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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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Civil Wars part 2


Proverbs 13:20 ~

Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.


Civil Wars part 2

Korra and her parents exchanged worried looks as they were being loaded into the prison truck and drove away. She never in her life would have dreamed that her own kind-hearted parents would get arrested for a crime they didn't commit. And worse, they were being arrested by her own uncle. Korra turned to Unalaq with a disappointed look on her face.

“You're making a mistake.”

“I wish it hadn't come to this. But your parents held a meeting with the rebels, right here in their home.”

“I can't believe you're doing this to your own family!”

“Rest assured, I've appointed Judge Hotah to oversee the trial. He is the most fair and honorable man I know.”

“Uncle, my parents had nothing to do with the men who attacked you.”

“I'm sure you're right. So we should have nothing to worry about.”

“I hope so.” she answered with uncertainty.

“In the meantime…” without warning, Unalaq removed the headband from Korra's head, startling the Avatar.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“What you did earlier shows that the negative energy is increasing in the tribe." said Unalaq as he held the headband close to him, "And I have my suspicions that this magical artifact might be affecting your powers as well.”

Korra shook her head, “No! It was a gift from Princess Celestia. To prove she has faith in me.”

“I'm sure she did not mean you any harm, and I may not know much about magic, but so far I do understand it can be unpredictable.”

Korra fiercely took the headband out of Unalaq's hands, “The headband has nothing to do with this!” she exclaimed.

“Korra, please calm down.”

“I'll try to contain myself, I promise! I'll keep my emotions in check but please, please don't blame Celestia!” he noticed the tears beginning to form in Korra's eyes as she clenched the headband close to her heart. Unalaq hung his head.

“I'm sorry. I will not say another word about your magical friends. But I do ask that you keep yourself under control.”

“I will.” Korra promised while still holding the headband close, as if worried he would try and take it away from her again.

“Remember; Conceal, don't feel.” he said before he walked away, leaving Korra alone. Once he was gone, she looked down at the headband in her hand, its silvery color and single heart shaped stone shimmered in the sunlight. It reminded her so much of Celestia: warm and kind. Korra placed the headband back on her head and looked up at the sky.

"I hope I haven't made you regret trusting me."


Pinkie Pie was doing funny faces at the giant stuffed platypus-bear. The group of friends were at Varrick's extravagant mansion. Much like the billionaire himself, the mansion was very extravagant with expensive looking furniture, lamps, chairs and other items such as paintings, sculptures, and even stuffed animals, which frightened Fluttershy the moment she saw them, until Asami assured her they were fake.

“Pinkie Pie, stop fooling around.” said Asami to the pony who continued making the funny faces at the platypus -bear, but soon stopped once Asami asked her to. Rainbow Dash was laying on her back on the couch, groaning in boredom.

“Ahhh, this is so boring! Why are we here again?”

“I have to close my business deal with Varrick.” Asami said as she crossed her arms, the man was already an hour late and she herself was growing impatient.

Then Pinkie's tail began to twitch, “You'll might want to move three passes to the left Asami.”


“My tail is twitching. That's my Pinkie Sense telling me something is going to fall out of the sky.”

Both Bolin and Spike, who were lounging on the sofa, jerked upwards and cried out in fear, “Twitchy tail?!” the boys each covered themselves with a pillow over their heads while shaking in fear.

Asami rolled her eyes, “That's ridiculous. We're inside, how is something supposed to—“


A flower pot suddenly fell from the ceiling and landed on Asami's head, breaking apart and leaving her hair covered in soil as a single flower rested on her head. The heiress stood there in disbelief while Pinkie Pie smiled.

“Told ya!”

The doors opened and Mako, Twilight and Flash walked into the room. “Sorry we're late." said the firebender, "Did we miss anything?”

Mako stopped to look at a dirty Asami, who remained perfectly still while wearing a disapproving expression. He looked at her, then at Pinkie Pie, then back at Asami, then up at the ceiling and then back at Asami, who wore a very annoyed expression throughout.

“Twitchy tail?” he asked

“Yep.” she replied dryly.

“Didn't believe?”


“Rookie mistake.”

He patted her shoulder before taking his seat on the couch next to Spike and Bolin. Twilight flew to Asami and removed the soil and flower from her body. “I feel your pain, honey.” said the alicorn and Asami removed the last bit of soil from her hair.

“Where is Varrick? We should've closed the deal an hour ago.”

Bolin went back to lunching on the couch with Spike and Pabu, “Would you relax? This place is great.”

“Yeah, did you know he has a hot tub on the roof?” said Spike.

“I know right?! And the best part about it, Eska doesn't know I'm here.”

“You still haven't broken up with her yet?” Applejack asked.

“It's a work in progress.” said the earthbender.

“Sure it is.” Spike said sarcastically.

The opening of the two front doors grabbed everyone's attention and were surprised to see a group of Northern Water Tribe soldiers enter the house…along with the creepy identical, royal twins.

“She found you!” said Pinkie Pie. Bolin quickly jumped out of the couch in fear, now standing before his supposed 'girlfriend'.

“GAH! Ee-yah. I wasn't hiding.” he laughed nervously, in hopes she would go easy on him.

“I am not on the hunt for you. Currently” Eska said in her usual monotone voice as the soldiers searched the mansion.

"Even Pinkie Pie's sister Maud was never this mean." Applejack whispered to Rarity.

"Or this creepy." replied the unicorn.

“We search for Varrick." Desna said, "Our father wishes him to stand trial.”

“What did he do?” Asami asked curiously.

Eska answered, “He is a traitor to the water tribe, along with our aunt and uncle.”

“What?!” they all replied in union and Spike literally fell off the couch in shock.

“Korra's parents were arrested?” Mako asked in disbelief.

“Yes. Your powers of deduction are impressive.” said Desna in a slight sarcastic tone.

“Yeah, he's a cop." Bolin said proudly while pointing to Mako with his thumb.

"I think he was being sarcastic." said Rainbow Dash.

One of the Northern guards approached the twins, “Varrick's not here.” he said.

“Very well. Desna, let us continue our search elsewhere.” before leaving she turned to Bolin, “Boyfriend! Bow to me when I exit.”

Bolin kneeled down and bowed in fear, his nose touching the floor. “Yes, yes, my sweet koala otter.” The ponies looked at him in pity. And embarrassment.

“You are so cute when you grovel.” Eska said satisfactorily before leaving with her brother and the doors closed. Once gone, Bolin sighed in relief.

Rarity huffed, “That girl is hardly worth being called a princess.”

“I agree." said Fluttershy, "She's so….mean.”

“Bolin, don't let her treat you that way.” Asami said to him. She knew Bolin did not deserve this kind of abuse. He just didn't. He was far too kind, and sweet and honest to put up with somebody like Eska.

Rainbow Dash agreed with her friend's statement, “Yeah. Stand up for yourself.”

“I tried to break up with her, but Mako, gave me terrible advice. Thank you, Mako.” He crossed his arms and turned from his brother.

“Wait, how are your girl problems my fault?”

“He's right, he was only trying to help.” said Applejack.

“Oh yeah, I specifically remember you ponies gave me bad advice too.” said Bolin, before staring back at the angry glare the country pony currently gave him.

“You really wanna go there, partner?” she said in a somewhat threatening manner.

“Don't blame them for this, Bolin." Asami said sternly, "And Applejack's right, you need to be honest with her. Tell her how you really feel.”

“Yeah, kick her to the curve, show her you're not her "boy toy".” said Rainbow Dash as she punched and kicked in mid air for emphasis.

“I'm having a hard time seeing why you went out with her in the first place.” Flash said.

The alicorn princess looked just as unimpressed about this as him. “We're all still trying to figure that out.”

“My opinion: Honesty is for fools, kid.”

They all widened their eyes at hearing Varrick's voice, apparently, coming from nowhere.

“Varrick?” Bolin asked, looking around the room, trying to find the source of the sound.

Twilight also looked around curiously, “What the--“

“If you want to ditch the girl, then make yourself scarce. Disappear, like I did.”

“Where are you?” Asami asked as she and the others looked all around, trying to pinpoint where the voice was coming from.

“Oh, are you invisible? Are ya? Are ya?” Pinkie Pie asked as she inspected underneath the carpets.

”No, my vivacious little four legged friend. I'm somewhere Unalaq will never find me.” The stuffed platypus-bear's mouth opened wide to reveal Varrick hiding inside of it, flashing his signature grin. “Inside Ping-Ping!”

“Good hiding place!” said Pinkie Pie.

“Thank you. How we doin'?"

“The coast is clear." said Mako, "You can come out.”

“No way, mister. Not until I know it's absolutely 157% safe.” Then Zhu-Li's hand appeared from inside the bear and gave Varrick a cup of tea. “Ah, Thank you Zhu-Li.”

Twilight arched an eyebrow, “Your assistant's in there too?”

Spike scratched his head in confusion, “How is that even possible?”

“Zhu-Li never leaves my side” Varrick said before taking a sip of the tea, but once he did he spits it out in disgust, “Yuck! Pyugh! Pyuchk! You forgot the honey!”

“Sorry, sir. There isn't any in here.” Zhu-Li spoke from inside the bear.

“No honey? We're in a bear for crying out loud!”

“I think this guy's a few hens short of a chicken coop.” Applejack whispered to Rarity, who nodded in agreement.

Mako was just about done with this crazy guy and decided to focus his energy on something more important. “I'm gonna go see how Korra's doing." he turned to the ponies before leaving, "You guys coming?”

They all nodded and followed him out. “Hey wait up!” Spike ran after them, leaving Bolin and Asami with Varrick…and Zhu-Li.

“Bolin, I got a little something for you 'round back.” The tail of the stuffed animal rose and Varrick dropped a stack of paper yuans from the platypus-bear's butt. Bolin took the money.


“Now listen up. Unalaq's rigged this trial, no doubt about it. So I need you to make sure my trusty rebels stay out of prison.”

“What's the money for?”

“Bribery, of course! There's always someone willing to look the other way for a few yuans.”

Bolin grinned, “I think I catch your drift, Varrick-bear.”

Asami groaned and facepalmed herself, “I wonder what's the Pinkie Sense for a headache.”


Another flower pot fell from the ceiling and landed on her head again, confusing the heiress even more than the last time. “How is this even happening?!”

“Oh, you see them too?" said Varrick, "Great, so I'm not going crazy!”


At the water tribe palace, the trial was about to begin in a few minutes. Korra kept pacing back and forth in the corridor nervously chanting to herself.

“Get it together. Calm yourself. Conceal, don't feel. Conceal, don't feel. Conceal, don't feel. Conceal don't—.“

“What ya doing?”


AH! Yourself, but that doesn't answer my question.”

Korra took in slow breaths, her heart was pounding from the scare. “Oh, Pinkie Pie, it's you.”

“Are you okay?” Flash Sentry asked with concern. He, Mako and the rest of the Mane Six, along with Spike, stood before her, concerned for their friend. They spotted her constantly chanting to herself the same phrase over and over again. This was very unlike her.

“I'm just really worried.” said Korra as she rubbed her hands together nervously.

“Calm down, your parents are going to be okay.” her boyfriend reassured.

Korra looked at him with pleading eyes, “I could really use a hug right about now.”

Mako opened his arms wide to do as she requested….but Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy beat him to it. The Avatar embraced the two winged ponies, leaving the young firebender standing there while awkwardly lowering his arms.

"Awkward." said Pinkie Pie.


At the Water Tribe Palace, the courtroom to be more precise, the trial began. Korra, Mako, Spike and the ponies watched with worried expressions as they witnessed Korra's parents and the rebels stand trial. Korra kept on taking deep subtle breaths to calm her nerves. She could feel that new energy growing, like a seesaw that kept going up and down.

Bolin took his seat next to Asami in one of the benches. A cocky smile on his face, “We're good to go." he said, "I gave all the money to some guys over there. I told them to 'take care of it', and then I winked. Pretty sure they got the message.”

They looked over at the two random men who Bolin gave the money to, both wearing giant smiles as they counted what they had. They smiled at Bolin and gave him a thumbs up. Bolin returned the gesture while Asami face-palmed herself. She then took out a hat and placed it over her head. Bolin looked at her curiously.

“What's with the hat?”

“I'm not getting hit again by any more flower pots.”

Bolin whistled a "cuckoo" while circling his index finger over his left ear, making Asami glare at him.

The gavel hammered. The trial was starting. “This trial will now come to order! Judge Hotah presiding.”

An elderly man too his seat in front of the court. He had a long white beard and hair and bushy grey eyebrows. He wore a water tribe robe consisting of main purple colors. This was Judge Hotah.

“Man! I should have paid him!" said Bolin in realization.

“Yeah, you think?” Asami said with an annoyed tone.


Another flower pot fell from the ceiling and hit Asami's hat. She removed it with a proud smile on her face. “Ha!” she shouted in victory...


…Until another pot landed on her face and her now bare head was once again covered in soil. “Seriously?”

Pinkie Pie noticed her tail twitching again, “Wow, a lot of stuff keeps falling down today.”

The trial commenced with Unalaq speaking in front of the jury near the stand where Hotah sat, explaining the events of the previous night. “I was asleep in my chambers when the rebels attacked. They overpowered me, and the next thing I remember was waking up in the snow after Avatar Korra and Princess Twilight Sparkle had saved me.”

Hotah then had Korra stand in front of him. The young Avatar took deep breaths as she tried to keep herself from losing control of whatever was growing inside of her. The ponies watched anxiously as the Judge spoke.

“According to Unalaq's testimony, you attended a meeting where Varrick tried to incite a civil war. Is that true?”

Korra hesitantly answered, “Yes.”

“And where these men present at that meeting?” he gestured to the line of rebels behind Korra.

“Well, yes, but---“

“And where exactly did this meeting take place?”



All eyes landed on Bolin who stood up from his seat in hopes of helping. “Quiet down out there!” Hotah ordered, making Bolin sadly sit again. The judge turned back to Korra, “I'll ask you one more time. Where did the meeting happen?”

The ponies shared worried looks as Korra hesitantly answered, “My parents' house.”

“And who led this meeting?”

Korra was beginning to feel anxious with all of these questions the Judge threw at her. Her fists clenched and her irises began to faintly glow. She could feel this sensation growing again. She wanted to protect her parents and those rebels. The more she thought about the possibility of them ending up in prison the more she felt the energy growing within her.

Bolin stood up again, “Your honor, if I may?”

"May what?” Hotah glared at the boy, making him flinch.

“May I…declare a mistrial?”

The ponies hoof palmed their faces, even Flash.

“Sit down!”

“Yes sir.”

The poor embarrassed boy did as he was told and Hotah turned to Korra once again. “Varrick and your father led the meeting didn't they?”

“My parents are innocent!” Korra shouted defensively, taking one step forward.

Hotah's eyes slightly widened when he noticed that Korra's irises were giving out a faint glow as she glared at him. Korra heard her uncle clear his throat and the avatar slightly backed away. Her eyes returning to normal. Hotah ignored what he just saw and continued speaking.

“I've heard all I need to. I'll return shortly with my decision.”

After that, Korra went to a corner in the halls and rubbed her temples. Mako came to her along with the ponies. “What happened?” he asked.

“I felt it again." Korra said, "I felt that energy. It's growing. It comes and goes but it's growing. I can feel it.” she spoke with fear in her voice, “You guys, I don't know what's happening to me!”

Mako held Korra in his arms as she began to sob into his chest while he rubbed her back, “Korra, It's okay.”

“I don't know what to do. I'm so scared.” she said between sobs.

“Korra, listen.”, Korra looked at Twilight as she wiped away the tears from her face, “I may not know for sure what's going on, but I have a gut feeling this isn't something you should be scared of."

“How can you be so sure? This has never happened to me or any Avatar before.”

“But no other Avatar has ever bonded with The Elements of Harmony before.”

Korra looked at her confused.

“What Twilight is trying to say darling, is that you're special." said Rarity, "And I don't think that what's happening to you is dangerous either.”

Twilight continued, “Think about it, when this all started to happen, when did you actually hurt somebody?”

Korra thought for a second before answering, “Well, no one, yet, but—“

“Exactly.” said Twily.

“And didn't ya notice every time it happened you were only trying to protect somebody?" asked Applejack, "Like right now in defendin' your parents.”

"Or when you froze everyone at that meeting when you tried to stop them from arguing.” Rarity said.

“And when you froze them again by trying to stop another fight in town.” added Fluttershy.

“And when you blasted Unalaq's vase after you got upset with him when he said he wouldn't take down that ice wall.” Pinkie Pie said while using exaggerated gestures to reenact the scene.

“And last night, you didn't want to hurt the rebels right before that blue spear came out of your hands.” Twilight reminded her.

Korra looked down at her hands, she knew where the ponies were getting at with this. Mako wrapped his arm around her, “I think what they're trying to say, is that whenever you felt the need to protect someone or stop a conflict, this---thing---inside of you activated.”

Twilight nodded, “I'm beginning to think it has absolutely nothing to do with the civil war or the negative energy from everyone. I think Unalaq is wrong.”

Korra looked her friends and back at her hands….could this be true? Could this, whatever it was, really be something good and not bad? Was this something magical or spiritual?….


Meanwhile, Bolin entered a hallway room where he found Eska standing near a pillar. Spike was right next to him, "Go. Do it. End it right here and now."

"Okay, okay." with shaking hands, Bolin walked over to Eska, "Hey there, Eska, I was wondering if we could talk."

"I grant you permission to speak freely." she said in her usual emotionless tone.

"Oh, good, because I just need to be honest with you." Bolin glanced to his legs, in hopes Spike would give him a claws up or something for encouragement, but instead he saw the little dragon three feet away, hiding behind a pillar, "Right behind ya, pal!"

Bolin scowled at the dragon before turning back to Eska and spoke nervously, "You know, when we first met, there was this crazy spark. But I'm starting to feel like that spark is fading."

"I agree. It is as if a great chasm has been formed between us and nothing can bridge it."

Bolin felt a huge wave of relief, "Oh! Oh, yes! I'm so glad you understand!"

"Nothing, that is…except marriage." Eska sported a menacing grin as she showed Bolin a betrothal necklace with a skull pendant. Bolin's eyes grew wide in fear as she promptly tied it around his neck before dragging him towards her by the necklace. "We will wed at sunset. You may express your joy through tears."

As Eska pulled him away, Bolin began to cry, trying to get away and reach Spike for help, "Oh, no, I can't, why--" he coughed as he was being dragged away, "This is really tight."

Spike was at a loss for words. "It was nice knowing you, buddy."


Moments later, back in the courtroom, Hotah looked at Korra's mother, “Senna, please step forward.”

Senna stepped forward and looked at her husband with a worried look as Hotah prepared to tell his sentence,

“I have found you….” The ponies waited with hesitation as Pinkie Pie bit her hooves. “Innocent. You are free to go.”

They all sighed in relief, minus Rarity who passed out in relief. A guard removed Senna's handcuffs and she rushed to Korra who hugged her mother, “Korra!”

Fluttershy hugged Senna too, "It's okay, Senna."

Hotah then looked at Tonraq and the rebels who stood before him, “On the charge of treason, you are all found…guilty.” Rarity jerked up in shock, waiting to hear what Hotah was about to say...

“The punishment for this crime…is death.”

Rarity passed out again, this time from shock. The ponies all gasped while Mako and Asami both stood up in equal shock. Korra and Senna both had looks of complete horror on their faces.

“You can't do this!" she shouted at the man who began walking away. She couldn't let him get away with this, but how could she get through to him? She opened her mouth again to say the first threat that came to her mind, "You take their lives, and I'll take yours!”

Hotah stop don his tracks, his eyes widening in shock and fear.

“Korra!” Fluttershy whispered while narrowing her eyes.

“I'm bluffing.” she whispered back, she wasn't really meaning her words. Even she was never that insane.

“I know, but still, empty threats aren't going to help.”

Deep down, Korra knew she was right, but she couldn't think of anything else. Unalaq placed his hand on his niece's shoulder, “Korra, calm down. I'll talk to him.”

He walked over to Hotah, “I know I promised to respect whatever decision you made, but I must ask you to reconsider. Show these men and my brother mercy.” as he said the last sentence, he sends his brother a sad glance.

Hotah bowed to the chief, “Very well. I'll change their punishment. Your lives will be spared, but you will live them out in prison.”

The rebels and Tonraq, and the ponies, all sighed in relief. “Thank you, uncle.” Korra said.


Later outside, Spike kept pacing back and forth while fiddling with his tail, “I can't believe your dad's going to jail!”

He jumped into Mako and pulled on his his collar, “He can't go to jail! I know what it's like to be locked up, man! I still remember when Tarlokk kidnapped me and Korra and forced us into that tiny little box! It was so cold! SO COLD!!!!!!”

“Spike, you were asleep for most the time.” Korra said calmly.

“What's your point?” asked the dragon. Mako simply grabbed Spike and placed him down.

“Don't worry, I'll find a way to get him out of jail." she said as she left to tog see her mother, "You guys wait here with Mako.”

“Don't do anything crazy!”, Twilight shouted to her as she left.

“No promises!” Korra shouted back.


Tonraq was surprised to see his prison cell door open, and his wife and daughter rushed to hug him.

"Honey, are you alight?" Senna asked with worry.

"I'm fine."

"Good, let's bust you out of here right now." Korra said determinedly, but her father stopped her.

"Korra, no. Saving me would start a war. If fighting were to break out, the North would crush the South. I'll be alright. Just promise me you won't do anything rash."

Korra lowered her gaze, "I promise.


Inside the house, Korra watched her mother from a distance. Senna was standing before the sink, crying. Korra approached and tried to comfort her weeping mother, "It's okay, Mom."

"I--I hate feeling so helpless." Senna wiped off her tears, as her daughter hugged her.

"I know."

Outside, the others were outside in the snow. Pinkie Pie tried to build a snowman, but she wasn't having much fun and so she gave up, leaving a complete snowman done with a sad face. She sighed sadly, “I hope Korra and her mom are okay.”

Twilight kept pacing back and forth deep in thought, only to be stopped by Rainbow Dash when she landed in front of her, “Take it easy there Twi. Keep that up and you'll have your own crater.”

“I'm just thinking about Unalaq.” said the alicorn.

“Good thing he didn't let that jerk do anything to Tonraq and the others, hu?” said Spike.

“That's just it." Twilight continued, "At first, I thought Unalaq wanted to become Korra's mentor so much because he really had good intentions on teaching her…but now…”

“But now, what?” Applejack asked curiously.

“Now I'm starting to think Unalaq isn't the man he claims to be.” The ponies all looked at each other skeptically as Twilight continued her theory, “Think about it; after we opened the spirit portal the troops come over and automatically southerners think their tribe is being invaded and he didn't even try to reason with them. Then he accuses Tonraq and Senna for treason and he didn't seem to fight for them as much as Korra did.”

“I think you're on to something.” said Flash Sentry.

“But that doesn't explain how he's able to understand us.” Rainbow pointed out.

"She's right!” said Pinkie.

“I know that part doesn't make much sense," said Twilight, "but regardless, I have a gut feeling we can't trust Unalaq anymore.”

“Should we tell Korra?” Spike asked.

“I have a feeling she's already starting to figure that out on her own.” said Rarity.

Just then, Korra came running out of the house towards them. “We're getting my father out of jail.” she said determinedly while wearing a fierce expression.

“How?” Fluttershy asked.

“I'm going to have a word with Judge Hotah. Twilight, I'm gonna need your magic.”

Twilight smirked at Korra as her horn glowed.


Hotah casually was driving his satomobile on the road of a cliff when he took a look on his review mirror and his eyes widened in fear:

He saw Korra, riding on Naga, and Twilight Sparkle flying beside her. They were both heading towards him, and neither one looked at all to happy.

Hotah quickly stepped on the gas pedal and accelerated the car. Korra nodded to Twilight who nodded back. She flew ahead and used her magic to take control of the vehicle. She removed the wheels and slammed the satomobile on the side of the cliff. Hotha groaned and screamed in fear when Naga knocked off the door with her mouth; Korra and Twilight looked fiercely at the judge. The Avatar pulled him out and slammed him against the side of the car. She placed her right hand on the side of the vehicle and her left hand on her hip.

“What do you want?” the judge asked terrified.

“It's not about what I want. It's about what Naga wants.” Korra said threateningly as Naga growled at the man, “And she'd like you to let my father out of prison.”

“I--I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do. I was just following Unalaq's orders.”

Korra and Twilight's eyes wide in surprise, “What are you talking about?” Korra asked.

“I--I've said too much.” The man yelped in fear when Twilight used her magic to levitate him into Naga's now opened mouth. The beast growled in anger as his head rested on her tongue, and Korra took hold of his collar.

“Unless you wanna be Naga's afternoon snack, you better keep talking.” she said threateningly.

“I--I've worked for your uncle for years! He said he needed everyone to think the trial was fair.”

“So Unalaq told you what to say? And I believe it's only fair to warn you, my ailcorn friend here, can't stand liars.”

Twilight growled at him as her horn glowed brighter. Hotah became even more terrified, “Yes! Every word.” he confessed.

“Then why did he have you free my mother and change your sentence?”

“He's trying to keep you on his side. But he also wants your father out of the way. Just like when he got your father banished.”

The girls' eyes widened at this news. “What do you mean, 'he got my father banished'"? Korra asked.

Hotah was sweating with fear. “Nothing!”

Korra kept her glare on the man's eyes. "Keep talking." she demanded. Then, her irises began to glow again, only this time they glowed brightly blue as Hotah looked deep into them. All of a sudden, his eyes glowed too, identical to Korra's, as a strange powerful sensation swept up inside of him. He opened his mouth and confessed everything, still with fear in his voice.

“Unalaq payed the barbarians years ago to attack the tribe then he told them to hide in the spirit forest because he knew your father would go after them. That way he could become chief instead.”

“I knew he was up to something!” said Twilight angrily.

“I can't believe this.” Korra said just as angry. She felt so stupid for having trusted her uncle. Her once respect for the spiritual man quickly vanished, only to be replaced with feelings of scorn and anger. But what was just as surprising was that Hotah kept on talking.

“Also, I like to sing to love songs in my spare time; I lied to my cousin when I said I didn't have a crush on his wife.”

Korra and Twilight looked at each other and arc their eyebrows in confusion as Hotah kept revealing secrets. It was as if this man had no control over what he was saying. Like he was forced into telling nothing but the truth.

“I pick my nose while nobody's looking, I still sleep with a nightlight, I'm intimidated by successful women and I---“

Korra quickly pulled him out of Naga's mouth and released his collar. “Okay, okay, we get it!" Korra said as she backed away from him, already feeling very uncomfortable. "Look, I was bluffing when I said I'd feed you to Naga, alright, so you can stop now!”

Hotah's irises glowed again for a moment before he shook his head and groaned, placing his hand on his head. He felt woozy, almost as if he had just woken up from a slumber.

“Wha--what did I just say?”

Twilight and Korra shared confused looks. He had no memory of what he said. “Uh…nothing.” Korra said. She got back on Naga and they both rode off with Twilight close behind, leaving Hotah alone with his damaged vehicle.

"Hey! What about my satomobile?!”


As they continued to ride off, Korra slowly stopped the polar bear dog near a cliff overlooking the ocean. Twilight flapped her wings beside them when Naga suddenly growled. "What is it, Naga?" Twilight asked with concern. She gasped when a dark winged spirit came hurling at them. Korra pulled on the reigns, commanding Naga to run out of the way when the spirit collided with the snow.

"I thought we were over this!" Korra exclaimed. Twilight flew up and zapped at the creature but it only attacked back, wrapping its long wings around the princess while she screamed in terror. This triggered something within Korra and she extended her hands towards the creature.

"Let her go!" instinctively, she stroked it with what appeared to be some kind of air blast, but filled with snow and ice. The spirit released the alicorn and landed on the ground. Korra jumped off of Naga to inspect it, noticing that part of the spirit's wing was not black blue or dark purple, but rather a shimmering white. The spirit hissed before flying away, wobbling due to the whiteness of its wing. Korra looked down at her hands and Twilight was dumbfounded.

"What did you do?"

"I…I don't know. All I was thinking about was saving you and…it just happened." Twilight's eyes widened and shimmered as she stood back up."Where did that spirit come from anyway?" Korra asked, "I thought once I opened the portal they would be gone." her eyes narrowed, "Unless Unalaq lied about that too."

Korra looked down at her hand before slowly clenching it into a fist. She turned to face the alicorn. "You were right, Twilight.” The alicorn looked at her curiously as Korra continued, “This energy inside of me…it's not caused by negative spiritual energy like Unalaq claimed. It's something else. I don't know what but…I can feel it growing.”

“I wish I knew exactly what it was.” Twilight placed her hoof on her shoulder, “But, we'll get through this.”

Korra placed her hand over her hoof and smiled, “….yeah. I'm not scared of this anymore."

The two hugged and Korra looked over the horizon as she began to sing.

Everything was perfectly fine

The first time that I came

A kingdom trapped in conflict

And it looks like…

I'm to blame

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside

I couldn't keep it in

Heaven knows I tried

Don't let them in, don't let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be

Conceal, don't feel

Don't let them know

She looked at her hands and saw her nails turning blue again.

Well now they know!

She closed her fists then opened again…unleashing some lovely and sparkly snowflakes. She smiled.

Let it go

Let it go

Can't hold it back anymore

She kept unleashing snowflakes.

Let it go

Let it go!

Turn away and slam the door.

I don't care what they’re going to say.

Let it go

Let it go

She stopped making snowflakes and smiled as her rails turned normal again. It was gone…for now.

It's really not so bad anyway

Korra and Twilight head off to warn their friends about Unalaq.


At Varrick's mansion, Korra and Twilight explained to the others what had happened.

“Unalaq is a liar and a traitor!”

Varrick was still inside the platypus-bear, “I've been trying to tell you that from the get-go!”

“What happened?” Mako asked.

“We found out the truth about my dad's punishment.”

Twilight continued, “Unalaq hired the barbarians to attack their tribe all those years ago.”

Pinkie Pie, “WHAT?!”

Korra continued, “Then he told them to hide in the spirit forest because he knew my dad would go after them.”

Pinkie, “WHAT?!”

“Unalaq wanted your dad out of the way so he could become chief.” Mako said.

“It was a set up!” said Flash.

“WHA---" Pinkie was interrupted when an annoyed Applejack covered her mouth.

Rarity was boiling mad, “The nerve of that man! Taking Toranq's birthright and keeping Korra from becoming a full pledged princess?!”

They all looked at her annoyed, “Yes, Rarity that's the whole point to this.” Asami said sarcastically.

“I can't believe I actually trusted him.” Twilight said angrily.

“Ditto." Korra said, who was twice as mad, "I'm busting my father and the rebels out of jail. I need your help.”

Rainbow Dash smiled confidently, “You kidding? No amount of wild polar bear dogs could keep me away. I'm in.”

“Me too.” Applejack said with a tip of her hat.

“Here, here!” Rarity declared.

“Prison break!” Pinkie Pie cried out, waving her hooves into the air as she did.

“If you do this, there's no going back.” Mako said to Korra.

“I know. Will you guys help us or not?”

“Of course I'll help”

“Me too” Asami said.

Varrick raised his bear paw, “Count me in.”

Flash Sentry saluted the Avatar, “I am at your services.”

Spike saluted too, “So am I!”

Twilight smiled graciously, “Thanks everybody.”

“We're going to get in a whole lot of trouble for this.” Fluttershy said fearfully.

Rarity placed her hoof on her forehead in a dramatic fashion, “Can things possibly get any worse?”

Right on cue, the doors opened. Everyone looked on with surprised and confused expressions as Bolin walked in. The young man wore a long water tribe outfit similar to Eska, his skull betrothal necklace around his neck and his hair was gelled down. Pabu had a similar outfit and hair.

“I had to ask.” Rarity said as she arched an eyebrow when she saw him. The poor boy looked so miserable.

“I don't even want to know.” said Mako, completely unfazed by this odd choice of fashion.

Rainbow Dash immediately bursted out laughing, “AH! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! What's with the get up? Lose a bet? HA, HA, HA!”

Bolin glared angrily at the pony. “Thanks for the sympathy Rainbow Dash. Really appreciate it.” he said sarcastically.

Rainbow wiped away a tear, “Ha, ha, sorry.”

“So I'm guessing the breakup with Eska didn't go so well” said Asami.

“Either that or Bolin's experimenting with fashion.” said Rainbow Dash in between chuckles.

Bolin spoke sarcastically, “No, no, the honesty thing worked out great. So great that she decided we should GET MARRIED!!!

“Sorry.” Asami said sympathetically.

“Um…congratulations?” said an unsure Spike.

“I'm pretty sure the guy is supposed to give the girl the betrothal necklace.” Korra stated, though she was kind of amused by this.

“I guess Eska didn't get the memo.”

Pinkie Pie started to jump happily, “Oh, I love weddings! Can I host the reception, please, please, please!”

“Don't worry my friends. Nobody's getting married on my watch.” said Varrick. Pinkie Pie stopped jumping and landed in the floor.

“Awwww. Bummer.”

Korra smiled sympathetically, “Sorry, honey maybe next time.”

“Look, the only way to deal with crazy women is to lie big and leave fast. Lucky for you, Varrick's got your back. Now gather 'round Ping-Ping. Let's talk plan.”


At the water tribe prison, one guard was patrolling the interior. All was perfectly quiet, he was the only one there for the moment. The only noise was the sound of his footsteps and the keys dangling around his waist as he moved. Suddenly, he cried out in horror when an unexpected earthbending move cause him to fall into a trench. Blue sparks flew out of the trench and the guard was electrocuted, knocked out unconscious. While he was out cold, Asami, Mako, Twilight, Flash and Korra climbed out of the trench and Korra pointed to a cell door.

"My dad's in there”. The friends quickly rushed to the door and Mako, now holding the keys, unlocked the door. The Avatar forced the metal doors open, but once she did, they were shocked to find it completely empty. “Where is he?”

“I'm sorry Korra. You'll never see your father again.”

They all turned to face Unalaq standing in the very center of the hallway. Twilight and Flash quickly got into defensive stances on both sides of Korra.

“Where's my father?” she asked demandingly.

“On a ship headed to the Northern Tribe. He'll serve out his sentence there.”

Korra stood before her uncle, her growing animosity towards him growing with every breath. “Bring him back. Or we're taking you out and the rest of your army.”

“Remember who you are. As the Avatar, you cannot threaten war. You must remain neutral, or our tribes will never find unity.”

“You don't want unity. You want power. You've always been jealous of my father, haven't you? You got him banished so you could become chief, and I bet it just killed you to learn he was the Avatar's father. No wonder you kept trying to take me away from him. And I was a fool to let you.”

“All I've ever wanted is to help you realize your destiny.”

“Well, I don't want your help anymore. How someone like you can hear the voices of ponies, I'll never know.”

Unalaq scoffed, “Those things? I still have headaches from hearing their annoying neighs.”

Korra's eyes widened, “What?!”

“I am a man of many skills. One of them is being able to read lips. I knew of your bond with these creatures. I figured if I won their trust I'd win yours as well.”

Everyone was shocked at this revelation; Unalaq was an even better trickster than they realized. Twilight quickly became enraged and snarled at the chief.

“You---you arrogant, cold-hearted monster!! How dare you take advantage of Korra's loyalty! She trusted you! You don't deserve to be chief!!”

“Insult me all you want pony. It makes no difference.”

Korra sneered at her uncle, “She's right, you don't deserve to be chief!”

“If you start a war, the dark spirits will annihilate the south. And even I will be powerless to stop it. You've seen what's been happening to you, if this continues even you won't be able to stop the madness.”

“You're wrong. What's growing inside of me has nothing to do with the spirits. I'm done being manipulated by you. You're going to bring my father back, then you and your troops will return to the north.”

She, Twilight and Flash turned away from him. “And why would I do that?” asked the chief.

“Because you still need me and the ponies to open the northern portal.” Korra pointed out, her back still turned away from him.

“No, I don't. You've served your purpose. I would be more than happy to finally be rid of those annoying little beasts.”

You're the beast!!”

Korra spun around and angrily threw three fire blasts at her uncle while Twilight shoot fire blasts of her own. Unalaq threw an arc of water from his water skin at Korra but she managed to freeze it, but was none the less was pushed off by the frozen blast. Mako did a fire kick but Unalaq dodged it and punched Mako with a water blast. Unalaq was about to attack again when Flash Sentry charged at him, hitting his gut. Unalaq fell down and slid across the floor. Seeing the chance, Korra created an air blast that pushed Unalaq further against the wall.

“If we get to Varrick's boat, we can still save your father.” Mako tells her.

“Let's go” said Korra as they ran down the corridor, the ponies flying side by side.

“That was impressive” Twilight said to Flash as they flew.

“Five years of combat training.” he said.

“Not the time, guys!” Mako yelled from ahead. He was still getting used to those two getting intimate. Once they were gone, Unalaq managed to stand up, mentally slapping himself for allowing the girl and her ponies to get away.


Meanwhile, Bolin and the rest of the gang were walking through the city towards the docks with Varrick, still inside of Ping-Ping, was being pulled by a leach. The ponies all walked beside them with nervous grins as a whole bunch of bystanders looked at them with odd looks.

“Stay cool, ya'll.” Applejack tells them. Rainbow Dash took the lead of the bear, “Move aside folks, nothing to see here.”

They walked toward the docks to get to Varrick's ship until they were stopped by a soldier from the north.

“You have a license for that animal?” he then looked at the ponies who smile nervously, “Uh…animals?”

Bolin spoke to him nervously, “Uh, you fellas seen a traveling circus come through here?” he asked while pointing both his index fingers in opposite directions.

Rainbow lowered her ears and gave an annoyed look, “We're dead.”

Varrick watched the whole thing from the bear's mouth and whispered to Zhu-Li from inside the bear, “Zhu-Li, do the thing.”

Zhu-Li lifted up the bear's tail and dropped yuans on the floor, while making a raspberry noise as she did. A man from the crowd shouts, “That platypus-bear is pooping money!”

The ponies all looked surprised as a swarm of people started taking the money without care.

“That worked.” Spike said.

They all rushed into Varrick's yacht where Varrick took control, while still inside Ping Ping. Korra, Mako, Asami, Twilight and Flash entered the yacht.

“Where's your father?” Rarity asked.

“On a ship headed north.” said Korra, she turned to Varrick, “Think we can catch up to it?”

“Sure, once you get past our friends from the north.” They looked ahead and see the northern battleships forming a blockage.

“If only we had a plane to get close to those ships." said Twilight, "Korra could waterbed them out of the way.”

“A plane? Well, why didn't you just say so?” Varrick pressed a button and a biplane emerged from the hatch of the ship.

“Um, why do you have a plane on your boat?” Mako asked.

“In case the boat sinks, of course.”

Pinkie Pie's eyes widen in wonder, “Wow, you have everything!”

“But there's no runway." Asami pointed out, "How are we supposed to take off?”

"Zhu-Li! Take a note: 'Build runway' " Varrick tells his assistant.

“Yes, sir.”

Twilight smirked, “We don't need a runway” she and Korra exchanged the same smiles.

“You thinking what I'm thinking?”

“You and Mako use firebending to give the plane the extra boost while I come with and give that no-good uncle of yours a piece of my mind!” she said while pounding her two hooves

Korra looked a bit surprised, “Well, more the first one but the second works for me too.”

“Show that jerk what happens when he messes with us ponies and the Avatar.” said Rainbow Dash as she and Twilight hoof pumped. Pinkie jumped high and fist/hoof pumped with Korra.

“A booyah!”

Asami was now in her pilot outfit and placed on her goggles. Korra and Mako took their opposite positions on the plane's wings. Twilight stood on the wing with Korra. The Avatar gave Asami a thumbs up who returned the gesture before opening the biplane.


Korra and Mako firebend both simultaneously unleashed a fire blast that boosted the biplane to take off. Before long, the four friends were soaring through the skies. The others cheered from inside the yacht as they flew off.

“Those guys are so awesome!” said Rainbow Dash as she did air flips in excitement.

Flash sighed dreamily, “Yeah, she is.”

The pegasus realized what he had just said and blushed nervously as all eyes looked at him curiously. He baffled as he talked, “I--I mean them! Them, I totally meant them, the four of them; Korra, Mako, Asami and Twilight, not just Twilight, why would I just be talking about Twilight? That's ridiculous, I mean, why are we still talking about this?”

“We're not. You are” said Applejack

“She's right”

Flash glared, “Nobody asked you, Zhu-Li!”


On the plane, Twilight made her Element of Harmony appear around her neck, “Girls, do you hear me?”

Her gem glowed and Applejack's voice was heard, “Loud and clear, Twilight”

“Get ready, guys.” said Korra.

As the plane grew closer to the northern battleships on the horizon, Korra entered the avatar and Twilight's gem started to glow. From inside the yacht, the ponies' elements and eyes glowed too as they all shared the Avatar State with Korra. The young woman moved her arms in swift movements and waterbended a gigantic and powerful wave that pushed the battleships out of their path. Giving Varrick's yacht enough space to get through. Twilight's horn glowed and magically, the battleships began to fill up with dirt and bugs, bugs which crawled up the Northerner's uniforms. They were all so terrified by this that they all started jumping overboard. Korra and Twilight's eyes stopped glowing and Korra laughed, “Was that really necessary Twilight?”

“Just a little present for Uncle jerk-face!” the alicorn said proudly.

“In that case, I'll let it slide.”

Mako rolled his eyes, “I swear that Pony gets more and more like you every day.”

Korra arched an eyebrow, “You say it like it's a bad thing.”

The biplane and the yacht successfully escaped the blockade. As they made their escape, Twilight flew on ahead, scanning the ocean for the ship heading north. The alicorn soon spotted the ship and flew back to the plane, catching Korra's attention by whistling with her hoof.

"There! Your dad's on that ship!”

Korra turned towards the pilot, "Asami!"

"On it!" the heiress steered the plane towards the ship Twilight was pointing to. From the ship, Northerners saw the plan approaching. Asami stirred the plane towards them, when the alicorn princess shouted.


Korra, Asami and Mako all followed her order and jumped from the plane as it continued flying on its own, but without a pilot it in no time at all crashed near the side of the ship into the ocean, and exploded in a fiery inferno.

“I hope Varrick has insurance on that.” said the alicorn when she saw the crashed plan snick to the ocean. She used her magic to levitate the teens onto the battleship, where Korra immediately created two water whips to throw two crew members overboard. She spotted one trying to escape and quickly froze him against the wall. The man struggled to break free as Korra approached him.

“Where are the prisoners?” she asked demandingly, her eyes slightly glowing blue, which stroked fear into the man's heart. He dared not to defy her.

Inside the battleship, Tonraq and the rebels were all inside their cell until their door started to glow magenta and it opened up. They see Twilight winking at them.

“Somebody order a rescue party?”

It didn't take long for the heroes to get all of the prisoners out of their cell. “Korra, this is crazy." said Tonraq when they were all outside, "You promised me you wouldn't do anything rash.”

“I had to. I'll explain later.”

Northern troops started attacking the rebels with their waterbending but Korra and Mako both neutralized it with firebending. Varrick's yacht approached.

"Everyone, gather around Twilight!” Korra shouted. They all did as she said as Twilight's horn started to glow.

“And you'll might want to cover your ears.” said Mako, right before they all disappeared in a blinding light.

They all magically reappeared on board Varrick's yacht. Once there, Korra threw a final blast of fire at the battleship before the yacht departed.


Later that night, Korra, Twilight, Tonraq and the rebels stood on the hatch of the boat. One rebel wiggled his ears.

“Better?”, Mako asked him.

"Yeah. Do your ears always pop when she does that?”

“Yep. Just be thankful it wears off quickly.”

Korra and Twilight spoke with Tonraq, explaining everything they had just discovered. “So once I knew the truth, I couldn't sit by and do nothing.” Korra explained.

Tonraq became deeply hurt after learning the truth about his brother, “My own brother betrayed me. And our entire tribe.”

“He betrayed all of us." said Twilight, "I'm so sorry, Tonraq.”

“What's our next move?” one of the rebels asked Tonraq.

“I've been running from my past for too long. It's time to put my brother in his place.”

The rebels all placed their fists to their hearts, “You have our support, Chief Tonraq.”

Korra and Twilight also placed their fist/hoof over their hearts.

“Mine too. I'll be proud to fight alongside you, dad.”

“Me too.” said Twilight. But Tonraq disagreed, “No, Korra”

“But you said the south doesn't stand a chance against Unalaq's forces. I can help.”

“The best way for you to help is by getting the president of the United Republic on our side. The south can give Unalaq a good fight for a while. But we'll need the United Forces in order to win this war.”

Korra didn't want to leave her father, but she was determined not to let him down again, “…..all right, I'll get you all the help you need.”

“I'll ask Princess Celestia is she will help too.” said Twilight

Korra hugged her father, “I love you, dad”

“I love you, too.”

They release and Tonraq lowered down to Twilight, “Twilight Sparkle…promises me you'll keep an eye on my girl and help her in any way you can.”

The princess placed her hoof over her heart, “You have my word sir.”

Tonraq smiled graciously as he petted her mane, “Thank you, princess.”


Tonraq created an ice raft as he and the rebels returned to shore. He looked on as the yacht disappeared from sight. Inside the yacht, Korra and the others looked sadly as they left.

“Korra, I'm really sorry.”

“It's not your fault, Twilight. If anyone is to blame it's me.”

“Don't say that.” said Fluttershy.

“It's true. If I had just listened to my father and Tenzin none of this would have happened. I wanted so badly to prove to everyone and to myself that I could be a great Avatar." then, she remembered Leilani's words and her heart dropped even more, "I relied on my own understandings." she concluded, "Of all the stupid things I have done, this is the worse.” tears fell from her eyes as she removed the headband and looked at it sadly.

“Oh, darling. Don't be so hard on yourself.” Rarity said.

Twilight smiled at the Avatar, “You learned from your mistakes, now you just need to use that knowledge to make things right.”

Mako gently took the headband from Korra's hands and placed it back on her head, “We'll fix this. I know we will.”

Korra wiped away the tears and smiled, “Thanks.” she and Mako and the ponies warmly hugged.

“Besides, even though Unalaq's intentions were selfish, yours weren't.” said Fluttershy, "All you were trying to do was to bring peace to the tribes."

“She's right." said Rarity, "When you brought back the northern lights to the south, it was so beautiful.”

“And your father was so proud of you.” said Twilight. "Unalaq took advantage of your good intentions. He mislead all of us, even your father."

Spike agreed, “Yeah, he ruined everything by bringing his troops and locking up everybody in the South Pole, ticking them off and being the very thing who ignited this stupid war. Plus he did make the whole "uniting the tribes" deal seem pretty legit.”

“For now we need to get to the United Forces just like your father said.” Mako said determinedly.

Twilight placed her hoof on Korra's shoulder, “It's not too late to fix it.”

“I hope you're right.” said the Avatar unsurely. Deep down, she prayed she could set things right. She just had to.

“Korra, I really need to thank you.” said Bolin.

“Why? I started a civil war”

“Exactly! Now Eska and I are officially broken up.”

Fluttershy arched an eyebrow, “Um, how does that make you two broken up, exactly?”

"Guys! We've got company" cried Rainbow Dash in despair.

“And not the fun kind!” Varrick said as he looked through his telescope. They all looked at the horizon and witnessed something approaching.

“What is that?” Fluttershy asked.

“Let me see”, Bolin took the telescope from Varrick for a better look. He gasped before rubbing his eyes and looked again through the telescope.

“I love guessing games!" said Pinkie Pie, Is it a boat? A dolphin? A seahorse? No, wait is it a boat?”

“You already asked that” said Asami.

“No, no, no and no.” Bolin answered. Through the telescope he saw a very, very angry Eska rushing towards him on a huge wave. Her makeup was all smudged across her face, and her once composed emotionless face was now full of pure anger and heartbreak, her eyes narrowed and widened and her white teeth bear like a piranha after its prey.

“That would be my darling Eska.”

“You're good at this game.” said Pinkie.

Bolin turned to Varrick, “Quick question: is this thing fast enough to get away from my crazy waterbending ex-girlfriend?”

“Why do you think I build this boat?”

The boat speeded away. As it speeded away into the distance, a crash was heard from inside the boat.

“Where did that flower pot come from?” Korra asked.

“Oh, come on!” Asami yelled in annoyance.


Leilani stood beside the Tree of Harmony, its vines glowing brightly, until…suddenly, the plants around it began to wither and die, the tree itself remained the same, but the plants around it were withering, suddenly, Leilani herself felt weak. She knew what this meant.

"It's coming."


Proverbs 3:5-6 ~

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understandings. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.


Author's Note:

Again, you guys can read the rest of the saga on fanfiction.net. Thanks for the wait. Book 3is already done and written, all I need to do is finish posting the chapters of book 2.