraq, who mirrored his expression. The air around them suddenly shifted, becoming tense and uneasy for everyone.

"Tonraq." he said rather cooly.

Tonraq glared at him... "Brother."

The moment the word left his mouth, the ponies all gasped in shock at the revelation. Korra's father and the chief were brothers! Mako and Bolin looked at each other, seemingly surprised with the tone the two men used to address one another. It was evident to say these two were not very close.

"So much for our relaxing vacation." said Spike as he crossed his arm in disappointment.

Rarity was completely dumbfounded at what she was hearing, "Brother? Wait, he's your uncle?" she asked Korra while pointing a hoof at the chief. Her eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

"Yes, Rarity." Korra said casually.

"Your uncle is the chief? Of the Northern Water Tribe?!" Rarity sounded like this was the biggest news in the history of the world.

"Yeah." Korra replied again casually. To her surprise, the pony jumped up and held Korra's face with both her hooves and pressed her face close to Korra's, there noses practically touching.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?!?!"

Korra remained calm, "Probably because I had a hunch you would react like this. Besides, it's not that big a deal."

The unicorn jumped down back to the snowy ground, "Wha--oh! N--Not that big a deal?! You're related to royalty! So that would make you a--a--a prin--"

"Not exactly." Korra stated.

"But your father is a royal right? Maybe not chief but he's still considered a member of the royal family, right?"

"Well, yeah but that's not entirely how it works here." Korra explained.


"Rarity, give it a rest!" said Rainbow Dash indifferently.

The unicorn eventually pouted in defeat, "Fine."

Suddenly, all of the humans near the docks gasped as a glowing orb suddenly appeared from the sky and lowered down in front of them. Once the light disappeared, there stood Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, also Big Mac and the Cutie Mark Crusaders; AppleBloom, Applejack's little sister, Sweetie Belle's Rarity's little sister, and Scootaloo, a pegasus pony who still couldn't fly but admired Rainbow Dash, who considered her like a sister.

"Glad ya'll could make it!" Applejack quickly greeted her family.

The crusaders saw Mako and ran up to him, "Uncle Mako!" the little fillies all tackled him to the ground with a great hug.

The firebender hugged them in return, "Hey girls. I'm happy to see you too."

Korra walked up to Celestia and Luna while Twilight and Cadance did their signature "sunshine sunshine" dance and she hugged her brother.

Korra embraced the two alicorn sisters before introducing them to everyone else. "Everyone, I would like you all to meet Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence and her husband Shining Armor."

Both Tonraq and the chief bowed before them, "Welcome, your highnesses." said Tonraq.

Celestia bowed to him as well, "It's wonderful to see you all again."

"I'm so happy you're all here."

"We wouldn't miss it for the world." said Luna. Then another pony came from behind the princess and bowed before them.

"Good day, Avatar Korra."

Korra smiled kindly at their new friend, "Flash, I already told you, just call me Korra."

"She's right." Celestia said, "You're off duty today, Flash Sentry. You don't have to be so formal among friends."

The pegasus guard blushed and rubbed the back of his head with his hoof, "Forgive me, princess. Force of habit."

Mako walked up next to Korra and looked at the young stallion, "So you're Flash Sentry. It's nice to finally meet you." he said politely, happy to finally be meeting Twilight's special friend.

Flash's ears perked up at the sight of the firebender, "You--You're Mako, right? Officer Mako?!" he asked excitedly, taking the firebender by surprise.

"Well, yeah. You've heard of me?"

"Princess Twilight Sparkle has told me so much about you!"

"Really?" Mako was quite surprised by the pony's enthusiasm to meet him. He smiled widely as he explained what he knew about the male human, surprisingly wagging his tail like a happy puppy.

"Oh yes! She told me you're a police officer, which is pretty much the same as being a royal guard. She also mentioned how you help people the same way Korra does and how you helped fight against that wicked villain Amon and his anti-bending revolution." he bowed in respect of the firebender, "It's an honor to meet such a hero."

Mako smiled in satisfaction as he leaned in and whispered to his girlfriend, "I like him." he then addressed back to the pony, "Well, it's an honor to meet you too, Flash Sentry. I should really thank Twilight for mentioning such wonderful things about me to her friends." he said to his little fan before smiling cheekily, "And speaking of Twilight." both he and Korra moved apart to reveal the alicorn princess shyly behind them with her eyes closed. Once she opened them, she lowered her ears and blushed at the sight of her crush.

"Oh, Flash. I didn't see you there."

"Hey Prince--I mean, Twilight." Flash shyly said as he waved his hoof.

Korra and Mako both winked at each other. This was going to be interesting. Celestia smiled at the cute scene, even she knew about the ponies secret infatuation with one another. She suddenly felt her leg being nudged. She turned her head to face her younger sister.

"Sister. She's here."

Both alicorns spotted something among the crowd of humans. It was actually an invisible being, but the outline was very visible in their eyes. A man walked by and the figure was gone.

"I'll never understand why she likes doing that."


Latter, Korra, Tenzin, Chief Unalaq, Tonraq, the ponies and the princesses were all walking around the festival looking at the booths and all kinds of games. The people around gasped in wonder at the sight of the regal princesses. They had never seen anything so beautiful and majestic in their lives.

Fluttershy's eye sparkled as she looked all around, "This place is so beautiful." she said.

"Look at all the food!" said Rainbow Dash as she pointed to all the varieties of treats.

"Most impressive." Luna said.

"I'm so happy you like it, Princess." said Korra. As they continued to walk, Luna spotted a ring toss game booth and her eyes widened.

"Sister, look! I have not played that game in ages! Oh, forgive my outburst."

Celestia turned to the Avatar, "Korra, is it alright if we--"

"Not at all, you guys came here to have fun. So go have fun!"

Celestia smiled mischievously at her little sister, "Race you, Luna!" she ran ahead with her sister right behind her.

"No fair!"

Unalaq watched as the two regal sisters ran off together, laughing like little kids, "Those are the princesses of Equestria." he said rather stoic-like.

Korra smiled at the princesses' enthusiasm, "Yes. They're great, aren't they?"

"Honestly, unlike anything I have ever seen." said Unalaq, both slightly impressed and slightly monotoned.

"Everypony else seems to enjoying the festival." Korra said as she quickly spotted Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash already playing for prizes at one of the booths. Rainbow Dash had her competitive face on.

"Come on, baby!" the pegasus said with enthusiasm.

Twilight rolled her eyes, "They sure didn't take long."

Unalaq, on the other hand, was not smiling at their antics, "It's a shame the southerners have abandoned all connection with the spirits. Even in the most hallowed times." he said seriously as they all continued to walk around the festival.

"I've always loved the Glacier Spirits Festival." said Korra, "It's fun."

"This festival use to be a solemn time of fasting and meditation. Now it's just a chance to watch some rube try to stick an entire arctic hen in his mouth."

They all stopped and see Bolin, who had stuffed an entire arctic hen inside his mouth, "What? It's so good!" he said with the hen still in his mouth with a smile.

"Boly, please, don't talk with your mouth full, it's most unseemly." said Rarity. Korra and Twilight rolled their eyes but smiled none the less at their friend's goofiness.

"Traditions change. It's not the end of the world." Tonraq said.

Unalaq turned to face his brother with serious eyes, "Tell that to the sailors who were being attacked by spirits in southern waters. Some traditions have purpose."

This immediately caught Korra's attention, "Wait, spirits are attacking ships?" both she and Twilight shared a curious look. It was then Korra remembered that strange creature she heard last night. After a latter good night sleep she made herself believe it was only a dream. Maybe it wasn't.

"I thought all spirits lived in the spirit world." said Twilight. Just as Korra had learned about Magic in Equestria, Twilight had brushed up on some facts on Korra's world. Especially about spirits and the Avatar itself.

"Some spirits have a way to crossover into our world, little one." Unalaq explained before turning back to his brother, "I'm surprised the Avatar doesn't know about that." he stated in a very disappointed tone, which made Tonraq's bitterness towards his brother grow even more. Unalag turned once again to Korra, "Apparently you haven't been given all the information. It would be my honor to instruct you in the spiritual ways of the water tribe." he said humbly.

"You can teach Korra about the spirits?" Twilight asked intrigued, her curiosity was only mirrored by Korra's.

"Indeed I can."

"I wouldn't mind learning about fighting spirits." Korra said with a smile before glancing at Tenzin with a somewhat teasingly expression, "Airbending has getting pretty boring recently."

At hearing this, Twilight nudged Korra's arm. "It hasn't been all that bad, ya know." she pointed out seriously.

"I know, but you gotta admit, learning about spirits is something I should focus on just as much."

"Tenzin is Korra's instructor." Tonraq said seriously, "He can give her all the training she needs."

"So you've said." said Unalaq with a very unamused tone before turning and walking away. Unbeknownst to him, the mysterious figure watched from behind a booth.

"What do ya'll think he meant by that? Tenzin's taught her plenty." said Applejack.

"Yes, but what he said about the spirits sounded quite serious." said Rarity.

Twilight and Korra both looked at each other, like always they didn't need to be mind readers to know that they were on the same page, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked the princess.

The Avatar nodded, "Yep. We need to find out more about these angry spirits."

Tonraq placed his hand on his daughter's shoulder, "My little brother may know a lot but he doesn't know everything."

"Wait, if your uncle is the youngest brother then why is he chief instead of your father?" Fluttershy asked.

"He left the north pole and gave the throne to Unalaq." Korra explained.

Rarity's eyes bulged open…again, "AH! So HE was suppose to be chief?!"

"Here we go." said Twilight with a bored tone.

Rarity was getting extremely excited as she galloped in place, "So if he had stayed and became chief then, that would have made you a--a--a pri---"

Realizing the unicorn was not going to quit, Korra told her what she wanted to hear, "Yes, Rarity. If my father had become chief then that, technically, would have made me…. a princess." she said the last part very un-enthusiastically. The unicorn was slowly loosing consciousness.

"AH! A princess!--a--a princess--oh..."

Korra and Twilight shook their heads as they looked at Rarity passed out on the snow. "Unicorn down." Korra said with a deadpan expression.

"Again." Twilight added, also wearing a matching expression.


"I'm really glad you came with me to this meeting." Asami said graciously. Accompanied by Bolin, Pabu and Spike, standing before a large white yacht.

"Hey, no sweat it Sami." said Spike, "So, who are we supposed to be meeting again?"

"His name is Varrick. He is the richest man in the world and he controls the entire global shipping business. So, you two are my assistants. Just stand there and don't say anything."

Bolin smiled in reassurance, "No problem, Pabu, Spike and I are natural assistants."

"You can count on us!" said the dragon as he followed his friends up to the boat.

The friends walked inside where a woman wearing glasses and a business uniform came by to take their coats. Bolin's eyes scanned the fancy interior of the ship, "Man, this is nice! I got to get into this whole business thing."

In the very center of the room, they saw a man sitting cross-legged on a pillow with other people watching him intently, sitting in a circle around him. The man was of water tribe descendant with wavy styled dark brown hair, wearing extravagant blue clothing underneath a long purple cape with fur lining in his shoulders. He looked at if he were concentrating hard on something.

Spike arched an eyebrow at the scene, "Is this guy okay?"

Bolin shrugged his shoulders, just as confused about this as his friend was, "I don't now."

Asami shushed them both. She knew very well who the man was. He was Varrick. And while she did agree that his first impression wasn't what she expected, she was desperate for some help with Future Industries. Even though she would never admit it out loud.

Finally, Varrick opened his eyes and smiled widely, "Did ya see that? Levitation!"

Bolin and Spike both looked confused as they watched the man stand up, his cloak falling from his shoulders in the process, and took a bow while everybody else clapped for him, even Asami.

"Did I miss something?" Spike asked.

"It looked like you were just sitting on a pillow." Bolin stated and Asami faced palms herself. There goes her business deal.

Everyone else in the room looked at Bolin, stunned. Varrick was shocked as well. He walked over to him, stopping right in front of the young earthbender, his hands on his hips as he gazed at Bolin very intimidatingly. "Are you saying, I wasn't levitating?" even Spike felt a bit frightened by the man's angry glare.

Bolin gulped nervously before answering nervously, "Uh….no?"

Varrick continued looking at him angrily while Spike 'zipped' next to Asami and hid behind her skirt, "Nice knowing ya, buddy" said the baby dragon.

Varrick finally turned to his 'followers', and said, "Well why didn't anyone tell me? Now I look like an idiot!"

"Now? Seriously?" Spike looked at the man like he was a big fat idiot.

Asami looked down at him and scowled, "Spike, please!"

Varrick then pointed to a man in a funny looking hat who sat cross legged next to where Varrick was sitting, "Swami you're fired!" The swami bowed to him and walked out. Varrick then placed his arm around Bolin, reverting back to his happy-go-lucky self, "I like you kid, you're a real straight shooter, just like me." he turned to Asami and pointed his index finger at her while wearing a somewhat serious look, "Miss Sato, he's with you?"

Asami nodded in yes. Varrick's eyes scanned downwards and noticed Spike beside Asami's legs. The dragon nervously waved.

"What's that?" asked Varrick, pointing at the creature and Asami introduced her friend.

"This is Spike. He's with me too."

"But what is he?"

Asami looked down at Spike, who shrugged his shoulders, he didn't know if she should tell him the truth or not. "Say something." she encouraged.

"What do you want me to say?"

Varrick slightly backed away in shock, "It can talk?!…Weird."

Spike scowled at the man and placed his hands on his hips, "Seriously? I'm the weirdest thing in the room?" he asked sarcastically.

Varrick smiled at this, "Feisty too. I like him!" the eccentric man lifted the dragon up and inspected him, he looked into his ears, tugged on his tail and placed his thumb and index finger into his mouth, opening it wide, "To think, a real life talking scaly thing!"

Spike's jaws snapped once Varrick removed his fingers. "Actually, I'm a dragon!" he clarified.

Varrick held the dragon with his left arm and placed his right arm around Bolin, "Brought your tiger shark and your little scaly buddy to do business with ya, huh? Now that's moxie!"

Asami sighed in relief. She was so worried the guys had unintentionally ruined her chances of having Varrick as a business partner and saving her company, but apparently the stars were in her favor that day. Varrick took both boys to their seats, which were really pillows on the floor.

"Zhu Li, get some tea for my guests!"

"Thank you for meeting with me." said Asami as she walked up to Varrick and got down to business, "As you know, Future Industries is looking for a partner to handle our shipping."

The heiress was interrupted when Varrick waved a finger at her, "Sure! But first you gotta check out my new venture! Moving pictures! Zhu Li, do the thing!"

His assistant, who was in the process of serving Bolin his tea and gave a bowl of cookies for Spike, handed the tray to the earthbender and started the projector an the lights dimmed. Spike quickly took the bowl of cookies and began to chow down.

Varrick placed his hands on Asami's shoulder as he had her take a seat on a pillow, "You're gonna love this!" he shoved her a bit too hard that Asami tripped and fell to her right, only to have Bolin catch her. The two blinked at the awkward position they were now in; Asami was holding onto Bolin's shoulder with her right hand while he held her hips. The heiress was practically on his lap. This was very awkward for both of them, but Spike simply sat there watching the moment while munching on cookies like he was at the movie theater. Asami quickly sat back up and fixed her hair, tints of red evident on both their cheeks, and their eyes returned to the screen before them.

Right before their eyes, was a paper screen being hit by the light from the projector. On the screen, they saw a moving image of an ostrich horse. Spike had already seen stuff like this back home, it really didn't impress him all that much, but he still watched while eating the cookies. Varrick stood in front of his friends, "Mind-blowing, right?"

"Yeah." Bolin said impressed.

"Now forget that! That's the past! Shut it off, Zhu Li!"

Zhu Li did as she was told and turned off the projector, the lights came back on after she did. Varrick continued to explain, "Imagine watching this!" he gestured to his left, "Ginger, come over here and do your poses."

Bolin gasped in a amazement as a gorgeous woman walked toward them. Her hair was short, curly and colored oddly crimson red, and ended at the nap of her neck, her lips were blood-red and her eyes were stunning blue. She dropped her shawl and stroked a number of dramatic and stylish poses, as lights flashed behind her. Bolin was completely taken by her beauty as he stared at her with wide eyes while drooling. Spike was indifferent to this, however Asami quickly covered the young dragon's eyes from looking at the woman's 'suggestive' dress.

"Spectacular!" Varrick said as he continued to speak, while blocking Bolin's view of Ginger, much to his annoyance, "And, we tell a story; there's romance, action, some funny animal stuff for the kids. You know, whatever! Thanks, Ginger, go rest your gams." the man leaped forward and sat between Bolin and Asami, Spike was slightly shaken by the impact that he dropped his bowl of cookies, much to his disappointment. Varrick wrapped his arm around Bolin's neck, "How about that tiger shark? We're gonna do big business with these "movers" as I call em." Varrick said enthusiastically to his new 'friends'.

"Movers? Why not just call em movies?" Spike said. Varrick stared sternly at Spike who lowered his ears and gulped, "Just a suggestion."

"Movies, hu?" Varrick tapped his chin in thought before shouting, "…I love it! Movies it is!"

Even Asami was beginning to notice the weirdness of this man, but as crazy as he was, she needed him, "Oookay. But I'm just concentrating on getting Future Industries back on track. If we could hammer out a deal--"

Varrick stopped her midway by holding his hand up to her face, "Stop! Look me in the eye." he pressed his head to Asami, who was initially unsure of what to do, but quickly adopted a determined look on her face. After a few seconds Varrick smiled and suddenly broke away and pointed his finger to the ceiling,

"We got a deal!"

His reaction caused Asami to fall back from her cushion, only to have Spike help her up. Varrick then helped Asami to her feet and shook her hand, "We'll hammer out the details at the royal feast tonight." he turned back to his 'followers', "Now, who wants a rocket boat ride?!"

The people cheered as they followed him out. Bolin and Spike were both still very confused to what had just happened. "Uh, is that how business usually goes?" asked the earthbender. To his surprise, Asami hugged him and then ruffled his hair.

"You are a natural assistant."

"Hey, what about me?"

Asami lifted Spike up and kissed his cheek, "You're a great assistant too, Spike."

The dragon blushed, "Aww, it was nothing. I told you you could count on us"


That night at the royal dinner, Korra sat with her parents, uncle and cousins at a large table while the two princesses sat in their own beautifully table reserved just for them, close to the large table where Korra and her family was. It was a beautifully decorated table Korra had reserved just for the princesses. Other tables were reserved for the ponies as well. The Avatar smiled as she watched her pony friends giggle and having fun together. She was a bit upset she wasn't sitting with them, but they understood she hardly got to spend time with her family, so this was a great chance. Though Korra knew she came from royal roots, she never really liked being treated like royalty. She never saw herself as a princess. She once believed princesses to be rather spoiled and arrogant prissy rich girls…until she met Twilight Sparkle. She and Celestia, Luna, even Cadance showed Korra what it really meant to be a princess, and the Avatar found a newfound respect for those who carried this title.

At the corner of her eye, she noticed the two royal sisters happily waving at the young Avatar from their table. Another thing Korra loved about them was that they were not afraid to act non-royal-like around ones they liked and cared for. Korra happily waved in return. She spotted her pony friends at the table on the other corner near theirs and waved to them as well. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance sat in a table set for two. The pony couple also waved at Korra and she, of course, waved back without hesitation. The Avatar then noticed her uncle looking at her rather oddly, questioning why she was waving so much. She blushed a bit in embarrassment and lowered her gaze and her hand. Even though she wasn't a princess, she was sitting with the royal family, her family, so she had to act a bit more proper than usual. It could be worse, she could be wearing an itchy royal robe.

A waiter walked by to the princesses table and bowed in respect, "More tea your highness?"

"Yes please. Thank you" said Celestia. The waiter poured the tea into their cups before bowing and walking away.

"It was kind of Unalaq to arrange us this gorgeous table. And so close to the royal family" said Luna.

Celestia nodded in agreement, "Well you should also thank Korra, she arranged half of this just for us as well."

Luna looked over at Korra as a concerned look came across her face, "Sister, do you truly think she could be…you know."

"She has shown promise as of yet" said her big sister.

"I agree but…could she be? I mean, can it be possible what she said?"

"Anything is possible, sister. We'll just have to wait…then we will know for certain if she is indeed ready."

"This is a wonderful feast in your honor, Uncle" Korra said to Unalaq.

"This is nothing. When this festival was founded the tribal elders would commune for spirits. People would watch the brilliant displays of light as spirits danced in the sky."

Korra smiled at how he described this, it sounded amazing. "Wow. I've never seen that."

"Well that is a shame, since the Avatar is the bridge between the material world and the spirits. That is why I want so badly to teach you. To help you fulfill your destiny"

"I thought I had made it clear that Tenzin is teaching her" said Tonraq seriously.

"Every Avatar before you traveled the world to learn." Unalaq said to the young Avatar, being completely straightforward with her, "It was Tenzin and your father who kept you secluded at the south pole"

His words reached the table that was close to the royal family, where the Mane Six sat. Twilight immediately spit out her drink in shock, "What the hu!?"

Korra was very confused by what her uncle had just said. Was it really her father and Tenzin's idea to have her secluded in that compound of a prison all her life?

"I thought Aang ordered the White Lotus to keep me down here." Korra said as she looked at her father in confusion. She silently hoped this was a misunderstanding. She wouldn't expect her own father, who loved her to no end, actually have his own daughter locked away from the world without any interaction with others her own age. Tonraq never wanted it to come to this, but the way his daughter looked at him, what other choice did he have. Korra was eighteen now, she was old enough to understand.

"We all did what we thought was best for you." he finally said. But sadly, Korra did not react the way Tonarq had hoped.

This could not be true? Her own father and teacher were the ones who locked her up all this time? She would have understood if Aang was the one who had arranged it, given all he had been through in the past as The Avatar, but the people Korra was closest to? All those years being trapped within the compound walls, all those years of isolation, all those years of not having any real friends, and it was all to 'keep her safe?' 'For her own good?'. How was being a prisoner all her life for her own good? For once in her life, Korra was feeling a growing anger towards her father. How could he not have told her? She crossed her arms and angrily glared at Tonraq.

"Who I train with should be my decision, Dad, not yours. Or Tenzin's."

Then a plate of cookies was levitated at them. Twilight smiled awkwardly, "Cookies?" Korra graciously took one and Twilight levitated them to Tonraq and Unalaq but they declined, "Ooooookay." Twilight took the plate back, she was so hoping that would help make things less awkward.

From across the room, Tenzin, Bumi, Kya and Katara all sat at a table, having overheard the conversation between Korra and her father and uncle. "Looks like someone's trying to take your place as the Avatar's stick-in-the-mud mentor." Bumi said teasingly while nudging his brother's arm.

"Bumi, don't pick on Tenzin. You know he's always been sensitive." Kya said, equally teasing.

"I'm not sensitive!" Tenzin reply defensively while crossing his arms. His brother and sister laughed at him while Kya kept on poking him. Katara watched them while holding Rohan, wearing a serious look on her face. How she wished her children would learn to get along.

"Don't lose hope."

Said a soft voice. Katara felt someone breathing down her neck. But when she turned her head, there was no one there.

Celestia and Luna watched as the siblings bickered with one another, both looking on with expressions of concern…and even regret. "They remind me of how we once behaved." said the eldest sister in sympathy and pity for the siblings.

"Yes. Many moons ago." Luna said, equally sad.

Unalaq rose from his chair and grabbed everyone's attention as he spoke. His voice sounding wise and regal, "As your chief, it is my honor to speak at this festival and to welcome our two esteemed guests, the Princesses of Equestria."

The people clapped for the princesses who nodded in response.

"This festival was founded to bring our tribes together, and restore the ancient balance between our world and that of the spirits." Unalaq's tone began to slowly change from wise and proper, to upset and disappointed, "But I am saddened to see what it has become. A cheap carnival that celebrates greedy and trivial humans."

As he said this, Varrick was looking at his reflection on a plate cleaning his teeth with his finger.

"I fear the time is fast approaching when the north can no longer stand ideally by while our southern brothers slip into total spiritual decade. Angry spirits are already attacking ships in your waters. I only hope we are not too late to change course."

The ponies and the princesses all shared concerned looks, what Unalaq was talking about sounded very serious. Celestia stood up from her seat and spoke to the chief, "If I may, Chief Unalaq. I understand your concern about this matter. If by any chance that you, your people or Avatar Korra need any assistance, I will not hesitate to help."

Unalaq bowed to her in respect, "Thank you for your concern and generosity, your highness. But I am certain we will find a way to sooth these angry spirits and bring balance once again. Thank you none the less."

Celestia smiled and bowed, "Thank you, Celestia" Korra said graciously. Celestia winked at the avatar before sitting back down alongside her sister.

Varrick then stood before the crowd, happy and charismatic as usual, "Chief Unalaq and Princess Celestia everybody! Always great to have them in town, now let's have some fun with Wacky Wu's dancing otter penguins!"

A man dressed in purple danced onto the stage and bended a stream of water onto the platform. Three otter penguins slide along the water, before sliding back, stopping in front of Wushu and all four of them took a bow.

Pinkie Pie clapped her hooves enthusiastically.


The lights of the festival glowed in the night like fireflies. All around there were booths and stands filled with all sorts of yummy sugary treats, fun games for the whole family, and hundreds of stuffed animals for prizes. People all around enjoyed the annual festivities. Among them, were Korra, Mako and Bolin. However, Bolin was kind of the odd man out. He was eating a kabob while the young couple were standing only two feet away from him, feeding each other cotton candy in the most lovey-dovey manner. Even though he supported their relationship now, Bolin still felt a bit awkward being around them whenever they were paying more attention to each other rather than him.

"Yeah, this is nice. Us pals, hanging out together. The three of us." Bolin said with obvious sarcasm in his voice, while glaring at the two lovebirds in annoyance.

"Hu? Sorry bro, did you say something?" Mako asked.

Bolin lowered his brows in annoyance and turned his head back to his kabob, "Never mind."

The couple shrugged their shoulders and continued feeing each other cotton candy. Bolin then spotted the royal twins, Desna and Eska, who were both standing alone, surveying the people walking past them. Bolin cleared his throat and gave Mako his kabob.

"Wish me luck. Making my move! Whee!" he went off like an excited little child, his arms spread wide, while Korra and Mako looked on at him with worried expressions.

Mako was very skeptical as to why Bolin would ever want to be interested in someone like Eska. He had only just known about Korra's cousins, and he never had a conversation with them, not even a simple 'hello' but he could already tell that this girl could not suite well with his optimistic and carefree younger brother.

"Good luck." was all Mako could say.

"Those two always creeped me out." said Korra as she looked on at her cousins in disgust, "They smell like a grandma's attic."

Bolin confidently walked up to the twins and smiled. Preferably to Eska. "Hey, I'm Bolin. I'm a friend of Korra's! You're, uh, Eska, right?" he asked hopefully, so not wanting to make the same mistake as before with mixing the twins' genders, "Wow, I'm just, I am loving these robes."

The two twins turned to look at the commoner talking to them, and Eska hissed in his direction. Bolin was somewhat taken back and cleared his throat before talking again, "So, you are from the north right? Cool, that's, like you know, my favorite direction." Bolin mentally splayed himself, he was acting like a complete goof. Normally he wouldn't have this kind of problem with a girl, but this one was really hard to read. None the less, he was determined to win her over. His brother had someone to love, it was high time Bolin found someone too.

The twins arched their eyebrows and Desna spoke to his sister in a monotone/dignified voice, "I think he is trying to establish some kind of bond with you based on your geographic point of origin." he said.

Bolin had no idea what he just said as Eska spoke with her brother, "Perhaps it would be interesting to spend time with a person whose ways are so rough and uncultured." to Bolin's surprise, Eska looked at him…and smiled, "You amuse me. I will make you mine."

Bolin wasn't entirely clear as to what she meant, "You mean like a boyfriend, or like a slave…?"

"Yes." Eska quickly grabbed Bolin by the collar, "Win me prizes."


Meanwhile, Twilight and Flash Sentry were walking around the carnival, taking the scenery of the place. Twilight nervously bit her bottom lip, she had never spent time alone with Flash before, she had no idea what she was suppose to do. If only there was a guidebook or something about boys and talking to them. Many times she wondered exactly how Korra could be so bold when it came to guys. How she wished she were here to help her. Unbeknownst to her, Flash was having the same difficulty. He had never hung out socially with a princess before. He was so nervous and scared of sounding stupid.

Finally, they both decided to stop being afraid and just go for it. But they both pick a similar moment to speak, "So how do you like---. Sorry, you go first. No you. Sorry."

They both turned away blushing. Twilight took in a deep breath and spoke first, "So, how do you like the festival so far?"

"It's amazing." said Flash, "Then again it is my first time in the human world. It's so different and beautiful."

"Yeah. It really is."

"And I can't believe so many people live out here too. I can't even imagine living in a place that's so cold all of the time."

"It's not so bad. And besides, you get use to it." Twilight really deserved a pat on the back. She was actually having a conversation with Flash. And she was calm.

As they continued to walk, a man passing by accidentally let his half done cotton candy drop to the ground, Twilight was already engaged in her conversation with Flash that she didn't see the sugar treat, now mixed with the snow, right in her path. The alicorn felt her hoof slip and she began to lose her balance.

"Wow! WOAH!", before she knew it, Twilight slide across the snowy ground, passing all kind of people, young and old, before finally passing by Korra and Mako and slammed into a booth. The alicorn's eyes rolled in her head as she groaned, now laying on her back.

"Twilight!", the young couple quickly rushed to her side. Flash ran to her as well with a very concerned look on his face.

"Are you okay?" Mako asked the alicorn in concern.

Twilight's eyes stopped rolling but she didn't even bother to get up as she narrowed her eyes at the firebender, "Do I look okay?" she sighed sadly, "Flash must think I'm a total idiot right now"

"It wasn't that bad." Korra assured her.

"Yeah it was." the alicorn said sadly.

"Okay, maybe a little, but I'm pretty sure he didn't even notice"

"Twilight! Are you okay? that was some hit." Flash Sentry asked once he reached the princess, still wearing a worry look.

Korra face palmed herself, "But I have been wrong before" she said.

Twilight finally managed to get herself back on her hooves and shook the snow off of herself, "Yeah. Don't worry, I'm fine."

"Are you sure? Nothing broken or bruised?"

"Nah. It wasn't nearly as painful as when I was bloodbended against the wall."

"Yeah, that was brutal" Mako said. Korra angrily nudged his arm, the firebender cried out in pain and rubbed his arm, "OW! What? We were there."

Flash looked at the princess, blinking in surprise, "Wow. That's incredible."

Twilight was not expecting him to say that, "What?"

"That hit you just took, to me looked way painful but you come out without a scratch. I mean, I always knew you were strong based on the stories I've heard but, wow, I never realized you were this tough."

Twilight's eyes were wide in surprise, he actually thought that she was tough! Her, the smart bookworm. She felt her cheeks burn, "You don't think I looked ridiculous?"

"Why would I think that? That slip could have happened to anypony. I can't tell you how many times I've slipped and fell. Almost broke a hoof one time."

"For real?"

"Yeah, and that was just while I was walking down the hallway."

The two ponies laughed while Korra and Mako smiles happily. "Hey, you wanna go try out some more games?" Twilight asked, "That is, if we don't both slip and hit an iceberg first."

"Absolutely. Let's try that ring toss game."


As they ran off together Korra and Mako gave each other a victory fist pump. The ice was broken.


Meanwhile Pinkie Pie was zipping here and there playing games and winning prizes like there was no tomorrow, surprising every human she came in contact with.

"I win! I win! I win! Fun! Fun! Fun!", she won stuffed animals, ate sweets. While Cadance and Shining Armor were sharing cotton candy she came in between them.

"You gonna eat that?"

She stuck out her tongue and ate the two whole clouds of cotton candy, leaving the prince and princess confused as the happy pink pony hopped away to play even more games.


Latter Korra and Mako were playing a water squirting game, where the goal was to squirt water from guns into a chibi Aang's mouth.

"Unalaq offered to train me." Korra explained as she shot the water from her water gun into the wooden chibi Aang, who's eyes and arrow lit up as she did. "He says he can teach me about the spirits and my connection to them."

"Sounds good. What does Tenzin think?" Mako asked.

"Tenzin thinks I'm his prisoner, or one of his kids. I never finish training with him in charge!" as she said this, Korra became so irritated that she angrily waterbended a ton of water into the chibi Aang's mouth, winning the carnival game.

"We have a winner!" said the owner of the booth.

"I really think he might be onto something." Korra said while she held her prize, a sky bison plush. "Last night when I couldn't sleep I went to get some fresh air and I thought I saw something in the water. I couldn't make it out but it gave out some strange shrieking sound. When I tried to see what it was it disappeared, almost like it was scared or something."

"You think it was a dark spirit?"

"I don't know. But, if it was, then that means Unalaq really was right. The south is spiritually unbalanced and it's the Avatar's job to fix it, but my dad won't even let me think about Unalaq teaching me."

"What do the girls think?"

"Twilight thinks I should, at the very least, consider it if I'm to learn about the spirits. So do Applejack and Rainbow Dash, but they're also concerned about me leaving Tenzin. Fluttershy's freaked out about the idea of angry spirits and Rarity passed out once she discovered there was a huge possibility I could have been born a princess."

"What about Pinkie Pie?"

Instead of answering, Korra pointed with her finger at a booth where Pinkie was playing, and winning, another game with big smile on her face.

"She's another story. But, I want to hear your opinion too. On the one hand, I think I should learn more about these spirits, but at the same time there's Tenzin and…I want to be 100% sure if I'll be making the right decision here. So, what do you think I should do?"

Mako smiled at his girlfriend, "I think you should do what you think is right. I'll support whatever decision you make."

"Thanks, that's sweet, but not very specific." Korra said, arching an eyebrow. As sweet as it was for Mako to say, it wasn't exactly what she was hoping to hear.

"What do you want me to say?"

"I...don't know."

All of this indecision was too much for Korra. Six months ago, were was a time where she would hardly question what it was she wanted to do, but her experiences really did have an impact on her. She now understood that being the Avatar really was more than just the elements, it also had a lot to do with spirits and being connected with them and everything. She wanted to learn about the spirits, and even though she was still mad at both her father and Tenzin for having kept a secret from her, she didn't know if leaving Tenzin was a wise move. After all he did, leaving him would seem a bit harsh, even if he was getting on her last nerve.

Korra really didn't know what to do, the more she wondered, the more angry she felt. She hated being indecisive, it was one of the reasons she hardly used to give any seconds thoughts when it came to decision making, but now she was thinking about the consequences of her decision, whatever it may be. It was like these thoughts were only adding more to the fuel of the fire she had been feeling recently.

Finally, Korra had had enough of this roller coaster, she simply handed the stuffed Appa to her boyfriend. More like slightly tossing it to his stomach with a hint of force, no doubt from her bubbling anger, and turned away from him.

"Just forget I asked." with that she stormed off, leaving a dumbfounded Mako alone holding the stuffed Appa.

Just then, Twilight and Flash walked by the firebender, laughing and talking. "Oh, hey Mako." Twilight greeted, and then noticed he was missing someone, "Where's Korra?"

"She…needed some time alone." said the firebender, sadly looking at the stuffed bison he was holding.

"Trouble in paradise?" Flash asked.

"You could say that."

"Don't worry, they may argue but they can never stay mad at each other." Twilight said to Flash, "Korra will come around, she always does."

Mako smiled at her encouragement, "Thanks."

Twilight flaps her wings and flies up a few feet from the ground, "Come on Flash, let's go try out the ferris wheel."

Flash also flies up, "Race ya!" he zipped past her and flies ahead.

"No fair! You got a head start! Bye Mako!" she waved to her friend before joining up with Flash.

Mako smiled as they flew off, "Glad to see someone's having fun."


As Korra walked around the festival, already feeling bad about her outburst. She then spotted a familiar cloaked unicorn among the crowed, happily chatting with Celestia and Luna. Korra smiled at the scene, and walked towards the three.


"Hello, Korra." Celestia greeted happily.

"So, you ladies enjoying yourselves?"

"Yes, very much. We thank you for inviting us." Luna said graciously, and Korra bowed in respect. She then turned to the cloaked unicorn who was practically the same heigh as Celestia.

"I see you got my invitation."

"Yes, I did. Thank you."

Korra smiled and nodded her head, though by the look in her eyes, she still looked troubled. "Is something bothering, my dear?" the unicorn asked.

"No, no, it's nothing." she assured, but she knew very well that the alicorns could see right through her.

"Are you certain?" Luna asked with concern, "Do you wish to talk about it?"

"No, no. It's fine, really. Don't worry about it, I don't want to ruin your fun."

"If you ever wish to talk, please feel free." Celestia said.

"I will. Thank you."


The Cutie Mark Crusaders are playing that squirting game that Korra was playing earlier and also won a stuffed Appa. Sweetie Belle hugged him, "Awww, he's so cute!"

"This festival is awesome, I wish it was like this all of the time" said Scootaloo

Apple Bloom then gets an idea, "Hey! When we get back home, let's see if we can earn our cutie marks in hosting festivals!"


Their happy smiles then shifted to ones of confusion when they saw Eska drag a very unsure Bolin around by his collar.

"Boy is he desperate." said Scootaloo.


Latter, after a fun time at the festival, the princesses and the others prepared to leave. They were all gathered in a clearing from which they could see the entire festival.

"Thank you so much for inviting us Korra." said Princess Celestia.

"Yes, it was quite enjoyable" said Luna.

"Best festival I've ever been to" Shining Armor agreed. Cadance turned to her sister-in-law, "You sure you don't mind staying, Twilight?"

"Not at all. We planned on having a sleepover anyways."

"Alright. Let me know when you get back" said her brother. The three of them hugged while Luna noticed Korra's upset expression, "Is something troubling you, child?"

Korra sighed before answering…somewhat quickly, "My uncle says he can teach me a lot about the spirits and how to bring balance back into the south pole but I'm not entirely sure if I should go with him or stay with Tenzin, even though it was really his and my father's idea to have me locked up at the south pole my whole life, which stinks because all my life I tried to tolerate living there because it was Aang's wish but now I see that wasn't the case and I can't believe they lied to me!" once she finished she crossed her arms in frustration. The tree princesses looked at each other with concern.

"Sometimes we must think about what we need instead of what we want." said the moon princess.

"Aren't 'want' and need kind of the same thing?"

Celestia gently shook her head, "No, my dear."

"But something is telling me I need to learn about the spirits and put a stop to it, but--"

"You don't want to hurt Tenzin do you?" Celestia added with concern.

Korra lowered her shoulders, "No. I'm so sick of everyone making decisions for me. That's how it's always been, and now that I want to make my own choice I don't know what to do because--gah! It's so frustrating!" Fluttershy placed her hoof on the Avatar's shoulder, who then bowed to the princesses, "Forgive me, your highness."

"There's no need to apologize." Celestia said kindly.

"I really don't know what to do. I'm at a crossroads here and…I'm scared of messing things up."

Celestia lifted up Korra's face with her hoof and spoke with much kindness. And began to sing;


Your destiny's uncertain

And that's sometimes had to take

But it will become much clearer with every new choice you make


Patience is never easy

I understand wanting more

I know how hard it is to wait, to spread your wings and soar

As she sang the last part she flapped her wings and lifted up with the moon shining behind her.


But you stand here for a reason

You're gifted and you are strong


The Elements lie within you ‘cause, you belong!


Know that your time is coming soon

As the sun rises so does the moon

As love finds a place in every heart

We are faith that, you'll play your part


We understand you wanting more

A chance to shine a chance to soar

The four princesses flapped their wings and flew around above Korra.


Soon will the come the day it turns around

They flew around Korra lifting her up with their magic,


Know that your time is coming soon

As the sun rises so does the moon

As love find a place in every heart

We have faith that, you'll play your part

As Korra was lowered down Twilight lifted up her chin with her hoof,


I have complete faith, you'll play your part

The Alicorn and Avatar embraced in a warm hug. "But what exactly do I choose?" Korra asked once the hug ended. "I don't want to make a mistake."

"You need to make that choice out of your own free will. From mistakes is how we grow, both mentally and spiritually." Celestia placed her hoof on Korra's shoulder, "But I do recommend this: before you make your decision, whichever it may be, be sure not to let your anger influence it. It will prevent you from thinking clearly. I understand it's hard, especially after what you had just discovered but promise me you will try."

Korra nodded in understanding, "I promise."

"Remember this as well; A friend is a need for everyone. And every one is a friend in need."

Korra smiled at her advice. She always felt safe around Celestia and knew she gave advice from the heart and always tried her best to understand her and her problems. Something Korra wasn't always so used to when it came to mentors.

Applejack then looked around, "Wait! Where's Apple Bloom?"

"And Sweetie Belle?" Rarity asked

"And Scootaloo?" asked Rainbow Dash.

Right then, Mako shows up with the Crusaders by his side.

"Hey! Sorry we're late. The girls wanted to ride on the ferries wheel. Again"

"It was fun!" Apple Bloom said while jumping happily.

"Well now, it's time for you to go home with Big Mac. It's past your bedtime." said her big sister. Her brother agreed, "Yyyyyyyyep!"

Crusaders all lowered their ears in disappointment. "Now say good night" said Rarity. The crusaders all turned to Mako and said in union.

"Good night Uncle Mako!"

The firebender welcomes the fillies with open arms, "Good night my little ponies. We'll see each other again soon"

"Promise?" Scootaloo said.

Mako smiled and placed his hand over his heart, "Promise."

"Pinkie Pie promise?" said Sweetie Belle.

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye". They all hug one more time then Mako gives each a kiss, "By girls. behave yourselves."

"We will" they all said.

Twilight and Flash said their goodbyes as well, which was something they didn't really want to do yet, "Bye Flash. I had a lot of fun" Twilight said shyly.

"Me too. Maybe we can meet up again some time."

Twilight gleamed, "Here or at home?"

Flash smiled, "Whichever."

Luna hugged Korra goodbye, "Farewell Korra."

"Bye, Luna."

Celestia opened the prophecy book as the portal emerged from its pages. The whole pony group entered the vortex, returning to their magical home. Once they were all gone, everybody smiled cheekily at Twilight.


They all started to sing, "Twilight and Flash sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Stop it!"


That night, the ponies, Korra, Naga and Spike were all sound asleep in their hut against Naga. All was silent as the girls splits peacefully. Suddenly, the polar bear dog woke up and ran outside, waking Korra up in the process.

"Uh, Naga what are you doing?" she asked, still half asleep. Her eyes snapped open once Naga started to howl loudly. The beast now had the Avatar's full attention a she ran outside.

"Naga hush."

As she ran out the ponies were all woken up by the sound of Naga's howling and ran after Korra, curious as to what was happening. Rarity, who was wearing a sleeping mask, woke up with a shake, "Hu? What? Morning already?" she heard yet another howl from Naga, and the unicorn quickly removed the mask and ran outside.

Spike, however, remained in his sleeping bag, trying to ignore the sounds by covering himself with his blanket, "Five more minutes."

The friends all ran towards Naga, who kept on howling. Korra reached her beloved animal companion and petted her head, in hopes of calming her down. "Quiet, Naga, you'll wake everyone up" Naga licked Korra's face and continued to howl into the distance. Fluttershy flew upwards closer to the beast and tried to calm her down by stroking her head with her hoof,

"It's okay girl. Take it easy."

But Naga continued to howl into the night. Her sound eventually woke up both Bolin and Mako, who both stepped outside of their tent. Bolin stretched as he yawned, "Uh, What's going on?"

Then, Twilight spotted something in the distance. She tugged on Korra's pants and pointed forward. The Avatar squinted her eyes, trying to make out what she saw. It appeared to be a strange dark-colored entity in the distance. It didn't look like anything Korra or the Ponies had ever seen. It was almost black in color but emitted somewhat of a purplish glow from its body, and two golden orbs on its head, which were unmistakably its eyes.


Then strange thing became more clear in vision range….as it began charged right at them!

Before they could react, the strange creature slammed right into Korra and she fell into the snow, the impact caused the ponies to be pushed away and slide on the snow. The creature grabbed Korra's arms and pinned her against a rock. The Avatar struggled to break free from its hold. Whatever this creature was, it was strong.

For a brief moment, Korra stopped struggling as she gazed into the glowing yellow orbs, which reminded her of the creature she saw the previous night. There was something strange about this entity, like the very image of it sent shivers down her spine, but at the same time, it was as if it was trying to tell her something. She knew it wanted to harm her, yet it was as if it didn't know for what reason.

The girl finally broke free after a magenta colored fire blast hit the creature from behind. Its head turned around to see Twilight glaring at it.

"Back off, whatever you are!"

Korra rushed away from the creature which continued to receive multiple fire blasts, clearing her head of whatever it was she had seen in that thing. The ponies and Korra realized that Mako and Bolin had joined in the fight, both bending their respected elements at the monster, drawing it away from Korra.

"Got it!" Bolin shouted as he hurled rocks towards the creature, but it managed to dodged his attacks by jumping out of the way. "Don't got it!"

The monster then rammed into the brothers, causing them to fly backwards and roll down the hill. The two laid on the snow, half-conscious. Rainbow Dash gasped in horror at seeing her friends lying helplessly in the snow. The cyan pony glared angrily at the beast.

"That's it!"

With incredible speed, Rainbow charged at the monster, shooting fire blasts from her hooves. The creature began attacking her with its tentacle-like arms, but Rainbow zipped left and right dodging its attempts, "What's the matter tough guy?" the creature then finally slapped Rainbow right in the gut and she landed in the snow.

"Rainbow!" Korra quickly got back up and firebended at the creature while Twilight kept shooting magic and fire at it.

Spike stepped out of the hut rubbing his sleepy eyes, "What in the name of Equestria is going on out---" his eyes widened when he saw his friends fighting a strange dark creature, "Oh…"

The girls tried to hold off the beats but it was far too fast for them to hit. "I don't suppose you have a spell to stop this thing?" Korra asked Twilight as she jumped away from the creature trying to grab her with it's tentacles-like arms.

"Don't you think if I had I would have done it already?" Twilight said as she kept avoiding the creature's attacks.

"Okay, now's not the time to get all sassy!" Korra exclaimed with her hands on her hips. The creature came at them again, but both girls jumped right out of the way.

Applejack jumped onto the creature's back and began riding it like a bull, "YEEHAW! Get along little doggy!" the creature managed to buck the pony off of its back, but she slid across the snow, wearing a fierce look of determination. Applejack stomped the ground with her hooves and a rock rose up, she jumped up and kicked it directly at the creature, knocking it down. Applejack did a backflip and landed beside her friends and tipped her hat.

"Beat that, partner!" Her eyes widened as she gasped in horror as the creature managed to get back up without even the tiniest scratch on it. Applejack lowered her ears fearfully, "I guess you can."


Korra spun around at the sound of her father's voice. Tonraq came sliding on the ice and used his waterbending to rise the snow upwards and encase the spirit in ice. The spirit appeared to be contained for the moment, but several of it's tentacles then broke through the top of the ice, grabbing both Tonraq and Korra, Applejack, Twilight and Rainbow Dash and threw them into one of the huts and the ground respectively. The others quickly rushed to their side. The creature's tentacles receded and the ice around it exploded, as the creature broke free.

Tenzin came running outside and stood before the creature. He had already specified it to be a spirit of some kind, this must have been the rapid spirits Unalaq was talking about before. As a spiritual mentor, this was his chance to live up to his title. He stood right before the spirit and spoke to the spirit, trying to converse with it.

"Spirit, why are you angry with us? What have we done to offend you?"

The spirit looked at Tenzin with scorn and batted the aribender away with its tentacles. The air nomad grunted as he sat up. How could speaking to the spirit not work, he wondered. Korra and the rest of the ponies all got back up to their feet and hooves, "There's just no stopping this thing!" said Rainbow. Korra had to agree, this thing was way too powerful to fight against. They needed something else…that's when it hit her.

"There is one way."

Fluttershy gasped, knowing what the Avatar had in mind, "Are you sure?"

"What other choice do we have?"

Korra placed her fists together while the all ponies surrounded her. Korra's eyes opened and glowed white as the ponies' Elements of Harmony appeared on their chests, their eyes also glowing. The spirit sensed this new energy, it was unlike anything it had encountered before. He turned and spotted the Avatar and her Ponies all with matching glowing eyes and shimmering gems around the ponies' necks. The spirit angrily ran towards them as Korra airbended herself and the ponies upwards in a sparkly whirlwind. The spirit charged at them but they all quickly dodged it, causing the spirit to land into the festival market behind the girls.

Korra, Twilight and Rainbow Dash shot fireblasts at the entity, the creature was no match for their powerful hits. The girls then channeled their power to create a rainbow beam from Korra's hands and shoot it directly at the spirit, knocking it down and into a pile of boxes. The creature laid on the ground unconscious, Korra and Ponies believed they had won…until the spirit bounced back up, now angrier than ever. The spirit stretched out its arm/tentacles and grabbed the girls all at once, breaking Korra and the ponies concentration as the elements stopped glowing, as did their eyes. It all of its strength it slammed them right into a pile of boxes, which broke from the impact. Korra tried to get herself back up amounts the pieces of broken wood.

"What just happened?"

Twilight groaned as she shook off a piece of wood from her back, "The Elements. They didn't work. But how?"

The spirits walked up to them, the girls watched in horror as the spirit was about to unleash it's final blow…suddenly, to their surprise, the spirit stopped. They were even more amazed when water began to rise up surround the entity and wrap around it. The spirit suddenly looked at if it were in a trance and the water around it glowed bright gold. They saw it was Unalaq waterbending at the spirit.

"Eh…what's going on?" Rarity asked in confusion/amazement. They all watched in awe as the Chief moved his hands in swift graceful movements and the spirits continued to glow bright yellow, the water also glowing and swirling around its body. The girls had never seen anything like this before. The spirit then walked away from the girls and eventually disappeared from view, vaporizing into yellow golden specks. The glowing water fell to the ground and the spirit was completely gone.

"Go in peace." said Unalaq as he placed his hands together. Twilight's eyes were wide in wonder at what she had just seen.


Tenzin and Tonraq quickly rushed to them, "Korra!"

"Are you alright?" Tenzin asked with deep concern.

Korra ignored them and looked at her uncle, still slightly stunned, "How were you able to control that spirit when no one else could?"

Pinkie Pie jumped, "Yeah! How did you make the water do that whole 'whooooooooooooo!", she moved her hooves around for emphasis, "….can you do it again?!"

"As your father could tell you, I spend my life studying the spirits and learning their ways." Unalaq explained, "All of this knowledge is lost in the south. But I could teach you everything I know."

"What he did was really impressive." said Fluttershy, "And a good way to confront a dark spirit as far as I know."

Rainbow Dash agreed, "Heads down! This guy knows what he's talking about."

Tenzin however, was not on board with this, "Chief Unalaq, clearly you are very knowledgeable, but Korra still has much to learn about airbending. And I hope that going to the air temples will help her connect with the past Avatars."

Korra groaned in annoyance, once again Tenzin was making all the decisions for her. Even the ponies shared the same disappointment.

"The Air Temples will teach her nothing." Unalaq said bluntly, "Only I can give her the training she needs to be a complete Avatar."

Twilight stepped in between the air nomad and Chief as she tried to reason with them, "Um, if I may say something, shouldn't Korra--"

"I've told you that will not happen!" Tonraq exclaimed to his brother, interrupting the alicorn princess, who lowered her ears in annoyance. Korra could take no more of this as she walked in between her father and uncle to end their bickering.

"Hey! I'm right here! Anyone wanna ask me what I think?"

Rarity stood next to the Avatar in defense, "Honestly, just standing around deciding her future? That's all you gentlemen have been doing ever since we got here." Both Tonraq and Tenzin looked at the pony with guilt.

Rainbow Dash agreed, "Yeah, she should at least get the chance to voice out her opinions."

"Thank you girls, but I can take it from here." Korra gently told them.

Tenzin tried to reason with the Avatar, "Korra please listen."

"No, for once both of you listen to me! You keep me locked up, telling me you know what's best but both of you were powerless against the spirit attack."

Both Tonraq and Tenzin looked downwards in shame. Korra was right, neither of them could fend of the angry spirit, not even Korra. Unalaq was the only one who did. After all that had happened, they knew Korra would not side with them at the moment.

Realizing her bubbling anger, Twilight flew up to her friend, "Korra, remember what Celestia said."

The Avatar clenched her fists briefly before taking in a slow deep breath. It was clear that Unalaq had a lot to teach about spirits, and aside from airbending, what better way to get in touch with her more spiritual side than by actually learning to work with the spirits. Besides, if the spirits were this angry who knows what more damage they could do to people. Nobody was hurt this time, but what about next time? If something wasn't done soon thing could get catastrophic. They weren't safe. She no longer had any doubts, her mind was made up.

"When that spirit had me pinned down, I saw something in its eyes. I didn't think of it much but it was almost as if it had no control over what it was doing. It's clear that there is something going on with the spirits and it's only going to get worse if we don't do something about it. I think I should go with Unalaq."

All eyes widened in shock at this news. Her voice didn't exactly sound sweet but not completely harsh either. It was serious and decisive. The air nomad was evidently surprised by this decision…and deeply hurt as well.

Seeing the hurt in his eyes made Korra's heart sink, she turned her gaze away for a moment before adding, "At least for now." Though it didn't exactly soften the blow.

Tonraq tried to get through to his daughter, "Korra--"

"Unalaq has proven he's the only one who knows what I need to learn."

"Please, I know you're angry, but we've come so far together." said Tenzin, hoping she would reconsider.

"You really have." Fluttershy added.

Pinkie Pie clenched her head with her hooves and cried out dramatically, "GAH! All of this indecisions is making my head hurt!"

Korra's fists were half clenched, "I'm not angry, I'm---" before she spoke again, she took a moment to inhale and exhale. She looked at Tenzin with a serious face...

"Be sure not to let your anger influence your decision. It will cloud your judgment. A friend is a need for everyone. And everyone is a friend in need."

As the princess's words rang in her head, Korra realized what she meant. Tenzin wasn't just her mentor, he was also her friend. He cared about her and Korra knew she cared about him too. But she couldn't keep living like this. It was high time she began making her own Avatar choices. She knew she had to learn about the spirits…but she couldn't abandon her friend. Korra's expression softened as she looked at her mentor and spoke in a not cold, but serious and calmer tone.

"I'm sorry, Tenzin. But I truly believe this is where I need to be right now. My mind is made up." she didn't look at him, she felt bad about letting him down but was unsure on what else to say. The ponies shared her sadness.

Tenzin was visibly hurt by this, but he remained respectful, "…it has been a pleasure serving you. Avatar Korra." he bowed in respect and so did Korra.

With that he walked away, leaving Korra and the ponies looking on sadly as he left. Unalaq was about to place his hand on her shoulder, but Korra quickly ran away in tears. The Mane Six were close behind. Unbeknownst to all of them, the cloaked unicorn watched from afar.


Latter that night, Korra laid against Naga with a sad expression. Fluttershy removed a strand of hair from her face with her hoof. Twilight spoke first, "Korra, we know deep down you love Tenzin and you're only doing what you think is best. You saw those things, there is clearly something wrong with the south pole's spiritual side and you're the only one with the power to stop it. Unalaq can teach you what you need to learn to fix this."

Korra wiped away a tear that came out of her eye, "I know. I just don't think I said exactly what I should have said to Tenzin."

"He's not leaving until tomorrow morning."

Korra smiled at Twilight as Rainbow Dash hoof palmed herself, "Man, if things are intense now I can't imagine just how intense they'll get later on."

Korra and the girls were startled when they heard a sound coming from outside. The ponies quickly got into defensive stances but Korra gestured them to stay back. The Avatar stepped outside, the others close behind, and they spotted their cloaked friend, standing a few feet away from them. Korra was the only one who walked out while the others remained near the opening of the hut, watching.

"Sure, now you show up?" Korra asked somewhat sarcastically, making the unicorn chuckle lightly.

"I knew my daughters would tell you what you needed to know. Besides, I enjoy our private conversations."

"So, can't you tell me what's going to happen? Am I doing the right thing?"

"Korra, you know as well as I that even my powers have their limitations."

"So, you can't give me an answer then?"

"Do you regret your choice?"

"I do believe I need to better understand how the spirits work. When I looked into that creature's eyes I...I knew I had to do something. But..." Korra hung her head.

"You regret what you said to Tenzin."

Korra nodded and sighed. "Yeah. I can't let him leave without making it up to him. I wasn't being fair. But I really do believe I need to be here for a reason."

"While our instincts can be helpful in our lives, we must not always rely on our own understandings. Fate always has a plan for each and every one of us."

"Then, what's Fate's plan for me?" the unicorn rose her hoof, and Korra ceased her talking.

"Only time will tell." The mare leaned forward, her eyes gazing into Korra's, "From here on out, be wary of the voice you listen to. Do you understand, my child?"

Korra lowered her gaze, "Yes. I do."

The unicorn bowed her head before starting to turn around to make her leave, but not before turning her head, giving Korra a small glimpse of her eyes. With that, the cold arctic winds swirled around her and the mysterious unicorn disappeared from sight.


The next morning, Tenzin was loading his things onto Oogi, his wife and children already seated on the flying bison. "I think you forgot a couple of things." Tenzin turned around and saw his mother, along with his brother and sister. Tenzin already had a pretty good idea as to what she meant.

"Mother, I think I need some time alone with my family." he said before grabbing a sack and turned away from his mother.

"This is your family, Tenzin. When you get to be my age, you'll be thankful for the time you had with your siblings. Besides, I think it's important that you all visit your father's home together."

Bumi playfully punched Tenzin's arm before wrapping his around Tenzin's shoulder, "Come on! It'll be fun."

"I'm dying to see that laid back, Vacation Tenzin I've heard so much about." Kya said.

Tenzin hesitantly gave up, "All right, hop on!" he walked over to his mother and welcomed her in a warm hug, "I love you, Mom." after they released Tenzin airbended himself onto Oogie's head, "We'll see you soon!"

Bumi had some difficulty getting on Oogie, so Tenzin created an air current under his brother to bring him up.

"Tenzin wait!"

The air nomad saw both Korra and Twilight rush towards him. Tenzin airbended himself down from Oogie's head to meet them. He wondered what it was that they wanted.

"Before you leave, Korra has something to tell you." Twilight said.

Tenzin looked at the Avatar curiously, "Korra?"

Korra looked down at Twilight, who nodded in reassurance, "Go ahead."

Korra took a deep breath before talking, "Look, Tenzin I--"

"No need to apologies, Korra." Tenzin interrupted by raising his hand, "Perhaps I was holding you back."

"No Tenzin, let me explain. I've had some time to think and…I'm sorry for hurting you the way I did. I really do appreciate all you have done for me, honest. That night, on the ship, I saw a dark spirit." this confession made Tenzin's eyes grow wide, "After seeing that, and the creature attack last night, I really think this is something I at least need to figure out. This isn't goodbye. Once I finish training with Unalaq, I hope you can take me back as your student. I have a feeling you still have much to teach me. If you're not too mad that is." she said the last part hopefully.

Tenzin smiled sincerely and placed his hand on her shoulder, "Though I'm still uncertain about your choice, perhaps I should give you the benefit of the doubt. I hope what I have taught you will help you on your new journey."

Korra smiled at him, "Thank you, Tenzin."

Tenzin smiled in return, "Thank you for being honest with me."

"Well don't. Twilight Sparkle was the one who knocked some sense into me."

Twilight blushed and Korra and Tenzin hugged goodbye, "Good luck, Avatar Korra. I hope we will meet again soon."

"Me too."

They released from the embrace and Tenzin and his family fly off on Oogie. Twilight's horn glowed and she and Korra were both magically teleported. As the bison flew up, Katara turned her head to the snowy hillside. There, she saw a four legged cloaked figure with a long horn. The creature galloped it's hooves into the air before galloping away.

Katara smiled as the creature left. She knew she was a friend.


Twilight zapped herself and Korra to Mako and Spike standing on a hilltop as they all watched Tenzin fly off. "You think I did the right thing?" Korra asked her boyfriend.

"I don't know. Sorry, but I'm not very good at this Avatar counseling thing."

"I was actually referring to me clearing the air with Tenzin just now."

"Oh…then yeah. I know you did. You're not mad anymore?"

"Not as much as I was before. I'm still pretty upset about what I discovered, but at least I got Tenzin to finally understand. Now if only I could get my father to do the same."

"I'm sure he'll come around." he said supportively. "I know your heart is in the right place. You'll just have to trust it."

His words caused her to revisit the previous night with the mysterious mare in her mind. Her words rang in her ears; "Keep your guard up. Be wary of the voice you listen to." Should she trust her heart, or would it lead her into trouble? She knew Mako meant well with what he said, he knew she only wanted to do the right thing, and she wanted to stop whatever it was that was harming the spirits and prevent them from harming her people. At the back of her mind she was still rather torn, but one thing comforted her was that she knew she would not face this alone. Maybe she would see where this choice would lead her. Korra reached for his hand and their fingers intertwined. The two teens smiled lovingly at each other.

Twilight flew up to them and smiled, "And just like before with Amon, we'll all be here for you."

"Unless, of course, everything ends up in disaster." said Spike. They all narrowed their eyes at him in annoyance, "Just saying."

Unalaq appeared and walked up to his niece, "I know this was a hard decision, Korra. But it was the right one. Now it is time to put it behind you and begin your new training. I have great plans for you."

"Alright. But there is one thing you need to know." Korra said.

"What is that?"

"The ponies and I do share a connection…and we share the Avatar Spirit."

Unalaq was very surprised by this, "Oh."

"My power is connected to the Elements of Harmony and it's only stronger when we are all together."

"In other words; We're a one package deal." said Twilight Sparkle, "You train Korra…you train us too."

The alicorn nuzzled Korra's face and Korra scratched her ears. Unalaq forced a smile. "Very well then. I would be more than happy to train will all of you."


Author's Note:

So here is the first chapter of the sequel. You can read the entire thing on my FanFiction page. Well it's late on my end, good night! God bless, *kiss, kiss*