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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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Light in the Dark


Revelation 15: 2~

And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea, those who had been victorious over the beast its image and over the number of its name. They held harps given them by God.


Light in the Dark

The spirit lights illuminated the night skyline of Republic City. Police airships an United Forces battleships were deployed to protect the mainland. At Air Temple Island, Pema and her three younger children started up into the sky.

"Ooo…Pretty." said Ikki, admiring the dazzling lights above.

Inside a police airship, President Raiko stood by the control, accompanied by Chief Beifong. The president spoke into the intercom. "General Iroh, are your ships in position?"

"Yes, Mr. President." Iroh spoke through the intercom from his own ship. "But I need to know what kind of enemy we're dealing with."

As Iroh spoke, the sky lights lit up in an unusual way, and before their eyes, the Dark Avatar UnaVaatu plunged into the sea. Creating some powerful waves that pushed back the battle ships around the bay. He spoke with his voice, in tune with the dark spirit.

"It's time to take back the physical world."

UnaVaatu began walking towards the mainland. Iroh and his men witnessed the Dark Avatar approaching.


The United Forces firebenders attacked UnaVaau with large fire blasts, but the beats continued walking, unharmed. He retaliated by waterbending a wall to stop the blasts, before sending the wave toward the battleships, scattering them. He subsequently walked up to Avatar Aang Memorial Island.

"Monster attack!" Meelo shouted from the balcony, pointing at the large beast near the statue of his late grandfather.

UnaVaatu wrapped his tentacles around the statue of Aang, before bringing it to the sea. Waves crashed beside his legs as the statue of Avatar Aang slowly sank into the water.

Symbolizing the end of the Avatar.


"They're over here." Tenzin exclaimed. He kneeled down to the unconscious Korra, her friends were all scattered around her, in her exact state. "Please, wake up" the airbender pleaded to the young girl as he carried her in his arms. Tenzin noticed that Flash and Spike managed to wake up, wobbling and dazed as they stood.

"Flash Sentry, Spike are you two alright?" Tenzin asked. Since he could no longer understand them, Spike growled and Flash neighed in response. Kya kneeled down and examined the two brothers and the rest of the ponies. "Their going to be alright, but I need to get them into some spirit water right away."

Tenzin carried Korra bridal style, with Twilight on her stomach, while Bumi carried the brothers on his shoulders and Flash carried Pinkie Pie on his back. Kya carried Rarity and Rainbow Dash on her shoulders. They all entered through the portal back into the spirit world and gently placed their unconscious friends into a nearby stream of clear spirit water.

"I'll get the others." Tenzin quickly got Fluttershy and Applejack and placed them in the water with the others. Kya began moving her arms and began to heal them. The stream of illuminated water passed over them, mirroring Kya's movements. As the light passed over her, Korra opened her eyes, slowly Twilight did as well. Once they fully regained consciousness, Korra and Twilight simultaneously shot up and gasped for air. The boys and rest of the Mane Six did the same.

"COLD WATER!" Rainbow Dash exclaimed, now standing on her hooves, shaking the liquid off of her body.

"Thank goodness you'll all alright." Tenzin said.

Rarity shook the water from her body. "Sure, if you call nearly being eliminated by a mad man and his new dark spirit bestie, 'alright'."

The other ponies shook themselves dry while Flash helped Twilight back up. "Did you find Jinora?" Korra asked Tenzin as he helped her out of the stream by taking her hand.

"I managed to rescue her soul," he explained "but she wasn't ready to return to her body yet. She sensed the world was in grave danger."

Korra looked down dejectedly. "…she was right." walked off and sat on a small nearby rock, her expression looked devastated and defeated. An expression that was shared by the otters ponies…even Pinkie Pie.

"Were you able to stop Unalaq and Vaatu?" Tenzin asked.

"No. They fused then Vaatu ripped Raava right out of me and destroyed her. Vaatu won."

They all looked at her in fear and worry. "No. I am too young to live through ten thousand years of darkness" said a frightened Bolin.

"And I'm too young and cute!" Spike cried out, the ponies all looked at him annoyed, "What? Korra, can't you talk to one of your past lives or something?"

All Bolin could hear was growling. "Spike please, we've got a real problem here! Korra, can't you talk to one of your past lives or something?"

Spike slapped his face with his claw.

"When Vaatu destroyed Raava. He destroyed my connection to the past Avatars too." she said. Tenzin's eyes widen in fear.

"If that's true then--"

"The cycle is over. I'm the last Avatar."

Everyone fell into despair but then Mako's face lit up with hope. "Wait, the Elements of Harmony! Maybe you can still win this!"

The ponies then attempted to activate their respected Elements. While they did manage to get their gems to give out very faint glows, it quickly vanished. The gems themselves then dissolved back into their skins. Everybody looked on in horror.

"The Elements each held a piece of the Avatar spirit within them." Korra explained. "Without Raava I can't activate with them anymore. Without the seven together Equestria's magic can't be restored." Korra broke down in tears, "I'm so sorry!"

The ponies all surrounded Korra and sympathetically embraced her. The others didn't know what else to do. They no longer had the Elements of Harmony or the Avatar Spirit at their disposal. And while they still had each other, how was that going to help in defeating UnaVatu now? Kya turned to Tenzin.

"They need you now. More than ever."

Tenzin looked at the weeping Avatar and depressed ponies. As he did he noticed the shimmering coats of the ponies, and a rainbow hue reflected in his eyes. Suddenly, it all became crystal clear to him. He knew what he had to do.


Multiple planes flew by UnaVaatu, but he then caught them with his tendrils. The pilot managed to eject before the plane was pulled down and slammed onto the water surface where it exploded. Raiko and Lin watched the damage zone.

"He's going to destroy the entire city." Raiko said with worry. This was exactly the kind of catastrophe the Avatar was trying to prevent, and now because of his stubbornness, his city was paying the price.

UnaVaatu's chest glowed as he shot and energy beam at the airship, destroying the tail propellers. The airship then began spinning and hurling toward nearby buildings. The multiple police officers braced themselves. Lin pulled a lever, opening the back door, and gestured to her officers to bail out.

"We're going down!"

Multiple metalbender cops jumped out of the airship, shooting their cables for a safe landing. Raiko walked up and clung on to Lin for safety, who aimed her cables at a rooftop gargoyle before jumping off. The duo landed on a roof, where they continued observing the damage. UnaVaau shot out vines which then began to engulf the harbor and many Republic City landmarks.

In his cell, Varruck was exercising while listening to the radio, Shiro Shinobi spoke. "It's pandemonium in the streets! Giant vines are destroying everything. This is Shiro, Shinobi, signing off!"

As he signed off, a large vine came crashing in, destroying the wall of the cell, throwing the radio and Zhu Li off balance, but completely missed Varrick who coincidentally ducked during his exercise. He walked up to the hole, smiling cheekily, before putting on a pair of goggles.

"Zhu Li, commence "Operation Winged Freedom""

Zhu Li tied a backpack to herself before latching onto Varrick's back. She tightened the clasp around Varrick's waist before the duo leaped off the cell.

"Do the thing!"

At his command, Zhu Li pulled on a string and the backpack opened up into wings. The duo soared off into the skies.


Tenzin walked towards the girls, in an effort to console them. Korra had her hand near her forehead, looking down. She had lost all hope, and so did the rest of the ponies.

"The other Avatars may not be able to help you anymore, but perhaps I can."

"No one can help us now." Korra replied hopelessly.

"I know I haven't been the best mentor to you. But I've realized it was because I had a lot of spiritual growth to do myself. There may still be a way for you to stop Vaatu and save Equestria."


He kneeled beside her and the ponies, "You need to let go of your attachment to who you think you are and connect with the True Spirit."

"Haven't you heard anything I said? Raava is gone. I'm not connected to a spirit anymore. And without her I can't activate the Elements of Harmony."

"That's not true, and I wasn't referring to Raava."

Twilight's ears perked up as she remembered something, "Korra, while you were in that spirit pool at that island, the Shaman told us that our connection with you runs deeper than just your Avatar spirit…I think Tenzin might have a point."

"What did she say?" Tenzin asked.

"…You might be right." Korra answered, "But how?"

Tenzin stood up, "Come with me, all of you. I need to show you something." he lead them to the front to the Tree of Time. It was large, gnarly and old.

"Why are you showing us Vaatu's prison?" Korra asked, Fluttershy hid behind her due to the scary looking tree.

"Even without him in it, it still looks creepy." said the pegasus.

"Because this tree had a history long before it held Vaatu." Tenzin explained. "This is the Tree of Time. And the legend says that it binds both spirit and physical worlds together. Hence, why their magic still flows into our world."

"And, you think this tree can help us somehow?" she asked her mentor.

"Yes. I have read that long ago the ancients would mediate beneath the tree in order connect with the great energy of the universe and find the truth of everything. But whenever they tried, they always came out unsuccessful as a whole. That's because they didn't understand the true fruit of Friendship like you girls did." Tenzin airbended himself to the entrance, Korra airbended herself, Rarity, Pinkie and Applejack while Twilight, Rainbow and Fluttershy fly next to her.

Inside Korra could see images floating all around the entrance of the tree. Applejack pointed to the images with her hoof, "Look at that."

"These are my memories." said Korra. Indeed, all of her memories where there; from her first day at Republic City, to her pro-bending days, her defeat with Amon, her time with her friends at home and in Ponyville, meeting Leilani…everything.

"The Tree of Time remembers all." as Tenzin said this, Pinkie Pie then spots a memory with her in it and jumped happily.

"Look, it's me! It's Me! Hi past Pinkie Pie!"

Tenzin continued, "Korra, even without your bending, you have always been strong, unyielding and fearless." He turned to look at the ponies, smiling proudly, "Applejack, you have always been honest, brave and determined. Fluttershy, despite your timidness, your kindness and courage shows no boundaries. Rarity, you are creative, generous and resourceful. And Pinkie Pie, I have never known anyone with such optimism and laughter. And I doubt I ever will. Rainbow Dash, your speed and strength are remarkable. But it is your loyalty which I know is your most admirable trait."

"Can't argue with that!" said Rainbow.

Tenzin finally turned to the princess, "Twilight Sparkle. Despite your remarkable intelligence, you are a true leader. You are brave, loving and many times, your fierceness can even rival Korra's." The princess and the Avatar smiled at the nomad, "You are all special and unique in your own ways, and when you're together, you carry this…this Spark that is unlike anything I have ever seen. A Spark that has been lost to the people of this world, but thanks to you, we're beginning to find it again. I know I did. You may have fallen but you always came back up again. You girls have given everyone you encountered, including me, Hope."

Rarity pointed to an image on the corner, "Look, there's your memory from when we first came to Republic City."

"And when we bonded for the first time." Twilight added.

"That was one of the happiest moments of my life." Korra said as she re-lived the happy moment before her eyes.

"Korra, you brought the Elements of Harmony back to the ponies due to actions that came out of the goodness of your heart. When you placed others before yourself." said Tenzin.

Just then, her memories faded off, and a new image appeared before them. Korra recognized who it was. "Avatar Wan."

"Before he fused with Raava, Wan was just a regular person."

Twilight agreed, "He's right. He was just a poor thief with no money."

"Yeah, just your basic everyday "go-too" kind of guy." said Applejack.

"But he was brave and smart and always wanted to defend the helpless." said Korra as she watched the memory of Wan feeding multiple woodland animals, and him defending the spirits from firebenders, even his moments with White and Leilani.

"That's right." Tenzin said, "But it wasn’t about who he was before, it as about who he was with his friends. Wan, Rava, White and Leilani were different, but their differences brought out the best in each other, the same way you girls bring out the best in one another. Even your cutie mark proves it, Korra."

Korra caressed the mark on her cheek as Tenzin explained, "It may look similar to Raava's markings, but they're not the same. They're different. Unique. Just like Wan, Raava and the alicorns before you, you were all brought together by something greater than all of us, and it's been guiding you this whole time. Even if you didn't always see it."

Then they saw more images of Wan with Prince White, Princess Leilani and Raava, how strong and powerful their friendship was. The image shifted to one of Prince White planting the light from Wan and Raava and it grew into the Tree of Harmony. A symbol of a newfound friend. Another image showed the girls returning the Elements back to the tree as well as the times where Celestia and Luna had used the Elements of Harmony in the past. Twilight gasped.

"Tenzin's right! This is what the Shaman meant!"

"What do you mean?" Korra asked.

"Raava said she was a defender of good, but it wasn't her power alone that helped them defeat Vaatu. Don't you see? The tree, Raava's powers, the Elements of Harmony, our friendship, it's all connected by one thing: …The Light! The same Light Raava served, and even Vaatu before his fall. The same Light that gives the Tree of Harmony its life. The Light that helped me and my friends save Equestria from NightMare Moon. The Light that brought us all together and helped you connect with each of the Elements of Harmony. It carried out Wan, Leilani, White and Raava's friendship across time to this day, and it's that very Light that is going to help us now. That's the SpiritTenzin was talking about, wasn't it?"

The air nomad nodded in agreement. Korra began to think about what Twilight was saying. "But, if I can still power the Elements why couldn't I do it a minute ago?"

"Because you were clouded by self-doubt and grief. Kind of like when you had your airbending block." Twilight explained, "If one of us has doubts then that affects the rest. We all just have to believe in each other, to share our strength. I know we can do this, but you have to believe we can too, because today we all face this battle together!"

Everything became crystal clear to Korra now. Even with their powers, Korra could now see what truly made Wan, Raava and the two ponies so powerful to begin with. When all hope was lost, they turned to their friendship, and its magic was what gave them strength to save the world. Twilight was right, now was not the time to rely on her own strength. She had to believe in something far greater than herself. Her friends did, Tenzin did as well, and look how strong and determined they had become. It was time for her to fully embrace this as well. She was not in this alone, no matter how many times she believed she was.

The group of friends turned their heads when a new image began to take form inside of the tree. Korra gasped in horror at the sight of Republic City being destroyed by UnaVatuu.

"Everyone in Republic City is in danger!"

"Holly molly, that's one big Unalaq!" Pinkie Pie shouted.

"Look!" Fluttershy pointed to another image: they could see Equestria fading and being destroyed, ponies running in fear, colors fading…everything was disappearing.

"Equestria! It's starting to disappear!" Twilight exclaimed.

"No!" Korra cried.

"You girls have to help them." Tenzin tells them.

"How?" Korra asked, "They're halfway around the world and we can't save Equetsria without stopping Unalaq first. If we connect with Equestria now, Vaatu's dark energy will flow through and destroy it even faster. I can feel it."

"Don't be afraid." Tenzin said, "Don't bend the Elements, don't just focus on yourself. Connect with the Light of the Spirit that brought you all here in the first place. Believe in the knowledge you have learned from your times together. Carry it in your heart and mind, and remind Vaatu and Unalaq why Friendship is the most powerful Magic of all. Remind everyone."

Korra and the ponies looked at each other hopefully. "You really think we can do this?" Korra asked.

"I have no doubt."

Korra felt tears forming in her eyes. Even after everything that has happened, all the mistakes she had made, her friends and family still stood by her. Twilight was right, Korra did bring others together, but only by offering them her love. She and the ponies all embraced Tenzin in a warm hug. "Thank you for not giving up on us."

Once they released the hug Tenzin left the tree as the girls all sat together to meditate. "Let's do this. You girls ready?" Korra asked them.

"You bet!" Rainbow said with a wink

"Yes indedaly!" Pinkie saluted.

"Absolutely!" Rarity cheered.

"Let's do it!" Applejack cheered.

"Normally I would say 'no' and hide behind a rock, but there is now way I'm gonna let Unalaq get away with everything he has done. So let's end this rein of darkness once and for all!!" Fluttershy said with great determination.

Twilight smiled as she placed her hoof over the Avatar's hand. "We're all in this together, Korra."

Korra smiled in return. "Now and forever."

They all closed their eyes as they heard Raava voice from a memory above their heads. The memory of Raava's encouraging words to Leilani spoke once more.

"You are strong, don't give in to what is easy, rather fight for what may be difficult."

"Find the Light in the Dark."

"Connect with the True Spirit."

"Trust in the Light with all your heart."

The girls did as Tenzin instructed and not only meditated, but they hoped, they even prayed, for guidance and to discover what it was they needed to do now. The girls felt a powerful energy surround them, feeling a warm atmosphere surrounding their bodies, enwrapping them in something wonderful. Once they opened their eyes they found themselves standing on astral lights. They appeared to be in a space-like world.

"Where are we?" Twilight asked.

In front of them, they all saw a gigantic projection of Korra holding a glowing orb, she had the cutie mark on her cheek and her hair was down. But what really stood out was that she also had a star tattoo on her forehead…and two angel-like wings emerging her back. Around her were six gems each in the shape of the ponies' cutie marks, they recognized them immediately.

"The Elements of Harmony." Twilight said breathily. She was right before, the Elements were a part of Korra, just as they were a part of them. In a lot of ways, the Elements are a part of everyone. Korra could not believe her eyes, was this image of herself a sign or something, what did it mean exactly. The ponies and Avatar shared looks of determination and the mares allowed Korra to walk ahead first. But the Avatar didn't move.

The ponies looked up at her in confusion, wondering why she had stopped. Korra smiled at them and nodded her head, silently saying she wanted them to go ahead of her. She wouldn't be here if not for them. The ponies smiled at her kind gesture and go ahead with Korra behind them as they all walked into the glowing ball of light. Once they entered the light, they stood on a white plane and then…they saw him. The white alicorn stallion, smiling warmly at them all.

"Prince White?"

The spirit of the first alicorn stood before them, smiling proudly. "Don't be afraid. Your time has finally arrived. Are you ready?"

The girls didn't need to give it a second thought. They all nodded their heads and the Alicorn's body rose up, his wings spread wide as the glowing colors of the rainbow surrounded him, the Mane Six and Korra. This was it, this was the light, the love within their hearts.

In the Tree of Time, Korra and the Mane Six's bodies began to glow, each in their respected colors as magical sparkles came from their bodies, manifesting into colorful transparent images of themselves. As the Korra spirit formed above her body, the ponies' spirits surrounded her and the seven began to merge together as one, creating a glowing rainbow light that began to grow in size.

Outside, the others saw something coming out of the tree and their eyes widened in awe…

Over-towering them was a gigantic glowing manifestation of Korra herself, only her body kept on continuously changing colors; from cyan blue, to purple, to pink, to red, to orange, to sky blue and finally magenta. Her hair was loose, and WAY longer, so long it could have been mistaken for a tail from the front view. A horn grew from her forehead and she had two feathery wings on her back. The seven Elements of Harmony had Converged.

The Korra/Pony projection spirit arched out for the overlapping portals, glowing brightly before being sucked into the beam, disappearing through the base of the portal as they traveled to Republic City.

Spike's mouth hung open, "Wow…"

Bumi arced an eyebrow at his brother, "Uh, what did you say to them exactly?"


In Republic City, UnaVaatu had already destroyed so much of the city, he felt as if nothing could stop him. The city's buildings were surrounded with vines; an emergency alarm blared. The Dark Avatar stood in the bay, his arms stretched toward the water as he controlled the vines that were overtaking the city. Just then, he looked up, seeing a rainbow light coursing through the sky. The lights intensifies into a bright ball, slamming into UnaVaatu, knocking him back, ricocheting over the water's surface. The Korra/Pony spirit emerged from the water as she stood up, and UnaVaatu looked on at the being in shock, and even a hint of fear.

From Air Temple Island, Iiki, Meelo and Pema see them through the telescope. "Korra's back!" Ikki shouted happily.

"And she's a big rainbow giant with wings and a horn!" Meelo shouted excitedly.

UnaVaatu rose up from the water and prepared to battle the Korra/Pony spirit. The Dark Avatar fired an energy beam from his chest, ad the Korra/Pony did the same, only her's was in a rainbow color. At first it seemed both powers were evenly matched, but Korra managed to focus her beams to overpower UnaVaatu's, eventually knocking him back. Korra/Pony ran forward, but UnaVaatu shot out his tendrils toward them, but they caught the tendrils in their 'hand' and used it to immobilize and grab him before slamming the monster towards a nearby mountain. Korra/Pony leaped forward, her large feathery wings spread wide in a stunning sight, and held UnaVaatu's head with their right hand. Their free hand they began to search desperately for any trace of Raava within the Dark entity. Since they were still brother and sister, Korra had hoped she would find some trace of Raava that still lingered. She refused to believe this to be the end of her story.

"You are looking for something that is gone!" He said as his tendrils wrapped around the girls, "Raava has been destroyed. And soon, you will be too!" He fired a close range energy beam at Korra/Pony, knocking them unconscious once they hit the water.


Back in the spirit world, an swarm of dark spirits was heading directly for the Tree of Time, snapping and hissing as they came, their glowing yellows eyes glowing in anger and fury. "They're coming for Korra!" Mako exclaimed.

Flash turned to Spike, "Spike, stay with the girls." The dragon nodded before rushing into the tree to where the girls bodies still remained.

Mako, Tenzin, Kya and Bolin bended their respected elements at the spirits in an attempt to keep them away from the only ones who can save their worlds.


Korra/Pony had woken up and stumbled from the attack, but UnaVaatu fired another energy beam at them, knocking them down again. UnaVaatu began bending out water from the ocean they were battling on, turning it purple as he bended it into stress around the girls, preparing to corrupt their spirits.


Mako and the others tried to fend off the dark spirits. He shot lightning out towards them, while Flash Sentry kicked and punched the spirits that were coming at him. One spirit grabbed Flash by the tail, and because of his injured wing, he couldn't fly away. Mako heard his "neighs" and saw the pegasus in trouble.

"Flash Sentry! Let him go!" He angrily firbended at the spirit, forcing it to release Flash. He landed beside Mako, "You okay?" Flash nodded and neighed a 'yes'.

Bolin attacked spirits with his earthbending, but one spirit grabbed him by the ankle and dragged him away. Though before the spirit could attack, the entity was destroyed by a water stream, freeing Bolin.

"Leave my Bolin alone!" said Eska defensively. Both she and Desna bended streams of water aimed at the spirits.

"I am so done with spirits." said Desna.

"Eska! I love you!" Bolin kissed her cheek and earthbended a few rocks, facing the monsters alongside the twins, "Let's face the end of the world together!"

Eska smiled, "You're so romantic."


UnaVaatu was nearly done corrupting the Korra/Pony spirit, their entire morphed body turning purple as they felt the dark energies consuming them. "With you out of the way, I will be the one true Avatar!"

Just then, a white light descended down from the sky. It was a bright yellow glowing spear, emitting positive energy that reached the Korra/Pony. Ikki looked through her telescope and saw that the Light was actually a person. A young person. A girl. A girl with short brown hair and air nomad clothing. Ikki immediately recognized who it was.

"Mommy it's Jinora! She's…beautiful."

"What? Let me see.", Pema took the telescope and looked through it. She gasped in surprise, it was indeed her daughter. "BE CAREFUL SWEETIE!"

Jinora descended towards the Korra/Pony, holding with her a small ball of light. Once she was right before the Korra/Pony, she spoke. Her young voice echoing in their ears.

"The real truth is about to start, followed by a true act of the heart."

Jinora opened her palms, releasing the light, which illuminated Republic City. Because of Korra selfless act to save a young girl's life, the Light from that deed returned back to Korra and the Ponies. UnaVaatu shielded his eyes from the glare of light and stopped bending, releasing the Korra/Pony who got down on their knees. As the Dark Avatar recovered, a ball of light emerged from his chest. The light was warm and bright, the monster began to panic.


Korra/Pony felt the light within the beast and knew what that meant, replying in union; "Raava!"

Korra/Pony ran forward and started punching UnaVaatu with all of their strength, the Dark Avatar didn't' stand a chance as the bright light weakened him. Korra/Pony stuck her hand right through his chest as they touched the ball of light. With much force, they pulled the light out, which then changed into the spirit of Light herself.

Raava was free.

"Thank you." said the light spirit.

Korra/Pony then looked at UnaVaatu as their combined voices spoke with much power and authority, "It's over Vaatu."

Back in the spirit world, inside the tree, Spike gasped as he saw Korra and the ponies' bodies suddenly disappeared into thin air. "Flash! Korra and the ponies, they're gone!" cried out the dragon.


Then, even more surprising, the dark spirits stopped fighting against the heroes and began backing away. "What's happening?" Tenzin asked.

"They're retreating." said Kya in surprise.

Korra/Pony continued to glow and from within, Korra and the ponies physical bodies manifested. One by one their appearances began to change, their front hooves become hands, their back hooves become feet…they were turning human with wings and horns and hair extensions that resembled tails and still maintained their pony ears and their skin colors matched their previous pony coat colors. As they morphed, Korra began to call out each Element of Harmony.

Applejack had a light brown shirt with red outlines on the sleeves and bottom, a short white scarf around her neck, a navy blue sleeveless high collar vest, matching arm warmers, a arm band with apple patterns, navy blue pants and brown boots with apple prints on the side. Her cutie mark was on her cheek and her element of harmony was on the front of the chest. Her hair was long with a braid that looked like a tail and still has her pony ears. Her skin was light orange.


Fluttershy had a lime green sleeveless shirt similar to Korra's with white outline. Darker green arm warmers, an armband with pink and green lines, a white cape around her waist with butterfly prints, light pink pants and lime green boots with pinke outline at the top and ankles. Her cutie mark was on her cheek, her hair is longer to look like a tail, her element on the chest of her shirt, her ears and wings, light yellow skin.


Pinkie Pie had a pink shirt similar design to Korra's with white outlines on the sleeves and collar, a purple cape around the waist with a side yellow bow and balloons on the side of the cape and a light pink outline. Blue pants with purple boots, the top has two pink bows and hearts on the sides, blue straps around the ankles. Blue arm warmers and a purple arm band with yellow hearts. Her cutie was was on her cheek, element on chest, hair longer and had her ears. Skin light pink.


Rarity's horn and ears remain, white skin, hair grows longer and has a diamond hair clip. Her shirt if cyan blue with light blue outlines, similar to Korra's design, she has a dark blue corset around the waist and two diamonds on the side, a flowing cyan cape around the lower waist with diamond prints, light purple pants with white boots with diamond on the front. Purple arm warmers and an arm band with light blue/dark blue/cyan diamond patterns. Her element was on her chest.


Rainbow Dash turns human, ears and wings remain and has light blue skin, cutie mark on cheek and element on chest. Hair longer. A sleeveless rainbow shirt with a navy blue sleeveless vest with high collar, purple arm warmers, rainbow colored arm ban, pink/red cape around the waist with her cutie mark emblem, black pants and red boots with yellow lightning bolts on the side.


Twilight Sparkle turns into a human, her ears, horn and wings remain, light purple skin. The top of her shirt is a smilier design to Korra's shirt, purple with white outlines, a corset around the waist eight a single pink stripe and purple ruffles at the bottoms with a white bow and star patterns. She had dark blue/purple pants and light purple boots with pink straps around the angles and top and a single purple star on the front of both. Her hair is longer, has purple arm warmers and arm band with patterns identical to Korra's but are light purple. Her element is also on her chest and her cutie mark on her cheek.


All six of the Antro ponies, released an energy from their elements which surround Korra who began to transform as well.

She gained pony ears and hair extension tail. Her top changed into a blue halter top with white outline and the cyan heart gem is on her chest. Her midriff is exposed but covered by a transparent fabric, a white belt around her waist with a circular blue gem in the center, blue slim pants with her cutie mark embodied on the side and brown boots with white lining on the top with blue patterns. Around her waist came a long elegant purple cape with watertribe patters on the sides.

Once her outfit was complete, her forehead started to glow and a single dark blue eight inch star appears on her forehead which glowed bright. And from her back….and two beautiful feathered wings emerged!! They were the same color as her skin but fade to blue at the tips. Korra stroked her final pose,


The girls all had glowing eyes or pure white. The very sight made UnaVaatu cry out in terror. "NO!"

The physical bodies of Korra and the ponies levitated within the Korra/Pony spirit body, as Korra spoke with one voice.

"Together, the Elements of Harmony posses a power beyond anything you can imagine. But it is a power you don't and will never have the ability to control."

UnaVaatu started to feel weak as he screamed in anguish while the girls glowed brighter. He could feel the darkness draining from him, being consumed by the light.

"A spirt of darkness may be inside of you Unalaq, but you can not win with him. Because you don't posses the most powerful magic of all…

"The Magic of friendship!"

Korra and the humanized ponies all held hands, froming a gigantic heart shape within their morphed spirit form.

"Here and in Equestria, it is the one magic that can truly unite us all."

UnaVaatu tried to shield himself from their power, but he knew it was futile. "What is happening? No, no, this can not be!"

Korra/Pony spirit began waterbending, creating streams of golden waters that encircled around UnaVaatu. His entire body began to glow bright, he could feel the light, the love, growing within. Its power was too strong for him to fight. He just couldn't fight it. He released one finale cry before his entire body began to disappear, dissolving into light particles that descended up into the spirit lights above.

UnaVaatu had been destroyed.

Korra and the Mane Six held each other's hands, their eyes still glowing as they spoke in union. Their voices were powerful, strong.

Equestria, do not fear

Your magic shall flow, far and near

Seven hearts, unite as one

The new Era has Begun!

The Korra/Pony spirit form lifted up its hands up into the sky, shooting a rainbow light which created an interdimencional portal high above them. Once it did, the spirit lights around the globe suddenly gained rainbow-like colors, identical to the lights that emitted from the Crystal Empire. All around the world, people witnessed these lights, changing into bright colors that danced beautifully above their heads. They could feel the warmth and love they emitted.

In the spirit world, the same lights began to appear in the sky, spirits of all shapes and sizes witnessed the beautiful phenomenon. The light traveling all around, making the spirit world even brighter and more beautiful than ever before. Near the Tree of Time, the others witnessed the lights that encircled around them. Suddenly, Mako, Bolin, Spike, Eska and Desna's bodies started to glow as the dark spirits, one by one, returned to their normal brightly colored forms. They were free from the darkness.

"I don't believe it!" said Mako as he looked down at the glowing aura around his body.

"This is incredible!" Spike said.

Mako gasped, "Spike? I can hear you again!" His eyes widened as he watched Flash and Spike beginning to transform.

Flash's body began to change, his hooves became hands, his muzzle turned into a human nose, and he could stand upright. He now wore an asian-like outfit consisting of black, white, and yellow colors. His pony ears, tail and wings remained, and his broken wing was now healed. Spoke became a human boy dragon, looking around twelve-years-old. He had green hair, pointed ears, his face was purple with his nose and mouth pale green like his underbelly as well as his hands and his tail remained. He wore a yellow-green shirt with a dark purple jacket and blue pants.

Mako and Bolin now both had a pair of Pony ears, as did Tenzin, Kya and Bumi, however Tenzin and Bumi also gained pegasus wings on their backs. Eska and Desna also gained pony ears and wings while Eska had pony ears and her hair grew longer to resemble a tail. Mako and Bolin looked at each other in shock and shouted in union, "WOW! You have pony ears! What?!" they touched their ears and shouted again in union, "I have pony ears!!"

"It's amazing." Kya said in awe as she marveled at the beauty of the rainbow lights.

"I…I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life." said Eska also in aware.

"Nor have I." said Desna as he placed his hand over his heart, "What is this strange sensation I am feeling? It feels warm and…pleasant."

"That's the Magic of Friendship." Mako said smiling, "Korra and the ponies are sharing it with everyone. This is the new beginning. The Time of Great Change."

Meanwhile, in Equestria, the colors started return. Everything physically began to change and resemble more of Korra's world and ponies everywhere started to glow. Then, all of a sudden, the ponies began to create wind currents and flames with their hooves, water and pieces of the earth obeyed their commands. For some reason, they were not frightened by these new abilities. They felt natural, almost as if they had them their entire lives and now after so long, their gifts were finally unleashed. The gifts that showed how similar they were to humans.

From the Canterlot castle, Discord, Leilani Celestia and Luna also started to glow, their magic had returned, now stronger than ever before. Discord jumped with joy, "They did it! They did it!"

Leilani smiled proudly, removing her hood to reveal her lovely flowing magical mane as she embraced her daughters.

"I knew they would."

All around the world, people gazed a the lights as aura's began surround their bodies, turning them into half-pony humans with ears and wings for some people. They all began to feel an instant peace and happiness unlike anything they have ever felt before. President Raiko saw the lights as well and realized his new transformation.

"I…I don't believe it."

Lin was breathless by the beauty, "It's amazing."

Varrick, who is flying away to freedom, saw the lights as well and slowly started to get a strange new sensation. He now knew what he had do. "Zhu-Li. Change corse to the south pole." he said.

And for the very first time…Zhu-li actually smiled, "Gladly, sir."


The portal that lead to Equestria then moved and was placed in the area where Avatar Aang's statue once stood. Sparkles landed onto the water, creating crystal-like roots that reached up to the portal, creating a replica of the Tree of Harmony, with the portal right above it. Korra/Pony lowered its hands and inhaled inhaled deeply.

"Go in peace." they said in union as they bowed and Raava floated around them.

"Come, Harmonic Convergence is almost over. We must return to the Spirit World."

Raava and Jinora descended onto on Korra/Pony's open palms, where they cupped them with their hands safely, before teleporting away in a blinding light heading up to the sky.

The beam if light descended from the center of the spirit portals, illuminating the Tree of Time as the others watched in awe. The Korra/Pony spirit had returned, they opened up their palms, releasing Raava and Jinora, who glided to her father.

"I'll see you soon, dad."

Tenzin reached out for his daughter, but she disappeared before he could do so. But non the less, he was relieved to know she was now safe. The Korra/Pony spirit form began to dissipate into rainbow sparkles that were absorbed into the girls' physical bodies. Korra and the Mane Six all descended to the ground, collapsing from exhaustion.

The ponies took this moment to examine their new bodies, hands and legs. Twilight was familiar with this, having been turned human once before. The girls noticed that Korra was still lying on the ground.


Back with Katara, Asami, Tonraq and Senna, they all began to glow as they gained pony ears and Asami also gained wings and longer hair that looked like a tail. Even Jinora's body was glowing. Her eyes fluttered open and smiled at her grandmother. She sat up from the tub and her grandmother embraced her in a warm hug.

"Gran Gran, I missed you."

"What about Korra and the others?" Asami asked.

Jinora smiled, "Don't worry, they're alright. Korra and the ponies saved the world."

Tonrag and Senna hug happily. Their daughter did it. And they couldn't be prouder of her.


Korra stirred awake, her eyes fluttering open. She felt like she had been through a crazy roller coaster. She didn't feel the same way she did before. Something within her had changed. She was different now, and she knew that from this day forward she would never go back to being the same Korra she once was. The Avatar saw her anthro pony friends hovering above her, all smiling proudly.

Twilight offered Korra her hand and she helped her up. Korra was still a bit stunned upon seeing such transformations, but then she happily hugged them. She wobbled a bit as she tried to maintain her balance. Her body felt a bit heavy, like she had just been injected with a heavy load, but the load didn't feel awful…it felt wonderful. Korra's eyes widened as she walked closer to the majestic spirit of light herself.

"Congratulations, Korra. I knew you could do it."

"Raava. It's over. Vaatu is gone. We can fuse together." Korra said happily.

"Not exactly." Raava replied, making the Avatar confused.

"What? But we won."

"Yes, we did. But a new era has begun for all of us. Vaatu is still alive, but in a new form. Now, I shall take on a new one as well in order to help you keep the magic alive."

Korra was still a bit confused as to what she was saying. "I don't understand. Is this the end? Am I truly the last Avatar?"

"Yes. And no. You are the last of one Era but the first of a new. You girls have done the impossible; You saved two worlds by embracing the True Spirit of Friendship that binds us all as one. For years, I have always prided myself of being a warrior for the Light, but now I see that we all must become warriors. And you, my darling Korra, are ready."

"Ready? Ready for what?"


It's time now for a new change to come

You've grown up and your new life has begun

To go where you will go

To see what you will see

To find what you will be, for it's time for you…

To fulfill your destiny!

Korra floated in the sky as a white imprint of Raava formed on her chest. It then disappeared as one ray of light went to Korra's forehead and her wings glowed brightly. The Elements of Harmony glowed brightly, each corresponding with their individual color schemes rather than Raava's identical whiteness. Korra's body ceased its glowing and the image of Raava appeared above her head before shrinking and taking the form of a small white butterfly with the same blue patterns as Raava. Korra's eyes, forehead star and wings ceased their glowing once she landed on the ground.

She struggled to keep her balance but managed to keep a firm stance as the newly transformed Raava fluttered before her, resting on Korra's finger, speaking telepathically. "Thank you, for setting me free…my friend."

A single tear formed in Korra's eye and she gently placed a soft kiss on her wings before she flew off into the sky.

"Korra!" The ponies all rushed towards her and embraced in a group hug. Rainbow praised Korra's new wings, "Check these out! You've got yourself a strong pair right there."

"I still can't believe this." Korra said, marveling at her wings before turning to her friends, "And I certainly can't believe you guys are now humans! Or, human-looking anyway."

"Yep!" Pinkie Pie started naming the parts of her new body, "We have legs and arms, and fingers and knees and elbows and--"

Rarity quickly covered her mouth before she said the next thing, "Pinkie! Not while boys a present."

"Oops! Sorry."


The princess turned and saw human Flash running towards her. "Flash!" she happily ran towards him and the two embraced in a loving hug. Mako ran over to Korra, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek.

"I don't even know what to say. Except, You look cute in those ears."

Korra giggled and slightly tugged on his new pony ears, "Back at ya."

"You were all amazing." Tenzin said proudly.

"Well, duh! We were AWESOME!" Rainbow Dash lifted up her fist in victory while flapping her wings.

"And the way you all turned gigantic like that with the wings and stuff, WOW!" Bolin said in a loud excited voice, "I just wish Varrick had been here to film it! It would have been the greatest mover ever! After, the Nuktuk chronicles of course."

"Wait, what about Equestria?" Kya asked.

"Equestria is going to be fine." Twilight said with a smile, "The magic is back and stronger than ever. Because it's now shared with this world."

"Now I understand." said Mako, "The only way to save the magic…was to share it."

"So everything's going to be okay?" Flash asked.

"I'd say they're gonna be better than okay." said Applejack.

However, Korra didn't pay attention to him for she saw someone behind them. Everybody turned to see a man on the ground before them. He looked beaten up and struggled to stand up. His hair was tangled and his cloths looked like they had been burned. It was Unalaq!

Mako, Bolin, Flash Sentry, Applejack and Rainbow Dash all snarled and began walking towards him while pounding their fists together, ready to punch him. But they were stopped by Korra and Twilight. Korra walked towards her uncle.

Beside him was another butterfly, one with black bat-like wings and red markings. The winged insect angrily fluttered upwards towards Korra. The Avatar simply shoed him away. "Give it a rest Vaatu. You've lost." she approached her uncle and the butterfly Vaatu flew away, realizing he really couldn't do anything anymore.

Unalaq groaned and looked up to see his niece. "Korra? How? What happened to you?" He touched his ears and realized he now had pony ears too, "What?! What have you done to me?!"

"It's over, uncle. Any power you had is gone for good."

Unalaq looked at everyone and their strange new transformations. He then snarled at Korra, "You---you ruined everything! You call yourself the Avatar?! Look at you! You're nothing but a monster now!"

"The only monster around here, is you."

Unalaq made a run towards the southern portal, but was stopped by Twilight and Flash who both landed in front of him, wearing smug smiles and crossing their arms.

"And where do you think you're going, chump?" said Flash.

To everybody's surprise, Twilight punched Unalaq hard in the jaw and he landed on the ground with a loud thumb. Flash was impressed, "Wow!"

Unalaq got back up and attempted to waterbed…..but then realized he couldn't. He looked at his shaking hands, "No, my bending. What happened to my bending?!"

The man was then splashed to the side by a powerful water whip created by Rarity. Rainbow and Fluttershy who both grabbed the man by the arms, carrying him high up.

"Put me down!"

The two girls smirked at each other, "Okay!" they both said before dropping him. The man screamed as he fell. He landed on the ground again with a loud thumb and Applejack used her lasso to tie him up.

"Eska, Desna, help me!"

The twins looked at each other for a brief moment and then back at their father. "Sorry father, but you do not deserve any help." said Desna.

Pinkie used a party hat to cover Unalaq's mouth and blowed streamers into his face, "Ha, ha!"

Spike blew a raspberry at the man's face, "Not so tough now are ya?"

"Keep him there for a moment." said Korra, "We've got something to finish."

Korra and the ponies all walked towards the portal with Tenzin beside them. The bunny spirit appeared, chirping happily as he encircled Bumi who hugged the creature. "Bum-Jun, you're okay! I missed you little buddy."

"Aww, he missed you too." said Spike as he watched the spirit nuzzle in Bumi's arms.

Korra, the ponies and Tenzin approached the portal, standing before it. The air nomad looked at his student with regret. "I'm so sorry about Raava." he said sadly.

To his surprise, Korra smiled. "Don't be. She'll always be around when we need her. As for Vaatu, well…let's just say he's going to have to put up with her for a long, long, long time." she giggled, making Tenzin smile, "Besides, Vaatu may have lost, but he still left a pretty big mess over the years. Darkness is still out there. But the Light still exists too. It can never be extinguished…and by spreading the Magic of Friendship, others will see that too."

"But, what about your Avatar spirit?" Tenzin asked.

"Still here. Only, with a little upgrade." Korra clenched her fists and opened them….out emerged glowing white orbs and as Korra lifted up her hands they shoot out into the air and exploded into shimmering snow flakes.

Twilight happily gasped, "Magic! That's what was happening to you! I can't believe I never realized it sooner!"

Applejack tipped her hat, "Well I'll be. You had magic growing inside of you this whole time."

Rarity came to a realization, "Your magic, combined with your wings...that would make you a--"

"A human alicorn!" Twilight finished.

Rainbow Dash gasped, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"

"I--I didn't even know that was possible." Tenzin said in aware.

Korra opened and clenched her fists as the glow diminished, "The Avatar always had Equestrian magic within. But, because of the separation between our worlds, they could never unlock it." Korra gave a thankful smile to the rest of the Mane Six, then stretched her new wings a bit, "Now that I finally have, these wings and powers are here to stay."

"So if you now have your Avatar Spirit and alicorn magic, does this also mean you're reconnected to your past lives?"

Korra looked at him sadly, "No. I'm afraid that link is gone forever."

Rarity and Rainbow Dash hugged her arms and placed their heads on both her shoulders. "I'm really sorry Korra." said Applejack.

"Me too." said Pinkie Pie.

But Korra's frown faded into a smile. It was a smile of both happiness and relief, "I't's alright. No matter what, I'm still the Avatar. I'm just… different from the others now. Our entire world just went through a massive transformation, who's to say the Avatar cycle can't change either?"

Twilight hugged the avatar, "That's our girl."

"I am so proud of you." said Tenzin, "Why don't you close the portals? Then we can go home."

Korra and the ponies all reached their hands out to close the portals…but then they stopped as the portal shimmered with rainbow colors and their eyes all glowed with a rainbow aura.

"Maybe we shouldn't." said Rainbow Dash.

"What do you mean?" Tenzin asked.

"It was crucial for both portals to be closed during The Great Change so Vaatu would loose his power once the magic of Equestria was restored to this world." Korra explained as she slowly moved her hand away from the portal, "But now that it's over….what if Unalaq was right when he said the Avatar shouldn't be a bridge between the two worlds?"

"Uh, could you not say it so loud, he might here you." said Fluttershy while pointing with her tub behind her where Unalaq was still tied up.

"I'm not saying he was right about his methods. Though Wan had a good reason for closing the portals in the first place, but when he and the alicorns closed the gateway to Equestria it dangerously severed our link. All three of our worlds have been apart for so long." Korra clenched her fist, her mind processing everything. "Things were different during their time. Filled with anger and division… but it wasn't supposed to forever be like that. What if neither of our worlds were meant to live apart?"

Twilight turned her head and sees Bumi playing with Bum-Jun and Korra and the others see this too. Korra turned to Tenzin, "What do you guys think I should do?" she asked.

Tenzin placed his hand on her shoulder, "You should trust your instincts. There is nothing else I can teach you. Whatever your decision, I support you."

Twilight squeezed Korra's hand as the others rallied behind her nodding in reassurance. Korra smiled, "I think…if me and ponies can get along, who's to say humans and spirits can't as well? Besides, we could use all the help we can get from now on."

"It won't be easy." said her mentor.

"True, but the things that truly matter never are…that is why they are worth it in the end."

The girls cheered as they hugged Korra, "We are so proud of you, Sugarcube!" said Applejack.

"We all are." said Spike as he ran up to Korra who welcomed him in a hug.

Flash approached her, "Way ta go, champ." he gives her his hand to shake but instead Korra surprised him with a warm hug. Flash hugged her back.

"Thank you, Flash Sentry. For everything."

"You too."


I'm stepping out of my shell

Fells good just being myself

Not scared to show what's inside

I'll put it all on the line

'Cause I got nothing to hide


I'm finally me!

Korra sprouted open her new wings and started to fly all around, amazing everybody.

Got everything I need

What you get is what you see

I--I--I'm finally me!

As she flew, Korra unleashed beautiful blue and white sparkles all around.

And I've never felt so free

There's no one else that I'm trying to be

I'm finally me!

She made sparkles swirl around the ponies and their outfits gained sparkles, Tenzin's cloths changed into a dashing Air nomad outfit. Mako and Bolin's cloth changed to more stylish versions of their street cloths. Even Eska and Desna loose their drape robes and gain two stylish water tribe clothing. The two twins actually smiled.

Hey, hey, uh-huh

Hey, hey, uh-huh

Hey, hey, yeah

I'm finally me

Hey, hey, uh-huh

Hey, hey, uh-huh

Hey, hey, yeah

I'm finally me

I've got quirks, but they work

I've learned to love those things


You don't have to be anyone but you


So let me hear you say!

Korra and ponies,

I'm finally ME!!!!!!!!

Got everything I need

What you get is what you see

I--I--I'm finally me!

Korra and the winged human-fied ponies fly all around. From Korra's hands, sparkles landed on the ground and grass and beautiful flowers started to grow and the sky became clear and beautiful as day.

And I've never felt so free


There's no one else that I'm trying to be

I'm finally me


Hey, hey, uh-huh

Hey, hey, uh-huh

Hey, hey, yeah


I'm finally me!

Korra, Rainbow, Twilight and Fluttershy land and the others hug them all. "Yeah. So, what are we gonna do with uncle crazy head over there?" Rainbow asked while pointing to Unalaq.

"Prison is too good for this guy." Mako said while crossing his arms.

"So is the Canterlot dungeon," said Flash, "or any dungeon for that matter."

Tenzin grinned as he stroked his beard, "I think I know the perfect place for him."


Unalaq ran around frantically trying to find a way out of the thick fog. "No, no! This can't be! I am Vaatu, I am the darkness! I will rule!"

From a safe distance, they all watched as Unalaq laughed insanely in the Fog of Lost Souls. "Wow, that fog doesn't waste much time does it?" Bolin said.

Korra then walked over to her cousins with a look of sympathy and regret, "I still can't believe you guys agreed to this. But I just want you to know I'm sorry. I understand seeing your father like this is hard but--"

"It seems cousin Korra is under the impression we are saddened by our father's demise." said Eska.

Korra arced an eyebrow, as did everybody else.

"But I will not miss him at all." Desna replied, "In the end he became a deplorable man."

"Agreed. But how will be explain this to mother?"

The others all jolted in shock, "HE'S MARRIED?!"

"Of course." Eska replied calmly.

Spike crinkled his nose, "Yeach, that lady must have had very poor standards."

Bolin walked up to Eska with a smile, "So, I was thinking, I'm not really a fan of long distance relationship thing, so how about you move to Republic City with me?"

"I do not think that will be possible."

Bolin sighed sadly, "Okay…Desna can come too."

"I will not be joining you Bolin. Desna and I must return home."

"But you said--"

"Eternal darkness was upon us. I became caught up in the moment."

"Yeah…I guess I did too." Bolin replied sadly.

"But…you always hold a special place in the organ that pumps my blood."

"You mean your heart?" Twilight corrected.

"Yes, that too."

Twilight looked at her weird, "Ooooookay"

Eska and Bolin smiled at each other, "I will remember you fondly. My turtle duck" said the young woman.

Pinkie Pie said, "Awwwww, you gotta admit that is pretty sweet."

Seeing this semi-romantic moment inspired Mako. He looked over at Korra and attempted to grab her hand, but to his surprise and disappointment, she moved it away. His cheeks turned red once he saw that Korra had placed her hand in his. He smiled at Korra who smiled back, bright colors dancing in their eyes.


The Avatar turned to her cousin, "Yes, Desna?"

"Um, we--we've wanted to say that. Well…"

Seeing her brother struggling, Eska continued, "We are…grateful to have you as a relative."

Korra blinked in surprise by this, "Really? Wow, that's…by far the only nice thing you have ever said to me."

"We know we have not always been close but--" Eska then took Korra's hands and spoke with much kindness in her voice, "We hope we can somewhat the barrier we have created over the years."

Desna nodded in agreement, "Yes. And we are sorry for being so cruel to you and your friends before."

Korra smiled, "It's alright. And I would really like that very much."

For the first tim ever, Eska and Desna actually smiled as they welcomed their cousin into a warm hug. Pinkie Pie cried tears of joy, as did Fluttershy and Rarity and even Spike. Pinkie passed by a box of tissues, "I love happy endings!"

"Can I have a tissue, please?" said Spike.

"Sure", she blew her nose into the tissue and hands it to a disgusted Spike.

"I'll just use my sleeve."

Korra looked down at the fog of lost souls. Even though her uncle was an evil sociopath with a lust for power, in a funny way, he was right about the spirits and humans needing to be together. He may have used his methods for selfish reasons, but Korra managed to put them to good use. She also learned that not everyone who uses flattering words, or make grand promises are who they say they are.

As it would seem, Korra did learn from Unalaq after all.


John 8: 12~

Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, "I am the Light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life."


Author's Note:

Thank you Atea1793 for being a great beta-reader and a great friend. You can also see my Korra/Avatar/Frozen crossover art on my deviantArt page.