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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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The Guide


Proverbs 1:5~

Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser. Let those with understanding receive guidance.


The Guide

While things were looking grim in the South Pole, and friendships were being strained in Republic City, everything was peaceful and bright at the Eastern Air Temple.

Tenzin and his family were completely cut off from the outside world in order to enjoy their vacation and had already traveled to the Eastern Temple. The siblings were getting along so much better now, thanks to some wise advice from the Royal Sisters. They really missed them, especially Kya who had grown found of Princess Luna. Little did they know, their new friends missed them too. But they had to remain in Equestria because they were much needed there. The princesses were hard at work, aided by their mother, to keep peace in Equestria. Day by day, the ponies began to notice strange occurrences; some unicorn's magic wasn't nearly as powerful as before, and pegasus ponies were slowly loosing their ability to manipulate the weather. Some fauna was dying, animals were becoming frightened for they could sense the changes. They were small and happening bit by bit, but it didn't take long for the inhabitants to start realizing this. The Princesses and their mother, being the most powerful beings in their land, their magic would last a bit longer, but it was only a matter of time before they too would slowly begin to loose their power. Even so, their very presence was enough to bring hope to the ponies' hearts. Everyday, they silently prayed that Korra and the Mane Six would save their home.

And soon.

Meanwhile, at the air temple, Jinora was out in the gardens playing with some new friends. Her carefree laughter echoed in the trees. She looked behind a plant to spot her little friend; a light green bunny with dragonfly wings for ears.


The bunny jumped and Jinora ran after it, trying to grab him. "Furry-Foot, come back." the spirit returned to her, and landed on her head as four other dragonfly spirits came close to her, earning a giggle from the young airbender. The bunnies were all of different bright colors, and with their ear-wings, they flew around Jinora's head. She knew that these creatures were spirits, and they had grown very found of the young girl.

"Jinora, there you are."

She heard her father calling out her name. At the sound of his voice, the bunny spirits all were a bit frightened but remained beside their friend. "Come on, everyone's waiting."

Tenzin saw his daughter sitting on the grass all alone. He had heard her laughing earlier and wondered what she was doing that was so much fun, but he didn't see anyone around her. Jinroa knew her father could not see her friends, only she could. "Were you playing with someone?" he asked curiously.

"Oh, just some…imaginary friends." she giggled as her friend Furry-Foot appeared behind Tenzin's head while he walked away, still skeptical at the idea that Jinora was still playing with imaginary friends.


After a few days, Korra and the others finally made it to the Air Temple. Korra's eyes marveled at its beauty. "The Eastern Air Temple. I'm beginning to regret not coming here in the first place. It's gorgeous."

Fluttershy gasped when she saw the lemurs flying among the trees. "Look at all of the cute little lemurs." she said happily.

"I can't wait to see Ikki again!" Pinkie Pie said excitedly, "And Jinora and Meelo and Kya and Bumi and Tenzin and Pema and Rohan and Oogie. And I can't wait to give them all the biggest hugs ever!" she hugged herself happily.

"I just hope Tenzin's wiling to help out" Korra said with a saddened face.

"Why wouldn't he?" Applejack asked.

"Well, she did kind of fired him as her mentor." Rainbow pointed out.

"It was a temporary separation." Applejack corrected.

"Which if it hadn't happen, the world wouldn't be in danger." Korra said with regret.

Twilight placed her hoof on Korra's shoulder, "Korra, the world was gonna be in danger anyway. The prophesy said that we have to be by the portals, a.k.a, the aura of light, in order for us to restore the magic of Equestria and keep your world from disappearing."

"Not to mention ours." Spike added. Korra landed the bison in a large filed of grass as they all jumped off the saddle.

"Tenzin would never give up on you so easily." Rarity said.

Korra smiled then looked up at the tall temple before them, "You're right. Let's go."


"Stop telling lies." Kya said to her oldest brother. Tenzin and his family were all gathered in the courtyard.

"It's true. I once beat an earthbender in a rock-throwing contest! I have the trophy to prove it."

Tenzin came in between to stop the arguing. "All right, who's ready for an exciting tour of the Eastern Air Temple? We've got a lot to see today, including ancient statues, ancient gardens, and meditation hall used by ancient airbenders."

As Tenzin spoke, Ikki and Meelo sat at the table, looking extremely board at all the things their father deemed 'exciting'. "Yay. Old things." Ikki said in disinterest.

Their boredom soon came to an end when a familiar figure entered the courtyard. The rays of the sun beamed on her, giving her a bright and even angelic aura as she walked in. Her bright smile gleaming, showing her snowy white teeth, and her baby blue eyes shimmering brightly like they always did. Eight more figures accompanied her, all in bright colors and smiles that mirrored her own. Tenzin couldn't believe his eyes.


"Korra!" The kids ran happily to Korra and the ponies, who eagerly embraced them in a warm hug. Ikki and Pinkie hugged each other tightly.

"I missed you so much Pinkie Pie!"

"I missed you too, Ikki!"

Jinora hugged Twilight. "I'm so happy to see you."

"You too, Jin."


"Hey, Meelo! Give me some, my brother!", the two boys fist pumped, happy to be reunited. Korra noticed Flash was not saying hello to anybody as he stood shyly by the entrance. She then introduced him.

"Kids, you all remember Flash Sentry, right? From the Glacier Spirits Festival?"

With more confidence, Flash walked towards the family and bowed in respect. Jinora grinned when she saw the pegasus. "Oh, yeah. Twilight's "special" friend" she winked making Twilight blush.



Fluttershy flew to Pema and Rohan as she tickled the baby's chin. "Hello, little Rohan. I missed you so much." the baby cooed at her sweet voice.

"How did you kids find us?" Pema asked curiously.

"Tenzin's itinerary." Korra responded. "We went over it like a hundred times before we left Republic City."

"See? This is why schedules are important." Tenzin said to his brother and sister

"If it weren't for Korra's great memory, we never would have found this place." Pinkie Pie explained, "She gets it from me. I'm a pony with laser sharp--" she spotted a pretty butterfly fly by her and hopped after it, "Ooh, a butterfly! La, la, la, la, la!"

Jinora smiled while rolling her eyes, "Some things never change."

"It's so great to see you all again." Korra said happily to the family.

Tenzin smiled in return, "It's great to see you too. But why aren't you training at the South Pole?" he asked, while Pinkie Pie continued to hop after the butterfly behind them.

"Wait, you don't know about the Civil War?" Twilight asked in disbelief. Pinkie Pie stopped hoping and landed in front of Korra.

"What? No. We've been out of touch with the outside world since we started our vacation."

"Tenzin's idea." Bumi said, "What happened?"

"So much. I--I don't even know where to start." said Korra.

"Just tell us everything!" said Tenzin.

"Everything?", Korra and the ponies all looked at each other and then back at Tenzin.

"As in, everything, everything?" Rarity asked. Tenzin and his siblings nodded.

Korra shrugged, "Okay." They all simultaneously took a deep breath as they all began explaining what had happened.

Korra started, "So me and the ponies opened a spirit portal at the South Pole,"

Twilight continued, "But then Unalaq trend out to be a bad guy,"

Then Applejack, "And he was only pretending to understand us."

Then Rainbow, "And he wanted to take control of the south,"

Korra again, "So I sort of started a Civil War,"

Then Pinkie, "And then we freed Korra's dad from prison"

Rarity; "Who then asked us to seek help from the President,"

Fluttershy; "But he said no, so we went to go find help in the fire nation,"

Twilight; "Then we got attacked by Korra's cousins,"

Rainbow; "Jerks!"

Pinkie; "And then we got attacked by this HUGE dark spirit,"

Korra; "Then I forgot who I was, and then we met the first Avatar,"

Rarity; " Very dashing, young fellow,"

Twilight; "And also the first alicorns,"

Korra; "And then I realized we shouldn't have opened the portal in the first place and now we need to close it again."

Pinkie; "And if we don't stop the war by Harmonic Convergence, Equestria's magic will disappear forever and that also means your world will disappear forever too!!"

They all inhaled deeply once they were done. Tenzin, his siblings, Pema, the kids, even Flash and Spike all had their mouths hung open in surprise and shock.

"True story." Fluttershy added

"I knew this would happen." said Tenzin.


Tenzin, Korra and the Mane Six were all seated in the garden on a rock. Tenzin was processing everything else the girls had told him. "So, humans and ponies once lived together?"

"Yeah. And even ponies were able to bend the elements too." Korra explained, "But after their worlds were severed, their powers remained dormant."

"And the first Avatar, Wan was friends with the first alicorns? Luna and Celestia's parents?"

"That's right."

"So Avatar Wan imprisoned this dark spirit, Vaatu in the spirit world?"

"Yes, and now I think my uncle is trying to free him." she said as she lowered her gaze in shame.

"I knew Unalaq was hungry for power, but I never realized how far he would go to get it."

Twilight cleared her throat before speaking, "Um, Tenzin with all due respect, if you kind of already knew Unalaq was messed up in the head…WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO IN THE FIRST PLACE?!" Twilight lowered her ears bashfully, "Sorry."

"She does have a point." Rainbow Dash said.

"I guess a part of me hoped I was wrong." Tenzin explained, "He was Korra's uncle and I didn't want her to think any less of him. I thought perhaps her good nature, along with you six ponies, would help him change somehow….but I'm afraid some people, no matter how hard you try, they simply are not willing to change."

Korra was surprised by this, "You thought I could change him? Why?"

"Don't get me wrong, you have your faults Korra. But I also always noticed you were special…even more so than any Avatar before you."

Korra couldn't believe what she was hearing, "Really?"

"Yes. You were right before. I had to give you the space to make your own choices. It was the only way you would learn and evolve as an Avatar."

"Yeah, look where that got me." she said bitterly towards herself, "I failed you, I failed Celestia, Luna, Leilani…this is all my fault." the Avatar buried her face into her hands in shame.

Fluttershy placed her hoof on her shoulder, "No, sweetie. Stop blaming yourself."

"She's right." Tenzin said, "This is Unalaq's doing. Now, we must focus on setting things rights before Unalaq can do any more damage."

"So, we need to close the Southern portal." Rarity stated. "But if Unalaq's army controls the south, how are we going to get to it?"

"I thought about that." Korra said, "Our best chance to close the portal is from the inside….we have to enter the spirit world."

Rarity's eyes snapped open, "Wait, we? As in, all six of us?"

"Seven, counting Tenzin." Korra said while pointing her thumb at the airbender.

Twilight began, "Since we all share a piece of Korra's Avatar spirit, we can go into the spirit world alongside her."

Tenzin stood up, "A journey to the spirit world. All my years of spiritual training have prepared me for this moment. I will help you. Today, we enter the spirit world"

The girls all jumped up and cheered, "Yay! Spirit world trip! Spirit world trip!" Pinkie Pie shouted while jumping happily.


Back in Republic City, they had just finished shooting another scene of Bolin's movie. While everybody else left for lunch, Bolin was still suspended by the props…upside-down.

"Hello? Anyone? Nuktuk still up here, all alone." The young earthbender smiled happily when he saw a familiar face walk on set. "Asami! Hey, what are you doing here?"

"Varrick invited me to watch some of the filming." she looked around, confused to see it empty, "Are you filming right now?"

"Right now? Nope. We're uh…we're at lunch."

The heiress covered her mouth, trying to hide her giggles, "Need some help?"

"No, no, I can handle it." he continued to struggle with untying the rope.

"Asami, there you are." The heiress narrowed her eyes at the young firebender police officer who had just walked in. Mako knew Asami was still pretty peeved at him for the incident the other night, learning about the Great Change. Ever since, Asami hasn't spoken to Mako directly unless she was spoken to. Mako however, had no time to deal with her bitterness, he still had a case to crack, a case that could help in the prevention of the civil war getting out of hand. "Is Bolin around?" he asked casually.

"Up here!" Bolin cried out as he struggled to get himself free.

"Good. I've got something to tell you both." Mako explained just as Bolin finally freed himself from the suspenders and landed on the ground…hard.

"OW! Aww. Oh, I got to stop doing my own stunts."

"I found out who's been stealing from Future Industries: Varrick."

Bolin jumped upwards at hearing this news, "What? No."

"He attacked his own ship?" Asami asked while crossing her arms. She was just as unconvinced as Bolin.

"Yes! It was a ploy. He wants Republic City to go to war, and he wants control of the businesses that stand to profit most from it. He already had all the shipping. All he needed was Future Industries."

"Varrick helped save Future Industries. He's my business partner now, not an evil mastermind." Asami said defensively, and somewhat coldly, "And I thought you were trying to fix the mess you made. Equestria dying, worlds hanging in the balance, Elements of Harmony missing. Ring any bells?"

"I'm working on it. If Varrick keeps this up, the war will only get worse."

"So you already found Korra to tell her the news?" she said seriously/angrily.

Mako's eyes shifted from side to side, avoiding to look at Asami's disapproving gaze, "Well…no, I haven't yet--"

"See, this is why I had to move out." Bolin said.

Asami was surprised by this news. "You guys aren't living together anymore?"

"Nope. It was time for this eagle hawk to spread his wings and fly", Bolin flapped his arms exaggeratively for emphasis.

"Guys, listen to me. Varrick is up to no good, and I have proof. The detonators he uses in his movies are exactly like the one me and Flash Sentry found at the cultural center attack. And those explosions were exactly like the ones the captain reported when Asami's shipment was hijacked. Don't you see?"

"Anyone could have gotten their hands on one of those detonators." Asami pointed out.

"Yeah. Let it go, Mako. Let it go."

Mako was already getting really irritated with the two of them, "Gah! No! I'm not going to let it go! You know what, forget it! I'm going to prove I'm right."

"And if you're wrong?" Asami pointed out, "Don't get mad at us when this whole thing turns out to be nothing but a dead end and you make things even worse for everybody, just as you did for Korra."

Mako was utterly shocked by this remark, "Excuse me?!"

"If you hadn't told the president about her plans then we wouldn't be having this problem. Because of you we lost the only ones with the power to save our world and Equestria!"

Mako couldn't even begin to describe how hurt he felt at those words. First Bolin, now Asami. Why was everybody so against him now?

"At least I'm actually trying to fix things!" he stated defensively, "What are you two doing? Worrying about your precious company while we've got bigger problems to worry about. I can't believe you're being so selfish!"

Both Bolin and Asami looked extremely hurt by this. The heiress glared at the firebender. "Well if that's what you think then maybe we shouldn't even be talking at all!"


"Fine!" with that, the heiress angrily walked away, just as the tears began streaming down her face. Mako turned to his brother, who looked at him with a disappointing glare while crossing his arms.

"I can't believe you said that to her. You know Asami's not the selfish one here."

"Oh, yeah? Then why did she say she was done? She said she was going to focus more on her company rather than helping find some way to fix this."

"Well, she's right about one thing, though: It's not her mess to clean up!"

"You're seriously taking her side now?!"

"Sides? Do you know who you sound like right now?"

Mako angrily clenched his fists, "At least I'm not goofing off with that stupid costume!"

Bolin glared at his brother as his voice grew more angry, "You know what? For the longest time, I've felt like I was the only one in this whole group that had nothing to hold on to."

"What are you talking about?"

"You're a cop, Korra is the Avatar, Asami owns her own company, even the ponies all know exactly who they are. Twilight's a princess, Rarity owns her own boutique, Rainbow Dash is practically a Wonder Bolt. Who was I? Ever since pro-bending failed me I've been trying to find where I fit. and now I finally did! You should be happy for me but you're not! If anybody's being selfish it's you!"

"Errr! Why am I still talking to you? I've got more important things to do." he angrily turned and walked away from his brother.

"This is exactly what I'm talking about!" Bolin shouted back, but his brother was not listening.

Mako did not understand how his own brother would say he was being selfish? He was doing something useful while they were goofing off. The firebender was interrupted from his thoughts when he was abruptly stopped by two bodyguards. "Varrik's been looking for you." one of them said. Mako sighed in annoyance. This day just keeps getting better.


Back at the Air Temple, Korra, Tenzin and the ponies were all standing on a large platform in front of the temple. "You're lucky. This temple is the most spiritual of all the air temples. Why this is the very garden where my father met Guru Pathik."

Korra was amazed by this, "Wow. Spirit world, here we come."

"Unalaq better watch his back!" Rainbow said while pounding her hooves.

The group all gathered in a filed outside of the temple to meditate. Korra and Tenzin sat cross-legged while the ponies sat near Korra with their front hooves together. They had their eyes closed as they all attempted to enter the spirit world through meditation. As they did this, Meelo rang a bell at certain cues while Ikki played an antique horn with her airbending. Flash Sentry and Spike stayed beside, observing the process.

"Are they okay?" Flash asked.

"They're meditating." said Spike.

"Is this suppose to help them enter the spirit world?"

"It should."

"Is there anything we can do to help?"

"How about some quiet!?" both boys flinched when they heard Tenzin shout at them, "Come on guys, we can hear every word you're saying!"

"Sorry!" The two said in unison, before sliding off view, both wearing awkward grins. Tenzin sighed and proceeded with his meditation.

Korra opened one eye, "Are you in the spirit world?"

"I would be… if Meelo would ring his bell at the appropriate intervals."

Meelo stopped playing the bell, "Awww, did I do it wrong?" he frowned.

Tenzin sighed as he stood up, "Let's try something else." he walked away as Korra also stood up. She smiled at the Meelo, "I thought your bell ringing was just fine." she said sweetly.

"Thanks!" the young boy happily rang the bell his own way while Pinkie danced to the beat.

"Yeah! Play it music lover!"


On a mountain side they tried to mediate again. They were now surrounded by burning incense sticks attached to airbending talismans. Fluttershy coughed from the smoke and it wasn't long before Tenzin coughed as well, "Kya, this is too much smoke. You set it up wrong. This isn't going to work."

"I'm sorry. I did what you told me." said his sister while arranging the sticks.

"Well, the moment's ruined." Tenzin groaned as he stood up and walked away in a huff.

What's his problem?" Rainbow Dash asked while stretching her wings.

Jinora gasped when she noticed her little bunny spirit friends circling around Korra's head. The Avatar, as well as the ponies and everybody else, weren't aware of their presence. The spirits appeared to have been trying to gain Korra's attention somehow.

"We could have tried a little longer." Korra said as she stood up and walked towards Tenzin. A few of the spirits kept hovering above her head.

"I don't know what worries me more. Tenzin's attitude, or Korra actually being patient about something." Spike said to Twilight with a surprised look on his face.

"Seeing your very first past life and the history of this world will do that do ya." said the princess. She and the rest of the ponies caught up with Korra just as the rabbit spirits flew away.

"Come back, Furry-Foot." Jinora cried out, running after her friends but stopped halfway.

"Hey, Jinora, what are you chasing?" Kya asked.

"There's nothing there." Fluttershy said as she pointed to the horizon.

Jinora placed her hands behind her back, "Nothing", with that she ran off, leaving both Fluttershy and Kya looking at her with skeptical looks.


Tenzin, Korra and the ponies were now meditating beneath a statue of Avatar Yangchen. "Focus, girls. Focus." Tenzin tells them.

We are focusing." said Korra.

"One hundred percent." said Twilight.

"No talking. Feel the energy of the universe."

"This universe, or our universe?" Pinkie asked.

"This universe." There was a hint of annoyance in Tenzin's voice.

"Okay." Pinkie said happily before taking in a deep breath.

"Breath and feel it flow."

"Okay, I feel it." Korra said, but in truth, she wasn't really feeling anything. It was exactly like when she tried to contact Aang before. It didn't work until she openly asked him for help.

"Korra, really! I'm trying to concentrate here!" Tenzin snapped, startling Korra, "I don't think this location is going to work either". he said as he stood back up.

Rarity also stood up, while looking at him sternly, "What is going on with you? First you're blaming poor little Meelo, then Kya and now us."

"She's right. Why are you acting like this?" Korra asked.

Pinkie Pie jumped on his shoulder, "I know what will make you feel better!" she said before hugging him with a happy smile, but Tenzin forcibly removed her from his back and she landed on the floor.

"I don't need a hug, Pinkie! Nothing is feeling right to me."

"I don't want to rush your feelings, but we're kind of in a hurry." said Applejack.

"Why don't you explain how you first got into the spirit world?" Korra suggested.

Twilight nodded in agreement, "Yeah, let's try that."

However, Tenzin didn't even look at them. His expression looked almost frightened, almost as if he were hiding something. The grown man knew he had to come clean sooner or latter. The fate of the world was at stake and he couldn't afford to be prideful. "Well…actually, I've never been into the spirit world."

Korra and the ponies were all completely shocked at this confession, while everybody else peaked into the temple from the outside, equally shocked. "This could be really bad for us." Flash said worriedly as he and the others entered the temple, and Tenzin couldn't even bare to look at them due to his shame.

"You've never been into the spirit world?" Korra asked in disbelief.

"But you used to spend days in the temple meditating." Pema stated.

"Trying to get in." Tenzin corrected, "It never happened. It's my greatest shortcoming as an airbender, spiritual leader, and son of Aang." he said disappointingly.

Bumi laughed, "Welcome to the "I Disappoint Dad" club." he said jokingly. The others all looked at him annoyed, especially Fluttershy.

"Honestly Bumi, try to be more sensitive towards your brother." said the pink-maned pegasus while pointing her hoof on his chest and Bumi rubbed the area where she had poked him. She was stronger than she looked.

"Yeah, it's not his fault that he's a total failure."

"Rainbow Dash!" Korra looked at her annoyed, with her hands on her hips.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just really stressed right now!" Rainbow Dash's usually cool-headed demeanor was fading as her anxiety was taking it's full toll on her. "Time is running out and we have nobody to take us to the spirit world and now we'll never close the portal! Think of Equestria! Think of our home! Your home!" she landed on the floor and began to weep on Pinkie's shoulder, "There'll be nothing! Nothing! We're all doomed!!" she continued to sob as Pinkie tapped her on the back.

"There, there Dashie."

Rarity rolled her eyes, "What a drama queen." she then noticed that everybody was looking at her. "What?"

Korra kneeled down and petted Rainbow's mane, "Rainbow Dash, calm down."

"She's right, we can find a way to get into the spirit world." Twilight said.

"Got any ideas?" Flash asked.

Twilight pouted her lips in thought before giving him a sad expression. "……I got nothing"

"Well, what else can we do?" Rarity asked, "Harmonic Convergence is almost here. If Vaatu escapes from the spirit world--"

"You have to trust me. I can help you." Tenzin interrupted her.

"There might be another way." Kya said, then gasped in surprise when Rainbow Dash hugged her waist.

"I love this lady! What ya got?" Rainbow asked after she released her.

Kya smiled kindly at her eldest niece, "Jinora, is there something you want to tell Korra?" she encouraged as the young girl looked shyly at her father. Tenzin looked at his sister as if she were crazy.

"Jinora? She's too young and untrained to have any knowledge about the spiritual matters."

Rainbow sighed, "And I'm back to; WE'RE DOOMED!" she cried dramatically while covering her face with her hooves.

"Actually, I think I do know where Korra and the ponies need to go to get into the Spirit world." said Jinora.

"And how would you know that?" her father asked.

"My spirit friends showed me."

"Spirit friends?" Pinkie Pie tilted her head in confusion, "And you say I have an overactive imagination."

Jinora looked around the temple and spoke to the thin air, "It's okay. You can show yourselves."

To everyone's amazement, a whole bunch of colorful dragonfly bunny spirits appeared all around them, flapping their cute little dragonfly ears. Korra had never seen anything so adorable and colorful, besides the ponies. Everyone looked at the spirits with wonder and curiosity, but no one was more surprised than Tenzin. "How did you do that?" he asked.

One of the bunnies nuzzled Fluttershy's face, "Oh, they're co cute!"

"Bunnies!", Pinkie and Meelo cried out happily.

"Actually, they're dragonfly bunny spirits." Jinora explained.

"This is amazing!" Twilight said as bunnies flew around her and Flash.

Kya smiled proudly as she placed her hands on her niece's shoulder, "I knew it. Looks like she does know something about spiritual matters."

Rainbow Dash hugged Jinora, surprising the young girl. "Sorry I ever doubted you, kid!"

Ikki, Meelo and Pinkie began chasing the bunnies around the temple, "How long have you been able to do this?" Tenzin asked his daughter, still in a state of disbelief.

"I don't know. I guess I've always kind of had a connection with spirits."

"I'm not surprised." said Applejack, "You always were a bright kid, Jinora."

One spirit flew to Bumi, "I think this one likes me." he said, while another bunny came to Korra, giving her a flower.

"Are they here to help?" To answer her question, the spirits all flew out of the temple and beneath the cliffside.

Pinkie Pie sadly watched them leave, "Hey, come back!"

"I think they want you to go down there" Jinora said.

"I don't know. The spiritual energy is historically strongest near the temple." said Tenzin.

Korra placed her hand on her hip, "No offense, but I'm guessing the spirits have actually been to the spirit world, so I'm gonna follow them."

"I'm with her." Rainbow said, raising her hoof.

"Same here." Applejack said in agreement.

"Can't argue with that logic." said Twilight.

Flash nodded his head, "Ditto."

"If we need to go to the "Tenzin World", we'll call you." Bumi said teasingly, making the others roll their eyes at his rude joke.


In the spirit world, Unalaq and his children approached the northern portal, which remained a simple glowing orb, in contrast to the other which was a long beam shooting upwards into the sky. Without Korra they had no other way to open the Northern Portal. But Unalaq refused to give up so easily.

"Father, haven't the spirits had ten thousand years to open this portal?" Eska asked.

"If they could not succeed, what makes you think we will?" Desna asked.

"By entering the Spirit world through the portal, we bring with us something the spirits never had: our bending" Unalaq bended a stream of water into the portal as his children watched on. Unsure if they should join him or not. "Join me! Together, we can open this portal."

The twins did not hesitate to help their father as they too began bending streams of water at the portal. Surprisingly, the portal reacted to the impacts by sending purple energy which disrupted their water streams and struck Desna, throwing him backwards and groaning in pain.

"Desna!" his sister quickly rushed to his side and held him close.

"Leave him!" Unalaq ordered, "Keep bending!" he continued to bend another stream of water at the portal while Eska helped her brother.

"He needs a healer at once!" she exclaimed.

"This is more important!" her father shouted angrily. But Eska did not listen.

"I'm taking him back" she said as she carried Desna away from the spirit world. Unalaq remained and kept on bending water at the portal but nothing he did worked. He froze water into and ice drill and began drilling into the portal but nothing. The chief looked at the portal in disappointment. As much as he hatted to admit it, he needed Korra and the Ponies.


The bodyguards led Mako to an office, the dim lighting giving it an orange glow. In the center of the room was a part of the floor that was covered with burning coal. Mako narrowed his eyes as he saw Varrick sitting in a chair in his usual flamboyant manner.

"I hear you've got some ideas." said the rich man, "You wanna tell me about them?"

Mako remained calm and collected, "Go ahead. Torture me all you want. I'm not gonna talk."

"Torture? The only thing I want to torture is this pesky foot fungus." Mako crinkled his nose in disgust when Varrick showed him his infected toe. He screamed in pain as he walked through the hot cols before reaching Mako, "Ah! Eee! Ooh! The burning means it's working." Varrick gave his bodyguards a look that signaled they could leave and left him alone with the young cop. "I heard you've been investigating the recent attacks on my ships, and I think you know that I know what you know, you know?"

"Know what?"

"That the world is a dangerous place, and that's exactly why I want to offer you a job on my security force."

"I have a job." Mako said sternly.

"We need you. Me, Asami, Bolin. We're all in the same team here." he said as he wrapped his arm around Mako's shoulder in a friendly manner, "You wouldn't want anything to happen to Asami, would you? Or what about your brother?"

Mako didn't like the sound of that at all. Despite his 'issues' with Bolin and Asami at the moment, he couldn't let Varrick to anything to them. "What are you saying?"

Varrick removed his arm and looked at the young cop with a more serious expression and spoke in a dark, almost threatening tone, "I'm saying I want your help to protect them. Without you, who knows what could happen. After all, what's that motto your girlfriend and those ponies always say? Oh, yeah! Friendship is magic!"

"You're not my friend!" This was going on far enough. Varrick was the real puppeteer behind all of this war nonsense. If he was going to end this, he had to end it now. As much as he hatted to admit it, he had to tell Varrick the truth.

"Varrick, listen to me. You need to stop doing what you're doing. You have no idea what's really at stake here. Our world could fall into chaos and disappear off the face of existence as will the realm of the ponies. This civil war has already accelerated our possible demise, and you're not helping by trying to make it worse. Please, you have to stop this or else you won't have anything left. None of us will."

Varrick tapped his chin and pondered at what Mako was saying. "You sure you don't want a job as an actor? I mean that act was killer! Our world disappearing off the face of existence, that's genius!"

Mako couldn't believe it. This moron thought he was playing around. Was he really this dense? Seriously?

"Come on Mako, I need you. What do you say?"

That was it, he was done asking for help and trying to reason with others. The firebender glared at the man. "Thanks for your concern, but the answer is no." with that, Mako walked out of the room, while Varrick returned to walking on the hot coal.


Asami had just finished organizing some last minute paperwork in her office. She opened the drawer to place in her papers, when all of a sudden, a piece of paper flew out and landed on the floor. The heiress looked at it curiously as she picked it up.

Her eyes shimmered when she saw what its was…it was a photograph of her with team Avatar and The Mane Six and sweet little Spike was on her shoulder waving at the camera. It was such a happy day when the photo was taken, but now looking at it made her heart hurt. She stood up and placed the picture on her desk. She took a moment to look around her office. She realized she felt something she haven't felt in a long while….


She looked down at the picture once more as a ray of sun came through the window and it hit the picture. It was originally grey, but then, everybody in the picture gained their respected colors. The colors glowed and the same rainbow affect was reflected in Asami's eyes.

A look of determination on her face as she grabbed the photo, tossed aside her business papers, and ran out the door. She knew what she had to do.


While they were all flying on Oogie, Tenzin sat on the head with an upset look on his face. Bumi kept on playing with a spirit bunny, "Oh, you are so cute. I'm going to name you Bum-Ju. It's short for "Bumi Junior". Don't you think he looks like me?"

"The resemblance is uncanny." Tenzin said sarcastically, not even bothering to look.

Meanwhile, Spike was actually ridding in style, the spirits forming a seat for him to ride on. Needless to say, he was enjoying it, "I could get use to this!"

Jinora looked down in dismay. Her father had not said a word since they discovered she could see the spirits. "I think dad's mad at me." she said sadly, only to have her aunt wrap her arm around her.

"Your father's not mad. His pride's just a little bruised since he isn't able to see spirits like you."

"You have a natural gift, Jinora." Twilight said.

"Yeah, that's pretty lucky." Korra agreed.

"You're the lucky one, Korra." said Jinora, "You're one of the mythical Elements of Harmony and you guys actually got to meet the first alicorns and the first Avatar. I know a lot about Avatars, but I don't know anything about him. Is it even a him? Or is it a her?

"It's a him." Korra answered. "Avatar Wan."

"He was so awesome!" Rainbow Dash said while doing three air flips.

"And he was so kind and nurturing to all creatures big and small." Fluttershy said.

"Not to mention he had fabulous hair." Rarity added, "And he had Korra's smile."

"He sure was one heck of a swell guy." Applejack agreed.

"He really was amazing." Korra said admirably, "We saw how he became the first Avatar by fusing with Raava, the spirit of light."

"And she was HUGE and WHITE and HUGE!" Pinkie explained, stretching out her hooves for emphasis.

"What was the alicorn like? Queen Leilani's husband?" Jinora asked.

"He was just as brave and kind as Wan was." Twilight explained, "And Leilani was so smart and beautiful. Their friendship was what helped save the world."

Flash however, wasn't as excitable as they were. "I wouldn't know because I wasn't there." he bitterly pointed out. Twilight placed her hoof on his shoulder for reassurance.

"So, the Avatar is part spirit?" Jinora asked intrigued.

Korra nodded her head, "Yes. Even more amazing, the Tree of Harmony was created by Raava's light and the Avatar has been carrying traces of Equestrian magic for generations."

"So, you have Equestrian magic too?"

"I know, right? I always knew there was a reason I felt so drawn to that place."

"Wow! That's amazing! And it makes sense, just like the statue."

"What statue?" Kya asked.

"When we were at the southern air temple, I was drawn to this old carving. I couldn't figure out what it was until now. It was the first Avatar."

Korra and Twilight looked at each other, surprised by this new information. "When did this happen?" Korra asked.

"It was on the solstice."

Their eyes widened in surprise, "That's the day Korra and the ponies opened the southern portal." Flash said.

Korra, Jinora and the Ponies were all baffled by this realization, "Whoa."

"This is amazing." Twilight said. Could there really be a connection?

Finally, Oogie landed at their destination, "We're here!" both Bumi and Pinkie said as they all got off. The spirit bunnies landed Spike on the ground.

"Thanks for the ride." he said as he waved them goodbye once they flew off.

Tenzin looked around the area, finding it strangely deserted, deprived of any life, aside from the many vines and plants that had grown all around. "Are you sure these spirits are leading us into the right place?" Tenzin asked.

"Of course! I trust Bum-Ju with my life." Bumi said as he scratched Bum-Jun behind the ears. The spirits had lead them all to a place with a large circle on the ground, surrounded by tall round tipped rocks all covered in vines that had grown over the years. Korra approached the rocks, gently removing some of the vines and plants, to notice the stones has symbols marked on each of them.

"Look. There are carvings on them."

Pinkie Pie turned her head to the pattern of the symbols, "Swirly!" she said as she twisted head upside down. And then her whole body followed, spinning around before she fell on her back.

Tenzin quickly recognized the carvings, "This is an ancient airbender meditation circle."

Jinora felt a shiver creeping up her spine as her eyes examined the area. "There's a lot of spiritual energy in this place, but it feels really strange."

"I don't like the sound of that." Rainbow said worriedly.

"We'll have to perform a spiritual cleansing ceremony." Tenzin explained.

Bumi arced an eyebrow, "What are you talking about?"

Flash was just as confused, "Yeah, I'm still trying to catch up with all of this. Could you clarify, please?"

"Dad taught it to me. This site has been neglected for many years. A cleansing ceremony will help strengthen it's connections to the spirit world…..Pinkie Pie! Quite playing with those rocks!" he shouted at the pink pony, who was making a mini Canterlot with rocks she found. She lowered her ears and pouted.

Everybody sat down around the circle in lotus positions while Tenzin bended the smoke from the incense burner. He swiftly bended the air all around the place, cleansing the area. As the smoke increased the spirits flew off. Bumi crossed his arms in disappointment, "Good job, you cleansed the area of the only spirits that want to help us. And you scared away Bum-Ju."

The girls watched as Tenzin kept airbending the smoke. They all suddenly didn't feel right. They were soon proven right once the ground suddenly started to shake. The girls gasped and the shaking increased.

"It's working" said the airbender. The rumbling in the ground grew even stronger. But the shaking did not suit well with the others.

"I don't like the sound of that!" said Applejack. The center circle on the ground suddenly opened up…and a whole swarm of bat-like spirits emerged, flying rapidly all around the area. Rarity shrieked in fear!


"Ah! Bats! Evil bats!" Bumi exclaimed fearfully.

"Not bats. Dark spirits!" said Korra as she shielded herself and Fluttershy from the swam while Twilight covered Spike and Flash did the same for Twilight.

Pinkie Pie screamed in fear, "Dark spirit bats are on the lose! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!" she began to rapidly dig a tunnel in the ground until Kya pulled her out by her tail, taking her to safety with the others. The group hid behind the large rocks, away from the spirits.

Korra and Tenzin tried to blast them away with their airbending but they only managed to overwhelm the creatures, who then attacked the two, blasting them backwards. Twilight tried to zap the spirits away but her magic had no affect on them. Korra quickly grabbed Twilight into her arms headed for cover behind the giant rocks.

"What are we supposed to do?" Tenzin asked fearfully.

"Make it stop!" Spike cried out as he clenched his head.

Korra looked at all of the spirits swarming around. She knew they were only acting under the influence of Vaatu. She had to do something to calm them down. As she looked at the spirits she noticed that their wings…sparkled. Korra's eyes shimmered with the rainbow colors as she ran out of her hiding place to the center of the circle.

"Korra!" Flash tried to run after her, but Twilight stopped him.

"Don't worry, she's got this."

Korra stood bravely in the center of the dark spirit swarm. Placing her fists together, she mediated for a brief moment. Only, she didn't meditate the way Tenzin did. She did not empty her mind, nor tried to search for anything. All she thought about were the spirits and what she wanted for them. She wanted them to be free. She wanted them to be free of the darkness that consumed them. She wanted to help them. She needed to help them. This wasn't about herself, this was about them and them alone.

Concentrating, she moved her arms, waterbending the water around her and bending it around the spirits. During the process, Korra's cutie mark started to glow, and her nails turned blue once more. She continued to waterbed, focusing only on the spirits's well being. The water began entrapping the spirits in an enclosure. The waters began to shift into a shimmering white, in contrast to Unalaq's golden aura. The spirits's dark purple oloring melted away, revealing them to be white like the ocean foam. The swarm united together into a large spear rising upwards while the others stared in awe.

"Amazing." Kya said.

"That's our girl!" Rainbow exclaimed proudly.

The spirits finally dissipated in a burst of white, and all of the vines around the circle began to disappear, untangling themselves from the rocks. Korra breathed in deeply, bending down with hands on her knees. It was such a strange sensation, and for some reason it didn't entirely seem like what Unalaq would have done. Her way was different from Korra's, and she now understood why.

She wasn't thinking about fighting at all, all she was thinking about was the well being of those spirits. The amount of energy she had placed into her new skill took a lot out of her and she collapsed on the ground. To her surprise, one of the now pure spirits flew around her, now colored cyan blue and nuzzled her face before flying away. The ponies all ran towards Korra, hugging her.

"That was incredible." said Fluttershy.

"Your spiritual training has come a long way." said Tenzin as he helped Korra stand up.

"Unalag may be a horrible person, but his kind of power is not joke."

Tenzin looked at her with shame, "He taught you how to transform dark spirits. I can't even get you into the spirit world."

But Korra knew that was not the case. "Everything Unalaq taught me was to help himself. Everything you've done was meant to help me. I wanted to better understand the spirits so I could help them, but Unalaq twisted everything around, and I fell for it. I'm so sorry for turning my back on you as my mentor and for being so ungrateful. I need you now more than ever." she looked at the ponies gathered around her, "We all need you." she added. Music filled the air as Korra began to sing;

A friend for life

That's what you are to me




A friend for life.

That's what you are to me




I couldn't see what was right there in front of me

Turned my back got my mind of track, yeah

You saw a world that was something new entirely

Helped me to see all the possibilities




Like a star in the daylight

Or like a diamond at night

Your light was hidden from my sight

Korra and the ponies danced along with the bunny spirits around the circle.


A friend for life

That's what you are to me




A friend for life

That's what you are to me



Korra airbended herself upwards. She stopped and Tenzin lowered he drown with his airbending.

When I put my hand out and I thought I would fall

You knew what I needed

Korra and ponies,

And you came around to fix it all!


A friend for life

That's what you are to me




A friend for life

That's what you are to me




A friend for life!

That's what you are to me


Like a star in the daylight


A friend for life

That's what you are to me


Like a diamond at night




That's what you are to me

Tenzin smiled as he and Korra hugged. "…I won't fail you." he said. The others watched proudly and Flash placed his hoof around Twilight who leaned on his shoulder. Kya wiped away a tear and Pinkie Pie started crying like a baby.

"The ancient airbenders must have built this site." Tenzin explained, "If we mediate here, we'll be able to enter the spirit world."

"Why don't you go first?" Korra said politely.

"After all these years, my father's dreams for me will finally come true."


Mako was looking at some documents in his apartment. With Bolin gone, everything was so quiet. He never realized how boring it was not to have him around. He was broken from his concentration when the door knocked. His eyes narrowed when he saw who it was.

"What are you doing here? Came to yell at me some more? Or tell me how paranoid I am?"

Asami kept her cool, though her expression mirrored his own. "Actually, I came here to talk."

"About what? You said so yourself, we're not talking."

The heiress walked in and closed the door behind her. "I want you to stop this whole thing."

"Ha! Of course you'd say that."

"Mako, just hear me out."

"There's nothing you can say or do that will make me drop this investigation, alright? So deal with it!" Mako's eyes widened at what he had just said. He sounded just like….Korra. The firebender sat back on the sofa and buried his face in his hands.

"Mako, this whole deal is ruining your life."


"Think about it! Because of this you lost Korra, your brother moves out, Equestria is loosing magic as we speak and now we have no idea where the girls are! I really think you should stop."

"I can't! I don't care if you and Bolin don't believe me! I said I would fix everything and I truly believe this is the way to do it."


"Because it's the only way I know how!" he snapped, "I know I've let Korra down once, and I don't want to do it again!" Asami looked at him with the same serious expression and he snapped again, "And why do you even care? I thought you said you were done! Just go back to your company already." the firebender hung his head in utter depression.

Asami couldn't leave him this way. She was not going to abandon him again because of her own feelings. He needed to see this. She searched for something in her shoulder bag. "I was going through some documents in my office…and I found this." she placed something on his desk. Mako's eyes slightly widen to see what it was: a group photo of him and his friends, and this one was in color.

Since he didn't say anything, Asami spoke. "You know, before Team Avatar, my life used to be so simple. Then the equalist thing happened and everything changed and I didn't really know how to handle it. I wanted to be strong, but on the inside…I was terrified. I was terrified of change."

Mako continued to look at the picture as he listened to Asami. She was saying she felt alone, and in a lot of ways, Mako did too. "Why didn't you ever say anything before?" he asked, "Korra and I tried to talk to you, to make amends, but you always pushed us away."

"Because I didn't want to look foolish!" she said with tears already rolling down her eyes, "All this time, I thought the reason why I was so jealous was because I still had feelings for you, but it's not. I saw our relationship as a token from a life I once knew, and I wanted that back. I'm so, so sorry for pushing you both away. I thought maybe some distance was what I needed. But when I looked around my office…I realized I've never felt more alone in my entire life. And there was no one to blame but me."

Asami looked down at her feet in shame.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted. I didn't really mean those things I said and I understand you're only trying to help, I really do." She placed her hand on his shoulder, "Mako, you're a great cop, one of the best, really….but lately, that's pretty much all you've been. You were so caught up in solving things your way that you forgot to be a friend. We all did. I don't want this to continue. I want my friends back, and I know you do too."

The whole time Asami was talking, Mako's hardened expression softened with each word she spoke, yet he remained silent. But after a few moments of silence, Asami sighed.

"Well, that's all I wanted to say."

As she sadly began to walk away, Mako looked down at the picture. The happy smiles of him and his friends truly was a beautiful sight. He could almost hear the echoing of their laughter. Their happiness. His gaze remained on the photo as voices of the past rang in his head, echoing words he had heard before.

"It doesn't mean I shouldn't stand by her…"

"The Magic of Friendship really is what this world needs."

"Mend the bond. Torn by pride…

Torn by pride..."

All these voices echoed in his mind as he looked at the colorful image. The colors glowered with a rainbow hue which was reflected in Mako's eyes. He gasped as the realization of the words and the photo clicked.

"Asami wait!"

She stopped by the door and turned to Mako who appeared to be slowly smiling. He ran towards her and embraced her in a tight hug, catching her by surprise.

"Mako, what are you--?"

"You're right, it's all so clear now!" he explained when he released her, uncharacteristically happy, "That's why things have been so hard for me lately." Mako took Asami's shoulders and looked into her eyes. When Asami looked at him she didn't see a guy she used to date…she saw a true, true friend.

"Asami, I'm so sorry for everything. You were right, I let my pride get the better of me and tried to solve things my own way without even considering how you or anyone else felt. But right now I really need you and Bolin to believe me about Varrick. You know I would never do anything to purposely hurt either one of you. We're Team Avatar and we stick together no matter what, even if we mess up. Remember when we stopped Amon? We did it by working together, and that's exactly what we need to do now."

Asami staid quiet for a moment before smiling as well, "I do believe you."

Mako's smile grew wider, "Really?"

"Yes. You didn't give up on me so I am not giving up on you. Or Korra or anybody else."

"Thank you, Asami."

"No, thank you."

The two happily embraced in a warm friendly hug. They both realized exactly what they were missing and why things have been so hard and awful for them lately…they had forgotten to believe in what they really needed in order to do what was right….The Magic of Friendship.

Their moment was interrupted by a knock at the door. "Police!" said the voice from the other side. Mako opened the door and in walked Lin with Gang and Lu. Lu smiled smugly. "Hey Mako, hope we didn't interrupt anything." The two started looking round the apartment.

"What's going on?" Mako asked confused.

"We busted some Triple Threats who said you hired them for a job." Lu explained.

Mako knew he could not keep this secret for long. The boy sighed in defeat, "All right. It's true. We were trying to figure out who stole Asami's stuff, so we hired them for a sting operation." he turned to Lin, "I'm sorry for going behind your back, but there's something more important you need to know. It's about--"

But before he could explain more, Lin interrupted him, "According to the Triple Threats, you did more than that. They said you helped them steal a warehouse full of Future Industries property."

"That's crazy!" Asami exclaimed.

Even Mako was baffled by this, "You're gonna believe a bunch of criminals?" he asked in disbelief.

"I have to follow up on a lead" said the chief with a serious glance.

Lu walked out waving something in his hand, "Well, looky what I found…" he pulled something out of the bag he had found, "Cash…and these"

Mako and Asami's eyes widened when he pulled out explosives as well. Lin glared at the young police officer, "What are you doing with explosives, Mako?"

"I don't know where those came from!" he said.

But then, Gang quickly handcuffs Mako, "You're under arrest."

"None of that is mine!" Mako protested.

"Yeah. Should've known you'd hook up with your old pals." Gang said, "Once a Triple Threat, always a Triple Threat."

"Hold on, this has to be a mistake." Asami said, "I know Mako has done some pretty bad things lately, believe me I know, but he is no criminal."

Lu simply crossed his arms, "Sorry to break the news to you, sweetie, but your friend's just a crooked cop. That sting operation was just a way to lure you away from your warehouse."

Gang chuckled at this, "He was using you this whole time"

"That's not true! I would never do anything like that to you Asami."

"Mako, I said I believed you and I do." and she meant it.

Gang pretended to be touched by this, "Aww, that's so sweet. Isn't friendship magic?" The two cops escorted Mako out the door, while he kept on trying to prove his innocence.

"No! It's Varrick! This is all Varrick, he set me up!"

"Yeah, it's Varrick's fault." Gang said sarcastically.

Asami watched as the cops took her friend away, "I'll find a way to hep Mako. I promise!"

With that she was left alone in the apartment. She picked up the picture of her and her friends and then she saw something else underneath the piles of paperwork. She picked it up and realized it was Korra's headband. She was actually beginning to miss her. "I never realized how broken up we would all be without you." She looked at the photo again, more specifically at a certain earthbender.



Back at the air temple, everybody and everypony were gathered around a bonfire. Pinkie Pie is roosting marshmallows on a stick. "Pinkie Pie, sweetie, we need everybody to focus." Korra said kindly.

"Oh, right." the pony swallowed the last marshmallow before sitting with the others in a meditation pose. Tenzin was mediating peacefully…until Bumi began poking him with a stick.

"You in the spirit world, yet?"

"No, I am not. And stop bugging me!" he angrily airbended the stick away.

"It's okay, Tenzin." Kya said, "Maybe you weren't meant to guide Korra into the spirit world."

"No! Just give me some time."

"Stop being so stubborn! It's not your destiny. I think Jinora was meant to guide the Avatar."

"I agree with Kya." Rainbow Dash said while raising her hooves.

Rarity also raised her hooves, "Me too."

"Jinora will not enter the spirit world! She's not ready for the dangers of the other side, but I am. I've spent years training, studying, and mastering everything there is to know about the spirit world."

"Tenzin, we're running out of time." Korra reminded him, "Believe me, your pride isn't going to help you--"

"If everyone could just be quiet and let me focus!"

Jinora looked at her father, he was trying so hard to enter the spirit world but couldn't. Fluttershy placed her hoof on her shoulder and smiled. Jinora looked at all the ponies, and Korra who were all smiling encouragingly at her. Then, Jinora could see all seven girls give out a faint rainbow aura around them, and the same colors were reflected in Jinora's eyes. The young girl finally walked up to her father, having made up her mind.

"Aunt Kya is right. I can guide Korra and the ponies into the spirit world. I'll be alright."

Twilight flew to Tenzin, "Tenzin, I understand how frustrated you must be. But Kya's right. Maybe this isn't your destiny."

"But that doesn't mean any of us will think any less of you as a teacher." said Fluttershy.

"You have to have faith in Jinora. Just like we do." said the alicorn.

Applejack lowered her hat and held it close to her chest, "We promise we'll keep a good eye on her for ya."

Tenzin didn't like the idea of his daughter going into the spirit world, it was far to dangerous. But as he looked at the determination in her eyes, he realized he had to let her do what she was destined to do. Korra approached her master, speaking compassionately.

"Tenzin, take it from me, sometimes things don't turn out the way you want them to. That doesn't mean you've failed, it just means we're meant to go down a different path. I know it's hard to accept, but we can't always rely on our own understanding. This is bigger than any of us."

Tenzin sighed in defeat and looked at everyone, "Perhaps I will never have the connections with spirits like I always wanted…like my father wanted me to have."

Fluttershy smiled kindly at the man, "You tried your best and that's all any father could ask for."

Jinora hugged her father, "It's okay, daddy."

Tenzin hugged her back, "I'm proud of you." he said before turning to Korra, "Go. Close the portal. We'll wait here and keep your bodies safe till you return."

Korra smiled in reassurance, "We'll be alright." she turned to the ponies, "Hope you girls are ready for a field trip, cause we're going to the spirit world!"

The ponies all cheered while trotting their hooves, "YEAH!"

Flash walked up to Twilight, "I'll stay with them and help keep an eye on you."

"Thanks, Flash." said the princess as they lovingly embraced.

"Please be careful."

"I will. I promise."

Kya and Bumi smiled at them, "They really do make a cute couple." he said.

Korra, Jinora and the ponies all sat together while Bumi, Kya, Tenzin, Spike and Flash watched over them. Jinora's eyes squinted as she tried to meditate, but for some reason she couldn't seem to get through. Korra noticed this and calmed the child down by placing a hand over her shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Tenzin asked with worry.

"I… I don't know." Jinora said frightfully, "I've never done this before. I'm scared."

Korra smiled sweetly and took both the child's hands into hers. "It's okay." she gently stroked a piece of hair from her face, "You're not in this alone."

Jinora was uncertain at fist but complied. "Okay."

Korra closed her eyes and Jinora did the same. She held the young girl's hand while the Mane Six gathered in a circle. This was very unusual in Tenzin's eyes. This was not the proper position for a meditation, but he still allowed them to do what they had to do. As the two girls held each other's hands, a bright yellow glow emitted from their hands, which then transcended across their bodied, filling them in a heavenly glow. Korra remembered what the shaman had said to her before.

"You all have the Light of Friendship on your side. Keep it close to your heart, and you will know what you must do."

After a few moments, Twilight opened her eyes and gasped with aware. They have reached their destination. Korra couldn't believe it.

"The spirit world."


But somewhere else, Unalaq was standing in front of Vaatu's tree. "The Avatar and her ponies are dead, and we cannot open the northern portal. I have failed you, Vaatu."

"You have not failed me…yet. The Avatar and her Elements of Harmony still live."

"How do you know?"

"Even though my connection to Raava was severed, I can still feel her presence."

"I'll find them."

"They will find you. They have just entered the spirit world. But be warned…the Avatar has something growing from within. Something that could change everything. Make sure she and her ponies open the portals….then end them once and for all."

"I will not fail you, Vaatu. Soon, you will be free and the world…shall be ours."



Proverbs 1:5~

Let the wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser. Let those with understanding receive guidance.


Author's Note:

Like I said, the Masami ship NEVER resurfaced in this version. If you do not ship Masami, you're welcome. If you do...I apologize, but hey there are other great Masami fanfics out there so, there's an upside!....okay, aside from that hope ya like this.

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