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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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A New Spiritual Age


Psalm 86:11~

Teach me your ways, O LORD, that I may live according to your truth! Grant me purity of heart, so that I may honor you.


A new spiritual Age

Korra, Jinora and the ponies all remained in their positions. Their eyes closed, their bodies unmoving, barely even breathing, almost as if they were made entirely out of stone, yet they still had their pulses. Tenzin examined them once more. Their pulses were still active and their heart beats remained the same, but their bodies still carried that same glow. It was very unusual for Tenzin to see this.

Flash Sentry kept passing back and forth. And for what it was worth, it was really beginning to annoy Kya, "Will you stop pacing like that?" You're making us all tense enough as it is."

"Sorry Kya, I'm just really worried." said the pegasus.

"You're not the only one." Tenzin said, "I can't believe my little girl had to guide Korra into the spirit world instead of me. If anything happens to her I won't be able to forgive myself."

"And if anything happened to Twilight I'll never forgive myself." said Flash.

"They're both very smart, and Jinora obviously has a strong connection with the spirits. They'll be fine." Kya assured them.

"Yeah, dad went all the time!" Bumi said.

"They won't have their bending in there." what Tenzin just said scared Spike, and he started to get frantic.

"WHAT?! You never said they wouldn't have their bending in the spirit world! Oh, man what if Twilight's magic won't work in either? They'll be completely defenseless!"

Bumi took that comment as offensive, "Excuse me? But I've never had bending, and I don't think I'd call myself defenseless."

"I--I didn't mean anything like that I just meant---tell em Tenzin."

"Of course you aren't defenseless Bumi, because you have your…."

"Positive attitude?" Kya pointed out, trying to help.

"I would've said acute intellect and cat-like reflexes, but whatever"

"Why don't you all get some sleep? I'll take the first watch." Tenzin said.

Spike gave him a thumbs up, "Great idea, all of this worry is making me tense."

"Wake us up if you need some company." said Kya.

"Or if any interesting spirit-y stuff happens," Bumi said. "like their bodies start floating around and you need someone to help you grab them before they fly off!" he said dramatically while reaching up for the sky as if trying to ran something. As he did this, Spike became even more nervous.

"Can that happen? Or what if they run into something creepy and scary in the spirit world? Like huge scaly things with spikes and claws that breathd fire?"

They all looked at him annoyed and Kya turned to Flash while pointing her thumb at Spike, "Is he serious?"

"Cut him some slack, he doesn't think strait when he's loosing his cool" the pegasus said dryly.

"Or what if they all get separated?" Spike said while getting more and more frantic, "What if Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy won't be able to fly? How will they get away? How will they survive?! OH, WHY OH WHY DID WE LET THEM GO?! WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!"

"Thank you, Spike." said Tenzin.

"For what?"

"For making me even more nervous than I already was!"

Spike bashfully backed away, "He, he, he. Sorry"

Kya narrowed her eyes at her older brother, "You had to put that stuff in his head, didn't you Bumi?"

"Sorry, I was just saying, we're here if you need us."

"I know you are. Thank you." said Tenzin. He walked over to his daughter and petted her head, "Please come back soon."

Flash kissed Twilight on the cheek and Kya placed a hand on his head, "They're going to be fine, Flash."

"I hope so." the young pegasus gazed worriedly at the motionless body of Twilight, surrounded by all of her friends. He prayed Jinora would be able to lead them back safely.


Jinora opened her eyes in wonder, the spirit world was even more beautiful and bright than she could ever imagine. Large beautiful trees grew all around and stunning colorful spirits flew all around the clear day sky. In many ways, it was like their world's version of Equestria, minus the ponies and mythological creatures like minators, dragons, and breezies.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

Rainbow Dash's jaw dropped at the sight before her, "Wow…"

"And I though Equestria had bright colors, this is absolutely breathtaking" Rarity said as a phantom-like spirit passed gracefully in front of her.

"Let's all try to stay close together, okay?" Twilight said seriously.

"Twily's right." Korra agreed, "This seems nice but you never know when we'll run into some dark spirits" she said as she touched a beautiful pinkish flower in front of her. She gasped as the flower briefly gave off a rainbow glow and it magically turned into a pinkish butterfly, which grew a bit bigger as it flew up, it's wings sparkling in the daylight.

"Look!" said Jinora. Rarity gasped with glee, "It looks like it's made of jewels!" she said.

"Pretty!" said Pinkie Pie.

"The spirits are so much more beautiful in their own world than they are at home" Jinora said as she, Rarity and Pinkie chased after the butterfly, captivated by it's beauty.

"Guys be careful! Hold on!" Korra exclaimed.

"Stay together!" Twilight shouted. They all ran after their friends, despite the beautiful scenery, they were still new to this world so they had to be very careful. As they ran after their three friends, Korra stumbled on something.


She looked down and noticed she had accidentally stepped on a spirit. "Hey! Watch where you're going you giant clod!" the creature exclaimed angrily from it's hole in the ground.


The spirit itself appeared to be a talking meerkat….with an attitude. Fluttershy gasped in wonder. "Oh, my goodness! Talking animal spirits! This is so amazing"

The Meerkat crossed its paws and huffed at the pony. "What's up with that squeaky voice of yours? You some kind of an overgrown flying chipmunk or something"

Fluttershy instantly felt hurt by his words and tears tempted to fall from her eyes. Korra stood in front of the pegasus, defending her, "Hey! Don't you talk to her like that!"

"This is a residential arena, in case you hadn't noticed." the meerkat said.

Rainbow Dash angrily flew to his face, "Well, we hadn't noticed, bub!

"Rainbow Dash, don't make things worse." said Twilight.

"Who do you think you are, stomping through here like that?" The meerkat asked rudely.

"In case you haven't noticed, she's the Avatar." Rainbow gestured her hoof to Korra who crossed her arms proudly.


Then another meerkat popped from the ground, startling the girls. "The Avatar?" he sniffed Korra's feet and looked away in disapproval. "Not impressed."

"Well she is, and you better watch your mouth ya varmint!" Applejack said angrily.

"Who are you calling a varmint? What are you anyway? I've never seen spirits like you before"

"We're not spirits, we're ponies." the alicorn said in a polite and calm voice. "I'm Twilight Sparkle, this is Rainbow Dash and Applejack and--"

"And just why are you here anyway?" the meerkat interrupted and Korra stepped in to answer.

"They came with me. We're bonded." she explained. A third meerkat popped out from the ground.

"Bonded? I've never heard of such a thing."

"Look, we're trying to find the spirit portals." Korra explained, "We opened one--"

"We heard Unalaq did that!"

Applejack continued, "No, we did, but--"

A forth meerkat came out. "Well if you opened it, how come you don't know where it is? Hu?"

"Because we were in the south pole!" Twilight slightly yelled at the creature, all of them were really starting get on her nerves. Korra came in between them.

"Please, there isn't much time--"

Another meerkat showed up, "I don't trust them"

And another, "We don't need you!"

And another, "Get out of our world!"

Before long, a whole bunch of meerkats appeared all around chanting nasty things to Korra and the ponies. Fluttershy clenched her head, the angry yelling was seriously getting to her, she hatted hearing others fight. And so, with a powerful voice, she screamed.


The meerkats all became silent as Fluttershy spoke to them with fierce authority. "Now listen up! We're only trying to help save your home but we can't do that if you don't help us. So you better show us where the portals are or else!" the pony began using her signature Atare on the meerkat spirits. They all became frightened by her angry glare but the results they gave were not what she had expected.

"How dare you intimidate us like that!"

"Make her stop!"

Fluttershy blinked in confusion, "What?" Then the meerkats all began jumping on Fluttershy attacking her. "Hey! Stop!"

"Get away from her!" Korra cried out and moved her arms in swift and fast movements, in an attempt to airbend them away from Fluttershy. But to her surprise, nothing happened. The Avatar looked down curiously at her hands.

"Did you guys see that?! She tried to bend at us, in our own holes!", one of the meerkats exclaimed.

Twilight Sparkle was already loosing her patience with the annoying creatures, "Alright, knock it off!!" she attempted to blast them away with her horn, but to her surprise, it didn't glow or give out a sparkle. Nothing. "What? My magic isn't working!"

"Get them!" the meerkats then started jumping onto Korra and the ponies, attacking them. The girls tried to shake them off by pulling them off of them or kicking them away, but as the spirits came at them they suddenly turned into a strange blue gooey substance that stuck to their bodies like gum underneath a desk.

"Hey! Get off!" Rainbow cried while trying to shake the strange blue stuff off but to no avail. She felt her body become heavy from the blue goop.

"Leave us alone!" cried Applejack, her entire body now stuck with big gooey blue blobs. Jinora, Pinkie and Rarity stopped admiring the butterfly once they heard all of the commotion. Once seeing their friends in danger, they ran towards them.

"Korra, guys stay calm!" said Jinora, trying to remove some of the gooey substance off of the avatar. "Your energy is upsetting them. You're only making it worse!"

Then a giant hole opened up on the ground beneath them and the girls all fell down. The darkness surrounded them, they felt they were falling down a bottomless pit, until all of a sudden, they felt they were floating. Twilight had her eyes closed shut, but once she opened them, she saw bubbles coming out or her nose and mouth. She was underwater, but she was breathing normally. She and the other girls were all floating in an endless ocean. The ponies all huddled around Korra and Jinora, who held each other's arms. Korra screamed in shock and large amount of bubble flowing out of her mouth, as they witnessed a large lizard-like spirit coming at them. They tried to swim away but the creature opened up it's enormous glowing mouth and swallowed them all whole. Interestingly, instead of being digested, the girls managed to rise up to the surface of the water. They breathed in for air, even though they could breath fine underwater, but it was nice to get real oxygen into their lungs. But the moment they surfaced, they found themselves upstream in roaring waters. They struggled to stay together as they were all being swept away by the powerful currents.

They then came to a fork in the river, Jinora, Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy were swept away to the right while Korra, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash were swept to the left. "Korra!!" Twilight cried out as she and the others were whisked away by the powerful waves. Korra, Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie tired to keep their heads above the water, and they all fell down a waterfall.

They screamed as they fell and suddenly landed on the dry ground of a forest. They realized they were not wet anymore, not even a drop of water was on them. The girls gasped as they saw a whole bunch of scary looking bug-like dark spirits all around them. The girls got up and continued to run in fear. Every step brought them deeper, deeper and deeper into the forest, encountering all kinds of dark and scary things in their paths. Korra's fear grew with each breath, encountering nothing but darkness and ugly spirits around every turn. The ponies were just as frightened as they ran and panted in fear, their hearts pounding rapidly. As they ran, they tried calling out for their friends.

"Jinora! Twilight!" Korra cried out.

"Fluttershy!" Rainbow Dash cried.

"Applejack!" Shouted Pinkie Pie.

"Where are you!?" Rarity shouted. They kept on shouting their names to no end, Rainbow frantically flew in all directions while calling out her friends. She she was willing to admit she was terrified.

"Twilight! Applejack!"

"Jinora! Fluttershy!" Rarity shouted.

"Twilight!" Pinkie shouted.

"Jinora!" Korra shouted one last time. The ponies stopped their shouting, their fears slowly being replaced with confusion. They realized that Korra's voice suddenly sounded…different. They all turned around and gasped at the sight….

There was Korra, but not the same one they had come to know and love. She was now much shorter, her cloths had changed, she now wore a simple sleeveless shirt and baggy pangs, one half slightly rolled up exposing a bit more of her leg and was barefoot. Her once toned muscles and slim waist were gone, replaced by little arms and a little belly, slightly exposed by the small shirt. Her wolf tails were gone and were now simply little scurfy side ponytails. The only thing about her that remained the same was her cutie mark and her friendship neckless around her neck. The Avatar sat down on the ground, crying her eyes out. The ponies couldn't believe it; Korra had been transformed into a little girl!

Rarity blinked in shock. "Korra?"

The little Korra quickly ran to Rarity and hugged her tightly while sobbing. The ponies all stayed beside the weeping child near a large tree. Surrounded by nothing but darkness.


"Korra! Rarity!" Jinora called out. She, Twilight, Fluttershy and Applejack managed to get out of the ragging river and somehow fond themselves in a clearing, the same one where they had encountered that annoying group of meerkat spirits. They all continued calling for their friends.

"Pinkie Pie! Korra!" Twilight called out.

"Rainbow Dash! Where are they?" Fluttershy asked.

"I don't know, my magic doesn't work, bending doesn't work, and I can't sense where Korra is, nor can we contact her and the others through our elements." the alicorn sadly sat down and started to cry. Jinora comforted her by petting her head.

"No, don't cry. You guys have to be strong."

"She's right, hon. Besides, Rainbow, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are with her. They'll be fine." said Applejack.

Twilight sniffed and wiped away her tears as she stood up. "You're right."

"Now we just need to find the portals, maybe we'll meet them there." Jinora suggested.

"And just how are we suppose to get there?" Applejack asked. Then Jinora noticed something in the distance coming towards them, "What's that?" asked Applejack. Jinora squinted her eyes and then smiled once the create made it into clear view.

"Furry-Foot? Is that you?"

The girls all ran to greet one of Jinora's bunny spirit friends, who landed before them. The young girl hugged the spirit. "It's so good to see you again! You're so big here." she scratched his belly and the bunny stomped his foot happily. Fluttershy scratched behind his ears as she baby talked him, "Aren't you a big sweetie? Yes you are."

"I don't suppose you know where our friends are, do ya?" said Applejack.

"We're supposed to go find the spirit portals, but we don't know where to find anything down here." Twilight explained.

Furry-Foot started flapping his winged ears and allowed Jinora and Applejack to ride on him. Twilight and Fluttershy flew beside them. "Looks like he does know." said Applejack.

"Lets go find our friends." Twilight said determinedly. Jinora jumped onto Furry-Foot's back, as did Applejack while Fluttershy and Twilight flew beside them. They flew across the field, admiring the beauty of the spirit world.

"This place is amazin'!" said Applejack as she looked down.

"I wish Angel could see this" said Fluttershy as she flew closer to Furry-Foot, "You do kind of remind me of him, though" they nuzzled faces. Then, they come into the forest and saw what looked like a building covered in vines high above their heads. Twilight pointed her hoof at it.

"Look at that!"

"It's like an awesome tree house!" said Jinora, "Wait, I've heard about this place. Grandpa Aang came here. It's Wan Shi Tong's Spirit Library!"

Twilight's eyes widen in surprise, "A library?! They have libraries? Here?!", she closed up to Jinora's face filled with excitement, "Why didn't you ever tell me?!"

She flew excitedly towards the library while Jinora looked at her skeptically. "Uh, I thought I just did?"


In the dark forest, Rarity, Pinkie, Rainbow where all gathered around a scared little Korra while sitting near a hollow tree. Rainbow kept trying to activate her element, but the gem did not appear on her.

"It's no use Rainbow Dash." Rarity said as she hugged little Korra with her hooves like a big sister, "Obviously, we can't use our Elements in the spirit world. Something must be blocking it."

Rainbow angrily kicked the ground, "This stinks! We've lost the others, we can't contact them and now, for some strange reason, Korra's turned into a little kid", the pegasus walked up to little Korra and gently petted her head with her hoof.

"She is pretty cute." Pinkie Pie said as she hugged the little Korra, "Who's a cute little Korra? You are."

The little Korra giggled at the pink pony's optimism. The girls then huddled closer at the sound of something in the distance. They spotted something with wings and glowing eyes flying towards them. It looked like a dark spirit. Korra shrieked in fear as the creature came closer.

"Ahh! Get away!"

The little Avatar swatted the thing down to the ground as the ponies shielded one another for protection. They hesitantly opened their eyes and saw the creature on the ground. It didn't look scary at all, and it didn't look like a dark spirit. In fact, it looked like a cute little purple colored bird. Its wing had a hole from where Korra had hit it and was releasing little sparkles. The creature looked up at Korra with big adorable eyes.

"Aww, it's just a little bird." Rarity said while lowering her ears. "The poor thing."

"Yeah well, it shouldn't have freaked us out like that!" Rainbow said while crossing her hooves.

Feeling sympathy, Korra reached for the bird and held it in her arms. "I'm sorry I swatted you, you just scared me." The little bird nuzzled in Korra's arms, now feeling more secure with her.

"It's so cute." said Pinkie Pie.

"He must have been as scared as we were." Rarity said. They suddenly saw a bright light within the forest, which drew closer, lighting up the dark forest as it did. Rainbow quickly got into a defensive stance as she stood in front of Korra, Rarity and Pinkie facing whoever was approaching.

"Who's there?" Rainbow Dash said defensively. From the shadows appeared an elderly man holding a lamp, he smiled kindly at them. The had had a long white beard and was wearing green-colored clothing.

"You girls look lost. Maybe I can help."

Korra looked at the elderly man. For some reason, she felt she had seen him before, even though she technically didn't in her lifetime. "I know you."

"You do?" Pinkie asked curiously. "Because, I think I would have remembered you meeting him before, and I know I would have remembered."

"I was good friends with Avatar Aang." the man said with a warm smile. Korra then smiled in return, finally remembering the man's name.


"Hello, Korra."

Rainbow Dash shook her head in disbelief, "Wait, you're THE Iroh? That Iroh guy from the stories about Aang we've heard so much about?"

"We've had the privilege to meet your namesake." Rarity said.

"Ah yes, my great-great-nephew. It is very nice to meet The Elements of Harmony."

"You know who we are?" Rainbow asked in surprise.

"Of course. Many of us have heard of you."

Rarity looked confused. "Us?"

"Why don't you come with me. I promise you will get all the answers you need."

The girls smiled at each other and followed the kind of man. Pinkie Pie hopped along happily. "I like him!"

Korra was slowly feeling more at peace. Iroh was like the grandfather she never had. She was kind, and welcoming and so sweet. He made her feel safe. "I'm glad you came to visit us in the spirit world. You came just in time."

As they exited the dark forest, the girls' eyes widened in awe. No longer where they in that dark and dreary place, but were standing in yet another beautiful field, surrounded by tall mountains in the distance, similar to the one they were in before they lost Jinora and the others. They spotted a lovely teashop in the very center, with tables all around. On the chairs sat the most colorful, and most unusual creatures they had ever seen. There were animals that stood on two legs, plants with faces and leafs used as hands, amphibians, reptiles, even ghost-like creatures. Each one was either eating a yummy looking treat or sipping some tea, looking as happy as ever. It was such a lovely sight, almost like something out of a painting.


"We're having a little tea party, to celebrate May-Jim's wedding." Iroh said as he led the girls to a table, where more brightly colored and various spirits of all shapes, sizes and species sat together happily eating yummy treats and sipping tea. Korra and the ponies sat next to a two headed frog spirit whit flowers around their necks, one head was a bit shorter with blue eyes while the other was a bit taller with orange eyes. They assumed they were the bride and groom.

"How can you marry each other?" Korra asked curiously. "Aren't you…"

"Complete opposites? I know!" May, the female frog, said happily.

"I tried to fight it, but she really grew on me!" said Jim, the male frog.

Rainbow Dash kept her gaze on the two frogs, her mind pondering. "Something wrong, sweetie?" May asked kindly to the pegasus.

"No, no, it's just…you kind remind me of two people I know."

"Oh, are they married too?" Jim asked.

"Well, by the way they bicker all the time, you'd think they would be."

"Sounds like love to me!"

"Please, help yourselves to some tea and cakes." Iroh gave each pony a plate with a delicious cake as they all sat beside Korra. Pinkie and Rainbow licked their lips at the sight of the tasty sweets. "They are spirit cakes so you won't gain any weight. Of course, you won't lose any either!" Iroh said with a lighthearted laugh while patting his big belly. The ponies laughed along with Pinkie already devouring her cake. Her incredibly long tongue liked her face clean, which was covered in frosting.

"Mmmmm! Frosting!"

"You have a very lovely home, Iroh." Rarity said.

"Yeah, this part of the spirit world isn't so scary." said Korra. Then she saw a familiar teapot on the table and pointed at it, "My teapot!"

Rarity lowered her pointing finger with her hoof. "Korra! I understand you're a child again but please remember your manners, darling."

"It's quite alright, miss Rarity. She is right, this is technically hers." Iroh picked up the teapot and showed it to Korra. "Wan, the Avatar before you, used it to carry the light spirit, Raava, around--until they you became one."

Rainbow Dash took a good look at the object. "Now that you mention it, it is the same teapot! I remember!"

"It is my favorite thing I found here." Iroh poured tea into their cups using the said teapot, "You know, when you make tea in it, you can still taste a little light in every cup."

Korra took a sip of tea and smiled warmly. The ponies used their hooves to drink their tea and also smiled

"Mmmm! Light-y!" said Pinkie Pie.


Jinora, Applejack, Twilight and Fluttershy entered the spirit library. Jinora and Applejack jumped off of Furry-Foot once they landed. The whole interior was marvelously detailed with images of owls on the walls and the cylinders were wrapped with vines all around the place. There stood many tall shelves which were lined with all kinds of books and scrolls as far as the eye could see. Within the shelves they saw various fox-like creatures organizing books. Twilight was speechless.

"This--it's--it's so--there are no words!"

"This place is huge!" said Applejack, she felt her eyes would pop out of her head.

"But it's covered in vines." said Fluttershy. Twilight smiled as she looked at all the books on the shelves.

"Good thing the books aren't!"

Jinora was just as taken by the place as Twilight was. "I could just stay in here forever, reading."

"You and me both, sister!"

They then heard the sound of large flapping wings within the walls of the library. The ponies all gathered around Jinora, protecting her, white talking on defensive stances.

"Who's there?!" Applejack asked defensively. But then, they all lowered their ears, their irises shrunk in fear and shock once they saw the master of the library descend from above the ceiling, his large colossal pitch black wings stretched out, his large talons sharp as swords, and his face, his front was white as snow, with piercing black eyes and a sharp beak, though small looked like it could crack a skull in seconds. The giant owl landed in front of them, the ground shaking as he did. His large presence could strike fear into the most fearless of warriors.

Even Applejack was freaked out, "Big….owl."

Their fear grew once the spirit spoke. His voice sounding old and wise…and threatening all at once. "The last human who said that is still here." Wan Shi Tong turned his head and the ponies and Jinora see the skeleton of a man wearing traveling clothing, leaning against a shelf of books, one remained in his hand.


The girls shirked in fear as they hugged Jinora, who didn't scream but was just as stunned for she had also read about this man. "Professor Zei!"

"When I said I could stay here forever, I didn't mean it so literally!" said Twilight while still clinging to to Jinora.

Wan Shi Tong looked down on them, "I see you have some knowledge of the past, little girl. So you should know that humans are no longer allowed in my library. Get out!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Fluttershy attempted to fly away quickly, but Jinora grabbed her tail and she hesitantly stopped. She really didn't want to make this spirit any angrier than he already appeared to be.

"I thought anyone could come in if they brought you some knowledge?" Jinora said to the spirit.

"Those are the old rules. Besides, what has a little girl got to teach Wan Shi Tong, he who knows ten thousand things?"

"And I though Rainbow Dash had an ego." said Applejack under her breath. Twilight knew that they needed to get some answers as to where they could find the portals, there was no time to be timid. So, the princess took in a deep breath and bravely approached the spirit.

"Mister Shi Tong, my name is Princess Twilight Sparkle. I come from the land of Equestria and---"

"You are not residents of the spirit world!" the owl bellowed at the pony, his face closer to her's, so close she could smell his breath. But Twilight kept her composure.

"Well no, but we do have some knowledge. If I gave you some information about my world and Jinora gives some about the modern life in hers, then will you let us into your library?"

Wan Shi Tong pondered on this. This pony appeared to be very clever, and he was a bit curious as to where she had come from. So he decided to agree to her terms. But if he didn't like the information she gave him, she and her friends would have to leave…even if it meant by force.

"You are a clever little on. Very well. What knowledge to you bring?"

"Well, me and my friends come from Equestria. A magical land where there live ponies of three kinds: unicorns, who can perform magic with their horns, pegasus ponies, who have wings and can fly, and earth ponies who don't have wings or horns but work just as well without them as the ones who do. I am an alicorn, who are the respective royal rulers of the land. My mentor and fellow princess, Celestia, alongside her sister Princess Luna are responsible for the raising and lowering the sun and moon---"

"Enough! You honestly expect me to believe two creatures like you can raise and lower the sun and moon when everyone knows they rise on their own without the assistance of anyone or anything?"

"Well, like I said, it's a different world and--"

"And you say you have "magic"? If so, let me see."

"Uhhhhhh. I can't actually do it right now but---"

"You are done!" his voice booming, echoing the halls. Twilight lowered her ears and hesitantly backed down.

"Yes sir." Twilight walked back to Jinora and nudged at her to continue speaking, "You're up, Jin"

The young girl bravely approached the sprit, "Well, since you've been down in the spirit world, the humans have invented radio."

"Yes, I am well aware of the radio."

"But do you know how it works?"

"Of course I do! There is a box, and inside the box, there is a tiny man who sings and plays musical instruments."

Twilight arced an eyebrow, "Really? And you think my story about alicorns rising the sun and moon were hard to believe?"

Jinora continued to explain, "Actually, when we speak, our voices produce sound waves. Radio takes those sound waves and converts them into electromagnetic energy that is transmuted through the spectrum--"

"All right, enough. I did not know that. Apparently, I have been fed some misinformation about the existence of tiny men in boxes." he turned to look angrily at a sad little fox, one of his knowledge seekers, who then walked away whimpering. He turned back to the girls. "Still, I am not interested in that human garbage. Now, go away."

Twilight once again stood before him. "You said if we gave you information then you would allow us to look at your library!"

"You're being dishonest!" Applejack snapped. Wan Shi Tong sneered at her.

"Don't talk to me about being dishonest! When I lived in the physical world, all humans wanted to seek from me was knowledge for selfish reasons. Weaknesses against their enemies, how to control empires, that is why I left. Dishonest?….you have never seen dishonesty like I have. Now, go away!" he turned around and attempted to leave until Jinora stopped him again.

"My grandfather was the Avatar, and I came to the spirit world with the new Avatar to find the spirit portals. I would think you'd wanna help us."

At the sound of this, Wan Shi Tong turned around. "You came with the Avatar, hm?"

"Yes. And we ponies are bonded to her." said Twilight Sparkle.


"Yes. We each share a piece of her spirit. She is our best friend and all she wants is to help you and everybody else."

"Well, why didn't you say so? Fine, you may look around. But don't break anything….I'll know." With that he flapped his large wings and flew away. Jinora turned to the ponies.

"Come on, we gotta hurry!"


Back at Iroh's teashop, Iroh was playing the ancient game of Pai Sho with a giant flower spirit while Korra and the ponies watched. Pinkie was still stuffing her face with cake.

"They say that the game of Pai Sho was invented by the spirits." Iroh explained, "…although some of them don't seem to grasp it very well."

"Just hold on. I'm thinking." said the flower spirit while scratching the side of its head in thought.

Rainbow Dash sighed in annoyance. "Just make a move already!"

"As you can see, it is a game that requires great patience." said Iroh, "But time does not mean much to us here."

"How long have you lived here?" Korra asked.

"Oh, I have lived here for many years. When my work was done in the human world, I was brought into the spirit world, and have been living here ever since. It can be a wonderful place, and I've made so many friends." his spirit companions all smiled warmly as he said this. They had come to love Iroh like he was one of them, and vice versa. Korra was amazed to see how happy and content Iroh was. He had no worries and no need to feel fear. In a lot of ways, she felt a bit envious.

"Hey! Who ate all the cake?!" Jim exclaimed. They all turned to see Pinkie Pie, covered in frosting and her mouth completely stuffed.

"I don't know!" she said with her mouth full.

"But, I thought the spirit world wasn't the afterlife." Rarity said.

Iroh chuckled, "No, it is not. Just like your Equestria, it is a different world with creatures as diverse and magical as your kind. It's not my final destination. When a human transcends into the spirit world, it usually means they still have a mission to complete. But, one day my time will come to pass here as well. When my work is done, I will return to my family where I truly belong."

"What is that purpose?"

"I will know when I see it. Like I said, time doesn't mean much to us here." Iroh then noticed the young girl's sad face. "Korra, what's wrong?"

Pinkie Pie came over, now clean, and swallowed the last bit of cake in her mouth. "You miss the others, hu?" she asked the young Avatar with sympathy.

"Yeah. We all came here with our friends…but we lost them and now we don't know where they are. I'm scared." she said, tears threatening to come out. Rarity lifted up Korra's hand with her nose, allowing the girl to hug her.

"It's okay, Korra." Iroh said.

But Korra had to face the facts; this wasn't the time to be playing or sipping tea. She had to find her friends and fast. The world was in danger, and here she was playing with spirits and eating cake. This wasn't what she was suppose to do, she had to do what she came here to do. The young girl began to cry and started to throw a tantrum.

"No! It's not okay! Jinora and the other ponies are gone and we need to find them! They're lost, and we need to go home!"

As she began to cry and scream in anger, the sky above changed from its sunny demeanor to an aery grey color as dark clouds swirled above them. The ponies looked at her with worry, the once lovely scenery turned dark and depressing. What was once a dream, was becoming a nightmare.

"Korra! Calm down!" said Rainbow. But Korra continued her tantrum.

"I don't like the spirit world! I don't want to be here anymore!"

As she cried, the spirits around them began to change from their usual bright colors to sinister and dark. Their happy moods shifted to angry and bitter. Iroh watched in horror and worry. Pinkie Pie hid behind Iroh in fear as Jim and May started bickering.

"Did you say something to her?"

"Me? You're the one with the big mouth!"

"This is bad!" said Pinkie Pie. Iroh gently took Korra by the shoulders and spoke to her in his kind voice. Even with what was happening, his demeanor towards her didn't change at all.

"Korra, please stop! Look at what you're doing to everyone!" Korra stooped crying and looked around to see the sky grey and the spirits angry. Nobody was happy anymore, they were all upset and angry. Just like she felt.

"I did that?"

Rainbow placed a hoof on Korra's shoulder. "Yeah, sort of."

"How did this happen?" Rarity asked Iroh.

"The spirits are very sensitive to negative emotions right now because of Harmonic Convergence, and the influence of Vaatu. Because of that, when in this world your emotions are becoming your reality. This is especially true for the Avatar, because you are the bridge between the two worlds. Everyone's actions have a consequence, and when you hurt others, you hurt yourself as well. You must try to stay positive."

Pinkie Pie's face gleamed as a light bulb appeared on her head, "And I know just how to do that! Music please!" she took a stereo out of nowhere and played some upbeat music. She then jumped and danced on the tables as she sang a happy familiar song,

Cause I love to see you, smile, smile, smile!

Yes I do!

It fills my heart with sunshine all the while!

Yes, it does

As she sang, Korra giggled and some of the spirits began to slowly soften, their anger slowly fading, though they were still dark in color.

Cause all I really need is a smile, smile, smile

From these happy friends of mine!

Korra laughed and Pinkie Pie hugged her pony friend, who was always there to cheer her up. "There's that smile!"

Once she released Pinkie, Korra realized the effects her emotions had on others. She felt ashamed for how she behaved, she was thinking so much about how she felt, she didn't stop to think about how the others felt. She had to remember her empathy, the empathy that the ponies had helped her see. She realized that while she did know this, there have been times in which she forgot, and that lead her to trouble. Korra looked at the spirits with a look of sincere regret, and lowered her head.

"I'm sorry."

The second the words left her mouth, the clouds began to disperse. Gray turned to blue, and dark became light. The scenery was happy and cheerful as it was before, and the spirits returned back to their brightly colored and happy selves once more. Korra and the ponies were all amazed when the sun peaked through the clouds, making the area look even more beautiful. But what was the real kicker as that a shimmering rainbow emerged and hovered above their heads.

Iroh smiled proudly. "There, you see?"

"I can make the sun shine? And a rainbow?"

"You always make things beautiful, Korra. Every time you smile." said Pinkie Pie.

"Yes. If you search for the Light with all of your heart, you will always find it." Iroh explained, "But if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see."

Korra smiled, "I'm looking for my friends. I want them here now!" she closed her eyes shut, focusing hard on her friends, praying they would appear. But once she opened her eyes, they were not there. Korra lowered her shoulders sadly. "Why didn't they come out like the sun?"

"I'm afraid finding them won't be so easy."

"When are things ever easy?" said Rainbow.

"The things that truly matter often aren't, but that is why they are worth it in the end."

Pinkie Pie bowed to the elderly man, "You are a wise and noble teashop keeper."

"But what are we suppose to do?" Korra asked.

"Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else." the little dragon-bird jumps not Iroh's hand, "This little fellow needs to go home as well. Maybe if you help him find his friends, you will be able to find yours."

"I'll take him home!" Korra said determinedly.

Rainbow Dash flapped her wings in ecitement, "And we'll be right there with ya. But where do we go?"

"The dragon bird nest is located there, at the top of Hai-Rio Peak." Iroh pointed to the mountain far ahead.

"I can fly there no problem." said the pegasus.

"I'm afraid your wings will not be strong enough to carry you up there. Besides, you girls must take him home…together."


Back at the library, the girls kept looking for books, but found nothing. Fluttershy was flying up the higher shelves while Applejack and Jinora searched on the lower shelves while Twilight sat on the floor reading a book and flipping the pages with her hooves. Applejack closed another book. "Any luck?"

Fluttershy shook her head, "Nothing here."

Twilight angrily closed another book, "Ugh! It's not in here either!"

"We have to find the portals." said Jinora as she closed another book, "Korra, Pinkie, Rarity and Rainbow Dash are probably waiting for us there right now!"

"And they can't close it without us." said Fluttershy.

"We need to find a map that shows where the spirit portals are." said Jinora. Fluttershy flew towards the fox organizing some books with it's mouth.

"Excuse me, Mister Knowledge Seeker, but could you please help us?"

The fox walked over to a shelf and quickly took out a book with his mouth and placed it in front of the girls. Jinora started flipping through the pages as she sat next to Twilight. "This is it!"

Fluttershy lovingly petted the fox's head, "Thank you very much."

Applejack and Fluttershy gathered around Jinora and Twilight as they looked at the book. Applejack pointed to the picture of a tree, "That's the tree where Avatar Wan, Prince White and Princess Leilani imprisoned Vaatu."

"The tree of time!" Jinora said in awe and continued to read: "The elders believed that as long as the portals are closed during Harmonic Convergence, Vaatu will remain imprisoned and the battle between good and evil will not be fought again."

Twilight read the rest, "But, if both portals are open, spirit energy is amplified greatly. During the Harmonic Convergence, this energy will be great enough to allow Vaatu to break free from his bonds…."

Jinora continued, "And the material world will again risk being consumed by darkness!"

Fluttershy gasped as she flapped her wings, "We have to warn Korra!"

"Leaving so soon?"

They all turned around to see a verify familiar foe standing at the farthest end of the hall. The ponies quickly got into their stances, ready to fight.


"When Wan Shi Tong told me he had a visitor, I had to see it with my own eyes. I can't believe Tenzin sent his daughter here instead of coming himself. What kind of a father is her?"

"Better than you." Jinora defended.

"Wan Shi Tong, how can you be helping him?" Twilight asked angrily.

"Unalaq has proven to be a true friend to the spirits---unlike the Avatar."

"He's not a friend to anybody!" said Applejack while flaring her nostrils.

"Why would you wanna help Vaatu escape? He'll destroy everything!" said Jinora.

"Don't believe everything you read." said Unalaq, "Why don't you come with me, so you can do some firsthand research?"

Fluttershy flew in front of Jinroa protecting her, "We will never go anywhere with you!"

Then she and Jinora, Applejack and Twilight were them held down by Furry-Foot, who had turned into a dark spirit,


Twilight looked on at the new dark creature in worry, only to growl when Unalaq addressed her with a smirk. "Don't worry, Princess Twilight. I have plans for you ponies."


Iroh lead Korra, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash to the foot of mount Hai-Riyo Peak. "This looks scary." said Korra as she looked at the high mountain. It really was a long way up.

Rainbow Dash scoffed, "It's not that scary." she looked at the dark looking mountain and lowered her ears fearfully, "But, just to be on the safe side, will you come with us?"

Iroh kneeled down to their level, "This is something you girls must do. The people who have been coming into this world have brought darkness and anger. So that is what you see now."

"Yeah and it's no fun!" said Pinkie Pie.

"No it is not. But you have all have the Magic of Friendship within you." Iroh turned his gaze up to the sky, and the girls followed, looking up at the brightly colored rainbow that consisted of various colors, each matching the coat of the Mane Six. "See that Rainbow? Each color is bright and beautiful on their own. But only together, can they create something truly wonderful. You girls all carry that Light inside of you. If you let it out you can change the world around you."

"Back in the physical world, I noticed weird things have been happening to me." said Korra, "At first I was scared of it, but my friends said I needed to embrace it."

"Your friends were right. I do sense there is something changing within you with every passing day. But it's something good, I can tell. You don't need to be afraid anymore." Korra smiled as Pinkie nuzzled her face. "Besides, look at this little fellow." Iroh said, gesturing to the dragon bird in Korra's arms. "This mountain is his home. When you first met him, you were frightened. But does he seem scary to you now?"

Korra tickled the dragon-bird's chin, "No."

"Many things that seem threatening in the dark become welcome when you shine a little light on them. Promise me you will all stick together and support each other no matter what, in order to fight the darkness."

Rainbow Dash nodded, "We promise."

"Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye." said Pinkie Pie.

Iroh hugged Korra and the ponies one final time. "Thank you for everything, Iroh." Rarity said.

"It was good to meet you. Come visit me again. In this life…or the next."

"We hope to see you soon." said Pinkie

"Bye." Korra waved. She smiled at the dragon-bird in her arms, "Okay, time for you to go home."

They all walked together towards the mountain. They briefly stopped to look back at Iroh waving at them, and then he suddenly became supper far away. They looked up at the extremely high mountain. Rainbow gulped before saying, "Let's do this."

As they walked up the mountain Korra continued chanting to herself, "Light and peace…light and peace."

"No more "conceal, don't feel"?" Rainbow asked with a proud smile.

"Nope! Never again."

They all suddenly stopped midway, they noticed the sky grew gray again and their path was blocked…by three large dark lion-dog spirits snarling at the trespassers. The ponies all staid beside Korra "Remember what Iroh said. Be positive." Rarity whispered.

"We're not afraid of you." Korra said as bravely as she could. The spirits closed in on the girls. "You're not scary! You just look that way." Korra smiled and the dark spirits started to back away a bit, "We have light inside!" The angry spirits suddenly began to calm down as Korra petted the noose of one of them, "It's okay, you can be our friends." she said sweetly, no longer looking at them with anger or hatred, but with kindness and mercy.

Rainbow petted the second spirit, "Yeah. You guys aren't so bad, are ya?"

Rarity petted the nose of the third, "You actually have a very nice shade of dark blue."

Pinkie then started singing happily,

The darkness and the shadows they use to make us frown


"Here we go again.."


I'd hide under a rock

(Which she actually does.)

From what I thought I'd saw

She jumped around happily,

But Iroh said that wasn't the way, to deal with fears at all


"He said--"

Korra and Pinkie,

Believe, you got to stand up tall, learn to face your fears.

You'll see that they can't hurt you just laugh and make then disappear!


"My name is Korra, and I'm taking this dragon-bird home."

Once she said those words, the sky above them cleared up once again cleared, revealing the brightness of the sun, and a bright rainbow depicting colors of the mane six adorned the sky. The rays of light fell upon the spirits and they reverted back to their normal happy selves and started licking the girls.

"Iroh said you could be nice." Korra said in between giggles.


Sooooooo Giggle at the ghosties!

Pinkie started dancing as the spirits danced along with her,

Guffaw at the grossly

Crack up at the creepy

Whoop it up with the weepy

Chortle at the kooky

Snortle at the spooky

And tell that big dumb and scary face to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can scare you then he's got another thing coming and the very idea of such a thing just makes you wanna…ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…heh…


Korra and the others giggled at the scene.

"Do you wanna help us?" Korra asked the spirits. The spirits allowed Korra and the girls to ride on their backs up to the mountain. Korra took one last look at the horizon and sings.


It's funny how some distance

Makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me…

Can't get to me at all!

Once they reached the peak, Korra jumped off of the lion-dog's back and walked up near the dragon-bird nest.


It's time to see what we can do

To fight darkness and break through

Korra placed the dragon-bird next to his siblings.


As long my friends are with me…

I'm free!!!!

They all watched in amazement as the three birds suddenly glowered in brightly colored magenta and started to morphed together, their sparkly essence rose up into the sky in a stunning display. Before their very eyes, a stunningly beautiful full grown golden dragon bird flew around them. Rarity and Pinkie Pie galloped their hooves in happiness while Rainbow did air flips. Then they all turned to look at Korra.

Rarity gasped, "Korra, you're you again!"

Korra looked down at her body. She was no longer short, and her toned muscles, slim curve, long wolf tails and normal cloths had returned. She was a teenager again! Rainbow Dash hugged her from behind. "Alright! Good to have ya back!"

The dragon-bird landed in front of them and Korra got on his back along with Rarity and Pinkie Pie. "Now let's go find the others and close the portals." said the Avatar.

The dragon bird flew off into the sky with the lion-dog spirits following by transforming into sparkly blue mist. Korra continued to sing as they flew across the spirit world. Happy to have learned yet another valuable lesson about friendship, and herself.

Let it go!

Cause now I know

I'll rise like the break of dawn

Let it go! Let it go!

That frightened girl is gone

Here I see, who I'm meant to be

Now I know!

I've turned into a much better me


As they flew, the scenery started to change. The sun was partly hidden behind various brown-colored clouds before shifting to an aquamarine color. Pointed hills stood over the horizon, looking much like the back fin of a shark, and at the center of it all was what appeared for be a flat crater formation, several stones spiraled around one large blue shinning beacon counterclockwise, which was the northern spirit portal, which also had stones pirating around it clockwise around a glowing orb, which had more of an eerie red glow to it instead of the blue one.

"There are the portals" said Rainbow Dash. Her gaze then turned towards the one thing that stood out among the place aside from the portals. While the rest of the location was a gray/dark blue ground, a single tree with a large, wide twisted trunk, surrounded by smaller rocks around its rooks, the twisted branches were stretched outwards, abnormal looking for a tree, and a single opening which slightly glowing red.

"And that's where Vaatu is." Korra said, gazing at the strange-looking plant. The dragon-bird landed safely on the ground, allowing Korra and the ponies to jumped off. The lion-dog spirits manifested behind them. Seeing his work was done for the moment the dragon-bird spread open its wings and flew away.

"See ya latter, Goldie!" Pinkie Pie shouted, waving goodbye to their new friend.

Rainbow arced an eyebrow at her, "Goldie?"

"He looks like a Goldie."

Korra walked over to the portal, looking sternly at it, and placed her hand on the beam of light. She looked around the area, her serious expression shifting to one of worry. There was no sign of Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy or Jinora anywhere.

"How are we going to close it without the others?" Rarity asked with concern.

"I don't know. But the dragon-bird brought us here for a reason. Maybe they're already here."

"So you've returned, Raava."

The group spun around at the sound of a very familiar voice. A voice that echoed with greed and pride. The very sound of it brought chills up one's spin, but not to Korra or the ponies. They knew exactly who this was. They suddenly found themselves up close in front of the twisted tree facing the servant of chaos himself, floating within his eternal prison, which was growing weaker by the hour.

"So you're the great Vaatu? Not so great being locked up in that tree." Rainbow mocked him.

Vaatu spoke with a menacing voice, through the transparent opening of the tree. "Harmonic Convergence is coming soon, and this time, I'm going to wipe you out for good."

Korra remained unfazed, "I think you've said that before, Vaatu." she said, not allowing this creature to intimidate her. She knew better than to let fear take control. "But we're here to close the portal."

"Burn!" Pinkie shouted in triumph before blowing a raspberry at the dark spirit.

"How can you without your precious ponies?" Vaatu with a slight humor in his voice.

"We'll find them. You're not getting out." Korra said strongly before walking away with her friends in tow. There was no way they would allow this creature to get the better of them. But they had underestimated him greatly.

"You might want to reconsider…that is, if you want to save your friends."

Upon hearing this the group gasped and spun around rapidly. Walking out from behind the tree was none other than Unalaq, levitating Jinora, Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy with a stream of purple water around them. Fear evident in their eyes, while Unalaq smirked wickedly.


The girls attempted to run towards their friends but were stopped by a dark Furry-Foot who landed before them, snarling and attempting to scratch them with his now sharp paws. The girls stepped back, only to hear the sound of growling from behind them. They turned their heads to see that the lion-dog spirits, who had only just became their friends, had turned dark once again. They surrounded the group from behind while Korra looked up at her uncle with anger and hate.

"I never should have trusted you! You made me think you wanted to restore balance with spirits, but this--this isn't balance, it's madness! Now let them go!"

"Don't worry, no harm will come to your ponies." Unalaq said right before he used the water to throw Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy towards the others. The three ponies grunted as they landed hard on the stone hard ground. Pinkie, Rarity and Rainbow rushed over to help them up, while angrily glaring at the man.

"However, if you want to make it out of the spirit world, you'll all open the other portal now."

"Don't do it, girls!" Jinora exclaimed with the purple water still surrounding her body.

Rainbow Dash sneered, "You're so gonna get it now!" she flew rapidly towards Unalaq ready to punch him.

"One more move and your friend suffers." Unalaq began moving his arms around, and Jinora's body began to slowly turn purple like the water that surrounded her. The purple coloring rose from her feet reaching upwards nearing her waist. The young girl could feel her soul being swallowed up by the darkness.

Rainbow Dash gasped and promptly stopped on her tracks upon witnessing this. Unalaq smiled, he had them right where he wanted them. "What will it be? Open the portal…or lose your friend's soul forever?"

The girls watched in horror as the purple energy continued to grow, nearing up to Jinora's face. What could Korra do? If she fought Unalaq he would kill Jinora, but if she did as he said, she would only make matters worst. Vaatu would be closer to being free, and both her world and Equestria would suffer greatly. But she couldn't let Jinora die, not in the hands of this cold hearted man. She just couldn't. Her love and care for Jinora mattered more to her. The ponies were just as worried as she was, they didn't know what to do, they had no magic or bending. As Jinora's body was nearly surrounded by the purple energy, Korra made her choice.

"STOP!...We'll do it." Korra said hesitantly, "But let her go first."

"Portals, then the girl." her uncle demanded before attempting to corrupt Jinora's soul again, making the young girl scream in fear.


"Korra, don't!" Jinora exclaimed, but Korra didn't answer. She couldn't allow Jinora to sacrifice her own life for the sake of the world. She was too precious and special to die now, especially in this way. Korra would find another way, but for now…this was her choice.

The girls walked hesitantly to the northern portal while Unalaq had the dark Furry-Foot holding Jinora hostage. Korra then turned to him, "Wait! The Elements of Harmony won't work in the spirit world"

"Once you all touch the portal, it will activate your Avatar State. Logically, the Elements along with it."

"Got an answer for everything, don't ya?" Twilight said in annoyance.

Korra sighed sadly, "I'm so sorry." she placed her hand on the glowing orb as the ponies placed their hooves over it as well. Korra's eyes opened as she entered the Avatar State, the Elements of Harmony appeared and the ponies' eyes glowed too. Jinora watched in horror as the portal opened, a bright beam of light emerged from it, rising up into the sky, identical to the southern portal.

Once it was open, Vaatu's tree glowed red and released a large purple ring as the dark spirit screamed in agony and the ground shook. While this was occurring, Jinora felt something warm within her chest. Her heart glowed like a pure white light, but Unalaq nor Furry Foot took notice. Once the deed was done, Korra and the ponies looked fiercely at Unalaq.

"Now let Jinora go."

However, Unalaq surprised Korra by waterbending at her arm, which turned blue and she screamed in pain from the impact. "AHHHH!"

"You should've come through the portal. Then you could do this!" Unalaq kept waterbending at Korra and the ponies as they dodged his attacks. Furry-Foot carried Jinora away.



Twilight, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash flew after her but were all struck down by Unalaq's water whip. They landed hard on the ground. Korra rushed towards them but was then hit by a dark dog-lion spirit and held her in his mouth. Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie ran to help her but were also knocked down by the fierce dark sprits that rammed into them. They laid on the ground groaning in pain near the others as the lion-dog holding Korra dropped her.

Unalaq levitated Korra and the ponies with his waterbendeing as their bodies slowly began turning purple, just as Jinora's did. The energy was almost up to their necks, they could feel their spirits dying. When suddenly, The Dragon-bird, Goldie, swooped down and knocked Unalaq down with it's gigantic wings, grabbed the girls in its talons and flew away. He held Korra, Twilight, Rarity and Rainbow in one claw and Pinkie, Applejack and Fluttershy in the other. Unalaq angrily watched them fly away

"I'll see you again, Raava." Vaatu said arrogantly, "Once Harmonic Convergence comes, I'll be free from this prison, and then I will have my revenge!"

As Korra's limp body was being carried away, she saw a vision of Princes White, shinning before her eyes. "I'm sorry." she said in a faint whisper. "I failed."

"No. You haven't." White said as his image slowly began to fade. "You're battle is only just beginning…"


Korra and the ponies all simultaneously gasped! They opened their eyes and found themselves back in the human world. Korra's hands were still holding Jinora's but the glow had disappeared. The young girl did not move, and appeared to be sleeping. Something was definitely not right.

Tenzin rushed on over to Korra, who was breathing heavily from shock and was sweating. "Korra! What happened?"

Flash and Spike rushed to Twilight, "Did you guys close the portals? Was Jinora able to help?" Spike asked.

Twilight and the others lowered their ears in sadness. Tenzin began to worry, "What's going on?"

Korra didn't know what else to tell him, "Tenzin--I'm…I'm sorry"

He noticed Jinora was still in her meditation position sitting perfectly still, "Where's Jinora? W--Why isn't she waking up?" he held his daughter in his arms.

Twilight lowered her head in shame, "Tenzin, Unalaq he…he tried to…I'm so sorry."

"Korra, what happened to my little girl?!"

The Avatar stood there in silence with tears streaming from her eyes. How could she have let this happen? Because of her, Jinora was still stuck in the spirit world.


Psalm 86:11~

Teach me your ways, O LORD, that I may live according to your truth! Grant me purity of heart, so that I may honor you.


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