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The Little Pony Legend 2: Spirits of Courage - MaggiesHeartLove

The Mane Six and Avatar Korra are back in an all new adventure unlike anything they had faced before.

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James 1:19~

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry



Once they were certain they lost Eska, everyone on the ship departed to their guest rooms and tried to at least get a few hours of sleep to be well rested for when they arrived at Republic City. As always, Korra and the ponies shared a room. The Avatar laid asleep on her bed while the rest of the Mane Six were also sound asleep, scattered across her bed. But as they slumbered, their closed eyes clenched, their brows twitched and their once peaceful expressions tensing up. Korra's did as well.

The Avatar stirred and moaned in her sleep, as did the rest of her friends. They didn't know it, but they were all having the same dream.

They saw Equestria, lush and beautiful as always. Magical in every aspect. However, something was amiss. All of a sudden, ponies slowly began to loose their color, their once bright eyes began to turn pale, the unicorns' magic began to fade, and pegasus ponies could no longer fly. A dark cloud hovered over the land, engulfing it in its darkness. Ponies galloped away, screaming in fear, but their attempts at escape were futile. Before they knew it, they were all engulfed in the darkness, while their once magical world began to crumble, flowers died, trees collapsed, the sky faded into nothingness.

Their world was gone.

But the nightmare was not over. That same dark cloud hovered over Republic City. People of all nations screamed and ran in horror, mirroring their pony brethren. But just like them, their fate was sealed. Their world crumbled, lands faded, people disappeared, the oceans were dried out, the sky was now dark. There was no longer life, no magic.

An injured pony looked up and saw Republic City sharing the same fate as his mystical utopia. Colors disappeared, waters rose and buildings collapsed, people ran and screamed in terror. The pony ran and ran as far as he could but there was no escaping the wave of darkness that slowly consumed him and all around him.

All that was heard, was a wicked evil laugh that echoed for eternity and the eyes of Korra's wicked uncle, glowing a mysterious red color, identical to that of blood.


The girls all instantly woke up at once, taking in slow deep breaths, sweat dripping from their foreheads. Korra's loose hair was tangled and fell down her shoulders. They did not say a word as they looked at one another. They all had the exact same nightmare.

Question was; what did it mean?


The friends finally arrived at Republic City the following day. The yacht stopped at the docks where Lin awaited for them. News of the war had sprung fast, and everyone in the city was already aware of the situations going on in the south.

Pinkie Pie was the first one to jump out of the boat and ran while shouting; “Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Gotta pee!” She ran passed Lin but then ran backwards while still shouting; “Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Hey, Lin!”

“Hey, Pinkie Pie” Lin greeted casually before Pinkie Pie ran off again.

“Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Gotta pee! Gotta pee!”

Lin walked up to Korra, Mako and the ponies with her arms crossed, “Welcome back, Avatar. Thanks for starting a war.” she said with bitter sarcasm.

“I didn't start a war!" Korra said defensively before reeling back, "….Well, I did, but it's more complicated than you're making it seem.”

“And a simple, "Hello, how was your trip?" would have been appreciated.” Rarity said.

Lin ignored the unicorn and turned to firebender beside the Avatar, “Mako, I want you back to the beat. There's going to be a Southern Water Tribe peace march tonight. I need you there to make sure things don't get out of hand.”

“I'm all yours.” he replied.

“I'll go too." said Korra, "The people of the south need to see that the Avatar is on their side in the fight against the northern invaders.”

“Great, that should calm them down.” Lin responded sarcastically before walking away.

“Who's she?” Flash asked Spike.

“Chief Beifong. Don't worry; she's okay once you get to know her.”

“Korra, maybe you should sit this out.” said Mako, taking the Avatar by surprise.


“I just think having you there blatantly supporting one side will only make things worse. You could at least try to seem neutral.”

“I'm not neutral." she responded defensively, "The north invaded my home. The only reason I'm here is to get the Republic to send troops to help the south.”

Twilight flew up to her anxious friend. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the truck up there A.K., I think Mako has a point. You shouldn't blame the entire north for blindly following Unalaq. I mean, did you blame all non-benders for following Amon?”

Korra's eye widen in realization. The alicorn did make a good point. "Well, no, but--"

“Twilight's right, Unalaq is the root of this whole thing.” said Flash, but Korra crossed her arms in frustration. Seeing this, Twilight did her best to reason with the Avatar, speaking from her heart.

"Korra, please. I want to help your father just as much as you do but like Celestia said; you can't let your anger cloud your judgment. I understand you want to correct your mistakes but you need to cool it down and think things through. I know you don't want to, but you have to. Do it for your parents."

Korra knew she couldn't disagree with what Twilight had just said, because she was right. She could feel her friend was speaking with true integrity and compassion. She knew she really did want to help her, they all did. Korra was just so angry and anxious about what could happen to her family that she had not been thinking clearly. But hearing Twilight's words, and seeing the compassion in her eyes helped Korra see things a bit more clearly. As much as she hated having to wait for things to get resolved, she now knew she had to keep her head on her shoulders if she wanted to help her family. She couldn't let her pride get in the way again, she couldn't. She groaned loudly in frustration.

“Gah! I can feel that you're right! Dang this empathy thing.” Twilight playfully slapped her back with her wing, Korra chuckled at this.

“But you also have a point," Flash continued, "we do need to take action. We already know what Unalaq is capable of, who knows what other dirty tricks he'll do to the South Pole.”

“That's why we're going to speak to the president." said Fluttershy, "We'll get Tonraq all the help he needs in order to stop this war before it gets way more out of hand.”

“We need to do exactly what we did with Amon, show everyone Unalaq's not who he seems and that the two sides shouldn't be fightin'." Applejack said while pounding her hooves, "You can do that during the protest tonight, Korra.”

“I agree with you Aj. But my people can be very proud; changing their minds might not be so easy.”

“Hey, the non-benders weren't that easy to convince either, but that doesn't mean we can't try.” Twilight said encouragingly.

“Alright.” said Korra with a nod.

“Zhu-Li's already scheduled a meeting for us with President Raiko tomorrow." said Varrick, "We'll get them on board.”

“Whatever, I gotta go to work.” Mako said.

“I better go check on my factory.” Asami said.

“We're going to find out about this peace march.” said Korra. And so, they all walked their separate ways. Which actually worried Twilight quite a bit.

“And I am dying for a pedicure.” Varrick said enthusiastically to a not so enthusiastic Zhu-Li.

“So, um, what should I be doing?” Bolin asked as he watched all of his friends leave.

“I don't know, Bolin, figure something out.” his brother said, not even turning around to face him. Right after the words left his mouth, Korra and the ponies all cried out in pain and clenched their chests as a sever pain suddenly came over them.


Korra clung on to her head, images from her nightmare returned. The ponies losing their magic, their world collapsing, everything turning dark. It made her head spin, her stomach turn and her heart ache.

“Girls, what's wrong?” Mako asked with worry as he tried his best to support her. Korra clinched her heart, taking in slow deep breaths, trying to calm down her nerves.

“I…I don't know. I felt this pain for some reason.”

“Me too. Like something was being torn.” said Rarity.

“We'll be okay. Don't worry.” despite what she said, Mako wasn't so sure.


Back in the South Pole, Unalaq and his general were both looking at a map of the south pole inside of Unalaq's ship. “Tonraq and the rebels are holed up here in the hills outside of town.” said the general.

“Leave them. My brother's no threat to us up there. Increase security around the spirit portal. Keeping it safe is our number one priority.”

“Yes, sir!”

The general left and saw Eska and Desna enter through the door. Eska was still wearing her wedding gown and her makeup was a complete mess. She had spent hours the previous night searching for her husband to be, but he escaped her grasp. She had never had this happen to her before. Not getting her own way was infuriating.

Unalaq addressed to his children, his mind complete focusing on the task at hand. “I need you two to go after the Avatar and her ponies." their father ordered, "They’re the only ones who can open the northern portal.”

Desna protested, “But father, you told Korra---“

“I told Korra what I thought she needed to hear.”

“I'll find her…" Eska said with a sneer, "she stole my husband. And those pests of her's shall suffer dearly as well.”

“I need them all alive.” her father stated. His daughter released a disappointed sigh.



The mare did not take her eyes off of the tree of Harmony, the plants around it continued to wilt and die before her eyes. She now knew for certain what was to occur, but she still prayed that the lion-hearted heroines would restore the balance.

It was all up to them.


That afternoon, while Mako was helping the cops with the peace march, Korra and the ponies all gathered around in his apartment to try and figure out a way to get the two sides to agree Unalaq needed to be stopped. They figured if they could at least die the drama down in the city, then there might be hope in stopping this war. Twilight was pacing back and forth thinking on a solution to the problem.

“Okay, so how are we going to convince the north and south that Unalaq is a no good liar and this war needs to stop?”

“Maybe we can sing a song about friendship.” Pinkie Pie happily suggested.

“Something tells me a song won't help them takes us seriously this time.” said Rainbow Dash, who laid on the couch.

“Not now, anyways.” said Korra, who was walking across the room like Twilight, also deep in thought. The door opened and Rarity walked in with a bag behind her and wearing an excited expression.

“I've got it!”

“Where have you been?” Korra asked.

“At the park, where I got the most fabulous idea! Korra can still lead the peace march but what if, we gave these to both sides as a sign of unity?” Rarity levitated a bunch of white roses from the bag with her, each rose had pieces of paper tied to them. Korra read one that said:

"'Don't divide, let's unite'."

“Exactly! Korra reminded everyone that Amon was dividing people instead of achieving true equality." Rarity stated, "Maybe this can help them realize it as well.”

“Why white roses?” Korra asked.

“White roses symbolize humility and loyalty. Plus they're white like snow.”

“That's actually a pretty good idea, Rarity.” said Rainbow Dash. While many of the ponies did agree, they noticed that Korra had a look of uncertainty as she held the rose.

"You don't think it will work?" Rarity asked sadly.

"It's a good idea, but no I'm not entirely sure it will." Korra said sadly, "I'm sorry you guys. Every moment that we waste here talking is another minute my family could be wiped out. I already let my father down once I can't do that again!" The young Avatar couldn't contain how she was feeling anymore. She sat on the couch and sobbed into her hands. Instead of letting her emotions out through anger, she was letting them out through sadness.

"My family's in danger and it's all because of me. Lin's right, it's all my fault."

The ponies all gathered around her, "Don't be so hard in yourself, sugarcube." said Applejack.

Twilight levitated one of the roses and looked at her friends with determination, "I know there's a lot at stake here, but I still think we should go along with this idea of Rarity's." Korra lifted her face from her hands and wiped away some of her tears.

"But will flowers be enough?"

"Maybe if you talked to them."

"Talk to them?" Korra arched an eyebrow.

"If you explain what really happened maybe they'll see things differently. We should at least try."

Korra looked at their hopeful faces, she could literally feel the love and care they had for her and knew they did want to help her, but feared she would lose her cool out of her own fears and doubts. She took the rose and smiled, "Let's do it!"

The ponies and Spike all happily cheered as Korra stood up from the couch, “Let's hope they'll be willing to listen.”

Flash smiled in encouragement, “Like Twilight said, it's worth a try.”


That night, at the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center, the southerners held their peaceful protest, holding lit candles and paper lotuses as well as holding up signs across the streets. Korra rode on Naga while wearing a crown of white roses on her head and a long dark blue hooded cape with fur lining. She wasn't technically a part of the march, but rather walked father to the sidelines while Applejack and Pinkie Pie pulled wagons filled with white roses while Spike, Rarity and Fluttershy gave them to the northerners. Twilight and Rainbow were both flying beside Korra. They noticed many northerners were liking the roses. Each of the ponies wore crowns of white roses on their heads as well. Korra hoped these gestures would work and her speech would get through to them somehow. She still wasn't entry certain if to remain neutral with all the cursing and booing that came from these people, but another part of her was saying this was the best option, no matter how annoyed she was with these people at the moment.

Fluttershy handed several roused to the northern side, “It's working." she said a happily, "People really seem to like them.”

“I told you it would work.” said a proud Rarity….before she got hit in the head by a rose as one northerner shouted at her.

“We don't want your stinking weeds!” his anger boiled.

Rarity looked at them sadly, “It was working.”

Korra saw a few others throwing back the roses. Her heart sank. “I was afraid of this.” she said hopelessly.

“Not everybody disagrees.” Twilight said, trying to lift up her spirits…until a rose hit her in the head, earning an annoyed look from the alicorn. “Never mind.” seeing the distress look on her friend's face she placed a hoof on her shoulder, "Don't give up. We still have a chance to reach them."

Meanwhile Mako was with Flash Sentry keeping an eye on things on the sidelines. They sadly watched as some northerners threw back the white roses at the ponies.

“I was really hopping Rarity's plan would work.” said Mako.

“Yeah, me too.” said Flash. He then bit his bottom lip nervously before speaking, “I know this is serious and all but--I just have to say, it's really exciting to be working with you. Officer.”

Mako smiled, “Thanks, Flash. It's good to have back up.”

“No thank you. And you really didn't have to give me this police emblem.”, Flash gestured to his new blue scarf with the Republic City Police Force emblem on it around his neck.

“I insist. You're a man of the law just as much as I am. Besides, take it as a token of our new friendship.”

“Thank you.”

Ever since they've had that heart to heart chat back at the south pole, after Mako apologized for messing up his date with Twilight, the two grew a newfound respect for one another and Mako actually found somewhat of a kindred spirit with Flash Sentry. Even though he was a tad more awkward and shy than Mako was…most of the time anyways, and the two seemed to have had a lot in common. Especially their attraction to females with strong minds and fiery tempers. Speaking of which, Mako flashed the pegasus a sly grin.

“So, you and Twilight Sparkle hu?”

Flash Sentry immediately blushed and tried his best to play it cook. “What? Oh, no, no, no it's nothing like that, we're just--“ he was interrupted by his train of thought when his ears perked up at the sound of something of a twig breaking. The two boys turned and saw two strange men wearing trench coats sneaking their way through the shadows. Judging by their dark colored clothing and oily beard, the boys were more than certain they were not here for the march.

“Hey! Stop! Republic City Police!” Mako shouted.

They saw one of the men pressed the button of a remote control in his hand before running away. Mako and Flash Sentry quickly chased after after him but were stopped when they heard an extremely loud explosion.

Korra stood before the crowd on a podium, ready to explain the whole situation to them. But before she could say what she needed to say the building behind her exploded. Korra and the ponies watched in horror as the front of the Water Tribe Center exploded before their eyes. Millions of people ran away in fear, Rarity sprung into action, bending the water from her bejeweled water skin to diminish the flames, not long before Korra did the same with water from a fire hydrant.

Meanwhile, Mako fought the two men who attempted to get away from him by throwing fire blasts at the young man. Flash Sentry flew from behind the two men and kicked them down with his powerful hind legs. The men quickly got up and into their satomobile as Mako continued to attack their care with his fire attacks, but his attempts had been in vain, for the two wicked men had already managed to escape his grasp. Once they were gone, Flash noticed something on the ground, he picked it up with his mouth and handed it to Mako.

“Thanks, Flash.”

“What is it?” asked the pegasus as he looked at the strange object in his human friend's hand.

“A remote." Mako responded, "It was used to activate those bombs which caused the explosion.”

Flash was shocked by this, “What kind of heartless monster would do such a thing?”

“Welcome to my world.”

They reached Korra and the ponies, Korra and Rarity worked together in extinguishing the fire with their waterbending. They had all lost their rose crowns during the commotion. They briefly stopped once they saw Mako and Flash approach them.

“I can't believe the north would go this far!” Korra said angrily.

“We both saw a firebender running away from the blast." Mako said.

“It's true." said Flash, "The north might not be responsible for this.”

Korra's eyes widened with this, there was no way Flash would lie about something like this. The pegasus was true and honest, as was Mako when it came to his job. Korra and the ponies all shared worried looks until Korra spotted a fire truck arrive.

“We'll talk about this later.” Korra said before running towards the truck to help out. As the girls left, Mako noticed something was kind of off. The ground beneath him suddenly began to crack, it was a very small one, nothing to really be concerned about, but still this little crack appearing on the street out of nowhere was kind of strange. He looked at the burning remains of the embassy, realizing that the building itself crumbled even more due to the flames.


After everything had died down, the streets were almost clear. The remains of the center were burned down and ash covered white roses were scattered all around the streets. Korra and the ponies sadly looked all around. Their plan to help others see the truth had failed miserably. Some were not willing to listen, and now it appeared Northerners were becoming more and more restless and angry, having exploded the Cultural Center.

“You really think the north had anything to do with this?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“Mako did say he and Flash saw a firebender.” said Pinkie.

“That don't necessarily mean the north wasn't responsible." Applejack bluntly pointed out, "Someone from that side could have paid him.”

Korra groaned as she placed her hand on her forehead in distress. “I honestly don't know what to believe anymore.”

The young woman kneeled down and began to sob. All of the consequences of her mistakes were crumbling down on her hard. If she had not sided with Unalaq, none of this would have happened. She had failed her people, she had failed as an Avatar. Despite what her friends told her…she had failed.

"Avatar Korra!"

The girls all spotted a young boy running towards Korra. He looked around eleven-years-old and was from the northerner's side, judging by his purplish clothing.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” Korra asked the boy as she wiped away tears from her eyes.

“You dropped this during the explosion.”

Korra's eye widened in surprise; he was giving her back her rose crown. Korra graciously took it, surprisingly, the roses didn't appear burned at all.

“I really do hope you can help." said the little boy. "My mom has family in the south, and from what I hear, things there aren't looking so good. They say Unalaq is even imprisoning anyone who defies him.” This news broke Korra's heart. She smiled at the boy and placed her hand on his shoulder. “I'll do whatever I can. I promise.”

The mother called the boy, “Honey, come here!”

“Thanks Avatar!”

Korra watched the boy return to his mother. The ponies and Korra all smiled at each other. "Guess we did reach someone after all." said Twilight. Korra looked down at the crown the boy had returned to her. Maybe she hadn't failed just yet. She stood back up, her eyes sparkling with newly formed determination. "Come on. We've got work to do."

While she wasn't looking, a small puddle of water began to mysteriously turn grey.


Latter that night, Korra once again was plagued by nightmares. Visions of her home being wiped out. People of all walks of life, even from various nations, ran in fear from a unseen force. At the center of the madness was Unalaq, laughing wickedly with glowing red eyes.

Korra once again woke up in a cold sweat, alongside the rest of the ponies, their bodies trembling from their shared vision. Why were they having these dreams? And why were they seeing more and more people being effected by this civil war? Korra didn't know why, but something deep inside of her was saying that there was more to this than met the eye. The more she thought of the nightmare, the more determined she was to stopping her uncle.


The next day, at City Hall, Korra the ponies, Spike and Varrick all went to see the president at City Hall. “I hope President Raiko listens to us.” said the Avatar to Varrick.

“Don't worry. I was a big contributor to his election campaign. Him and the other guy. Gotta hedge your bets.”

“Remember Korra, just keep your cool and focus on the goal.” said Twilight.

Korra nodded, “Right.”

But before they could open the doors, Rarity stepped in front of them blocking their way, “Wait! Korra you can't speak to the president dressed like that!.”

Korra looked down at her cloths, he had to admit, her friend did have a bit of a point. She could have at least combed her hair.

“Luckily a fashionista is always prepared.”, Rarity took out a cape from her bag and wrapped it around Korra. She then gained a beautiful cape-like gown around her waist, slim dark blue jeans, tall violet boots decorated with white fur trim, a modified top with water tribe patterns and pearls around her now loose and slightly curled hair.

Varrick was impressed, “Wow! You cleanup nice, kid.”

Korra admired her new look, “Fabulous as usual, Rarity. Thanks”

“All in a day's work.” she said proudly.

They entered the office and see the president of Republic City, a tan-skinned middle aged serious looking man wearing spectacles and a blue colored suite. Korra greeted him politely.

“Hello. Mr. President” the two shook hands, and the Avatar attempted to get down to business. “Sir, the Southern Water Tribe-“

“Just a second.” Raiko interrupted her as he turned his head to face a camera. “Keep smiling.”

Korra was a bit confused by this, why was he taking a picture for? Varrick poked her back, causing Korra to flinch awkwardly before the picture was taken. Raiko then lead them to his office.

"This way, please."

Korra noticed there are more flashes of camera coming from behind her, and they all saw Rarity modeling for the photographer.


"Ops! Coming!"

In Raiko's office, he took a seat opposite Korra while Varrick sat on a couch. The ponies were gathered around Korra, sitting next to her. “Now, how can I help the Avatar and my most generous supporter?” asked the president.

"I think you're already aware of Chief Unala's troops invading the southern Water Tribe and taking it by force." Korra explained, "We need you to send the United Forces to help.”

“I'm very concerned by what's happening down there." said Raiko, "But I don't think it's the Republic's place to interfere with internal Water Tribe matters.”

“Unalaq isn't even the rightful ruler of the Water Tribe. He lied his way onto the Northern throne, not to mention he illegally bridged a judge to frame my father and innocent men!”

Twilight began speaking on Korra's behalf, “He also tricked Tonraq and got him banished so that—“

But the president simply looked at the pony curiously. While she spoke, all he heard where "neigh" sounds. He rose his hand to interrupt her. “I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I don't understand.”

Korra knew this was a problem. The man clearly wasn't open hearted enough to be able to hear the ponies. Both Korra and Twilight nodded at each other as Korra began speaking for Twilight. The alicorn nodded to Korra, encouraging her to speak up. They had prepared for this the night before. The Avatar took in a deep breath and spoke to the president calmly and rationally.

“Mister President, with all due respect, I've seen first hand that Chief Unalaq is not the kind of man to be negotiated with. He had his brother banished from the north so he could become chief and took advantage of the Avatar's trust. Unalaq is a lying, manipulative man and no doubt he will work a way around anything to get what he wants and if he can't he'll take it by force. I dislike the idea of war just as much as anyone but, in this case, we need to at least do something.”

“Besides, the Republic is already involved in this conflict." Varrick pointed out. "The North attacked our cultural center last night.”

“Actually, Mako told me it was a firebender responsible for the bombing.” said Korra.

“Well, how do we know the firebender wasn't on the Northerner's side?”

Applejack scoffed at this, “Okay, I so called that!”

“Believe me; we are doing everything we can to bring the people responsible to justice.” said the president.

Korra kept on explaining the situation further on her own, using the advice Twilight had given her previously. “You don't understand, as long as Unalaq's in charge the north will crush the south. So, I've been talking with Twilight Sparkle and I think we've come to a solution that might benefit us all. Instead of attacking bluntly, we use the United Nation's submarines and have the troops sneak into the Southern borders without the Northerners knowing and meet with my father, Tonraq, and his army. We can work a strategy on how to dethrone Unalaq from the inside out. With the safety in numbers, we'd have a better chance against his soldiers and stopping this war before it escalates."

Raiko was silent for a few seconds before speaking again, “I will admit, that is a very well thought out plan, but sending troops is something I cannot do at this time. But I promise I will work with Unalaq and the South for a diplomatic solution.”

Korra was beginning to lose her patience, “Haven't you been listening? Unalaq is not the diplomatic type, believe me, I know what he is capable of!”

“I understand when you're young it's hard to keep perspective—“

“You're the one who's lost perspective!" Korra angrily said as she stood up, "I've tried reasoning but none of it matters if Unalaq is still in control. That's why I came to you in the first place! …A wise friend once told me, a friend is a need for everyone and everyone is a friend in need. Don't you believe in that?”

Varrick wiped away a fake tear, “It sure brings a tear to my eye.”

The president however, remained unfazed, “That is a lovely sentiment my dear, but as I recall you used a similar method on Amon and he didn't show you, or your friends mercy. Am I right?”

“Well, no he didn't but—“

“This friendship speech may work for your pony friends in their perfect magical world, but in our world we settle things maturely rather than with youthful idealism.”

Twilight scoffed at this.

“So you're not even going to try? My people need help and you're just taking pictures. I made a promise to my father that I would get him all the help he needs. And I'm not about to break that promise! There's more at stake here than you realize!”

"What are you talking about?"

Korra didn't think she would have to use this, but he left her no choice. "I know this sounds crazy, but I have a powerful gut feeling that this civil war is just the tip of the iceberg. There's dark spiritual forces stirring. I… I can't fully explain how or what it is, but I can feel it and it's going to get stronger."

Raiko rose a brow, and the ponies ann cringed. Korra was telling the truth, but her explanation was not helping her cause. At all. "I admit, this civil war was my fault, but I can't just sit here and do nothing. Things are only going to get worse if we don't stop Unalaq."

Raiko arched an eyebrow, "First you disrespect me by raising your voice and now you're talking about unseen forces at work? I think you've been spending a bit too much time with your princess friends."

"I'm telling the truth!"

“I'm sorry but unless you have clear evidence my mind is made up."

"Evidence? You have six magical ponies with wings and horns in your office and you want evidence?! Are you kidding me?!"

Raiko rose up from his chair, "Enough! This meeting is over.”

“My family is going to be whipped out and it will be on your head for not doing anything about it!”

With Varrick behind them, the girls left in an angry huff, but not before Rainbow Dash kicked the president's table over, knocking down his paperwork, and a flower pot.


Raiko simply scoffed…not even realizing the flower already wilting.


At Mako's apartment, the ponies and Spike all listened outside while Korra and Mako talked. By the looks on their faces, it didn't sound so good. Korra kept pacing back and forth ranting angrily while her boyfriend sat on the couch examining some documents.

“I can't believe the president is doing nothing! And he didn't even consider Twilight's idea, after we were up all night working on it! H--He doesn't even care!”

“I'm sure he cares, but he can't just tell his people to go fight a battle at the south pole that has nothing to do with them.”

Korra stopped to face him, “Nothing to do with them? This war affects us all more than you know!"

"How can you tell?"

"Mako, I can't entirely explain why, but ever since we got back I've been having this nagging feeling that something is going to happen. I don't know how or why, but I just know it."

Mako stood up and tried to calm her down, "Korra, I get that you're stressed out but you need to be reasonable here."

"Reasonable?! I tried to be reasonable and look how well that's turned out! Raiko didn't even believe me!"

"Well, you didn't exactly have the proper evidence to make him believe you."

"I can't believe you're taking his side!” she lashed out, almost without thinking.

"I'm not trying to work against you." Mako said, his girlfriend was lashing out once again, which had been happening a lot recently,

“Well, you're not helping me right now! I'm trying to get troops to the south. What are you doing?”

He glared at his girlfriend, “I'm doing my job!”

“We--he--hell, excuse me, officer. Don't let me stand in the way of you writing tickets. I'm just trying to save the world.”

"Well, you wouldn't have to if you didn't keep messing it up!" he lashed out, just like her, without thinking.

“You think I don't know what I've done? I know I've made mistakes, I admit I was wrong, I'm only trying to set things right!"

“Can you at least do it without biting people's heads off all the time?”

It was then, Korra felt this horrible sensation again. Her head was throbbing, her stomach was in knots, her fists were clenching, she was so close to punching the wall. She had never felt such intense emotions before in her whole life, never like this. It was scary and confusing, she couldn't keep going on like this. She was afraid if she went too far she would say or do something she was going to regret, and with how angry Mako was right now she couldn't risk it. She had to leave, now.

“I can't talk to you when you're like this.” she said in a voice that was both a mixture of anger and worry, but Mako was so caught in his own anger to notice. She quickly left the room, slamming the door in the process, leaving Mako alone to slump on the couch.

“You're the one who's like this!”

Korra came out growling in anger when Pinkie Pie approached her, “So—“

“WHAT?!” Pinkie backed away a few feet at her outburst. Korra gasped, “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to—“

“It's okay. I understand.” Pinkie Pie smiled and jumped into Korra's arms and hugged her, showing there were no hard feelings.

“You know he is only doing his job, right?" said Flash, "It's not that he doesn't care.”

Korra sighed bitterly. Once she was outside, her mind became clear. It was like the clouds had cleared up and her anger diminished. The company of her friends, knowing she was not alone and that they were there for her, regardless of what she was feeling and behaving, it didn't make her feel better about herself, but it did reassure her she wasn't alone.

"I don't know what's wrong with me." she said. "I've never felt so terrified and angry in my life." she then turned to her friends, smiling in relief as they smiled back. "I'd be lost without you girls." They all started walking along the sidewalk, “Obviously, trying to reason with the northerners didn't work as we hoped." Korra said while still holding Pinkie Pie in her arms, "And the president isn't going to be much help.”

“There's still the song option." Pinkie Pie suggested.

“We can't waste anymore time." Korra said.

"Okay, let's clarify ourselves here." Twilight said, "We can all agree that the South needs the troops for defensive purposes, and no doubt Unalaq will do whatever it takes to have complete control, which will leave the southerners defenseless. The only option we have is to get them there without being detected."

"Question is, how?" Korra asked.

Rainbow Dash then got an idea, “Maybe we can ask Celestia.”

"You're right! But wait, will she want to help after hearing what I did?"

“Remember what Celestia told you?" Twilight asked, "Everyone is a friend in need. But if those dreams we've been having really do mean something big is about to happen we can't take any chances, especially not now with what we're up against. You're right Korra, something big is about to happen, I can feel it in my bones. I know I'm the one who usually follows the rules but there are lives at stake, your family's, and the fate of both tribes. So this time I'm gonna make an exception."

Korra smiled graciously, “Thank you Twilight. I'm sure she would help if I asked but I don't want to put her in this situation unless it was completely and absolutely necessary.” That's when she got an idea, "But maybe there's someone else who can help us…and I can't believe I'm actually doing this."


Back at the harbor, Asami was going through some papers, until she was cut off by Korra who walked in front of her.

“Hey! In a hurry?”

"Sorry. I have go talk to Varrick.”

“Yeah, me too.”

As they entered Varrick's yacht, Korra saw an arrow about to hit Asami. She quickly pulled her out of the way, both girls and ponies, including Spike slightly screamed in fear and shock. They saw Varrick blindfolded holding a bow with Bolin and Zhu-Li next to him. Varrick took off the blindfold, “Oh, hello!” he greeted the girls casually before turning to Bolin, “See? I told you I could do it.”

“Sorry I ever doubted you.”

Twilight rolled her eyes, she was never particularly found of the millionaire, “Sorry to interrupt the bubbling bromance, but we need your help….surprisingly.”

“We can't wait for the president to act." said Korra, "We need those troops now.”

“And my company is about to go under." said Asami, "I have to find a way to make some sales.”

“And we need some fruit punch.”

They all looked at Pinkie Pie skeptically.

“What? It's been a stressful day; we need some sugar to amp us up.”

They all looked at each other….…………………

A few moments later, they were all drinking fruit punch, sighing in satisfaction.

“You're right, this does feel better." Asami said.

Varrick took one last sip, “Ah. That hits the spot.” he threw the glass cup away and it shattered somewhere, “Right, okay. Got it. Ideastorm time. Zhu-Li get the supplies! You kids are about to get an inside look at how Varrick Global Industries stays at the forefront of imagination innovation, or "imagivation"! That's trademark, pal.”

The friends all shared unsure looks, Pinkie Pie however was very impressed, “¡Ohhhhhhhh!”

“Brain work requires increased circulation." Varrick said before eating chili pepper and his face turned red, “Let's do this.”

He then hung upside down on a pole. Flash turned to Spike, “Is this guy okay?”

“I've been asking that since the second I met him.” said the unfazed dragon.

Varrick's face turned even more red as he started blurting out random ideas, “Okay, here come the ideas. Fast and furious. Pink lemon tea. Radio for pets. Uh, hand shoes.”

“I like that idea!” said Pinkie Pie.

Varrick finally got the idea he was searching for, “Hold on a tic. We don't need the president to go to the south. We just need the troops! Let's go straight to them! If there's one thing I know about troops, it's that they love fighting.”

“I know General Iroh." Korra said, "He might be willing to help us.”

“And don't forget our back up plan.” said Twilight before as the ponies replied in union,

“Princess Celestia!”

“You think Celestia would help in this war?" Asami asked, "She doesn't exactly strike me as the "fighting" type.”

“Believe me, Celestia can be pretty fierce when she needs to be.” said Rainbow Dash.

Twilight explained, "Defending is not the same as actually fighting for dominance. Even Celestia knows that. And she will be more than happy to help you in any way she can.”

Varrick was intrigued by this, “A man on the inside and ultra powerful supernatural beings on the side. Perfect!” he looked to Asami, “And you need to sell some mecha tanks. I know some people who need them. We'll ship 'em south.”

“That's perfect!" said Rainbow Dash, "You'll be making money for your company and you'll be helping to defeat Unalaq.”

“It's true. If you can't make money during a war, you just flat-out cannot make money,” Varrick said smugly.

“It's dangerous on the seas right now, but I'm willing to try is you are.” Asami said determinedly.

“It'll be crazy risky but I love crazy risky! End storm.” Varrick got himself upright again, “Zhu-Li, get those other ideas to research and development. I want the prototypes by next week.”

Korra stepped forward, placing her hand in front of Varrick to stop him from moving, “Hold on Varrick, there is one thing I need to make clear.” she said with a calm yet serious voice.

“I'm all ears.”

“I've been thinking a lot lately about this whole thing, and while I'm still angry at the northerners for invading the south, I know they're not all to blame for Unalaq's choice. So, my orders are we will not attack anyone until we meet up with my father and the rebels. From there he will give the command and the mecha tanks will be used only if completely necessary. But for now, none are to be used."

Asami's eyes widened at this, "Korra, you sure?"

"Positive. Once we remove Unalaq from the throne and get him to confess his crimes, the northern invaders will have no choice but to surrender."

Varrick blinked in surprise, "Wow, that's…actually a pretty smart plan. Did these ponies tell you all of that?”

“They help keep my feet on the ground when I need it.”, The ponies and Korra all smiled at each other as Fluttershy nuzzled her face.

Varrick clapped his hands together, “Okay, fair enough.”

For the first time all day, Korra sighed in relief, “This day is finally turning around.” she said.

“I still don't get why it's so hard to get the president to help out.” said Fluttershy.

Rainbow pounded her hooves, “Give me a minute with him and I'll make him change his mind.”

“Don't worry, I'm already working on that. As soon as people see this!” Varrick showed them all his mover machine, “They'll be lining up to fight Unalaq. Zhu-Li, do the, uh--the thing.”

Zhu-Li started rolling the film, as scenes from the south pole and the northern troops appeared on screen.

“Don't freak out, it's not real.” said Bolin. The screen showed troops amassing at the harbor. It subsequently cut to troops waterbending, followed by a shot of Eska, who glanced menacingly at the camera. Bolin screamed in fear and covered his face. “AHHHHH! Sorry. I keep doing that.”

Varrick smiled proudly at his invention, “We're gonna cut this footage together with scenes we shoot of our superstar Bolin here playing a Southern Water Tribe hero battling the evil Unalaq. No one will root for the north after they see "The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South" he said the last part dramatically.

Bolin flexed his muscles, “I'm Nuktuk! What do you think?”

Twilight had a bored look on her face, “I think I just lost half of my IQ listening to this.”

Spike enthusiastically raised his claw, “Can I be in it?”

“Of course!" said Varrick, "You can be his fateful ice dragon. Snowy!”

“Can I design the costumes?” Rarity asked.

Varrick kneeled down and took her hoof like a gentleman, “Love it! You're hired!”


“I'm gonna be in a movie!” Spike cheered happily.


Later, Korra walked outside of the yacht. She stood near the docks and removed the headband and gently stroked it with her thumb. Spike had a pencil and paper at the ready.

"Ready to go!" he said. Korra took in a deep breath and Spike began writing down what she said.

"Dear Princess Celestia. I don't know if you've heard, but my uncle has taken over the South, and I regret to say, it's partly my fault. I know I shouldn't be asking you for this, but this is something I honestly can not do alone. Please, come quickly and bring your bravest and strongest pony guards with you. I will be awaiting your response. Sincerely, Korra."

Spike breathed fire onto the letter and it disappeared. "Now, we wai--BELCH!" two seconds latter, the dragon belched out a letter from green flames. "Wow. That was fast."

Korra quickly grabbed the letter and started reading. It was more than just one letter, but various scrolls. Once she unfolded them, she read the words out loud.

"It's from Leilani."

"Korra, I hope this gets to you in time. It has come to my attention that your kingdom is now at war, and Unalaq has deceived you into open the spirit portal, which has only given direct access to a dark force within the spirit world. If not stopped soon, it will mean destruction for all of is. If I had known of his intentions, I would have warned you sooner. Please, don't blame yourself, neither of us saw this coming. As much as I wish me and my daughters could help you, we can't. The portal is growing weak, it does not have enough power to send us to help your family. In the next page, I have written down something that it is crucial you know. Heed these words, my child."

Korra realized there were more pages behind the one she was reading as she continued to read.

"When the planets align.

In a world without shine.

A great change will occur.

And negative forces shall start to stir.

Day by day, slowly but still.

All will disappear, and the fate…

shall be kill"

Korra briefly paused for a moment, her eyes wide in horror. The very last sentence sent her heart racing, the description was vaguely similar to what had happened in her nightmare. She hoped it was only due to stress, but apparently it had meant so much more. She continued to read,

"Fear will be the enemy

But there is a remedy

Once the time is right

And surrounded by an aura of light--"

That last part caught Korra's curiosity, “Aura of light?” she continued to read,

"The seven hearts unite as one.

A new era has begun"

Korra saw there was a third paper, and read the words out loud again.

"Much has been revealed indeed.

But only as of now what you would need.

The real truth is about to start.

Followed by a true act of the heart."

Korra and the ponies shared curious looks before the avatar continued to read,

"A journey through the distant past and you shall find the key…

At last"

Korra was very confused by this part of the prophecy, "Key? What key?"

"Man, why does this prophecy stuff gotta be so complicated?" Rainbow asked in annoyance.

Korra ignored her and proceeded to finish what remained of the letter. "I can only give you so much information at this given time, but you must be at the south pole when the planets align, close the portal again and stop Unalaq by any means. If he continues..."

"What?" Twilight asked, "If he continues, what?"

"I don't know. The rest is all blurry I can't read it. Must be a glitch from the portal ." Korra groaned in frustration. She turned around to see Twilight, Spike, Flash Sentry and the others looking at her with worry and fear. "You know what we need to do now, right?”

“It's more crucial than ever that we stop Unalaq.” said Twilight. "You were right, Korra. There is something bigger going on."

"This would explain those dreams we've been having. And why I've been feeling so anxious lately." said Korra.

"You think this could all be linked to these strange occurrences happening to you too?" Twilight asked.

Korra looked down at her palms, questioning the same thing. "I don't know."


Back at their apartment, Mako was flipping through a book of criminals' faces, when his brother walked in. "Oh, man, you should have seen Varrick today. That guys is a genius."

"Uh-uh." was Mako's only response. He really wasn't interested in whatever this crazy guy was doing, it really didn't matter to him. But if Bolin wanted to waste his time with that weirdo, that was his business.

"He's gonna help Asami sell her mecha tanks to the South, and he came up with this great idea for Korra to get General Iroh to fight Unalaq without President Raiko ever even knowing." Bolin exclaimed with much enthusiasm. Unfortunately, this news did not fit well with the young cop, whose brother now had gained his full attention.

"What? That's a terrible idea!"

"He's gonna put me in the movers as his hero, Nuktuk!" Bolin imitated Varrick as he narrated, "He's a man of action, but he's got a heart of gold. He was born in the tundra."

But Mako wasn't interested in 'Nuk-nuk' or whatever his name was. He was too occupied with the photos of criminals he was looking through. "Look, I'm trying to do something that's actually important here."

"Oh. Oh, sorry. Uh, sure. What is it?"

"Something doesn't make sense about this bombing. I just don't buy that the Northern Water Tribe was behind it."

"Didn't you say you and Korra were gonna talk about that?"

"We were, but then we had an argument. I tried to reason with her but it's no use. So if she won't listen, I'll take matters into my own hands."

"You really think that's a good idea? You know, she did come up with this plan to sneak troops through the borders and meet up with her dad instead of attacking directly."

"Sending troops without the president knowing isn't a wise move."

"Well, maybe if you two just talked abou--" Bolin was silence when Mako rose up his hand and the younger earthbender realized that Mako was not going to listen. Once he enters 'cop mode' there was nothing else he could do. He just hoped Korra would clear things up for him later on.

Mako always, always hated being upset with Korra. He still could not forget the fear and anxiety in her eyes. She really was at the end of her rope, but even so, adding more fuel to the fire wasn't going to help anybody. Besides, if there was anything he learned from his time as a cop it was that no matter what you always use your head. He was a man of the law above all else. It was an oath he took and took very seriously.

Bolin then began flipping through the book, until Mako stopped him. "Wait a second! That's him!" Mako pointed his finger to an image of the same man he and Flash Sentry encountered that night, "That's the guy that attacked the center! I gotta go show this to Beifong!" with that, Mako left the building…no pun indented.

"Glad I could help." Bolin said, "Nuktuk saves the day again!"

Mako ran down the stairs to his motorcycle. Once he was ridding through the streets, he noticed a familiar winged pony flying beside him.

"Mako! Glad I caught you!"

"Can't talk right now, Flash. I'm on the verge of cracking this case."

"That's great, but I came here to tell you something. Korra's pretty swamped at the moment, so she asked me to tell you that--"

"I wish I could stay and chat but I really need go." the firebender speeded up his ride and rode away, leaving Flash Sentry flapping in place.

"--she wanted to talk." he said as his ears lowered in sadness.


At Police Headquarters, Raiko was speaking with Lin about the incident from the other night. "How did this Cultural attack happen right under your nose?" the president asked the chief, "And why haven't you arrested the Northerners responsible?"

"We're working on it, sir." Lin responded in a dignified manner.

"Well work harder! If you don't get any results soon, I'm going to find someone who can."

Now in his uniform, Mako walked into the police office. He walked towards a desk where two, somewhat lazy, looking detectives sat. One was tall and the other was rather short.

"I got a break in the bombing case." Mako told them, "I I.D.'d the guy I saw at the scene."

"That's great, Mako" one of the detectives, Lu, said while his companion, Gaang, nodded in agreement,

"Yeah, you better run that and tell Beifong right now."

"You think?" Mako asked

"Sure. You're gonna be a hero!" Lu said. Mako looked confidently at the picture before entering Lin's office. Once inside, Lu and Gaang laughed and made their signature handshake. To their amusement, Lin shouted from inside.

"What makes a rookie beat cop think he can interrupt my meeting with the President?"

The two detectives only laughed harder at Mako's humiliation.

"I'm sorry, I just--um, I found something out about the bombing."

"Well, give it to Lu and Gang, you moron. Now get out!"

An embarrassed Mako walked out of the office, only to see Lu and Gaang who were making fun of him, Gaang was styling his hair like Mako's. Both men returned made themselves look casual when Mako walked to their desk.

"Sorry. Was she busy?" Lu asked. But Mako was not in the mood to put up with their harassment. The young man placed the photo of the criminal onto their desk.

"This is the guy I saw sneaking out of the building right before the explosions. He's a member of the Agni Kais. Someone must have hired him to make it look like the Northerners attacked the Cultural Center."

Gaang took the picture and examined it, before carelessly dropping it into a drawer.

"Did you learn anything about that remote control I found at the scene?" Mako asked, "That's gotta be the key to finding out who's really responsible."

"You mean that remote you and your pet pony found?" Gaang teased, making Mako's blood boil. Those two always made fun of him being around ponies. They found the creatures rather sissy.

"Listen, kid, it was the Northern Water Tribe, okay?" Lu said.

"Yeah, give it a rest, Super Cop." said Gaang, "Why don't you go and frolic with your cute little pony princess friends, hu?" the two men laughed in amusement as Mako returned to his desk, crossing his arms in annoyance. He really couldn't stand those guys, they were so immature. President Raiko exited Lin's office and walked toward Mako's desk. The young man stood up in respect.

"I've heard good things about you." said Raiko, "You've made some big triad busts for a rookie."

"Thank you, sir."

"And you're dating the Avatar, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"I'm concerned that she might be getting some bad advice from Varrick. You wouldn't happen to know if they're plotting anything that might compromise the security of Republic City, would you, officer?"

Mako glanced uneasily. He did know something, but should he tell him, or not? Would it be the right thing? Would he be helping or making things worse?

"Let me remind you that you've sworn an oath. You're a man of the law before anything else."

"Yes, sir."

"Well, keep up the good work." Raiko walked away. Mako knew that Korra, and most likely the Ponies, would kill him for this, but Raiko was right, he was a man of the law now and he had to do what was right. It was his job. Besides, even if Korra didn't understand it now she would later on understand his decision. He sighed before opening his mouth…

"Wait, there's something you should know."

Mako knew that this was a very risky thing to do, but he made his choice, he was a man of the law…above anything else.


Korra sadly sat at her regular table at Narook's. She was both bored and worried. Her expression gleamed when she spotted Flash Sentry approach her.

"Well, what did he say?" Korra asked. But the pegasus lowered his ears sadly, and the Avatar quickly got the message. "He's not coming, is he?"

"I'm sorry, he said he had a crack on the case."

Korra sighed sadly. She was hoping she and Mako would talk things over, to apologize for her behavior before. She was angry, mainly at herself, and she took it out on him. ..again. Thanks to Twilight, she managed to see that. She even hoped to clarify her plan to help the South, in hopes he would assist. But it was clear that he wouldn't.

"Well, since I'm here. You want some noodles?"

Flash kindly sat next to Korra, happy to keep the Avatar company.


The next day, at the United Forces Harbor, Korra, Twilight and Flash Sentry were speaking with Iroh. “Thank you so much for seeing me, General Iroh.”

“Of course." he then noticed the cutie mark on Korra, "Is that a tattoo on your face?”

Korra caressed the mark on her cheek, “Actually it's called a cutie mark. Long story.”

“It's cute. What can I do for you?”

“The south needs military support before Unalaq wipes them out completely, but the president is refusing to give the order. So I decided to come to you directly.”

“I see." the general placed his knuckles near his chin in thought, "Well, suppose I were to take the fleet South on some routine training maneuvers. And let's say we were to accidentally run into hostile Northern blockade. We'd have no choice but to defend ourselves, wouldn't we?”

“But I was actually kind of hopping that you could find some way to have troops sneak through the borders without being detected.” Korra said hopefully. "We're trying not to draw too much attention to ourselves."

“Well, if the northern troops are distracted fighting us, they'll be oblivious to whoever sneaks past them.” the general said with a confident grin.

Twilight smiled, “He's good.”

Korra smiled in return, “Yeah. Thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me. To all of us. Okay, there is one more thing I need to discuss with you. Once the troops arrive--”

“Swapping old war stories?”

Korra was interrupted when President Raiko appeared. Iroh saluted to the man in respect, “Mister President.”

“I hope you're not planning to take any military action without an order from your commander-in-chief?”

“Of course not, sir.”

“Good. Because if a single vessel leaves this harbor without my say so, you'll be court martialed. Am I clear?

“Crystal, sir.”

Raiko turned to Korra and ignored the glares he got from Twilight and Flash. “Your activities here are bordering on insurrection. The Avatar does not command the military of the Republic. Don't go behind my back again.”

Twilight growled at him, Korra calmed her down before speaking to the president, “Mister President, I'm sorry it came to this, but please, if you would just let me explain--“

Raiko raised his hand to make her stop talking, “I have heard enough out of you.” Korra glared at him and Raiko turned to Iroh, “As you were, General Iroh.”

With that he took his leave, leaving a very irritated avatar behind, “I hate that guy!”

“Korra, breath!”

Korra did as Twilight said and does the breathing thing she taught her, “Okay. I'm a little bit better.”

“I'm sorry. My hands are officially tied.” Iroh said regretfully.

“I understand. Thanks anyway.”

“But you should talk to the Fire Lord. My mother and grandfather have always been good friends with the Avatar, and the Southern Water Tribe. I'm sure they'll be willing to help.”

“Thank you, General.”


At Varrick's yacht, they had already began filming for the movie. Boin was standing in front of a winter background on the set, wearing a water tribe outfit while Spike wore what looked like a Viking's hat.

“Wouldn’t I be cold wearing this outfit in the snow?” Bolin asked, uncertain about his costume,

“Nut Tuk is never cold.” Varrick responded.

Spike scratched his head from the itchy hat, “Do I have to wear this? It's seriously itchy.”

Rarity walked in levitating a much better, and much more appropriate, costume for Bolin. “Here it is! One of my finest work if you ask----AHHHHHH!” She screamed on horror at the sight of what Bolin had on, “Oh, my stars, Boly! What horrid thing are you wearing?”

“Isn't it great?” Varrick said proudly,

“But, I already designed this for the film. Personally I find it much more stylish and heroic…" she took another look at Bolin's costume in disgust, "and appropriate.”

Varrick kneeled down to her level, “Yeah, about that. Rarity we've decided to use another fashion designer.” he points to the other side of the room to a skinny and almost girly looking man in a ponytail already making more costumes.

“But--but I—“

“Nothing personal kid, it's just business. I'm sorry but…you're fired.”

Rarity looked at him annoyed, “I was doing this for free.” she said dryly.

“GAH! WHAT AM I LOOKING AT?!” Rainbow Dash attempted to cover her eyes, then covered innocent Fluttershy's eyes, who was already cringing. Applejack covered her face with her hat. “Bo! Put a shirt on! And some decent pants!”

Pinkie Pie screamed dramatically, “It's making me blind! I'M GOING BLIND!”

Bolin blushed in embarrassment, but he then smiled when he saw Ginger walk by him. “Ohhh. Hey, Ginger.” he said flirtatiously.

Ginger flipped her oddly red colored hair, to which Varrick points to, “How about that, huh? It's the latest product in my Varri-manageable. Hairline: Varri-dye! We get some shots of her using it before Unalaq kidnaps her. I guarantee we sell a million cases week one.”

The doors opened again as Korra, Twilight, Flash and Naga walked in. “Bolin, I need you to take care of Naga while I'm gone.” Korra said.

“Where are you going?” Rarity asked.

“The Fire Nation.”

“We're going to try to get them to help the south.” said Twilight. She turned to Varrick and said, “We need a boat.”

“General Iroh couldn't help?” Fluttershy asked.

“He was going to, but then President Raiko showed up." Korra explained, "Someone must have tipped him off.”

Twilight tapped her chin in thought, “But who? No else knew about it but us and Asami.”

“And Mako.” Bolin said. Their eyes all wide in shock.

Spike face palmed himself, “Oh, boy.”

“You--he--WHAT?!”, Twilight flew near Bolin's face, very very angry, “Mako knew about this?!”

Rainbow Dash flew near him with the same angry expression, “Why did you tell him?!”

“Come on, there's no way Mako would have told. Right?”

Twilight groaned angrily as she and Korra stormed out the door. Flash latter followed, “I'm gonna go and make sure they don't….you know.” he flew after them.

Spike looked at Rarity, “She's gonna blow up isn't she?”

“Like fireworks in the sky.” said the unicorn.


Without hesitation, Korra kicked the door of the the police office open and marched angrily towards her boyfriend's desk. “You ratted me out to the president?!”

Mako rose his hands up in surrender and tried to reason with his girlfriend…who was fuming mad. “Korra, let me explain”

“Explain why my boyfriend stabbed me in the back?!” she exclaimed angrily, Twilight stood on his desk looking at him fiercely alongside the Avatar.

“The president gave me a direct order." Mako stated, "What was I supposed to do? Twilight back me up here.”

Twilight was utterly repulsed by his response, “Seriously? You want me to back you up on this?!"

"Why did you tell him?!" Korra asked angrily, demanding answers, "Why didn't you come to me about it?!"

"Would you have listened?!"

"It's not what you think, Mako!"

"I think you made it pretty clear beforehand!"

Korra slowly clenched her fists. She didn't want it to come to this, but the emotion she was feeling right now could not be contained any longer. “Do you...have any idea, what you've done?!!

She angrily swung her leg, knocking down Mako's desk across the room with her airbending. The firebender glared at the angry woman, “Enough! Look, I have a job to do! I can't constantly be worrying about keeping you from making another huge mistake!”

“Well, I have a job to do too, only it seems like you've been constantly standing in the way of me getting it done!”

“Well, I guess if we're both putting our jobs first, maybe there's no room for our relationship!”

They both looked at each other as the air around them fell into silence. Twilight, who was flying the whole time, slowly lowered down. She could feel the pain already growing within Korra….and something else. Something that was reacting to her emotions, and it was growing. Korra's anger diminished and all she felt was sadness and pain. The air was suddenly cold as winter.

“So, what? Are you….breaking up with me?” she asked with fear in her voice. Mako looked at her sadly before responding hesitantly.

“Yeah. I guess I am.” the look in his eyes clearly indicated the pain he felt from those words.

Twilight let out a gasp as tears began to form in Korra's eyes. One of her tears fell to the floor and once it made contact…it froze over and started to grow.

Mako looked down and gasped in horror as did Korra and Twilight. The spot where the tear had fallen began to turn into solid ice, which then expanded, spreading all over the office, covering the walls, chairs and desks in icicles so sharp they could pierce human skin formed. The whole place was now frozen solid. Cold and harsh.

Korra looked around in horror at what had just happened, all the cops inside began to shiver, hugging themselves for warmth. Mako looked at the Avatar in complete shock, unsure on what to say. Korra didn't see anger in his eyes…she saw fear. She looked around the place, the officers trembling in fear and Korra knew why.

Lin walked out of her office and saw the whole place frozen solid. Her eyes widened. “What in the flamey-o happened here?!” The chief's eyes fell on the Avatar, "Korra, did you…?"

Korra didn't know what had happened, everything was all so crazy. Nothing was as black and white anymore, everything was so confusing and complicated. The war, her dreams, the prophesy, these strange events happening to her, it was like a crazy wild nightmare she wanted to wake up from but couldn't. She looked down at her trembling hands and then back at everyone. Mako, realizing the fear in her eyes, tried to approach her, pushing aside his feelings of anger for a moment to see if she was alright. But Korra quickly backed away. She didn't know what she was capable of anymore, she needed to get away.

"No! Stay away from me!"

Unsure on what to do, Korra quickly ran out the room in tears. Twilight staid and looked up at Mako with hurt eyes and tears forming.

“How could you?”

“Look, I'm sorry I told, really, but I did what I had to do. You know, just because you're Korra's bonded pony it doesn't mean you have to be responsible for her mistakes too.”

Twilight slowly backed away a few feet, her face stern, “You're right. We aren't responsible for her mistakes, and yes, you have a job to do.”

“Thank you, now you understand.”

“But that doesn't mean I shouldn't stand by her when all she's trying to do is fix her mistakes. She needs her friends now more than ever. Korra can be stubborn and infuriating, you and I know that better than anyone, but she never turns her back on anybody. In fact, she wanted to apologize to you yesterday for how she acted, but you didn't give her the chance!"

Mako's eyes widened at this. Korra wanted to talk to him? To apologize?

"I thought you would know better. But hey, you got to keep your job, but you also lost your girlfriend…and I just lost my friend!”

With that Twilight stormed off with tears in her eyes. She passed by Flash who walked up to Mako and removed the badge and scarf from around his neck. The pegasus glared at the firebender, “She’s not the only one. Officer.”

With that, he also angrily stormed off. Lin was still stunned by this, “Wow. Guess you won't be invited back to Equestria any time soon.”

Mako looked at his desk, completely frozen in ice. “What have I done?” Realizing his mistake, Mako ran outside to catch up with Korra, bypassing a few other cops as he made his way out. "Korra!"

But it was too late. She was already gone.


Korra couldn't even begin to describe hose hurt and humiliated she felt. How could she have been so stupid. Once again, she let her anger get the better of her, and now, just like before, the consequences bit her in the blubber. She knew her relationship with Mako wasn't perfect, but even she never imagined he would break up with her.

A part of her wanted to be mad at him. But another part of her felt she might have deserved it. Twilight and Flash managed to catch up with her and walked beside their distressed friend. Korra briefly stopped and looked back, silently hoping he was following her. Sadly he didn't.

(Parody of “Eclipse of the Heart”)

(sad guitar music)


Once upon a time I was falling in love

But now I'm only falling apart

There's nothing I can do…

A total eclipse of the heart

As Korra and the ponies walked on, they made their way to the park. Korra stood on top of the bridge, looking down at the water. As a leaf fell and landed on the waters, the ripple effect created memories of her past times with Mako. From when before they got together, their first meeting, their first kiss, their first date, all the way to their recent break up.

Once upon a time there was light in my life

But now there's only love in the dark

Nothing I can say…

A total eclipse of the heart

Back at the police station, Mako was melting the ice with his fire, which was taking quite a while. As he did so, he could see moments of his past with Korra in the ice. He briefly stopped to look out the window.


Turn around bright eyes


Every now and then I fall apart


Turn around bright eyes


Every now and then I fall apart

And I need you to understand

I need you more than ever

And if you could only hear my words

We could start a whole new chapter

And we'll only be making it right

Cause we'll never be wrong again

Together we can take it to the end of the line

Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time

I don't know what to do

I'm always in the dark

We're living in a powder plug and giving off sparks

Korra slowly sighed. She didn't have time to be moping around over a broken heart. She had to save her family. And so, she chose to put Mako aside. Put her heart aside.

Mako ran his fingers through his hair, the ice already nearly gone as he looked at the picture of him and Korra from the spirit festival.


Once Upon a time I was falling in love

But now I'm only falling apart

There's nothing I can do

A total eclipse of the heart

Korra and Mako;

A total eclipse of the heart


A total eclipse of the heart


Turn around…bright eyes


Back at the docks, the ponies were all there to greet Korra. Once they saw he approach, they quickly noticed her tearful eyes. “What happened? What did Mako do to hurt you so badly?” asked a worried Fluttershy. They all took a better look at her face and sensed her heart with an incredibly amount of pain…they feared the worst.

Rarity shook her head, “Did he---no, no he didn't----he couldn't have!“

Korra hesitantly nodded and they all knew what this meant.

“Oh, sugarcube. I'm so sorry.” said Applejack.

Korra kneeled down as they all hugged her. Even Flash joined in the hug.

“Hey, it's his loss." Rainbow said, "If you ask me he needs you a lot more than you need him. Right girls?” Pinkie and Fluttershy both began to cry historically. Rainbow crossed her hooves, “You're not helping, guys”

“It's alright, Korra.” said Twilight.

“Yes, we're here for you.” said Rarity.

Korra wiped away the tears, “I'll be okay. Right now we need to get to the fire nation. They're our only hope now. Afterwords, I'll go to Tenzin. But I need to get as far away from Mako as possible right now.”

“We'll go with you.” said Twilight in reassurance.

“Yes indeedly!” said Pinkie Pie.

“Count me in!” said Rarity.

“Me too.” said Applejack.

“Wild chimeras couldn't keep me away.” said Fluttershy.

“Me too!” said Spike, “Forget the movie, that Varrick guy is just crazy. He wanted my character to die. DIE!”

“Why?” Twilight asked.

“He thought it would bring tears to the audience.”

Applejack arched an eyebrow, “You know you won't need to actually die right?”

“I know but still.”

Korra smiled, “Thanks everypony.”

“Besides, that lunatic Varrick fired me from his costume design department.” Rarity said in annoyance.

“But you were doing it for free.”

“That's what I said!”

“Okay. We're all here. Let's go.”

“You mind if I tag along too?” Flash asked hopefully.

“Not at all. The more friends the better.”

“You know what this means?" Pinkie Pie jumps first into the boat, "RODE TRIP!”

Korra laughed, “Ha, ha, ha. I can always count on you to make me smile Pinkie Pie.” she lovingly scratched the little pony's ears.


The friends were riding out to sea while Korra drove the speedboat. A single tear fell from her eye but wiped it off. Then they felt a bump on the boat.

“What was that?” Pinkie asked.

They turned their heads and their eyes widened: Eska and Desna were chasing after them riding on jet skis and attacking them with their waterbending.

“Seriously?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“You ruined my wedding!” Eska shouted as she threw a stream of water at Korra but she quickly dodged it by moving the boat.

Pinkie Pie shouted back, “Hey! It's not her fault Bolin didn't want to marry no-fun blob like you!”

"What about your sister?" Rainbow asked.

Pinkie looked at her confused, "What about her?"

"Never mind."

The twins unleashed another attack, and Twilight zapped at the twins' jet skis, destroying them. But the twins started gliding on the water after them.

“I've been wanting to do this for a long time!”, Rainbow Dash flew supper fast past the twins, dodging their water attacks as she speeded towards them. Rainbow Dash placed her hooves a few inches apart, creating a fire orb, which she then unleashed hurling toward the twins, throwing them off their balance and making them fall into the water. Rainbow Dash returned to the others, smiling confidently, “No need to thank me.”

“Nice moves, R.D.” Flash commented.

“You know it brother.” The two fellow pegasus ponies hoof pumped in honor of their victory, until Spike pointed behind them.

“Uh, I don't think it's over.”

The twins emerged from the water and speeded towards them riding on the waves.

“No one steals my Bolin!”, with a fierce waterbending move, Eska destroyed Korra's speedboat. Twilight used her magic to levitate Korra, Spike, Pinkie, Applejack and Rarity in mid air while Rainbow grabbed Rarity, Flash grabbed Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy grabbed Applejack. Twilight kept Korra in mid air while Spike held onto the Avatar's back.

Korra attacked the twins with firebending while avoiding their water attacks. Flash lowered down and Pinkie Pie jumped right on Desna's head, throwing him off his game. Flash caught her again while Pinkie blew a raspberry at Desna.

Eska tried to get Korra but with Twilight's help, she continued to miss. Then Eska attacked Twilight with a powerful water whip, making her lose her concentration and plummet into the water.

“Twilight!” Flash cried out. Korra quickly dove down underwater and grabbed her friend. She resurfaced with Twilight, and Spike still on her back. The cousins were about to finish them off but before the ponies could stop them, they all saw a green glow underwater.

“What's that?” asked Flash with fear in his voice. The two twins quickly retreated at the sight, Korra, Twilight and Spike noticed the glowing underneath the water.

“Please don't be what I think it is.” said the frightened dragon.

The glowing green eyes grew closer….and a large dark spirit emerged from the water.

“I hate it when I'm right!”

Korra tossed Spike onto Twilight's back, already flying, while Korra created a waterspout to lift her up and started attacking the spirit with fire. The spirit attacked back and Korra was knocked off and plummet into the water. The ponies then noticed their Elements of Harmony appearing and glowing. The land ponies began to levitate into the air as Korra, now in the avatar state, resurfaced with a waterspout. With the six ponies around her, Korra began moving her arms in swift movement in an attempt to purify the spirit and the spirit started to glow. Flash and Spike watched in awe as the spirit began to slowly calm down but then it managed to fight back the affect. Korra's eyes stopped glowing and the flying ponies caught the land ponies who were no longer levitating. Korra shoot fire at the spirits but it came at her with its mouth open.


The ponies all surrounds her right as the spirit devoured them all before going back underwater. The twins saw the whole thing but then left the scene in fear. They knew now that there was no point in going after Korra or the ponies anymore.


Back in Equestria, the image in the crystal ball disappeared.

“Oh, no!”

Luna noticed her sister's distress, “Sister! What has happened?”

“I can't see Twilight, or Korra or the others.”

Luna feared the worst, “Are they---“

“No. They're still alive. But I'm afraid, from here on out….they're on their own.”


James 1:19~

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry


Author's Note:

GOD This chapter was a nightmare!! Out of all the Korra episodes, this was my least favorite! It took me a LONG time to get it just right for my fanfic without making the characters too OC'ish. I PRAY I did at least a decent job. Please let me know.

OH! And next chapter, a guest appearance from an old friend from Equestria!