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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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A New Princess/The Era of Magic


Ephesians 5:8~

For at one time you were in darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.


A New Princess/The Era of Magic

The next day, inside the Southern Watertribe palace, Korra and the rest of her friends were all gathered inside the throne room. With Unalaq gone, there was to be a new chief of the South, and Korra couldn't be any prouder.

"Just spin around, one last time." Rarity insisted. Korra gracefully spun around once to show off her tanned feathery wings. Rarity still couldn't get over them, "Oh, they're so beautiful!"

Just then, the main doors opened and the girls smiled at seeing Tenzin, Kya, Bumi, Katara, Asami and Jinora walk in. The young airbender smiled when she spotted Korra and Twilight and quickly ran towards them, her new pegasus wings spread open and she flew for the first time.

"Korra! Twilight!"

The two friends welcomed the young airbender with a warm embrace. "I'm so happy you're okay!" said Twilight

Applejack ruffled Jinora's hair, "Good to have you back, suguarcube."

"Good to be back, Applejack. And you--you're all humans now!"

Twilight stretched out her human arms, "I know, and you have wings!"

"I know!" Jinora happily flapped her wings and did a few air flips in mid air before landing. Korra kneeled down to her level, smiling proudly.

"Thank you for helping us back there. We couldn't have done it without you." the young airbender hugged the older woman, who held her so tightly she was afraid of letting her go. Once the embrace ended, Korra noticed her heiress friends standing before her, waving rather shyly.


Korra's eyes widen when she saw Asami's wings and pony ears and hair-tail. Rainbow Dash flew to the heiress, "Hey, you got wings too? Awesome! Another flying buddy!" she said while happily hugging Asami.

Jinora marveled at Korra's wings, "Wow Korra. You look so beautiful."

"Yes, she does."

Everyone gasped when they see none other than Princess Celestia enter the room. She was now a human with pinkish-white skin, a long flowing dress with a sun belt and gold lace. Her hair was waving as it normally did and was in a low ponytail that looked like a tail from the front. Her horn was on her forehead and had her wings and her pony ears. She had her cutie mark on her right cheek as well as on the side of her dress. Behind her was Princess Luna, with dark blue skin, her wavy night-sky-like hair and her wings, ears and horns were still there. She had a dress similar to her sister but dark blue with lunar symbols. She also had her cutie mark on her left cheek as well as the symbol on the side of her dress.

"Celestia! Luna!" Korra ran to hug the princesses, "You--you changed too?"

"Yes. Everyone and everypony both here and in Equestria has received this transformation, in order to symbolize what you all have achieve today. True Unity."

Korra also spotted someone behind them; a tall woman in a long hooded robe. She removed the hood, to reveal an anthro form of Leilani, her facial features nearly identical to her daughters'. Her horn stood proudly on her forehead and she finally removed the hood, allowing it to drop to the ground. She wore a long simple magenta gown with her cutie mark emblem on the side which was also on her cheek. Her beautiful wings were spread out and her hair moved like a gentle wave, sparkling just like her daughters'. She smiled proudly at the Avatar, who was welcomed in a warm embrace from the queen.

"Thank you, Korra. The Rainbow smiles upon us all on this day. The prophesy has finally been fulfilled. All thanks to you girls."

"It was our pleasure, your majesty." Twilight said, "But we never would have been able to do it without Korra and the others."

"I never would have been able to do any of this without you guys." Korra replied.

Spike rolled his eyes, "Yeah, yeah, yeah we're all supper close, we know.", Korra hugged Spike and kissed his cheek, making him blush.

"You were right before, Leilani." said Korra, "When I relied on my own understandings I lost my way. But once I learned to stop and really listen I realized what I needed to do."

The alicorn queen smiled proudly, "I knew the Love you have both received and given would help guide you to what you needed to do. The answers were always around you…you just needed to figure out where to look for them."

"While Equestria's positive magic is indeed powerful, there will always be others who refuse to accept it." Celestia explained, "There for there will always be evil, but because of that there will always be good. Korra will continue to maintain balance just as me Me and my sister will continue to rule and watch over Equestria."

"Not exactly." Leilani said with a smile, earning some confused looks from her daughters. "For years, I have been traveling our land, secretly doing my duty as queen while you two took charge of the throne. And while I did enjoy my travels, doing my job as queen, I think it's high time I hung my robe…for good."

Luna and Celestia's eyes widened in surprise, "Does this mean?"

"You'll might want to ask the guards to take out my old throne."

The two sisters were overjoyed, after so many years, their mother was staying home, for good this time. The Queen hugged her daughters who cried tears of joy. Once they released, Bolin taped on Luna's shoulder somewhat shyly.

"Um, quick question, your majesties, are we going to look like this forever now?"

Luna chuckled, "No Bolin, this transformation is only temporary. Well, minus for Princess Korra"

Korra shook her head in disbelief, "Hu?!"

"You might lose the ears and tail though, but your wings and magic are here to stay." Luna explained.

"Yeah, I kind of already knew that but, why did you call me…"Princess"?"

"Because you are one." Leilani said proudly, "You did something today that no other Avatar has done before. You tapped into the magic inside that has been passed down from generation to generation, embracing your true self, by embracing those around you."

Mako looked at the Avatar in shock, "Korra?"

"A…princess?" Bolin added. He then began to feel woozy and passed out.

Korra was speechless, "But, why me? How can I be made a princess after all the mistakes I've made? I'm sorry…but I don't deserve it."

"You're wrong." Tenzin walked towards Korra, Kya and Bumi walked behind him as Bolin regained consciousness. "You do deserve it."

"But, I helped cause a war and I pushed you away. I made so many mistakes" she said, until she felt Tenzin place his hand over hers. Smiling.

"We all make mistakes, Korra. Even those who claim to be wise." Tenzin said, subtly referring to himself, "Sometimes, we all need to learn our lessons the hard way, not just you. I always thought I was meant to teach you, but a lot of times it was you who wounded up teaching me instead. You really do have the courage and strength of a true Avatar. The kindness and beauty of a Princess. But also the heart and soul…of a Pony."

Everybody smiled proudly at the Avatar as she embraced her mentor in a warm hug. "A true princess learns just as much from her subjects as she does from them." said Princess Luna.

"Despite the rocky start, you managed to learn from your own mistakes and fight to the very end to correct them." said Leilani, "Learning to face your own bad choices and taking responsibility for them is a very valuable lesson to learn. Something Wan learned a long time ago. And something you can pass on to future generations."

"You really opened our eyes as well." said Rarity, as she and the rest of the Mane Six linked arms.

"In the end, you brought us all together." Tenzin said, "You saved my daughter, and she repaid you by bringing back Raava's light. You are an inspiration to us all… Princess Avatar Korra."

Tenzin backed away a few feet and to Korra's surprise…he got down on one knee and bowed. Followed by Kya and Bumi. All around her, everybody got down on one knee and bowed their heads...even Celestia, Leilani and Luna did so. Korra couldn't believe it…she was now a princess…an alicorn princess!

"W--wait! Does that mean I have to move to Equestria?" she asked.

Celestia laughed, "No sweetie, you will still be needed here, this world still needs you. And so does ours."

Mako stood back up and looked at the princesses with regret, "Princess Celestia, Princess Luna. I have a confession to make."

"We're listening." Luna said firmly.

Mako hung his head in shame as he spoke, "Not too long ago, I told the president of the Republic about Korra's plan to send troops to the south. And in the process I not only lost my friends' trust…but I feared I had endangered Equestria as well by doing so. I tried my best to fix it, but I was still so angry at myself that I pushed away the ones I cared about at the times when I needed them the most."

He turned to look at Korra with guilt, what Mako was saying mirrored her own situations. She once tried to solve things her way, and that hardly worked out, it was only when she truly listened to others did she manage to overcome the obstacles in front of her. She completely understood where Mako was coming from. One needs to learn when to get their heads out of their own world and see things through a different perspective. And sometimes, only your best friends can help you with that. Mako turned to face the newest princess, his eyes filled with regret.

"I'm really, really sorry."

Korra looked with him with kindness and understanding, "Mako, I understand why you did what you did. You were only doing your job. And besides, you were right about Varrick. If you hadn't said anything, he would have used the opportunity to make matters worse. You did good after all, don't doubt that."

"Perhaps, but still, instead of getting angry I should have talked to you about it. I didn't know about your actual plan and I didn't give you a chance to explain."

"Well, to be fair, I should have tried to better manage how I was feeling." Korra sighed, "I wasn't being easy either."

"You were under a lot of baggage. You were scared and stressed and I should have been more aware of that instead of letting my frustration get the better of me. The same way the girls were there for you I should have been too. I understand if you don't want me back Korra, but…can we at least remain friends?"

Korra slightly lowered her gaze, "……No. We can't." Mako looked hurt at her words….but was then taken by surprise when Korra kissed his cheek, "Because I want us to be more than friends. Despite everything that has happened, I never stopped loving you." Korra's words made Mako's heart go all aflutter with hope, "We both did and said things we regret. To each other, and to the people we care about and trying to solve a problem our way. Relying on our own understandings. But I see now we grew up greatly from of those mistakes. In fact, I feel a lot closer to you now than I ever have. I understand you better now, and I know you understand me too. After everything we've been through together, are we really going to throw away what we have because of a few mistakes?"

"Of course not." Mako said as he intertwined his fingers with hers, "You were the one who showed me what true friendship was really all about. I guess I got so caught up with my work that I lost sight of that for a moment. No matter what, you have and will always be the magic in my life, Korra. Can you ever forgive me?"

"Of course I do. Can you forgive me?"


The two embraced and then Korra playfully punched him and spoke with a threatening voice, "But if you EVER break up with me again, I will break you!"

Mako chuckled, "I missed you."

The teens embraced in a warm hug. The princesses smiled proudly and Celestia placed her hand on Mako's shoulder, "Mako, you have remarkable detective skills and you used them wisely. Your actions will be rewarded my boy."

The young man bowed in respect, "Thank you, princess. But I think they already have."

Asami started to cry loudly and Spike rubbed her shoulder, "Asami don't be sad. Besides, I thought you were over Mako."

"I am, these are tears of joy! And Korra, I want to apologies too."

Korra looked at her confused, "For what? You didn't do anything wrong."

"But I did. For the longest time I was so hung up on what I lost that I was blind to see what I had gained. You guys are my family. And maybe I didn't accept your friendship as fully as I should have Korra. I'm so sorry."

Asami hung her head but Korra smiled, "Asami, you don't have to apologize. To tell you the truth, I kind of kept my distance from you too because I wasn't entirely sure if you wanted to have a real friendship with me. But I think it's high time we finally put the past behind us and start over." she took the heiress's hands, "Asami Sato. Will you accept my friendship? Completely, this time?"

Asami smiled as she tried to fight back the tears, "Only if you'll accept mine."

Korra's started to tear up as well, "Deal."

The girls shared their very first hug as official friends. Mako smiled at his former girlfriend, who he now proudly considered one of his best friends. Twilight noticed something about Mako, "Wait, are you...crying?"

"What? No, of course not." he wiped the tear from his eye, "It--it's liquid pride. Totally different thing."

Asami laughed and Bolin and Pinkie Pie both hugged the firebender.

"Wow, Korra. You're a princess now. A real princess!" Jinora said in amazement.

Rarity surprised Korra with a bear hug and screamed happily, "AH! FINALLY!"

"Thanks. But you know Jinora….based on what Celestia just said, I think there is a princess in every girl." said Korra, "And they don't need a crown or the wings to prove it."

Jinora blinked in curiosity, "You mean, even I can be a princess?"

"No sweetie, I believe you already are one. You helped me and the ponies enter the spirit world and you brought Raava's light back to us. You were the Aura of Light we needed." Korra then used her new magic to create a beautiful flower decorated golden tiara and placed it on Jinora's head. "You may not need it, but you still deserve it. Thank you…Princess Jinora."

They all gather around in a loving group hug. After everything they had been through…Their friendships were now even stronger than ever.


In front of the South Pole’s palace, Leilani spoke to the public as Celestia and Luna stood proudly beside her. There were all humans with now pony traits and huma-fied ponies from Equestria. They all listened attentively to the princess as she spoke.

"I am sure many of you are wondering why you have all had this new transformation, I would like to say while it may be temporary, it's symbolism isn't. Avatar Korra and The Ponies had done what has never been done before. They have united two worlds that were destined to be brought together and started a new age, not one of darkness as Unalaq intended, but one of light and hope. Avatar Korra has demonstrated great courage, wisdom and kindness, all noble causalities that make her a wonderful Avatar and, starting today, a wonderful princess. She will be an ambassador for both of our worlds and a member of Equestria's royal court. Ladies and gentlemen, fillies and gentelcolts, I present to you all, for the very first time…Princess Avatar Korra!"

Korra walked out and bowed before the princess. Her cousins walked proudly beside her both holding two white lotus flowers as they sang in tune.

Eska and Desna,

The Princess Korra cometh

Behold, behold

A princess here before us

Behold, behold, behold

Twilight walked to her with Korra's headband, which was now fixed. Korra kneeled before Twilight, who then placed the headband on Korra's head. Once placed, it magically turned into a royal tiara with three crystal hearts in the center. She stood up and they both hugged. Korra stroked Twilight's cheek like she always did when she was in her pony form and the two waved to the cheering crowd.

Behold, behold

The Princess Korra cometh

Behold, behold

The Princess Avatar

The Princess Avatar is here

Twilight used her magic to make a stand with the microphone and gestured to Korra to speak. "Thank you. It is with great honor and humility that I accept this crown. I am also happy to announce that the war of the water tribes is over. Unalaq has been defeated and the northern fleet is returning home. The water tribes will always be allies but the Southern tribe is now independent. And the southern council of elders has appointed my father, Tonraq, to be your new chief."

Tonraq stepped forward, waving at the crowd that started to cheer happily for him. They all knew he would be a wonderful leader.

"Go Tonraq!" Rainbow Dash flew up a few feet and cheered in victory.

"HORAY!", Pinkie Pie shoots confetti from her party cannon, startling everyone. Korra continued her speech.

"I have realized that even thought we should learn from those who came before us, we are all free to choose our own paths. However, that doesn't mean that all paths lead in the right direction." Korra looked over at her friends and smiled. "Only with the right kind of wisdom and guidance can we know which is right. And once you choose it, you'll never regret it."

Korra took a short pause, remembering her uncle. How he choose his path to follow Vaatu, and that ultimately led to him loosing so much, not just his humanity and compassion…but also his own family. Nobody did that for him, it was all his decision, just as it was her own to listen to him. Korra took responsibility for that mistake, and now she knew that lesson better.

"This world has been broken and separated long enough. We have forgotten so much of what ties us all together. Which is why I have decided to keep the portals open. Humans and spirits will now be able to cross over into each other's worlds. And now that Equestria is once again merged with our world, the same can be said about ponies and humans. Humans, spirits and ponies can now learn to live together."

The Mane Six held each other's hands while crying tears of pride and joy and Korra continued her speech.

"Friendship truly is the most powerful magic of all no matter what world we live in. I sadly confess that, for a moment, I had my doubts we would survive this whole ordeal. But my friends, who stayed with me through the thin and thick, reminded me just how stronger we are when we stand together. My…our mission will always be to use The Magic of Friendship to guide the world toward peace and balance. Things will never be the same again, but that's not really a bad thing. We are entering a new age. One of hope, magic and most importantly…friendship. Thank you everyone, and thank you every pony!"

Everyone cheered loudly as Korra stood tall and proud, and humbly beside her new fellow princesses, who welcomed her with open arms.


Korra was among the crowd receiving hugs and "thank you"s. One little girl walked up to her, it was the same girl who had previously called her "the worst Avatar ever"

"Princess Korra?"

Korra kneeled down to the girl, "Hey."

"This is for you" she shyly gave Korra a rose. The now Princess Avatar graciously accepted the gift. "I'm so sorry for what I said to you before." said the little girl, "You're not the worst Avatar ever, you're the greatest!"

Korra smiled and hugged the little girl, "Thank you."

Then, through the large crowed, something was trying to make his way through, "Korra! Korra! Excuse me, pardon me, watch the tail there, mam'"

Korra couldn't believe who it was, "Varrick? What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in jail."

"I know, I know I'm probably not welcome here but I--what up with the wings?"

“She's a princess now.” Mako replied.


They both nodded.

"Oh, well in that case." Varrick kneeled before Korra, his nose practically inches away from the ground, "You're highness! I know I said it before but I am so, so, so sorry for the horrible things I have done!" he sat up to look at the new princess, "While I was flying to freedom I saw the Light! Literally, I saw the rainbow lights in the sky and after I got these ear thingies I had an epiphany! You were right, I don't want money or fame that stuff never truly made me happy! And I don't what to run away from my troubles anymore. I only wanted to come and tell you in person. So go ahead, put me back in jail, or the dungeon or whatever you call it. Throw me off a cliff if you must. I deserve it."

The others couldn't believe what they were seeing…Varrick was actually crying. Real tears. Korra could see he really was willing to change, "Okay, calm down Varrick. I can see perfectly clear that you mean every word. You really do have good inside of you. So, you will not be going back to prison."



Varrick sighed in relief. But Korra wasn't done yet.

"Instead, you will be sent to Ponyville, assisting my friend Applejack and her entire family at Sweet Apple Acres. Where the only payment you will receive is the valuable lesson of helping others without thinking about your own personal benefits. Have I made myself clear?"

Varrick's eyes were wide, "Work at Sweet Apple Acres. In Ponyvile?!"

Applejack smiled smugly, "Yep. Helping pick apples, clean the barn and care for the farm animals. And we always wake up at the crack of dawn."

"Dawn! But I--" Varrick began to protest, until he sees Korra's serious look, "I mean, as you wish…princess." he bowed in respect.

Bolin then pointed upwards to the sky, "Hey, look!"

They all witnessed a metalbender's air blimp descending from above. Lin exited the airship along with President Raiko, both approaching the new Princess Avatar. The two adults had anthro pony ears.

"President Raiko?"

“Before coming here, me and Luna visited Republic City and had a word with the president.” said Celestia.

Raiko approached Korra, "Avatar."

"Actually, it's Princess Avatar now." Varrick said, "See the crown?", he points to her crown, "And the wings?" points to the wings.

"Oh. Well then."….Raiko bowed on his knees, catching Korra by surprise. "I apologize. For the way I treated you before. You were right that this war would affect everyone in more ways than one. I wrongly blamed you for our problems when I should have tried to understand you better, rather than just siding with myself. The moment I saw those lights I realized the truth. I hope you accept my apology, Princess."

Korra looked at the president with kind eyes, "First of all, please get up. You don't have to kneel before me. And I do forgive you. I understand you were trying to protect your city." The president stood up and Korra placed her hand on his shoulder, "You really are a great president, and I'm sorry if I didn't react the right way before when I lashed out. I was scared and angry. Mostly at me."

Celestia approached the president, "Raiko, I understand why you made your choice before, and you're right, you should have at the very least truly listened to Korra. As a president, you should know when to put your foot down, but at the same time, it's important to truly listen to what others say. You are willing to change your ways and perhaps we can help each other with that. Especially Korra."

“Harmonic Convergence may be over, but it has caused a shift in the balance of our world." Korra explained, "But if we all work together, we can fix anything.”

Raiko smiled at the new princess Avatar, “I would be honored to learn more from all of you. In fact, to commemorate our new alliance, I recommend that the police force also joins forces with the royal court of Equestria." he turned to Celestia, "And, if your highness would allow, you can transfer some of your royal guards to the police force and vice versa. If we are now going to be living side by side we should learn how to work together. Am I right?”

“I couldn't agree more." Celestia said happily, "It's a perfect first step. And besides, with more ponies discovering their inherited bending abilities, I can't think of a better place for them to learn how to control them, than here. It would be an honor to work side by side with you Mister President.”

“Please, call me Raiko.”

Twilight and Korra linked arms and smiled happily, they then heard a familiar voice: “Working with humans might be a bit challenging but, I'm up for it.”

Team Avatar gasped once they see who had come with Lin and the president. “Shinning Armor?!” Twilight hugged her brother, who was now sporting the anthro look. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Hey, you just helped bring in a new era for humans and ponies, what did you expect?”

“And I'm here too.” said the pink alicorn prince, who was also a human with pony ears and wings.


Twilight and Cadence sang their signature rhyme, “Sunshine, sunshine, ladies bug awake, clap your hooves and do a little shake!”

Cadence bowed to Korra, “And it is an honor to see you again as well Korra. Or should I say, Princess Korra.”

Korra bowed in return, “It's nice to see you too, Cadence.”

As Candace welcomed Korra as the newest princess, Lin walked over to the firebender, “Hey, Mako.”

Mako saluted her, “Chief.”

The woman looked down at her feet, this was a tad embarrassing for her to say. “Look, I want to apologize for not believing you before.”

“You don't have to. I understand.”

“Still, I'm truly sorry.”

“I appreciate it. Thank you.”

Princess Luna and Shinning Armor both walked to them and stood near Lin, “Mako, about your promotion. There has been a slight change.” said the moon princess.

Mako was a bit frightened by this, “What? What do you mean, "Slight change"?”

Lin smiled as she explained, “Well, now that the police force will have an alliance with Equestria's royal guards, you're detective status comes with a…bonus.” she winked, making Mako even more confused.

“You have proven to be a remarkable detective." said Shinning Armor, "You persisted in the face of doubt, followed your instincts and proved that your theories were correct. But also learned that while a good man of the law must have a clear mind…he must also have an open heart to see what is really important. You realized your friendships where what you needed to overcome your obstacles and that is a very noble quality.”

Mako smiled, Korra and the ponies squealed happily and Princess Luna continued, “Which is why, with Lin's approval, you may keep your new position as detective…however, you may also choose if you would also like to be official detective and confidant of the royal princesses of Equestria.”

Mako eye's widen, “Wait, what?!”

“You get to keep the job but you will also be helping them with this new era just as I will.” Lin explained.

Mako blinked, “Hu….?”

Twilight grinned as she slightly elbowed his arm, “Guess this means you and Korra will be working a little closer together from now on.”

Korra looked unsurely about this as Lin waited for Mako's answer, "So, what do you say? Will you accept the position, or my old one?”


“Wait!” Korra exclaimed.

Rainbow Dash's jaw dropped, “What?! No, no wait, say yes Mako, SAY YES!”

“SAY YES!” shouted Pinkie Pie.

“NO!” Korra said demandingly, catching everyone by surprise. She walked up to Mako and looked at him directly in the eye. “Mako…I know that our relationship has been kind of rocky lately and one of the reasons was because we both believed our jobs were too incompatible.”

“But this offer could put an end to that.” Rainbow added.

“Exactly. Which is why, I can't let him take it.”


“Hold on a second.” Bolin took out a glass of water, takes a sip and then spits it out.

“At least not for me." Korra continued, "Mako, I want you to choose your own path…even if it's not tied to mine. I care about you way too much and I won't feel right if I knew I influenced your decisions. I don't want to stand in your way anymore.”

Mako was taken aback by this, Korra was willing to let him go so he could follow his dream job. She was allowing him to choose his own path, to make his own life. He sincerely felt touched by this selfless act, but at the same time, he felt if he took it, he would be loosing something that meant far more to him. Korra slowly backed away from him, not even daring to look into his eyes. The ponies all began to cry, even Bolin and Asami. They were so hoping Korra and Mako would get back together, but now it seemed unlikely.

“Why are you doing this to us?” Rarity said between sobs.

Rainbow Dash was also crying, “I feel like I'm being punched in the gut!”

Pinkie Pie's eyes were practically a waterfall of tears, “WAH!”

Applejack placed her hand on Rarity's shoulder for comfort, “I know it hurts now but it’ll pass.”

But Rarity kept crying, “No it won't!”

“You're right, it won't!" Now Applejack was crying.

Mako kept his gaze on Korra, a tear escaped her eye. Without warning, he gently stroked her face. His author pony ears lowered sadly, as did hers.

“I'm sorry Korra…”

Korra did her best to stay strong for him, this was the right thing to do, she knew that. Mako turned around to face Lin and Shinning Armor, both waiting to hear his answer. But what happened next shocked everyone...

“I….would be honored!”

“WHAT?!" Korra's expression was shocked and slightly annoyed while the ponies' expressions were happy and content.

“YAY!" shouted Pinkie Pie.

Korra could not believe, after her heartfelt speech, Mako took the job anyways?. “Okay, did you completely ignore everything I just said?!”

Mako grabbed Korra's arms, a content smile was on his face, “Korra, I want to take this job." Korra blinked in surprise as Mako continued to explain, "I want to use my talents to help this new world in any way I can. And if it also means that we get to work a little closer together, well then that's just the icing on the cake. I want to prove that I can be there for you whenever you need me. Being with you is the path I choose.”

Korra was shocked by this. He took the offer for her and his friends? Korra would have been even more surprised but really…she was proud. The brooding firebender she had met long ago had changed, he was now more open not only to others, but to himself. No longer did she see that sad young man, overshadowed by the needs of survival from his past, but a grown man learning to embrace a whole new chapter in his life, one of which he would share with those closest to him. Korra realized that he was not the only one who had changed…she did too.

"I know things won't always be easy," Mako said, "and no doubt there's still a lot more for me to learn. But I can't think of anyone better to show me than you."

Korra blushed in embarrassment, "Don't hold your breath, I've still got more to learn myself."

"Well then…we'll learn together."

“I don't know what to say.”

“Are you okay with this?” to answer his question, Korra kissed him full on the lips, for which he graciously return. Once the kiss ended, Mako couldn't be happier, “I'll take that as a yes.”

"Let's promise never let our jobs effect the way we treat each other, or our friends, again. Okay?"

"You got it!"

“Welcome to the team, my friend.” said Shinning Armor. His horn began to glow and he used his magic to give Mako a new royal guard styled version of his police uniform. It looked identical to his old one in design, but was now light blue in color with gold trimming and while he had his police badge on the jacket, he also had a star with a horse shoe over it.

“Thank you, thank you so much!" The firebender saluted, "I won't let you down!”

“I know you won't…." said Lin. She could tell the young man was about to burst from happiness, "Go ahead.”

Without hesitation, Mako jumped happily, “This is the best day, EVER!”

Pinkie Pie surprised him with a hug, “Can this get any better?”

“Actually, it can." said Shinning Armor, "You see one of the guards we are transferring is my old pal…Flash Sentry.”

Mako and Flash smiled happily at this news.

“He will be your new rookie and partner." Lin explained, "If that's okay with you?”

“I would be more than happy to show Flash Sentry the ropes.” Mako said happily.

Shinning Armor smiled, “That's good to hear, but remember it's not enough for him to learn from you…you could learn a thing or two from him as well.”

Mako nodded and turned to Flash, “Well, looks like we're going to be partners.”

“Yeah. I promise I'll do my best.” Flash said.

“I have no doubt. Oh, but you'll need this.” Mako pulled from his pocket, the blue scarf he gave to Flash before. The pegasus couldn't believe it,

“You kept it?”

“Of course, what kind of a friend would I be if I didn't? We are still friends, right?”

“You saved my tail from a dark spirit…what do you think?”

Mako placed the scarf around Flash's neck and the two shared a brotherly hug. “Thank you for everything.” said Mako.

“Back at ya.”

Korra and Twilight tearfully watched with smiles. “Those are our boys.” Twilight said proudly.

“Do we know how to pick em or what?” said Korra.

Twilight and Flash embraced in a warm and loving hug. They looked deep into each others eyes…and kissed for the first time.

Rarity fanned herself with her hand, “Oh my, Twilight!”

Spike gave her a thumbs up, “That's our girl.”

Mako pulled Flash while Shinning Armor pulled Twilight apart at the same time, forcing the two to end their kiss.A bit too soon to their liking. “Okay, that's long enough!” said the two older brothers while Twilight glared at them, annoyed.

Discord, came and gave Mako a noogie on the head, “Congratulations kid! On the job and getting your girl back.”

“So you really did help Mako before?" said Applejack once she saw the draconequis, "Or was that all just a load of hog tiled fowey?”

Discord felt slightly offended, “What? You don't think I am capable of genuine kindness every now and again?”

Fluttershy stood in front of the girls, “Oh, come on girls. I know Discord can be a bit difficult sometimes.”

“And even annoying.” Mako added.

“But he does have a heart.” Fluttershy added with a kind smile.

Discord's eyes began to water, “Not gonna cry. Not gonna…CRY!" And he cried while Fluttershy hugged him.

Everybody simply laughed. Mako and Korra hugged as they looked deep into each-other's eyes, both shimmering with rainbow colors.

“I'll always love you, Korra.”

“And I'll always love you.”

They kissed once again, only this kiss meant a whole new start on their relationship. Bolin and Asami watched while crying tears of joy.

“And I'll always love both of you!” Bolin said as he joined in the hug

“Me too” said Asami as she also joined in

“Don't forget about us.” said Spike. They all surrounded the couple in a gigantic group hug. Korra smiled at the Mane Six andTwilight took Korra's hands.

"Best friends?"


The seven Elements of Harmony embraced in the warmest of group hugs. They knew they didn't need Raava or any mythical prophesy for their friendship to be magical…all they needed was love.

“Hey, you know what this calls for?” said Pinkie Pie

“A party!” everybody answered her question at the same time.

“Yeah! How did you know?”

Korra shrugged her shoulders, “Just a hunch.”

The entire water tribe, ponies and spirits all gathered around as they played drums, guitars and any kind of instrument. Korra and the Mane Six danced together in traditional water tribe movement dancing as Korra sang first;

(One World from The Cheetah Girls)


Love always find a way, every single time

Once we learn to trust The Light]

And look inside it feels right


Now we see who we are through different eyes

We're not so far apart, anything is possible

Team Avatar and the Ponies all danced together to the beat.


With all the differences we're stronger here

Now the truth has been discovered

Ooh yeah


After all we've been through now it's clear

That all of us, we share

Korra, Ponies, Mako, Bolin and Asami,

One Song]

(One Song)

One Love

(One Love)

One and All

(One and All)

We're a circle together

One Song]

(One Sonh)

One Heart

(One Heart)

One and all]

(One and all)

Now and forever

Girls and women;

Everybody celebrate!

Boys and men;

Bring on the party, bring on the dance

Girls and women;

Time to let the music play

Boys and men;

The party never ends

Girls and women;

Every boy and every girl

Boys and men;

Stand up and shout, say it loud!

Girls and women;

Everyone around the world!

Boys and men;

Come on an join in!


We're gathered here today

Everything just right.


Cause when you give from the heart

The things you do come back to you

Pinkie Pie danced with a happy Eska and Desna.

Pinkie Pie,

Dare to be strong and brave

Not afraid to try


That's when we see who we are

Mane Six;

The best of friends and that's fun


With all the differences we're stronger here


Now the truth has been discovered

Ooh yeah!


After all we've been through now it's clear


We're all, right here,

To share!

All Together,

One Song]

(One Sing]

One Love

(One Love)

One and all

(One and all)

We're a circle together

One Song]

(One Song]

One Heart

(One Heart)

One and all ]

(One and all]

Now and forever!

Korra and Mako held hands as they danced together along with Twilight and Flash, Tonraq and Senna, Pema and Tenzin and Shinning Armor and Cadance;


Ooh, I never knew that love

Would find a way to bring together both of us


Now inside, I know it's true

Korra and Mako;

That what we have is meant to be

You let me be the real me

Together here is where we belong!

All ponies and humans dance together, Discord danced with Fluttershy, Luna and Celestia, Pinkie Pie danced with a humanoid version of Cheese Sandwich, Applejack danced with her brother and sister, Rarity danced with Varrick and Spike, Bumi and Kya danced with Jinora and the other bunny spirits. Korra and Mako dance together while Twilight danced with Flash and Shinning Armor danced with Cadence. Mako, Bolin, Spike and Flash all break dance as the music continued.

Next, Korra and the Twilight, along with Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Leilani strolled down the streets of the South Pole on a care driven carriage, waving at their friends and family, Rainbow Dash and the anthro Wonder Bolts threw flower petals all around, and Mako and Flash threw two bouquets of flowers to their girlfriends as everybody continued to sing,

One Song]

(One song]

One Love

(One Love)

One and all

(One and all)

We're a circle together

One Song]

(One Song]

One Heart

(One Heart)

One and all]

(One and all]

Now and forever!

One song!

(One song]

One Love

(One Love)

One and all

(One and all)

We're a circle together

One song]

(One song]

One Heart

(One Heart)

One and all]


One and all, yeah, yeah

Now and forever

We're a circle together

Now and forever!!!

Korra and Twilight both spotted the white and blue butterfly and followed it up to the sky. The two princesses fled up and fiver each other, as blue and purple sparkles come out from their hands.

One song]

In the dark hallway of Canterlot Castle, the image that Korra saw before was now visibly clear, and was now on display next to the rest of the stain glass images. The image of Prince White and Princess Leilani, the first alicorns flying beside the very first Avatar, Wan and the spirit of light, Raava.

The image of the Harmonic Convergence that changed it all.


1 Corinthians 15:58 ~

So, my dear brothers and sisters, be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless.


Author's Note:

Anyway, it looks like a whole new beginning for Korra and the Ponies, and the adventure is not over quite yet.

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Comment posted by MaggiesHeartLove deleted Mar 23rd, 2016

Once again, love the story, hate the songs. You've gotten better with the grammar here, but still needs spit and polish.

5719856 Thing is though that the situation is far more gray than "Korra's to blame" or "Mako's to blame." On one hand, you have Korra who's trying to save her family and tribe with the help of the United Nations army even after the President's told her not to. It may not be a highly ethical decision but it would get results. However, on the other hand, you have Mako who has a stable job as a police officer, something he'd never dream of being back in his youth as a homeless kind, and was directly asked by the President to tell him if Korra's getting "rash." If he's later found out as an accomplice, he'd be fired by Bei-fong before he knows it. Outing his girlfriend wasn't a very nice thing to do but in his position at that moment, I can't fully blame him.

It was honestly one of my favorite parts of the show where I couldn't call either side fully in the wrong or the right. It's like with Doctor Who or Torchwood where the protagonists often have to make tough decisions and neither one is a very happy one.

Another story down and this one did not disappoint! This one even introduced a game-changer that I'm excited too see explored (I was also surprised that you brought Flash in and made him useful to the plot!).

All in all, a great sequel, and I can't wait to read the next one!

Before I read this, what is the Gore and Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8105991 not that bad, really. But things do get a bit dark.

:twilightblush:sry I did not look at the date

The final song... IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:

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